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4:00 AM
@Gallifreyan have you seen the series?
if so, is it any good?
4:18 AM
you change your avatar @W.Are?
or have you always been Tatsumaki?
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6:06 AM
Should I watch the Planetarian movie or the ONAs? Or both?
MAL isn't very clear on that.
Oh! It looks like the movie is based on the drama CDs?
6:19 AM
I would rater put the following info dump into a posted question, but since the site is rather anti-identification questions, into the chat it goes.

I've been searching for information for the past five or six years on what kind of gloves that the close combat assassin; Ein, is wearing in the following pics from the visual novel *Phantom of Inferno*.

I've noticed that this particular kind of glove is often used by knife wielders; such as Kuro from the *Fate/Stay Illya* series, Chloe from *Noir*; Yuna's sprite in the free SAO:IF app; and the Prince character in the manga *Snow White with t
@Memor-X Yep. It's my 3rd one (first was Urabe, then Kaguya, then Tatsumaki)
@Toyu_Frey Hmm not sure but it still looks kinda like the middle-loop finger gloves found here, especially the dark ones: etsy.com/market/finger_loop_glove
6:49 AM
@W.Are I doubt its a middle-loop finger glove, partially due to the aforementioned association with knife wielders, but mainly because of the differences between the gloves. 1. the loop on the glove I posted extends to cover the back of the finger, which most of the finger loop gloves I've encountered don't do. Instead they do that [insert name of your religious deity here]-awful v shape thing around the finger. 2. I've accepted the possibility of it being a finger loop glove, but until #1 is
explained, I'm going to keep searching, until the day I die.
@Toyu_Frey Hmm. I see. What about this one, though: psylofashion.com/collections/winter-2018-19/products/… Have you seen this?
7:06 AM
@Toyu_Frey what we have is a policy against identification requests, however depending on how you word the question what you are asking here could be on-topic. just like how we have a policy against "how to i make my own manga" questions but if you are able to word it you can ask about the industry and get a very close answer (ie. how do i get paid for my manga (off topic) VS how to mangaka get paid for their manag (on topic))
hell, i asked a question on the names of the various pieces of clothing worn by Soul Reaper in bleach
Q: What is the typical equipment/clothing for a Soul Reaper?

Memor-XAs the title says, I'm interested in what the typical equipment is for a Soul Reaper and if there is any difference in equipment... ... they have when operating in the World of the Living as opposed to operating in the Soul Society ... between regular Soul Reapers, Seated Officers, Lieutenants ...

Q: What kind of glove is being shown in the following pictures, and why is it nearly always a knife user who wear this style of gloves?

Toyu_FreyI've been searching for information for the past five or six years on what kind of gloves that Ein is wearing in the following pics from the digitalized novel Phantom of Inferno. (She also wears them in the three episode OVA series, Phantom: the Animation). I've noticed that this particular kind...

@Sakamoto and now seeing the glove you are talking about (haven't read your full post yet here) i have seen these too and like to know what they are called too
@W.Are well incase if you wanted something that isn't a manga cover (not saying it's bad, i like the artwork in there) here's some of her on Zero Chan
can't remember if it was you or someone else who was looking for art of Cu's teacher in the Nasuverse
@Memor-X Will check it out. Thanks! The one looking for art of Cu's teacher was probably someone else.
7:42 AM
8:30 AM
@Memor-X I know right? They are pretty much everywhere, but I can't find out what specific kind of gloves uses that specific finger design. I remember that RWBY's Cinder had them (WITH THE SPEIFIC CORRECT FINGER BIT) in one of her designs. Ever since I started looking for these gloves, I've more or less became a good spotter at finding them lol.
@W.Are All most, sooooo very very close, but no dice. the finger loop part seperates and extends around the finger in the linked pic; but Ein's glove doesn't separate to form the loop; as seen in the pic where she is holding the gun.
Does anyone know why knife users primarily use that kind of glove, as far as a possible correlation to the glove type goes?
2 hours later…
10:36 AM
Well, I figured out they are reffered to in the category evening gloves. They are supposedly fairly formal. In Japan they are also often worn for protecting the ideal irojiro (色白), or fair skin. Which is a sign of royalty and grace.

On a functional note, they are more usefull then full fingered gloves, as they allow more mobility. However, sleeved gloves have a tendency to crawl up, hence the single finger loop ensures everything stays in place.

