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12:09 AM
@Riker For future use: function upload_stack(url) { $.post("/upload/image", {"upload-url": url}).done(result=>console.log(result.match(/http[^']+/)[0])); }
1:30 AM
Is C's FILE* stdout not in libc?:
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
  "_stdout", referenced from:
      _main in .vsl-temp2c713c08.o
Q: Generate a heap of boxes

l4m2 (The text asks how many boxes there are in the picture) Now you are required to generate such a problem and its answer. Input an integer n (optionally) random source of two values, in case you don't want to use the default random. Output can be a 3D array A[n][n][n], where A[i][j][k] =>...

> may be implemented as macros
Can't it all be implemented as macros?
@Downgoat but is ok, is simple to make with file creation function
1:49 AM
Q: Are fixed input allowed if the bytes count?

l4m2E.g. requiring to call by f(4), and add 1 to the byte count Or maybe when inputting a choice, require input f`!#%` or f`&^%`, and add 6 to the byte count? Cuz we allow filename storage as long as its byte counted

does anyone know why this would throw:
const stdout: CFile = fdopen(1, `w+`)
also throws with `w` and a descriptor
exits with 'bus error'
2:15 AM
@NewMetaPosts someone answer this pls
@Downgoat wat
@ASCII-only I would if I could understand it
@DJMcMayhem they're basically asking of they can let the user input some variable they need
@ASCII-only How could that ever save bytes?
@DJMcMayhem IDK >_>
2:57 AM
@ASCII-only why 'wat'?
@Downgoat I don't understand how this could happen
@Downgoat I think you broke libc
No, you're opening STDIN....
Oh wait
My bad, misread the number :p
...are you sure the bus error happens when you open it?
3:44 AM
@DJMcMayhem It could certainly happen if you're golfing in brainfuck, for example. There was one submission I started (but never finished) where I appended ! and the alphabet to the program and then specified that the program be run in weave.rb, an interpreter that supports that.
That way I could initialize some memory without having to compute it.
@quartata yup
looks like I was opening during llvm.global_ctors
4:10 AM
What do you expect for this to print:
let a = 1
lazy let b = a
a += 1
I am thinking 1 because integers are everything-by value (pass by value, etc.) so it only makes sense to be capture by value imo
@Downgoat I would say 1 as well
My intuition says that the expression b is assigned to isn't evaluated until it's needed, not that it's evaluated symbolically at the time it's needed.
@Mr.Xcoder you can boycott classes? What school do you go to :P here boycotting classes is called 'getting suspended'
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

OrionThe TI series of calculators. I've put a lot of hours in writing TI-BASIC programs. The single most tedious part was either scrolling through the program, or switching between alpha and numeric input. For those unfamiliar, the entire Latin alphabet is overlaid on the existing keys alphabetically...

CMP: It seems that, despite being intended for English, the most used language on TNB is Kannada. Should we split the chatroom?
4:28 AM
Q: Standard Loopholes Pertaining to [underhanded]

Esolanging FruitOn our standard loopholes post, there are several different answers that pertain to underhanded questions. Since the underhanded tag has been retired, there is no longer a need for these answers1. I posted comments on them suggesting that they be deleted, and one person responded that they would...

kind of an odd question: does anyone here have a lifehack for getting correction fluid off of your fingers (especially on the nails :/)
@quartata usually scraping off with paper towel works
this stuff has been dry for too long
soap helped quite a bit to scrub it off but there's a spot on my fingernail that won't come off
I suppose acetone might work
4:43 AM
@quartata is it like the paint-style whiteout or like some other type
it's the stuff you put on with a brush yeah
which is why I figured acetone could get it off my nails
not for my skin obvs
ok I just filed it off lol
@EsolangingFruit This CMP should've been tagged PTIJ :)
5:37 AM
@Downgoat If you boycott more than 20 times without justifying them you get suspended.
So 1 doesn’t really matter anyway
for us its 6
which includes sick days :/
6:25 AM
Oh sick days don’t count by default here
3 hours later…
9:45 AM
hi all
10:14 AM
@quartata nail file ninja'd, filing is probably the best idea anyway
Huh I've never heard it called correction fluid before.
Always heard white-out.
10:49 AM
Q: Pishty Triangles

Purusharth VermaThis is a question which was in March Challenge Div2 of codechef.I could not arrive at a solution.Please help me out to find an optimal solution. You are given a sequence of n integers followed by queries of two types: 1: update an element in the sequence 2: l r: find the largest perimeter trian...

