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7:07 PM
Hey @fedorqui! Just want to let you know that my colleagues and me have updated the setting string for SOes with associations (nine right now). Sorry for the delay in the reply, there was a bug in my app.
7:18 PM
@NicolasChabanovsky super cool! I just saw it live in stackoverflow.com/questions/5585779/… :))
so now I will prepare a Meta post with the info (cc @gbianchi)
Now the stats should work as it does for SOru. The only difference is the domain (es.rudevs.ru).
@fedorqui Thank you!
@NicolasChabanovsky I entered there and cannot see stats. How should it look like? Like the amount of clicks every post got?
Please, look at the snippet in this question:
Q: Инструменты ассоциации вопросов между сайтами

Nicolas ChabanovskyСтатистика Цифры прежде всего! fetch("https://ru.rudevs.ru/api/leaderboard/").then(resp => resp.json()).then(({items}) => { document.body.innerHTML = `<h1>Ассоциаций: ${items.reduce((s,x)=>s+x.count,0)}</h1>` + items.sort((x,y)=>y.count-x.count).map(x => `<p><img width=208 height=58 src="//...

7:22 PM
ah right, the stats on who associated. Cool! I thought it was stats on how many clicks it got
@fedorqui GREAT!
It's a json file, with pairs of association number and user id
@fedorqui Nope, I do not have one. I mean, we have it in the engine, not in the app.
@NicolasChabanovsky the association number from the SOes user or network profile? I see in es.rudevs.ru/api/leaderboard the id 193685 which is neither you nor me in both SOes and network profile
so in fact the post that would be nice to translate is this one:
Q: Ассоциация вопросов между сайтами доступна!

Nicolas ChabanovskyБезумно рад сообщить, что несколько часов назад стартовал долгожданный эксперимент ассоциации вопросов между Stack Overflow на английском и Stack Overflow на русском! В чем заключается эксперимент? Для многих наших коллег, Stack Overflow – это база знаний, состоящая из готовых решений. Для них,...

which google translates to me as An association of questions between sites is available!
@fedorqui It should be your user id.
@NicolasChabanovsky ah yes, my id in SOru! ru.stackoverflow.com/users/193685/fedorqui now I noticed
7:26 PM
@fedorqui Strange...
@NicolasChabanovsky it may fail if the user does not have an account in SOru (just wondering)
in any case, thanks a lot @NicolasChabanovsky!!! I think it is great that you managed to get this engine work also in SOes, I am sure it will be extremely useful
I just showed it to my wife and she liked it :P
@fedorqui It sounds strange, really. There should not be any relationships between SOru and the stats. I upload data from internal DB, where use User.AccountId, to identify the author.
@fedorqui Cool!
Just wondering: is it possible to associate a question in SO to two or more questions in SOes?
@NicolasChabanovsky mmm strange, indeed
@fedorqui Right now, yes, you can do this, but the system will not allow such string to be added to the site settings.
By "such string" I mean the setting string which we update on SOen.
1 hour later…
8:58 PM
@NicolasChabanovsky OK.
so just to be sure I will be posting the right thing: I am thinking on a combination of https://ru.meta.stackoverflow.com/q/4409/193685 and https://ru.meta.stackoverflow.com/q/4857/193685
That is, an explanation on this feature being available now and then explaining how it works. Is it fine with you? Do you otherwise prefer me to post about one thing and you about the other one? I mean, all the credits are for you so I don't want to get any, just want people to know about it
9:17 PM
@fedorqui Actually, the all credits are to people (1) who integrate it to the community (2) who add the links!
This is the most important part! Please, do post as you think will work better for the community. No need for any kind of credits :)
I hope in the future we will have the association mechanism implemented in the engine.
Hi @AndersonCarlosWoss! How are you? Could you please tell me if you think we can move forward with the help center article:
Q: O que você pensa sobre a tradução de perguntas do Stack Overflow em Inglês?

Nicolas ChabanovskyA lot of thanks to @Piovezan for the translation. Como falantes não-nativos de inglês, nós tendemos a trabalhar com duas bases de conhecimento quando procuramos por uma resposta: uma em português e outra em inglês. Quando usamos sites de Q&A em inglês, cada um de nós cria suas próprias traduçõ...

It seems to me that nobody else is going to post an answer. Plus your answer is very solid. What do you think if we write the article based on it?
9:39 PM
@fedorqui I looked at code of the app (by the way, it's here). This is what happens. When I parse an association file, I look if there is a user in my local DB with a particular account_id. If so, I assign associations to the user. If there is no, I create a user with a user_id.
It seems at the beginning you authenticated on the site with SOru user_id. This is way we see it in the stats.
It was my fault. I fixed it. Could you please log out and then log in to the app.
It seems it should update your data including the user_id field.
9:57 PM
@NicolasChabanovsky I agree. How can we do it? I write the article and post as answer in this same publication?
10:08 PM
@NicolasChabanovsky I just did log out and log in again, but the leaderboard es.rudevs.ru/api/leaderboard seems to still show my SOru id
@NicolasChabanovsky thanks! I will try to write it down tomorrow
10:21 PM
@fedorqui My bad. Sorry! Please, try to re-login again.
@NicolasChabanovsky [meta-tag:status-completed] ;P es.rudevs.ru/api/leaderboard Thanks!
@fedorqui Thank you!
I realised that I was updating all data except user_id =) Which is quite logical: user_id never changes... only if you send requests to the right website.
@AndersonCarlosWoss I think it depends on how you want it to be presented to the community. It may go either way. If I were a SOpt user, I would more probably notice a new question then an answer to the old one. On the other hand, if I were you and wanted to communicate only with users who already in the loop I would go with an answer.
1 hour later…
11:31 PM
@NicolasChabanovsky Got it.
11:47 PM
@AndersonCarlosWoss Thanks! Please ping me if I can help somehow.

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