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Q: $f(x)=x^9$ and $g_n(x)=\frac{n}{\frac{1}{f(x)}+\frac{1}{f(2x)}+\cdots+\frac{1}{f(nx)}}$

KoolmanFor p,n belongs to N , let $f(x)=x^9$ and $g_n(x)=\frac{n}{\frac{1}{f(x)}+\frac{1}{f(2x)}+\cdots+\frac{1}{f(nx)}}.$ Find the value of limit(x approaches to 0) of $\frac{1-g_n(x)}{x^p}$ at $n=5$ and $p=3.$ I tried to apply L Hospital rule but that leads me to a lengthy answer .

flag on this is pending since days. Please check.
Writing "indeterminate" just means "a naive attempt to evaluate this limit by taking limits above and below the fraction bar separately will not work". It does not mean that there is no limit, and it is no excuse for not finding a less naive way to evaluate it! — Henning Makholm Jul 13 at 16:23
5:09 PM
This post is a triplicate asked by the same asker three times now. See the comments below this linked question to see the duplicate and the original posts from the same asker.
See my comment immediately above this one, please, @XanderHenderson, @ZacharySelk, @Did, @user21820, @DanielFischer, @anyone who sees this.
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@Abcd I see no reason to flag the comment from @HenningMakholm. It's entirely true! So I see no reason to take action on it. The better place to ask your question would be in the moderators' office chatroom to address the only folks with the powers to deal with flags. Perhaps you included reasons for your flag in your flag, which I can't see.
@amWhy I didnt flag the comment
@amWhy I flagged the question
@Abcd But you linked to the comment here, whence the misunderstanding.
@DanielFischer I was just supporting my question flag through the comment.
@Abcd Ohhhh, ok. That makes more sense! Sorry for my confusion. Just the same, I'd post your question about the status of your flag on the question in the moderator's chat room. Although, since @DanielFischer is here now, ... I'll let him take over.
@Abcd If one knows that, it makes sense. But if one doesn't know that, it's natural to think your issue is with the comment.
6:47 PM
@DanielFischer Okay, sorry
@amWhy Are you going to stand for elections this year
@Abcd No I don't plan to run. But I plan to vote in the elections. How about you?
@amWhy yes, I'll vote too.
@Abcd :-)
Anyway, @Abcd, the question has been in the close vote review queue for a while, before you raised your close flag. The review is not yet finished. I guess the queue is too full these days.
@DanielFischer Oh
6:51 PM
@Abcd Needs only one more close vote to close the question.
@amWhy I see.
@amWhy And you just caused the flag to be helpful ;)
@DanielFischer ;-)
@DanielFischer Suppose I enter the review queue of posts with close votes, and say, at that time there are 163 such posts in the queue. Say I continue reviewing until I've used up 20 votes to close or leave open, along with having "skipped" three posts. Can you tell me how the review software dictates the order in which these posts with active close votes are presented to me (always presented one at a time)?
7:07 PM
@amWhy I have no idea.
I know that a post with a close vote that enters the "close review queue" and receives three or more "leave open" votes ... is taken out of the close queue. My guess is that posts remaining in the close queue, excepting those for which the current reviewer has already voted to close or leave open, are randomly (curious for the algorithm used) presented to thecurrent reviewer.
@DanielFischer Nor do I. I'm sure the order of presentation is not "most recently in the queue" to "oldest in the queue," or vice versa. Nor is it presented in the order or "posts receiving the most close votes" to "posts receiving only one close vote." I've paid close enough attention to rule those ordering out. Perhaps I should search through Meta.SE for any similar or related posts.
@amWhy Yes, there's probably some pseudo-random involved. But there may also be factors like tags involved. (How well the tags of the question line up with the tags the reviewer is active in.) It would make some sense to show reviewers questions from topics they're familiar with more than questions from other areas.
@DanielFischer Ahh... the tag match up with each reviewer hadn't crossed my mind! Good point.
@amWhy Yes, if you're really interested, Meta Stack Exchange is the place to look. But, apart from the queues, don't forget /tools.
@DanielFischer Moderator tools? Yes, I keep up with those, and usually find 90% of the posts listed with close or delete votes I've already voted on :(
7:15 PM
@amWhy 4500+ answers :O . I am surprised.
@Abcd I've just been on this site for a long time.
@amWhy Do you answer questions in chat as well?
@amWhy Yeah, it's a pity that one can't have those without the posts one has already voted on. But that would cause too much database load to be practical.
@Abcd I haven't recently; I spend most of my time now reviewing posts, in janitorial work on this site, etc. and following meta. I answer questions occasionally now. But it would be fun to re-check the various chat rooms in which I might be of help.
@DanielFischer True, true.
@amWhy Okay, if you take any interest in HighSchool level calculus/ algebra questions, please do visit the chat room I have invited you to.
7:20 PM
@Abcd I'll check the room out a little later. Thanks!
7:53 PM
Isn't it true that $U-A$ is open if $U$ is open and $A$ is closed, because $U-A = U \cap (X-A)$ which is an intersection of two open sets?
@user193319 This chatroom is for discussing topics on MSE that need attention with respect to closing, reopening, (un)deleting, or editing.
If you want to ask a question about mathematics, there is another chatroom for that.


Associated with Math.SE; for both general discussion & math qu...
Whoops...Clicked on wrong chatroom...Sorry!
8:46 PM
Am I the only one who has a problem with this question?
9:14 PM
@amWhy It seems that you are not the only one with a problem with that question. Indeed, even the asker doesn't like that question.
10:10 PM
@XanderHenderson What a smart asker! ;-)
10:46 PM
@DanielFischer @quid, @XanderHenderson, etc. I posted this question on Meta StackExchange. Please provide me with honest feedback re: Is my question understandable, or is it over-complicated? Can it be simplified? Any other tag suggestions?
11:10 PM
@amWhy I think I understand it well. Not really related to the post but are you aware that you can "filter"?
@quid Now I feel silly (not about asking on meta.se, but because I have not been aware I can "filter"
One more remark you write: 'I've sort of ruled out "those with the most close votes in the review queue are presented first, whoever the reviewer is" (because my experience reviewing reveals too many counterexamples). And I've ruled out that they are presented in the order of "most close votes" to "least close votes".'
It is not apparent to me what the difference is. Once it's 'most votes first' then it is 'order of most to least' But this seems the same. Am I missing something?
@amWhy that button is not very visible. I am glad I could provide some information.
@quid Thank you! I had edited out something, and replaced it with what I had already said. There is no difference. I've since edited to correct the, essentially duplicated, statement.
@quid That will be particularly useful for the close review queue, which always has more questions than I can review in any given day.
11:34 PM
@amWhy yes, the other queues are pretty managable but close is always big.

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