11:01 AM
@NewMainPosts Need some delete vote.
11:21 AM
Q: Is it acceptable to answer an old question?

Nik WeissIs it alright to post an answer to an old challenge, in a language that hasn't been posted before? I'm specifically asking about the following question: Link I happened across it, and wanted to post a new answer with PowerShell. I noticed, though, that the question has been inactive for many mo...

1 hour later…
12:46 PM
Anyone here know boolean algebra?
1:00 PM
@ASCII-only Not really. What's your question?
@user202729 Oh I just wanted someone to go over my working to make sure I didn't mess something up majorly like I do with my programming >_>
1:43 PM
Q: Third time the charm

workoverflowYour task, if you wish to accept it, is to write a program that outputs a positive integer (higher than 0). If the source code is duplicated the output must remain the same. The tricky part is that if the source code is typed three times (triplicated?) the output will be multiplied by 3. Rules ...

I didn't even started thinking about if it's possible to do it in Jelly...
What is the chat-room version of meta.stackoverflow?
@NewMainPosts :/ 12 bytes in Charcoal
2:19 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Weijun ZhouMinimize the number of less used bits in binary representation for a rational number code-challengemathematicsoptimization Introduction For a given positive rational number r, find a positive integer m such that mr is an integer and f(m,mr) is minimized, where f is defined below. Challenge A...

2:30 PM
For some reason every single time I get a kernel update from DNF I also get a Vim update at the same time and nothing else.
3:07 PM
ughhh that maths assignment took longer than I expected
Having to pay 5 bytes for $(()) to do math hurts my soul
@Pavel Bash is not a code golfing language.
Even when I'm not golfing, I still don't like having to type out $(()).
@Pavel think of it as an ASCII art language
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

user202729I can't understand Jelly chains! or... Expand Jelly chains (see this for more details) Jelly chain separator is a very powerful feature. Unfortunately, it's not very easy to understand. So, we need a program (or function, as usual) to rewrite a Jelly link that uses chain separator (øµðɓ) to...

3:16 PM
Should I have a 500 infinite bounty for beating the Hexagony quine again? (yes?)
@user202729 Yes :P
3:28 PM
If I run chmod -R +x /proc/self/fd will it make all files created by <(...) executable?
@Pavel I doubt it
First, chmod runs as a separate process, so the changes will get lost the moment it's finished
But even then, <(...) creates a new descriptor
I wonder if there's any way to get <(echo echo Hello, World!) to work.
3:56 PM
@Pavel <(echo $(echo Hello, World!)) maybe? :P
@ASCII-only permission error
@Pavel What are you even trying to do
<() doesn't create executable files
@Pavel TIL: You are named after the first person you meet in Neverwinter NIghts
@ASCII-only Really hacky metaprogramming
3:59 PM
Using PHP right?
@Pavel What is the output file supposed to do
@Christopher ...
@Christopher That is extremely false
@Christopher "you"?
what about you?
@ASCII-only be executed. The <(...) is the entire command, not an argument to a command.
4:00 PM
@ASCII-only PHP=Hacky
or is he hacking ^_^
@Christopher that doesn't mean everything hacky is PHP
I could do bash <(...), but that's like 5 extra bytes.
@ASCII-only are you sure about that
4:02 PM
@Pavel do you know what <() is called
How is it different from just executing commands
@ASCII-only open heart?
@Pavel also that's not valid bash
What do you mean
Oh, zsh, not bash
4:04 PM
You're passing a list (that's not a list) to nothing
Q: Code Golf: Duck, duck, goose!

AJFaradayRemember the kids game, 'Duck, Duck, Goose'? No? Me either. The challenge Print the word 'duck' on individual lines an indeterminate amount of times. Print the word 'goose'. Your program ends. The rules: Attempt to play the game in the fewest bytes. There must be at least one duck. There m...

