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@MartinSleziak I know. I was making a joke. :(
Well, I suspected that. Probably you should have used joke tag to make sure noobs like me get it.
I see that the name mathhomeworkanswers.stackexchange.com was suggested in this answer. (The OP later explained that they did not mean in seriously.)
12:48 AM
I did not realize that it was possible to tag comments in chat... :(
...or are you having a larf at my expense?
@XanderHenderson I don't understand this equation $e^{nlogx}+e^{nlogy}=1$ please help?
@geocalc33 This is not really the right room for that.


Associated with Math.SE; for both general discussion & math qu...
@XanderHenderson It was attempt to make a joke along the lines of sarcasm sign.
But some users indeed do use tags in chat.
Q: Why can't I ping myself in chat?

George ThomasI'm trying to ping myself in chat but I can't. Is there any way we can add this feature? It would help me organize my thoughts in the chat. Thanks.

@MartinSleziak I'm sorry. I am just failing at humour tonight. I need either more beer or more sleep.
@geocalc33 Why should you be able to ping yourself in chat?
The whole point of a ping is that it allows someone else to get your attention...
1:02 AM
@MartinSleziak It is not really that difficult to ping yourself in chat.
it didn't work, i need it to show the little orange 1 and the sound and give a notification
@XanderHenderson Yes, but it requires some cleverness, @MartinSleziak
@XanderHenderson I do "self-pings"/"self-replies" quite a lot. You are right that that it does not make sense from the point of getting some user's attention. But sometimes the arrow at the beginning might be useful to indicate to other users what I am replying to or which line of discussion I am continuing.
@MartinSleziak I guess that in my mental model of how chat works, that isn't a ping so much as a reference to a previous statement in a thread. The ping is a side effect.
Though, I suppose, if you want to ping yourself, that is a way of doing it.
I am not sure whether something along these lines should be posted as an answer. (It is possible that the OP has something different in mind.)
But probably it won't do any harm
1:08 AM
so i just have to reply to something i previously said?
@geocalc33 This is a reply to geocalc33's comment.
oh okay thank you
@XanderHenderson Perhaps it is worth mentioning in your answer that for messages of other users you can user the "reply" link. But to add reply to your own message, you have to enter the number of message manually.
@MartinSleziak Good call.
And it was clever to use this room as an example, since it is at the same time an advertisement of this room. I thought about using sandbox to demonstrate this, but you were faster in posting an answer. :-)
1:14 AM
@MartinSleziak Done.
I just did.
oh cool is that how you practice getting good at writing in LATEX
Well, I don't write in LATEX. It makes me sweat. So I don't know what advice to give. :\
And the Sandbox is also mentioned in the FAQ: chat.stackexchange.com/faq
1:18 AM
@MartinSleziak Yeah, but honestly, who every RsTFM?
@geocalc33 I have one tried to start a room with discussions about MathJax (and experimenting with MathJax) in mind, but it did not last too long: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/13752/mathjax
@geocalc33 I think that the best way to learn $\LaTeX$ is to just work with it. Start typing up your homework or lecture notes. When you get stuck on something, Google it. Or peruse TeX - LaTeX.

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