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10:15 AM
@Ryan I updated my answer to your Meta
4 hours later…
2:23 PM
@Vincent This was nice, because it's hard to tell if someone is sarcastic on the internet haha. He really did think I was being mean.
@JohnB Is this your vinyl job?
hah naw it was on reddit
I've never done any vinyl work
I used to do screen printing, now I do consumer packaged goods design
@JohnB I've always been interested in that side of printing.
the packaged goods side I mean
2:41 PM
it's a lot of fun because there is a lot of freedom
usually I get a die line from the copacker and do whatever I want for the design
@JohnB @johnp @WELZ Lauren Ipsum made a truly brilliant idea a while ago in 2015 about [Creating a “Graphic Design Software Support” Stack.](https://graphicdesign.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2592/creating-a-graphic-design-software-support-stack/)

I feel that it may have failed because of the name. At first glance it appears to be about software. Really it should be titled "Beginner Graphic Design" or something to that effect because it could encompass a lot more than just software.. At the time our SE was still newer that may have had something to do with it too but I believe that pro
Sorry I don't know why my links all become broken.
chat formatting sucks sometimes, not your fault
I remember the proposal and I supported it. It's just very difficult to gain traction for an A51 proposal, an idea as broad as a general purpose 3D modeling site has failed about 3 times now
Blender made it through because it had momentum from devs and the forums
True. But my animation proposal is doing surprisingly well. Already 13 followers in 8 days.
It would be soooooo easy to make sample questions there!
We gain nothing by not trying and have everything to gain by attempting it.
@WELZ I knew I'd have your support ;P
2:59 PM
@WELZ I'm working on those gross drinks again. The copy for the label is pretty wild
> Provides 100mg encapsulated DHA Omega-3 fatty acids obtained from vegan sources of Algal Oil
3:24 PM
Rough draft. Any thoughts?
3:45 PM
not beginner, makes it too similar to current GDSE
@JohnB pukes
@WELZ what do you suggested?
Because I think the name needs to be obvious for novice users.
"who" are learning :P
(sorry, I'm an editor too)
I had called mine "Software Support" because at the time, everything was "My Adobe Be Broke" (™ Scott). If everything now is Tutorial On Demand, then a slightly different title is called for.
I like Beginners or Beginning Graphic Design
Or Graphic Design Support (removing "Software")
If the goal is to have somewhere to shunt the TOD and noob questions, give it a name that noobs will gravitate to
I have no problem with noob questions as a philosophy IF we had a bunch of canonical "marked as dupe because here's the answer" posts to refer to
Unfortunately SE doesn't really work like that as a model, but it would be useful
4:05 PM
"Graphic Design Tutorials"
That's literally what it is!
@LaurenIpsum yeh, SE will totally hate the whole idea
Hey @LaurenIpsum good to run into you here, long time no see :)
@WELZ I second that
Thanks @LateralTerminal @WELZ @JonhB @BillyKerr @zeethreepio and @PieBie for your great input on this ongoing discussion. I'm very happy that so many non-mods have taken up the gauntlet to offer constructive ideas to solve this issue.
'non-mod' in air quotes for our veteran @JohnB of course :P
4:22 PM
@Vincent and yisela
Hehe yeah. Let's be open and honest about this: I have regular contact with Yisela outside of this site, and already thanked her there :)
hehe superping is a mod privilege
@Vincent So do I, you just don't know that I'm the same person :o
@Vincent Thank you it's nice to be appreciated :)
@WELZ I love your "Graphic Design Tutorials" idea
@WELZ nice try. you aren't :)
Graphic Design Tutorials For amateur graphic designers and non-designers trying to do various projects that need a tutorial to assist them.
how's that? ^^
"Your site should focus on pilots, not passengers; lawyers, not lawbreakers; professional photographers, not Uncle Marv with his digital point-n-shoot." (Equivalent of guy who saw cool picture and has photoshop)
4:34 PM
@WELZ I'm a little concerned that name might make all tutorials off topic on GDSE
How about Basic Graphic Design Tutorials
or Beginner Graphic Design Tutorials
Basic is subjective
@LaurenIpsum Made a good point with "If the goal is to have somewhere to shunt the TOD and noob questions, give it a name that noobs will gravitate to"
Everything is subjective technically if you try hard enough
The name has to be obvious or they will flock here
Well, "graphic design tutorials"... doesn't get more specific and atractive to noobs than that. (they all searc hfor tutorials)
maybe FREE/BEST graphic design tutorials
@WELZ I absolutely agree. But don't you think it will discourage all tutorials from here too?
@Vincent You're welcome! It's nice to be appreciated.
4:38 PM
Hey it's the classy gimp guy @BillyKerr :) glad to see you join this discussion
5:04 PM
hey @Vincent, nice to see you too :)
The problem is that Stack Exchange is a Q&A site. There is a right and best answer, as voted on by the community. You could have multiple tutorials, I suppose, but it's a little counter-intuitive.
I like the idea of "Beginner GD," however you want to conjugate that, because it encompasses not just "How do I do X?" but "What font is this?" and "Why does my RGB illustration print all muddy?"
@LaurenIpsum I'm not sure I agree about it being counter-intuitive. I've seen multiple ways to solve a single problem on tutorial questions here before. It's a great opportunity to learn different ways to solve a problem.

