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12:00 AM
@uhoh i'm not sure what to make of either thing. i don't deal much in propulsion.
@uhoh ooh, you were replying to me! well, thank you :)
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1:51 AM
@kimholder Indeed! We're not worthy We're not worthy!
@uhoh said here...
@kimholder ...in reference to here.
Okay I'll learn to use these little arrow thingies.
They are quite useful:-)
3 hours later…
4:28 AM
@PearsonArtPhoto I wanted to link to your site, but I think in SE we should try to use only https, and that causes a different appearance on my screen.
Q: What is Astronaut Sunita William wearing on her wrist?

uhohThe most recent installment of NPR's Brave New Workers A NASA Astronaut Stays In Orbit With SpaceX And Boeing (article & podcast) covers Astronaut Sunita Williams extremely cool new job. She's continued her career in space on Earth as a member of NASA's Commercial Crew Transportation Capabili...

I don't want to embed a non-https site in my question. Is it OK to include it as shown?
5:19 AM
for background.
Q: Is this a security issue or "just one of those things..."?

uhohI saw this item in The BBS chat room and clicked on it: A window opened up with a google security message (I'm using Chrome on OSX): I understand I can override by going to ADVANCED and saying "ok", just curious if this indicates some issue or is superfluous. edit: fyi I noticed the link ...

Also see both answers below this question, discussing SE's conversion to https
Much of the discussion in those answers is about going back and fixing old sites. Here I'm just asking about my linking today.
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12:11 PM
@uhoh I'm actually surprised https worked at all... It must be that my CDN provides a bit of that ability, but I haven't really set it to do so.
My site doesn't store any data, or have the ability to do anything but simply pass on the same static website to everyone. I don't see the need for https for such a thing, and it would actually be difficult to implement it with https.
12:58 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto okay "you don't need privacy because I promise not to store data". Why does SE put such an emphasis on retroactively removing non-https links from posts?
Does it? I've never noticed that.
I actually can't store data at all.
HTTPS makes perfect sense for anything that you log in to, or even run data on a server. It is less required for a site like mine.
It can even make sense with something like Wikipedia that you might not want someone to know exactly what articles you are reading, for instance.
As goes SO, so goes SE. (riffing on As falls Wichita, so falls Wichita Falls).
It makes sense for SE to be an HTTPS site, for the same reason as Wikipedia, plus the fact that one can submit data to the site.
1:16 PM
I'll read further; I see regular edits where http links are replaced by https links in post after post.
I think it only auto-changes SE Network sites. So links where it was http://space.stackexchange.com/posts/1 it changes to https://space.stackexchange.com/posts/1
I think I've seen @NathanTuggy manual "http → https" edits, ping?
It doesn't make sense in my mind to change http-> https unless the site fully supports https.
1:38 PM
@uhoh: You have me interested in your latest question...
I'm wondering why the two sources are different, and which one is more accurate. I had always thought that the observational was more accurate, but maybe that isn't actually the case. Hmmm...
Okay, so the observational value corrects for light time. That should only be a small difference now, what, around 50 s* 3.64 km/s= 182 km.
While interesting, that isn't the source of the error...
The difference due to the linearity shouldn't be more then a few km either...
It doesn't seem like the vector orientation makes a difference at all...
I'm almost positive I'm using doubles, so data precision errors shouldn't be more then a few km.
Is it a time zone issue?
That might be it, but if it is, it is odd...
I might be taking the time zone in to effect twice.
That doesn't seem to be the issue, but it is noteworthy there appears to be a 4 hour discrepency in time...
Can't figure this out now, must do real work... Sigh.
2:56 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto open sourcing is not a panacea, but it's been an incredible accelerator. I don't think you are in danger of being challenged by a competitor site at this point, it's something to consider.
A: Why are the ISS attitude values shown on these two web sites so different?

Yuri GadowThe conversion of the attitude data as it appeared (undocumented) from Lightstreamer to roll, pitch, and yaw was the biggest pile of guesses and assumptions atop assumptions I made back when Matt and I were coding this. It is almost certainly wrong if it is varying from the ISS Live! website. We...

These guys are open source and it seems to have been at least a bit helpful. They're also interpreting/reformatting/redisplaying data from a NASA generated "feed".
Yeah, I'll consider it.
Web stuff to an extent is open source anyways, so...
Part of the problem is I know how much of a mess my code base is...
I will tweak my Patreon goals accordingly.
3:26 PM
posted on March 26, 2018 by Chris Bergin

Spacecom has announced Maxar Technologies’ SSL (Space Systems Loral) has won the contract to build the…

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4:32 PM
Idea for an update to the Tour:
A: Some way to raise awareness of helpful collections of resources?

called2voyagePerhaps we should add a note about it and a link to it from the Tour? Something like: Don't ask about... Anything not directly related to space exploration Questions that are primarily opinion-based Questions with too many possible answers or that would require an extremely long a...

3 hours later…
7:27 PM
@called2voyage can we do that, with our tour?
7:37 PM
7:57 PM
@kimholder Yes.
cool. i thought we didn't get that control over it until we graduated.
With a lack of opposition, I'm going to go ahead and make the change.
We can always revert if necessary.
can't see how it would be controversial.
Hello everyone! Does anyone know any SpaceX announcement about Falcon 9 Block 5 specificatons or when they wil for example, new Merlin 1 D thrust, engine dry weight, payload mass for this rocket and for Falcon Heavy with this new version? I am speaking about exact specification value.
@called2voyage It seems helpful to make generally agreed to be helpful things easier to refer to. i can't imagine why it would be a problem.
8:10 PM
@uhoh Ok, it's live now.
@kimholder ^
I had to remove the bullets next to the list because they were automatically getting styled with "X" and I couldn't clear the style.
@called2voyage where is it exactly? (Pardon for being dense)
Click the question mark symbol on the right-hand side of the black SE bar. Then click "Tour". Scroll down to the "Get answers to practical, detailed questions" section.
If I had unlimited control of the Tour, I would put it in its own section, but we can only edit certain parts.
@uhoh Did you find it?
Oh I see it, thanks! This doesn't really jump out of the page. Is there some way to link directly to this, or will it be necessary to tell people how to scroll to it each time>
Just searching for "resources" finds it. That helps
@uhoh While you can link to the Tour, it doesn't look like there is a way to link to a specific section. That's probably because the SE staff want viewers to read the whole Tour.
We can also add the text to the on topic page of the Help Center: space.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic
that may be a little easier to see immediately
yeah, i think that's a good idea
8:24 PM
I added it there too
8:55 PM
@Mark777 Not really official numbers yet. They are slightly opaque on official numbers. The expectation is taht the website numbers are for Block 5.
1 hour later…
10:11 PM
@geoffc Thanks, I was wondering about if it would have new specification, 7607 kN thrust SL was since 2016, last year Elon Musk announced it will have higher thrust. Who knows we will find soon enough, in a couple of days having the first flight. I was wondering if any information was around. It could have specification that you are saying.
10:58 PM
@Mark777 I hear the Block 5 India Sat may be delayed a bit. End of April now perhaps.

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