I haven't quite put my finger on the correlation between the functional and symbolical meanings yet, but once I have it. It gonna be in the answ
@Memor-X Nope, just saw the cute pic
10:58 AM
@Memor-X That series was good, imo. Mostly comedic, and there were some feels somewhere near the end. All in all, worth watching I'd say. P.S. Watch the ED in episode 3 when you reach it if ever you do start watching the series :)
11:29 AM
@W.Are noted. i have heard it's ok so it's on my ever growing list of anime
this weekend though i plan to watch Thunderbolt Fantasy
12:04 PM
Q: Does any hero with enhanced regeneration in One Punch Man also ages slowly or live longer?

PabloIn many series, heroes or superhuman people who has enhanced regeneration also age slowly or live longer. Is this the case in One Punch Man? Does any hero with enhanced regeneration in One Punch Man also ages slowly or live longer?

2 hours later…
2:28 PM
Playing Grandia again on ePSXe and i can't help looking at the game intro and opening intro as a developer and seeing like in the game intro they are trying to show off how the sprites are in a 3d world, like with Sue is looking for Justin and the camera spins around so much
6 hours later…
8:17 PM
Q: What does this flag mean? How is it related to Raoh?

YetAnotherRandomUserWe see this flag/banner raised several times throughout the series. It looks like a snake with wings and 3 pairs of legs. It's our protagonist's (Raoh, the Dark King) flag. What does it mean? How is it related to Raoh and/or the school of the North Star?

1 hour later…
9:49 PM
@nahian777 Do you know why the time of twilight was specificically used for the chalkboard scene in the movie The Girl who Leapt through time?
Do the Japanese have a belief of twilight being a "time of change"? I tried googling it, but only band searches, and that legend of Zelda game came up, and the twilight=time of change has been bugging me for the past couple of hours.
10:34 PM
Q: What is the title of the anime?

PurshaqWhen bunch of children playing at the river and they fell into the river and one of the children disappeared leaving his/her slipper.

Q: Looking for a specific isekai Manga i cant find anymore and cant remember the name as well as most of the Main Plot line

Der_Krebsi am looking for a specific Manga where the Mc gets transported to Another World (forgot the reason for the transport, but my best guess would be that it was some sort of game which called/Made it able for him to go there originally ) and has to do Quests/ tasks to go back to his original world. ...

11:02 PM
@Toyu_Frey i'd say so but i only think that due to .hack where the major societal changing events are refereed to as "Twilights"
eg. Pluto Again, the incident in .hack where Morganna Mode Gone tried to stop Aura's birth because creating her was her actual purpose, saw the global network start to crash (which we see the real world effects in the third episode of .hack//Liminality) was refered to as the First Twilight Incident which it's resolution was Aura's birth and the world entering the Golden Cyber Age due to Aura being the ultimate debugger keeping the network in check and running at it's most efficient
also given the power of the Book of Twilight that gives the power to rewrite any data and it's creation creates an anti-existence such as Cubia
then you have the Second Twilight Incident involving the AIDA in .hack//G.U. which in the end may not have been world changing but the execution of The Rebirth changed the AIDA as all the AIDA influenced by Tri-Edge were wiped from the network and we find out in the OVA from an AIDA infected Chim Chim that some remain but now free from the aggressive influence of Tri-Edge
i've seen some people also refer to Jyotaro Amagi's RA Plan between the events of .hack and .hack//G.U as a Failed Twilight due to what it could have done as since Aura left the world and had he been successful Amagi would have became a god himself
then you have the Epitaph of Twilight which is about the end of the age of the spirits which obviously is just an end before a new beginning, like in Lord of the Rings how the Age of Man is the Forth Age and the events of the Trilogy is how the Third Age ended and the Fourth Age started
11:35 PM
@Memor-X I've unfortunately never seen .hack or any else related to the series, so all of your references are going straight over my head. Would you recommend hack?
@Toyu_Frey i would because i enjoyed it
but there is the catch that a bulk of it is in video games and the anime .Hack//SIGN and .hack//ROOTS serve as prequels to the games. .hack//G.U was re-released and is on Steam but .hack wasn't so if you want to play it you'll need to get the PS2 games. but the re-release of .hack//G.U also contains Terminal Disk which is a summary of the first .hack games so you should be able to watch .hack//SIGN

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