But I do agree the naming this is extremely challenging
This GD stack should be Moderate to Advanced. Half of my questions are "How do I do X?" but my X is more sophisticated than the average noob's X.
@LaurenIpsum agreed
@LateralTerminal Have you? Like I said in meta, I just don't click on those questions, so I wouldn't see those multiple answers
@LaurenIpsum I've found them to be useful. I think it's good to know there's a lot of ways to handle a certain task. It allows designers to think in more abstract ways to solve problems. You might be doing things a certain way and then find that X or Y method could improve your workflow because someone else gets the same results but does it a more efficient or easier way.
5:11 PM
I really don't mind noob questions — we were all noobs once, except maybe Scott and Alan Gilbertson, who leapt fully-formed from the brows of Photoshop and InDesign respectively — but if that's what GDSE is, well, it's just not as fun for me any more. I think there should be a place for noob questions, absolutely, but why can't there be a place for experts with higher-level questions also?
My response was a little redundant but I think you get the point
Unless the problem is in the other direction and we should swarm to make a new stack called Advanced Graphic Design?
@LateralTerminal I do see your point, yes
@LaurenIpsum I'm talking mainly about moderate to advanced tutorials on GDSE
Which is why the name "graphic design tutorials" makes me wary that we would lose all tutorials from here
oh I see
again, I don't click on any TOD questions, so I have no idea how complex they are
which is, again, why I don't think Tutorial should be in the name
We should be focusing on skill level more than content
@LaurenIpsum I agree.
5:14 PM
This over here for newbies, that over there for advanced
And let the angels dance to the beat of whatever drum they like
if I may mix clichés ;)
Which group migrates and forms a new stack? Do the beginners get kicked out or do the superusers leave?
Would "Advanced Graphic Design" be a better sell on Area 51?
@LaurenIpsum Yes you may ;)

I think it would be much harder to migrate all the already advanced questions to "Advanced Graphic Design"
It would be a lot easier to just have mods move basic questions to the "Working Title Beginner GDSE"
I'm down for that
The Drafting Table
Rough Sketch SE
That way we teach the newbs how to fish. Keep the pros happy here
@LaurenIpsum No I don't like those. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it has to be obvious to newbs or they just keep coming here.
5:18 PM
To <strike>defeat</strike> teach a newb you have to think like a newb
i do love my puns
I don't want to defeat them; I want to teach them
but I take your point
The Drafting Table can be their chatroom
Beginner/ing GDSE, then
ty :)
html tags don't work for me ):
Seeing the code is actually kinda funny
@LaurenIpsum a little html humor :P
I think we're on the same page we just need to think of a good name.
5:21 PM
Intro to GD
Beginners GD
Starting with GD
Welcome to GD
Graphic Design 101
That last one is appealing; it's very obvious
then you "graduate" to this stack
Graphic Design 101 is my favorite
second favorite is Beginners GD
I think GD101 is more friendly
if you want to create that proposal, go for it
@LateralTerminal use ---strikethrough--- for strikethrough
seems like @mayersdesign is still alive after all.
what do you think, WELZ? GD101?
5:38 PM
I don't know, I'm biased towards calling them what they are - tutorials. 😂
but the new stack wouldn't be JUST for tutorials
and tutorials would still be on THIS stack, just the upper-level ones
so it's a misnomer in both directions
GD101 would cover "what's four-color printing?" too
and "Help me ID this font"
> and My Adobe Be Broke
Of course, we can't forget My Adobe Be Broke
and "how to mekez teh effec6cs?"
that should get its own set of badges
well, "how to mekez teh effec6cs?" is a tutorial question, right?
5:40 PM
More like... "My adobe (made me) broke"
don't get me started on the fucking cloud subscription rant
I'd love to hear. :)
Lol, especially crappy crashy and ugly one (cc 2016-18)
it's my general rant for all cloud Rx software, honestly
but I have surrendered to the Adoborg collective
5:43 PM
They make money on incompetent people who forget about the subscription. (all subscriptions do)
still holding out against Microsquish, though
I own that bastard
@LaurenIpsum what version of AI PS and ID do you use?
uh, whatever's most current :D 2018, I guess
I think I still have back to CS5 on my drive
back to GD101
do you agree that it should be more than noob tutorials?
I very rarely get into any of the stack chats, TBH
I think the last time I was chasing a New Year's hat
so jan 2017
5:47 PM
@LaurenIpsum RE: RANT

