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What's up @Feeds do you think because it's Friday evening you can idle around, where is my post?! :-)
Q: Optimizing the tags for maxima and mimima to an extremum

quidThere is a slight strangeness in the current tagging system related to tags for maxima and minima. Martin and I discussed this at some point, we did not have quite the same view, and it concerns quite a few questions, so here is the situation to be resolved. The tags max-min, extrema, maximisati...

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@quid If you think it is worth adding to your questions, here is a conversation I bookmarked a while ago: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/3740/conversation/…

About the tags (maxima-minima) and (optimization)

Dec 10 '16 at 3:10, 10 hours 41 minutes total – 90 messages, 2 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Dec 8 '17 at 4:00 by Martin Sleziak

Although we talked about different thing there, too. (And I think we talked about max-min issue more than once, but this one was probably the longest exchange.)
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2:33 PM
@MartinSleziak thank, I added a link in the question where I reference our exchange. I also added an answer by now.
3:13 PM
I am thinking of editing the tag wiki to (a) include a link to the contest problem policy and (b) to (at Eric Wofsey's suggestion) broaden the scope of the tag just a little to explicitly mention practice problems. Is there any reason why this might be inappropriate?
Q: Is it incorrect if I add [tag:contest-math] to my questions, even if it isn't explicitly from a contest?

userOn my question Ethan Bolker mentioned that if I'm tagging contest-math, I should explicitly name the contest in which it comes from. I've got three questions regarding this: Is this standard practice? Reviewing the most upvoted contest-math questions on the main site, most of those questions d...

I think something the following might be appropriate:
> This tag is intended for:

1. actual problems from mathematics competitions (see [here](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mathematics_competitions) for a list of mathematics competitions from which you might ask questions);
2. inquires about alternative proofs for a particular problem that is from a math contest;
3. questions that have been explicitly inspired by a contest problem, including practice problems; and
4. soft questions requesting advice on competing in contests or those inquiring into the general utility of such things in terms of encouraging the further pursuit of mathem
@XanderHenderson This does not seem as too substantial change, personally I'd say it seems ok.
I am not sure whether list of contests is better at the current position or in an item of the numbered list - but that's rather minor point (and different people might have different personal preference).
It looked really ugly as a hanging paragraph at the end, but maybe I am being overly sensitive to aesthetics.
Okay, I have proposed an edit. I don't have the XP to do it unilaterally, so it is in the review queue.
thank you for the input, @MartinSleziak
inquires or inquiries?
I am not a native English speaker, but it seems that inquire is a verb, inquiry is a noun.
3:30 PM
Oi... I didn't proofread the original text at all. Shoot. It should be "inquiries".
i.e. the plural of the noun "inquiry"
I believe the system still allows you edit your own suggested edit while it's pending.
Oh, hey! It does!
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11:11 PM
Does it make sense that is a synonym of ? Seems like a decent enough tag to me. And the latter is gigantic that some structuring could be good.
11:24 PM
Same question for and
And what about and
A: Tag management 2015

Cameron Williams Resolved. The tag span is now synonym of linear-algebra. I also suggest a removal of the tag span. It isn't really that meaningful to warrant its own tag. Often in linear algebra, we are considering spans of vectors implicitly. If the tag was being applied correctly, a large portion of the q...

Once upon a time, I argued for the tag should not be synonymized to (linear-algebra) because it also comes up in (functional-analysis). But I no longer hold that view; it turns out that users asking (functional-analysis) questions don't use this tag, whether or not their problem involves span. So, I support making it a synonym of (linear-algebra). — user147263 Jan 26 '15 at 20:36
As far as I can tell, this was the discussion that lead to creating the synonym.
@quid This synonym was discussed recently on meta, the suggestion to remove the synonym gained some support - it is currently at $+5$.
Q: Expectation means average?

GNU SupporterWe have three ambiguous tags average, expectation and means. They are often used for probability and statistics problems. The tag expected-value has been synonymized with probability. The current tag excerpts and info for these three tags are not clear enough. The average tag includes arithme...

