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2:25 AM
What is the accessibility workshop? And why does the link bring me to chat?
Whatever it is it is in '2 days' + or - 24 hours, presumably. So even the schedule is impractically vague. :)
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3:56 AM
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6:57 AM
hi there, what is the interpolation utilized in the command smooth?
7:33 AM
@CroCo Bezier curves, see e.g. tex.stackexchange.com/questions/354755
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8:37 AM
I had a qustion regarding .sty file
A: Latex can't find .sty files altough packages are installed -- TexLive, Ubuntu 12.04

DoxFirst suggestion would be, Check if the caption.sty file is somewhere on the system $ locate caption.sty If it is not installed, most probably the package is not on the basic configuration of texlive. I used the command $ apt-cache search caption | grep tex and found the following packag...

Thanks for the answer! I just had a last question, How this will change for Tex Studio?
8:51 AM
@TorbjørnT. thank you
Ahah, "Tugboaters on board please" (Follow his remark for a minute or so)
9:08 AM
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12:00 PM
A real scandal! One of the best pizza places in Munich now serves pineapple pizza. (Yet the pizza fisica is really good and I guess @egreg might like matematica... ;-)
@marmot Grrrr! Well, I never eat pizza abroad.
@egreg Some people are claiming Munich is the most northern city of Italy, though. At least during Oktoberfest you might tend to believe it (even though I have not been there in this Millennium. ;-)
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1:05 PM
@cfr latex team talking to Ulrike and Ross Moore about tagged pdf with perhaps input from here if you are not in Rio
@L.K. the behaviour of latex isn't affected by the editor you use to write the source file,
1:36 PM
@cfr We are going to talk about ideas/code/etc., as the team and Ross are in the same place
@cfr As there is going to be a live stream of the talks, etc., I thought points might come in from chat as well as in the room
@PauloCereda Quack! ;)
@JosephWright local quack = quack or l3.quack
@DavidCarlisle There's an English bloke sit nearby. :)
@PauloCereda \quack_quack:
@yo' ooh
@yo' \c_quack_tl, I suspect ;)
@JosephWright well, \cs_new:Npn \quack_quack: { \tl_use:N \c_quack_tl }
1:55 PM
@yo' :)
2:06 PM
Can the experts here consider discussing my question in the accessibility workshop? tex.stackexchange.com/questions/442327/…
I just noticed this in the announcement section of the tex.stackexchange homepage. Coincidentally I had posted a scenario detailing a use-case of accessibility. I don't know if this falls outside the scope of your workshop tomorrow.
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3:29 PM
Do I have to worry about spaces, underscores or any special characters with '\IfFileExists`
@DavidCarlisle Thanks. I need to install physics.sty. I can use this and it will work there also, I mean in Tex Studio
It doesn't seem to work after that, saying missing physics.sty
4:08 PM
Hello everyone,

I just found out that arara has been completely renovated, which made me ask if the following rule needs or not to be edited for compatibility

identifier: crop
name: 'PDFcrop'
- 'pdfcrop @{ini} @{margins} @{ getBasename(file) }.pdf @{ getBasename(file) }-tmp.pdf'
- '@{ isWindows("cmd /c del", "rm -f")} @{ getBasename(file) }.pdf'
- '@{"cmd /c rename"} @{ getBasename(file) }-tmp.pdf @{ getBasename(file) }.pdf'
- identifier: ini
flag: "@{ isTrue(parameters.ini, '--ini') }"
4:47 PM
never mind, I found the rc.jar tool and used it :)
5:16 PM
@Diaa Cool! Did it work? :)
I am at the TUG meeting, so my messages might be delayed.
6:11 PM
@Krishna No, sorry. Imho your problem is much to special. It doesn't fit in a workshop that tries to sort out basic, kernel related problems.
6:22 PM
user image
6th century ducks.
@AlanMunn Where is this from?
@UlrikeFischer Ravenna.
@AlanMunn I should have known -- I even saw it ;-).
@UlrikeFischer The mosaics are amazing.
@AlanMunn yes it was very impressive.
6:43 PM
@AlanMunn I see. The ancient versions of tikzducks were much more pixelated. Well, if one thinks about it, not too surprising. ;-)
@marmot yes resolution has improved in the intervening 1500 years.
@AlanMunn Yes, impressive progress due to @samcarter ;-)
7:04 PM
@PauloCereda Yes it did, but why I got unnamed task in the log for even pdflatex?
@samcarter Are you sure?
@marmot :) I stand corrected!
@samcarter ;-)
user image
^^^ Re-using the Roman ducks from @UlrikeFischer dies ater image
@samcarter If you ever happen to be in this region, go to Kleintiefental, many (!!) of my relatives live next to this hut ;-)
7:19 PM
@marmot Oh, that is not too far from me! Maybe I can fit in a trip in the summer holiday :)
@marmot Would you share the crystal ball code?
@samcarter See, sometimes a crystal ball can be pretty useful ;-) (Exit the BOB=Bayerische Oberlandbahn at Geitau and then follow the directions to Hoch)miesing, and at the fork where you could get there going left or right go right ;-)
 \shade[ball color=cyan,opacity=0.7] (0.95,0.87) circle (3.3mm);
8:20 PM
@marmot Thanks for the code and the directions!
user image
@marmot ^^^ a fortune teller duck to go with your crystal ball marmot!
8:59 PM
@AlanMunn Very impressive town, isn't it?
1 hour later…
10:04 PM
@StrongBad yes
@L.K. if it says that you just need to install it, you should just be able to update via miktex or texlive package manager. texstudio isn't involved, that's just the editor
10:29 PM
@JosephWright Thanks. I was just confused. Usually 'events' have a time and a sign-up thing. (I don't know what the point of the sign-up thing is. Perhaps the system then prioritises alerting you. But the time is quite useful.)
10:40 PM
@egreg Yes. And it was a nice change from all the medieval things I had been seeing other places. Although my favourite church in Bologna (where I've been staying) is Santo Stefano, parts of which also date back to that time.
11:13 PM
@Diaa Because the task is unnamed. :) You need to add a proper name if do want to override it. :)

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