Amen sister
I'm not going to make the proposal until I make a meta here discussing the Area51. I've got something basic drafted for my meta post. If we can get the support of everyone else we can get a lot of followers right away. That might help us not get the proposal closed right away @LaurenIpsum
"until I make a meta discussing the Area 51"? not grokking
but yes, lots of followers is a good idea
I want to make a meta post asking what the community thinks.
oh oh okay
You dropped the word "post"
5:50 PM
Opps :P
And @LaurenIpsum can proof read it for me since she's an editor ;) I give you permission to edit it in anyway.
;) no worries
hahahaha I'd be honored; just ping me in chat
I'll be thrilled if yours gets off the ground, since mine couldn't
If we can't decide on a good name here then we could ask in the meta post if anyone has a good idea for the name. But we've got it narrowed down now. lol @LaurenIpsum
I think GD101 is pretty solid
but it doesn't hurt to invite other suggestions
I agree. I like that one. It doesn't sound too mean to have your question moved to GD101 does it?
less mean than "Beginners," probably
we apparently will need more discussion on the scope, though, since WELZ is seeing it as just tutorials and I'm looking at all noob stuff
5:53 PM
I can agree that it'll be any noob stuff, but then...who/what decides what's noob
the community, obvs
I'm sure there will be many spirited debates about borderline cases, but that's okay
I just want to get the vast majority of the My Adobe Be Broke and Tutorial on Demand questions off our front page
@WELZ It's not easy to draw a line. Somebody very well versed in Photoshop might have what seems like a very difficult Illustrator question. But to a well versed Illustrator user it seems like a noob question. Vise versa
that's fine; debates might draw superusers like Yisela back in
to quote Steve Trevor's grandfather, we can do something, or nothing, and we've already tried nothing
@LaurenIpsum Exactly
@WELZ basically all noob questions go here. I'm sure somebody has already compiled a list of noob questions on here that are offtopic :P maybe vincent had one on his meta post
it really ain't hard to pick them out. throw a bunch of darts and you'll hit them
Now I want a "noob" flag so I can go down the list: noob noob noob noob noob noob :D
5:59 PM
I wonder if that will affect our site stats, for questions answered/closed/etc.
If we don't call it GD101, we could call it Scott Stack Exchange, since he can pretty much answer every single question by himself :D
@LaurenIpsum Agreed :P He's too smart
Q: Area51 Proposal: Beginner Graphic Design Stack Exchange

LateralTerminalHow do we get rid of tutorial on demand questions? Answer: We push them all to Beginner Graphic Design SE (working title) We teach them how to fish instead of giving them a fish. (This way they don't keep coming back to us) No more close votes. Mods with their magic mod powers can just push ...