A: Expectation means average?

Misha LavrovI propose that expected-value should no longer be a synonym of probability, and expectation should become a synonym of expected-value, which would clear up at least 50% of the confusion here. (So that voting on this proposal could actually mean something, I will avoid weighing in on meanshere.)

@MartinSleziak thanks. The argument does not make much sense to me, though. Right, people don't tag all the question with span because they are not really about "span" but there'd be a decent number of questions that are about "span". But then I'll leave that for now.
I don't understand that synonym either; maybe it made sense when the site was small. — quid ♦ May 6 at 18:59
At least I only forgot and did not claim the opposite then...
About I can't say much more than I did in discussion on meta:
Is this the desired behavior? Do we actually want it to be synonymized? Where was the original discussion of this? — Nick Alger Dec 10 '16 at 18:17
@NickAlger I do not recall such a discussion on meta and I was not able to find one. In the list of tag synonyms you can see that it was done not by a moderator but by voting of regular users. In fact, the users who proposed this particular synonym even got synonymizer badge - so I assume that the date when the badge was awarded is the same as the date when the synonym was approved. — Martin Sleziak Dec 10 '16 at 18:29
If I am reading list of synonyms corectly, the synonym is quite ancient - created in 2011 by Willie Wong.
A: Tag merging and synonyms

Willie WongSummary Thread for Implemented Changes (Please do not edit this answer unless you are a moderator. All proposed changes should be added as new answers to the question. Users with 10K+ reputation will still be able to see the original dates of proposals and implementations.) One should also note...

Since you've mentioned (expected-value), another proposal related to (probability) was mentioned here by Did - by I suppose you've noticed it when he posted this on meta:
A: Tag management 2018

DidThe tag conditional-probability has been deleted/subsumed/transformed into the tag probability roughly five years ago, thus making impossible to signal as such, questions involving conditional probabilities conditioned by a sigma-algebra in the general case, and in particular conditional probabi...

About (conditional-probability) -> (probability) synonym

Mar 8 '17 at 7:41, 1 day 11 hours total – 23 messages, 2 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Jul 24 at 5:00 by Martin Sleziak

@quid Isn't the problem if we have tags such as , , , , etc., that we will have too many linear algebra-related tags and only five spots to for tags?
The tag has been created and removed: chat.stackexchange.com/…
11:51 PM
@MartinSleziak I undid that.
There were some discussions on meta around and (the latter currently exists, but has only a few questions): Can we delete the [basis] tag? and Creation of a Hamel basis tag.
@MartinSleziak resolved
Resolved is maybe said a bit much, I jus removed the syn. The broader question remains. I'll look into that.
@quid I suppose Did will be glad to hear that. Although I would not be surprised to see some grumpy comment that this has taken too long. :-)
@MartinSleziak I removed that too.
@MartinSleziak yes, I had actually not seen that. I think I was quite busy then.
@quid Should I edit my answer to (block-matrices) tag is behaving strangely? Or is it sufficient if you leave there a comment saying that the syn has been removed?
A: Tag management 2018

DidResolved (the synonym is no more) The tag conditional-probability has been deleted/subsumed/transformed into the tag probability roughly five years ago, thus making impossible to signal as such, questions involving conditional probabilities conditioned by a sigma-algebra in the general case, ...

11:55 PM
I'll leave the span for now as that was explicitly discussed and it's not that great a notion on your remark that there be two many tags; a middle ground would be to syn together say linear-combinations and span.
"two many tags" is quite a cute typo :-)
Oh. Yes.
I commented on the block-matrix question.
I don't think an edit to the answer is needed.
Ok, I leave the answer as it is.
@quid are certainly a tool used in measure theory, but they are interesting on their own, too. I would favor a distinction between those two tags.
What do you think about sigma algebras syn on the substance. You are much more a measure expert than me.
11:59 PM
I suppose you will leave a comment about the removal of the expected-value synonym in the relevant thread, too.
@XanderHenderson ah good. Thanks. I had not seen that comment before mine where I meant to ask Martin. The same applies to you too.

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