But bash has <() too
You're getting permission denied right
Probably something to do with the virtual console's bash somehow having more priveleges?
@Pavel looks like you have no other choice here
4:06 PM
No it's because files aren't executable by default
You have to chmod +x
Right, but why does adding bash work :/
Also where does zsh even pipe to if you exclude the command
Because it's not executing the file
It's passing it as an argument to bash
@Pavel What file
@ASCII-only it's not a pipe, and it works in bash too
@Pavel Still an input stream though
4:09 PM
@ASCII-only <(echo Foo) is a file
O_o what
@Pavel new update to dot
You don't need to tell me that
I get push notifications
4:14 PM
Is it just me or are links broken on Network Profiles? Compare e.g. my Judaism profile and PPCG profile with working links to the broken links on my Network Profile.
@Adám Have you tried clicking Update profile info?
@DJMcMayhem I didn't make a change recently.
OK, but it might be like turning it off and on again
@DJMcMayhem And it is like this for all profiles with links.
@DJMcMayhem You yourself have links in your profile. They are gone in your network profile.
:O You're right
4:22 PM
@DJMcMayhem Should I report it on mother meta?
If my comments are deleted, does it count against my "comment ban" or something?
(I guess no, unless I get a lot of spam comment flags)
@user202729 I don't think so. Comments get deleted all the time, especially on PPCG because of challenge clarification
@Adám I suspect it's intentional, but if you can't find a post about this, then go for it
Q: Links in site profiles stripped from network profile

trichoplaxI have a link in my profile, advertising a Stack Exchange question of mine (which I believe is acceptable use of the profile page). The link works fine on my individual profile pages. For example, my CG profile and my PPCG profile. However, on my network profile the links do not show. The link i...

Thought so
... for the recent NMP, there will be a problem that it's hard to prove/disprove whether a submission will halt from all random seeds.
4:39 PM
In probability theory, one says that an event happens almost surely (sometimes abbreviated as a.s.) if it happens with probability one. In other words, the set of possible exceptions may be non-empty, but it has probability zero. The concept is precisely the same as the concept of "almost everywhere" in measure theory. In probability experiments on a finite sample space, there is no difference between almost surely and surely. However, the distinction becomes important when the sample space is an infinite set, because an infinite set can have non-empty subsets of probability zero. Some examples...
5:07 PM
@AdmBorkBork, this Minnesotan joined this group to just +1 your gray duck. — Milwrdfan 1 min ago
5:31 PM
Ooh, Quantum Computing just went into private beta
clicks on the first question, sees its by @Riker ಠ_ಠ
5:41 PM
ugh, I can't believe how much time I wasted tracking down type == STRING;
ಠ_ಠ And Quantum computing has a design
Why do I miss all the interesting area 51s
@Mr.Xcoder screenshot pls
5:53 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Yeah, because it's sponsored :P
it's also sponsored though
yeah ik
y'all got the email right
(caird, xcoder)
@Mr.Xcoder :'(
I committed so I got a notification
5:53 PM
I got an SE notification
No email though
Lol Riker's the #1 on QC
I was the first by like 5 minutes
(there's a deleted #2 that's not visible)
I get the feeling Riker might become a another mod :P
vote riker for mod
tbh I have very little experience in this area
@Mr.Xcoder that guy posted #2
@Mr.Xcoder no repro
you zoomed out/in?
Refreshing doesn't help...
what was your question, Riker?
Annoyingly, I want to ask a question, but I don't have anything to ask, and joined the proposal mainly because I find it interesting, but not something I'd ask about :/
5:57 PM
@Mr.Xcoder -1, no freehand circle
@Mr.Xcoder -1, needs to circle the red square
@Mr.Xcoder Strangely enough, yes I do
Quantum Computing is in closed beta and has a design...
@cairdcoinheringaahing Stax 6 bytes
6:01 PM
> If you've been cleared for graduation but don't yet have a design, someone from the community team will be posting on your meta site in April to get some input so we can get your site themed based on your answers. We will start enabling the new design across the network in May.
I've had my hopes and dreams crushed too many times to legitimately believe that PPCG might one day get a graduation design
Q: *𝘜𝘯𝘪𝘤𝘰𝘥𝘦* **𝗠𝗮𝗿𝗸𝗱𝗼𝘄𝗻** __F̲o̲r̲m̲a̲t̲t̲e̲r̲__

pfg𝘜𝘯𝘪𝘤𝘰𝘥𝘦 𝗠𝗮𝗿𝗸𝗱𝗼𝘄𝗻 𝖥̲𝗈̲𝗋̲𝗆̲𝖺̲𝗍̲𝗍̲𝖾̲𝗋̲ Your task is to create a markdown parser that outputs Unicode. It should support 𝗯𝗼𝗹𝗱, 𝘪𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘤, and 𝗎̲𝗇̲𝖽̲𝖾̲𝗋̲𝗅̲𝗂̲𝗇̲𝖾̲. Every alphabetical character should be converted into Math Sans. This includes the characters be...

