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4:21 PM
Q: very wrong answers

koutyI noticed recently an user who posted a lot of very wrong answers. I'm asking myself. In one side, we are not a site of psak, and the damage is only intellectual, more if this user write with cheshek and will learn a lot, it's fine.I don't love to fight people that learn with cheshek. On the othe...

2 hours later…
6:40 PM
Less than 6 hours left to join the Answerathon!
1 hour later…
7:48 PM
Q: unvoted-on comments look voted-on

msh210Upvoted and non-upvoted comments on Mi Yodeya Meta look the same to me on mobile. User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 9; Mi A1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.99 Mobile Safari/537.36

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10:06 PM
@IsaacMoses I hope more people join. Answer unanswered questions, increase torah, inspire others -- all good outcomes. Also, as a practical matter, the larger the field the longer we're likely to be able to keep it going. (I, for one, worry that I will find it harder and harder to find questions I know enough to answer, but I'm in anyway with hopes of a good run.)
It looks like six unanswered questions got answers. Can we assume that all of those were because of the contest?
@Alex More than six. Mine isn't listed yet due to lack of an upvote. Mine, at least, was only because of the contest.
@msh210 And there may have been some users that answered more than one but only credited the first one.
10:25 PM
@Alex Indeed. And some who answered such questions not knowing about the contest.
and therefore not listing their answers.
@Alex thanks for adding me to the list
@msh210 You're welcome. I hope that wasn't against the rules.
@Alex I followed your lead, so I hope not, too.
@msh210 Well it does say add your name...
@Alex Isn't your actual (offline) name msh210?
@msh210 Actually, there's a comment somewhere (probably deleted) where I "accused" you of plagiarizing yourself as msh210 outside of Stack Exchange.
10:37 PM
@Alex I hope it's deleted. I wouldn't want people to catch on to my plagiarism.
@msh210 I will attempt to find it now.
@MonicaCellio if the first iteration goes well, maybe it'll help us recruit into future iterations. If we knock off a few score or even a free hundred Qs in this one (B"H), there'll still be thousands more to work with.
@Alex I went looking for a question to answer because of the contest.
I don't hunt too often (there's a lot I can't answer). Usually I rely on the front page to show me things.
Okay, so at least three people specifically answered an unanswered question because of the contest.
@IsaacMoses yes, we're unlikely to run out of questions. :-)
10:41 PM
@Alex did you count me? Me.
@IsaacMoses Four, then.
@msh210 to this point, we might want to scan today's answers looking for cases of that and let those people know about the contest.
@MonicaCellio given that the first up voted answer to a brand-new, upvoted question is technically elligible, this could prove a fruitful endeavor
@IsaacMoses oh good point; I wasn't thinking about new questions at all.
@IsaacMoses That's how shmu got on the list.
10:59 PM
I just looked through questions with activity today and found answers from two people not on the list. I left them comments linking to the contest.
This answer qualifies for this contest, in case you're interested. — Monica Cellio ♦ 13 mins ago
And also here. I invite others to check my work in case I missed anybody. (Or, for that matter, if there are posts that didn't quality because of score that later do.)
Oh, are we adding people when we notice rather than waiting for them to do so?
@MonicaCellio I did. And msh210 did.
11:21 PM
@Alex ok, I added them. The comments are still useful to alert them of the contest (and perhaps inspire daily answering).
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11:33 PM
@MonicaCellio Y"K

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