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4:21 AM
@SwiftPushkar @SuryaKantaBoseChowdhury @TheDestroyer @Pandya @KrishnaShweta @TriyugiNarayanMani and all.. some secret was found under Sri Rangam temple ^^
4:56 AM
@NogShine Great!
Another thing is this person also found camels and a Chinese man on carvings.
The carvings are 2k years old.
@NogShine It means Chinese must have reached their
@TriyugiNarayanMani Yes. It shows Chinese back stabbing Indian man.. XD
But according to history books, No Chinese entered around 1500 years ago. But the temple shows clear carvings which are older than that.
Same with camel. History says 1000 year old but there is a carving there too.
How are you @TriyugiNarayanMani ?
Q: Vishnu's avataras

Jo WehlerI would like to ask if somebody can help in identifying some of Vishnu’s avataras and two figures belonging to Shiva in the attached image. The image shows Harihara with Vishnu on the right-hand side of the picture and Shiva on the left-hand side. The image is from the British Museum. It is an...

This question made me to go to his channel again. He goes to ancient temples and makes videos on them. I thought there could be something about the items the deities are holding and they are standing.
5:19 AM
@NogShine :)
@NogShine I am good. Thank You
what about you?
@NogShine oh good
@TriyugiNarayanMani I'm good too. Thank you.
@NogShine Your answer was good on that question
You are welcome. Bye for now :)
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9:43 AM
A: In which year did Varahamihira write his Brihat Samhita?

KoshinderVarahamihira, also called Varaha or Mihira (born 505, Ujjain, India—died 587, Ujjain). https://sa.wikisource.org/wiki/%E0%A4%AC%E0%A5%83%E0%A4%B9%E0%A4%A4%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%B8%E0%A4%82%E0%A4%B9%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%A4%E0%A4%BE

@Pandya @SwiftPushkar @TriyugiNarayanMani Doesn't this look like a link only answer or NAA?
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11:44 AM
Note: I'm planning to apply the following small part in the help center soon. (see the recently modified answer below):
A: Let's prepare the layout and contents for "Useful resources" at help center

PandyaNote: This is under construction, you can improve this by your contribution. Welcome to Hinduism Stack Exchange! Know about the scope of the site take a look at tips for asking good questions & writing good answers. Checkout the FAQ Index: How does a new user get started on Hindu...

so-that new users get an idea about:
1. on-topic
2. how-to-ask and how-to-ans
3. FAQ
4. How new users get started and
5. Guidelines for answering...
6. Making them aware about source citing policy and...
7. Providing list of useful resources
check out it. And provide any suggestion/feed-back.
/cc @KeshavSrinivasan @TheDestroyer
12:40 PM
Q: Why Hindus worship Cow?

Gopal BiswasWhat is the story behind Hindus worship Cow? I want to know the story. Please tell me the story.

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3:56 PM
Q: How long does it take for an atma to take rebirth?

Akash DinoAccording to Bhagavad Gita atma keeps on taking rebirth.So my question how long does it take for an atma to take rebirth?

Q: How was Vishwaroop, the son of Tvashtar related to Asuras?

Amrit DharaSrimad Bhagvatam story about Vritra says that his elder brother Vishwaroop was killed by Indra because he used to give some portion of the Yagya oblations to the Asuras to whom he was related through his mother. Can any one tell me who was his mother and how exactly was she related to the Asuras?

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9:57 PM
Q: How are these rituals and remarks of ashwamedha moral?

Anisha When the water for washing the feet is ready, they make the chief queen (Mahishi) lie down next to the horse, and they cover the two of them up with the upper cloth as they say the verse, ‘Let the two of us cover ourselves in the world of heaven’, for the world of heaven is where they ...


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