@NewMainPosts twitch
ಠ_ಠ Didn't work
@DJMcMayhem clsoe it
6:06 PM
Note that that's been in the sandbox for a while
@Christopher Why?
@Christopher No reason to...?
@Christopher You can VTC it yourself ya know
It was le joketh
I fixed the post
@Pavel do you want to join QC?
6:07 PM
discord me your email
Q: Schläfli Convex Regular Polytope Interpreter

Tony RuthBackground The Schläfli Symbol is a notation of the form {p,q,r,...} that defines regular polytopes and tessellations. The Schläfli symbol is a recursive description, starting with a p-sided regular polygon as {p}. For example, {3} is an equilateral triangle, {4} is a square and so on. A reg...

@Christopher No, I rolled it back. The title is supposed to be like that, and you misspelt Formatter
I promise not to do anything but invite you
Poll: What do you think about the new leading nav bar that's about to be added?
(Pretty sure I stuck it in tnb at one point or the other)
6:08 PM
@Pavel you really think I will search for it :P
But yeah, one sec
Q: Can we reject the new design?
And if so, should we?
I joined QC without being signing up for the private beta
@cairdcoinheringaahing I don't know about can, but I'd guess the answer is no. Follow up question, why would we?
6:11 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing What design?
Q: Ch-ch-ch-changes: Left nav, responsive design, & themes

Joe FriendCh-ch-ch-changes are coming. As you've hopefully read in our various posts on Teams, we are in the midst of some major work. We're introducing a new product, Teams (née channels), and doing the requisite research and design thinking to get it right. In addition, early on we realized that we have ...

We aren't the standard Q&A site, and if we get a design, I'd rather it was somewhat designed for the site (leaderboards/sort by byte count/etc.) rather than just a generic "Here are some colours so you feel included" design
@Christopher Done
@Pavel Invited :)
@cairdcoinheringaahing We sure won't get leaderboards. And I think you meant byte count
6:12 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Close enough :P
@DJMcMayhem Ew, left nav.
Imagine how much of a let down it would be, after all those years of hoping, that we end up with a design like this. I, for one, would just not use it, and stick with the Gradscript
We better be getting that Cadillac treatment
6:16 PM
@Mr.Xcoder people think that asking if quantum pairs can be used to QC is off tompic?
In other words, the only customisation will be colours. Not even fonts!
@Christopher I do too (though I didn't DV).
@Pavel bringing in the Official MS Knowledge™ (lol I see yer comment)
how is Natasha in TNB
they have 1 rep
You can join chat with 1 rep
You can't talk though
6:18 PM
ohh view but can't talk
yep, and explicit write access can be granted regardless
(i.e. for a chatbot, has only 1 rep but can be granted the ability to chat in that room)
ಠ_ಠ I'm going through the old Add++ interpreters, and am thinking to myself Did I really think that recursion was the best way to loop?
Recursion is the best way to loop.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Recursion is evil.
6:23 PM
@WheatWizard no goto is only loop
tail call recursion is fine tho (That's what QUARK uses. Maybe. It's hard to classify how the interp does it internally, due to the messy shenanigans related to states, and execution depth)
@moonheart08 ಠ_ಠ
@Riker Hooray, I managed to contribute when I did not expect to be able to understand enough to contribute.
\o/ A question I can answer on qc.se
6:28 PM
And it's closed ;-;
@Pavel lol
@Mr.Xcoder yep since its' a bad question >_>
Actually I don't see how it's so bad
at 4/5 RO votes though
@Mr.Xcoder see original revision
Anyone know what strangeworks is
Their site just has this countdown thing
6:31 PM
@DJMcMayhem mind if I move this to the QC chat?
i wish RAM had some fast operations you could do with it, to avoid the latency caused by moving the memory to the CPU. maybe like a map reduce that supported simple instructions like add
(at least this last bit)
Wait I've seen that avatar before...
whose? moonhearts?
it's an identicon >_>
No... Th poster's icon on QC
6:31 PM
Who needs avatars? :D
@Mr.Xcoder well there are many
I'm there, looks like christopher is there
I see Caird in a cv message
Ah they're the one that posted the challenge I'll get a bounty on :D
A: Ch-ch-ch-changes: Left nav, responsive design, & themes

AdámCan we at least select our fonts? I think the fonts give much of the feeling to a site, and may even affect usability. For instance, English.SE benefits from using a serif font to clearly distinguish letters and make IPA more readable. Likewise, Judaism.SE's serif font makes Hebrew phrases (whic...