Feel free to edit in anyway. Including the title
edited a skosh, still reading...
I'll post an enthusiastic yes later on today; I'm really supposed to be working now :P
but good start!
yeah I'm at work I'm supposed to be learning about Blender :P
So if I disappear that's what I'm doing.
always keep the lid on, particularly when blending hot liquids like soup
6:09 PM
I'm pretty sure you're joking XD
dude, have you ever blended hot soup with a loose lid? sure-fire route to getting your face scalded
I have one of those blenders where the lid is at the bottom so it's impossible to do that :P
what the fuck even is that
it looks like Tom Servo
how do you not have food spill when you're going to blend it?
It screws into the blade area. Then you take it off the base with the blades still inside the cup and you flip it upside down. Next you unscrew the blades and you have your cup of blended stuff.

It's pretty smart design actually.
If I had a gif I'd share it
oh, you have to turn the entire thing upside down
yeah, I'd fuck that up constantly
6:17 PM
No not the entire thing upside down XD
I'll stick with my cuisinart
I really have to work at chopping my fingers off with that
@LaurenIpsum they are pretty neat, you just screw it on (some of them use standard ball jar sizes etc) blend, turn over, and unscrew (kinda like a regular jar/mug)
Here i have a gif now
my regular blender did that with a mason jar
untill i smoked the motor
and it's made by vitamix...
6:19 PM
I forget what I was chopping
Ice, maybe
for my biscuits, yes
I don't have this brand but the concept is the same
got it
it still has a "lid" and you still want to be careful taking it off if there's hot liquid in there
the steam will take your cheeks right off
6:22 PM
@LaurenIpsum Yup! I wouldn't put hot liquids in plastic though. (even though it's probably rated for hot liquids) I get worried about stuff expanding and contracting and getting weak.
the newer pyrex can shatter in your oven too, which is bullshit
pyrex is supposed to be a legit brand though. That's sad
it used to be, but i think they were purchased by another company which cheapened the ingredient mix
older pyrex is great
your grandmother's pyrex is indestructible, that kind of thing
okay I really have to go now, but this was a good discussion. I hope the proposal succeeds :)
@LaurenIpsum It was nice chatting with you. Hope to see you around the site more frequently now when you have free time! :)
I'll still be here if anyone wants to talk about the new proposal. I'll be at a different computer though so I might not respond right away.
@Vincent I don't think anyone pinged him yet about this idea
Q: Area51 Proposal: Graphic Design 101 Stack Exchange

LateralTerminalHow do we reduce tutorial-on-demand and basic/beginner questions? Answer: We push them to Graphic Design 101 SE (working title) We teach them how to fish instead of giving them a fish. (This way they don't keep coming back to us) No more close votes. Mods with their magic mod powers can just...

7:00 PM
Q: Area51 Proposal: Graphic Design 101 Stack Exchange

LateralTerminalHow do we reduce tutorial-on-demand and basic/beginner questions? Answer: We push them to Graphic Design 101 SE (working title) We teach them how to fish instead of giving them a fish. (This way they don't keep coming back to us) No more close votes. Mods with their magic mod powers can just...

@LaurenIpsum Whenever you get back. Our UK visitors don't like the term 101
Not so sure about the working title. It's very American. The number 101 has a rather unfortunate connotation here in the UK - regarding George Orwell's Room 101, from his novel "1984". It's the place where all your worst nightmares live, the place to which you are sent when Big Brother thinks you've been naughty, the torture chamber of the Ministry of Love, for the correction of "thoughtcriminals", the place where Winston Smith goes to be gnawed by rats.
Says Billy Kerr in case he deletes his post
@LateralTerminal AUGH! really? I didn't know 101 was still burned into the zeitgeist like that. damn. what's an entry-level class called in British schools?
I dunno I'm a stupid american
7:19 PM
Beginner Graphic Design SE seems more universally acceptable. I'll just leave it as that for now and let the answers in the meta give us more ideas.
back to graphic design tutorials on demand!!! :P
@WELZ I like that a lot! I just don't want them gone from this site :P and it doesn't remove the newb questions from here just the newb tutorial ones. ;)
we're working on a fix for all newb questions lol
Question "what font this is?"
Answer: "go to www.whatfontis.com and search there" (that's a tutorial)
@WELZ ehh..
I think a tutorial needs to have a minimum of 3 or 4 steps.
1. open the computer
2. open a browser (I like chrome, but firefox works. don't use internet explorer or you'll be here for a while)
3. type in www.whatfontis.com and hit enter
4. attach an image of your font and good luck
5. go learn and stop being lazy
@JohnB you have to update your chat bio
7:36 PM
@WELZ It's not that I don't like the idea. I just know that it will definitely get denied instantly if we call it "Graphic Design Tutorials" That's why I changed my mind on the title.
May 27 '13 at 3:31, by JohnB
ehh sorta
ehh. I'm not too enthusiastic about the new proposal since I think it goes against everything that SE stands for, however I will 100% support it and follow/commit/add sample questions if it does work out.
@WELZ I'm 100% positive that Robert Cartaino will instantly deny the proposal if we call it "Graphic Design Tutorials"
I'm just trying to increase our odds
Well, he should go read our meta first and then complain
@WELZ He's Stack Exchange Valued Associate #00005
I don't think he will care
He's very tough
We have special ways to make people do things here in the Ink Spot
7:43 PM
@WELZ He basically single handed runs Area51 from what I gather.
How much it does costs me to get teh secret technicz? — WELZ 1 min ago
@WELZ This is why I'm wary of the title "Tutorials"
Q: Challenge tag: create a simple shape in as few clicks as possible

