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12:18 AM
Opened up my main machine for a full dust cleaning today. And in the process, I figured I'd throw in one of the SSDs that I horded up last week.
Took about 2 hours to install an OS on it, get most of my programs reinstalled, and all my settings transferred over. Typing from it right now.
Looks pretty good so far.
Q: Im looking for anime with the same feeling and type like darling in the franxx, eureka 7, kimetsu no yaiba, death note,

DameonIm lookining for something that will drag me in and give me a sense of dejavu and otherwordly feeling, something that will pull me in and have me hooked at the start and wanting more after its finished

1:07 AM
@Memor-X The shape is kind of ambiguous. I saw it as a box with a rounded top, possibly held at an angle disguising the corners. Also, strawberry shortcake is round:
Or at least, it's often served round anyway.
Q: FMA Brotherhood: Help finding a soundtrack

うちわ 密かI'm looking for a soundtrack, I don't really know how to describe it, but I'm assuming it was made using a yueqin, if you don't know what's that then maybe watch this. I'd be thankful if you help me find it :))

1:20 AM
1:33 AM
Also, so long as I'm thinking of Strawberry Cake:
user image
Caught in the act:
And finally bribing the witness:
Come to think of it though, stealing the strawberry off of somebody's cake seems more like a Miu thing to do though, especially since her series is basically named after strawberries...
2:25 AM
Whoa when did this chat get recolored?
@TheMattbat999 About a day or two ago, I think.
It came with our new theme.
Site graduated.
@Mysticial Yeah but that happened months ago, didn't it?
Kinda. This time it's for real as we get the layout. Likewise the privilege rep thresholds went up.
2:57 AM
@Tonepoet cool
3:45 AM
Q: In what order should I read Ghost In The Shell?

ClaraFollowing up with the similar question about the anime watching order, is there a recommended or preferred order for reading the manga, or should I just follow their release dates?

7 hours later…
10:19 AM
Q: One Punch Man: Does Saitama ever become a class S hero in future?

Rohan KumarAt the end of season 1 we see that Saitama is able to reach upto class B but at the bottom. Will he ever be able to become a class S hero like Genos? Will he ever be recognized by hero association for his amazing strength?

7 hours later…
5:28 PM
Q: Where do the Bleach filler arcs and movies fit in the anime timeline?

JakeI know they are not canon but I would like to know between what episodes/arcs these can be watched so they do not interrupt the canon and flow better chronologically. Like placing them in a way where they do not outright interrupt and break the chronology like I heard all but the Bount arcs does.

2 hours later…
7:44 PM
Q: How and why was Alucard improsoned in the Hellsing basement?

YetAnotherRandomUserIn the beginning of Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate, we see that Alucard is restrained and forgotten in the basement. How was he originally restrained? In Hellsing Ultimate, he easily broke out of the restraints. Why was he restrained? Throughout either series we see that he is like a mostly t...

2 hours later…
10:02 PM
Q: Manaka's reaction to Hikari's confession

starman2995What I don't understand is Manaka's reaction to Hikari's confession of love in episode 12. She just says "I don't understand", and then runs out, but this makes no sense. In the latter half of the series, we learned that she actually did love Hikari when we finish the flashback of her talking wit...

10:33 PM
ok this is messed up. i get my laptop into work to set up it's screen settings so that chat looks better and they both use the intel graphics control hub AND THEY HAVE THE SAME COLOUR SETTINGS!
Q: Wie heißt der Film

Sebastian BeckerIch habe vor Kurzem ein anime film gesehen und ich wollte diesen meinen Freund zeigen errinere mich aber nicht mehr ab den Namen Der Film handelt von einem Mann der später Sachen isst um größer zu werden und eine Dame kommt dann auf eine Idee wie sie ihn stürzen könnte

@Sakamoto I don't know my German/Russian but the titles makes me think it's an ID Request
*uses google translated expecting garbage* huh, it's actually human readable
yep, it's an id request
google translates it too
> I recently watched an anime movie and I wanted to show this my friend but do not remember the name anymore The movie is about a man who later eats things to get bigger and a lady comes up with an idea how to overthrow him
1 hour later…
11:57 PM
Someone can’t focus.#LWA_jp #ダイアコ

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