Funny story that shows my humor: My Calc/Phys teacher said "Hey wanna hear a joke?" ïn class and I said "My GPA"
How does moderation work for a private bade? QC doesn't seem to even have Pro Tem mods
6:38 PM
Pro Tempore mods are announced after a while.
@Pavel until public beta
@Christopher Been there, done that.
@Pavel The CMs moderate until ProTem mods are annouced
@J.Sallé throwing myself under the bus for a meme is worth
Is everyone essentially considered an infinite-rep user permisions-wise until then
6:39 PM
@Christopher Indeed. I lost all self-respect in regards to grades after my second semester in college.
@Riker cv message?
Close vote, never mind
@Pavel nice meta
@J.Sallé hahah
@Pavel little before private beta ends, we get mods
Ah, ok
6:40 PM
@Pavel no, much lower thresholds tho (350 is all review queues iric)
@Riker Ah. I just cast a close vote with 101 rep and was wondering about that.
6:53 PM
holy heck I just posted a very brief "Yes" to @Pavel's question and it got 2 updoots in 10s
One of them was me because I totally agree
> Votes cast: 0 up 2 down
I want to ask questions about Q#. I'm afraid they'll get lost on SO, since very few people know Q#, but I don't want to post to QC and get it closed and told to post on SO.
Robert Cartaino is harsh
This conversation might be better in the QC room
6:55 PM
Is there one?
is there a qc room?
QC doesn't seem to have a chat.se at all
@Adám Upvoted. That's an important distinction between the sites.

 The Classical Channel

General chat for Quantum Computing SE. For MathJax see meta.st...
7:05 PM
TNB Effect
It ain't particularly active tho
@Mr.Xcoder Well it does now
It didn't earlier
> 1 hour ago
> The last message was posted 1 hour ago.
yay \o/ first answer on qc
Well, chat.se didn't let me select QC
7:08 PM
10/10: 6 out of 8 users are from TNB, 2 are from THB
I'm redoing QUARK. I want to try and make it fast lol
so why not just scrap everything and make it a compiled golfing language :P
@Mr.Xcoder THB?
wanted to ask the same
The h bar. The physics chatroom
(comes from $\hbar$, for those of us who have MathJax)
I'm pretty sure that that's not the case
I'm pretty sure that "h bar" has been around longer than tex.
7:18 PM
Yeah of course, I was talking about what $\hbar$ represents, not the symbol itself.
7:30 PM
@ETHproductions I feel like there should be some really short Cubix solutions for the triple challenge, but I haven't found any by hand. Maybe you could write a simple brute force script on top of your interpreter to look for 4- or 5-byte solutions?
A guy from 10000 km away contacted me regarding my Master's thesis about power system reliability... #unexpected
I had provided the MATLAB codes that showed the algorithms used in appendices, but not all the "helper scripts" required to actually make it run (that would probably make up 100 pages by itself...
His English is even worse than mine though (slightly) :P
7:36 PM
@Adám I'm guessing you got upvotes to get 200, then 2 downvotes
@cairdcoinheringaahing The why do I get to keep the badge?
Because you got 200 rep at some point in the day
I'm curious... What does it say on the bottom of meta.stackexchange.com/reputation ?
> days represented 29
rep cap was reached via rep from upvotes *only* on 0 days
earned at least 200 reputation on 0 days
earned 0 reputation from suggested edits
@Mr.Xcoder it was directed at Adam, since he got the Mortarboard, but apparently not 200 rep that day.
@Adám ^^
7:45 PM
@Adám the mortarboard description is misleading, it disregards negative reputation changes.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Apparently some people are against custom fonts. They have a right to that opinion, though, I'm curious what their reasoning would be.
unless you got "bonus" rep from accepted answers or bounties, it just means you hit the rep cap (but if you did then you don't even need to hit the rep cap)
@MartinEnder You might know better, but I think Epic / Legendary don't act the same way, right?
I think they do, given that Epic is the 'parent' of Mortarboard (in that it's the silver version)
@Mr.Xcoder they do, I believe
7:50 PM
@Adám Maybe they were from the devs and they'd rather not implement that possibility :P
@Adám The mortarboard/epic/legendary counting is wildly inaccurate and super buggy. I once got a point towards epic having only received 170 reputation that day (no downvotes or deleted users or anything).
hm, did you put up a bounty that day?
No I didn't have any negative reputation changes
that's really odd
but yeah, it's confusing either way
I did receive a bounty
But my total (with the bounty) didn't hit 200
For reference this was January 17th
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