noClueHaunt_House recently posted a very interesting question. It is set up similair to a code golf question, except for 3D models, as you might've guessed. He posted the desired outcome (a simple arrow), had some guidelines and looked for a solution that requires the least amount of clicks to achieve ...

I can't find the Area51 proposal page anymore because it was deleted by Robert Cartaino that fast
They tried to propose a "Challenge" section to blender kind of like code puzzle golf or that other programming puzzle thing. It didn't get past Robert Cartaino
So if we are trying to make it work the title is going to be really important to get a good first impression from Robert Cartaino
Just about nobody, besides our community will actually see the difference.
@WELZ difference of what?
our community and some new proposal
7:50 PM
@WELZ We won't know unless we try right?
Anyway why don't you voice how you feel here? I'm encouraging people to suggest a good name.
Q: Area51 Proposal: Beginner Graphic Design Stack Exchange (working title)

LateralTerminalHow do we reduce tutorial-on-demand and basic/beginner questions? Answer: We push them to Beginner Graphic Design SE (working title) We teach them how to fish instead of giving them a fish. (This way they don't keep coming back to us) No more close votes. Mods with their magic mod powers can...

Like I said...
16 mins ago, by WELZ
ehh. I'm not too enthusiastic about the new proposal since I think it goes against everything that SE stands for, however I will 100% support it and follow/commit/add sample questions if it does work out.
@WELZ why does it go against everything SE stands for?
SE really isn't a tutorial on demand site.
what about this
Don't you think that's a bit out of place here too?
but it helps offload a bunch of bad questions from SE
See my point? @WELZ
Ok, fair point
Unrelated to anything... I think we should start the weekly chat design challenge (at least bi-weekly)
8:01 PM
@WELZ That sounds fun:)
8:42 PM
@WELZ I don't want questions like this to disappear from our site as an example
Q: Making dark areas lighter on a wood texture

BadmintonCatI'm trying to find a method to make a wood texture more homogeneous in Photoshop. What's the best approach to achieve this? (I only found tutorials that deal with photos, not textures). I want the dark grey areas to be more closer in color tone and brightness like the lighter brown areas. This s...

You could consider this TOD but the quality of the questions and answers are what makes it a good TOD
9:10 PM
@WELZ good eye, done
1 hour later…
10:19 PM
Hey guys, I want to make a graphic or video much like the google ads or the grammarly banner video. What are some good budget solutions on my end. See example. dy6j70a9vs3v1.cloudfront.net/funnel_wap/static/files/…
(not doing the autocorrect stuff, just typing stuff)
@Skyler I'm not an animator, so my janky way of doing this would be to just type it live and record my screen
then use whatever video editor you've got to modify the pacing to make sure it's consistent
OBS is a free screen capture software
10:55 PM
@JohnB "Product Package Graphic Designer, Tinkerer" uhhh, former mod is something to brag!
Just curious, is product packaging your expertise?
@Skyler They may have made made the video by screen capturing their tool in action
@Skyler I once watched a tutorial to make the type come in letter by letter in Aftereffects, it was quite complicated, but it worked. gimme a min I'll see if I can find it
hey @Cai welcome back to The Ink Spot o.o
11:48 PM
@LateralTerminal migrate this to Graphic Design Tutorials? :)

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