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5:57 AM
@quid Since it seems that you are looking now into some tags and tag-synonyms, I will add that in the discussion about the most upvoted suggestion (in fact the only answer) is to rename it to . The question is one month old, I do not think we will get some new answers there.
Q: The tag even-and-odd-extensions

ClarinetistSo there's this tag even-and-odd-extensions. There are 16 questions with this tag which consist of: Even and odd functions Even and odd integers Even and odd digits of a number Extending a function to an even or odd function over $\mathbb{R}$ Something to do with the wave function From a bri...

A: The tag even-and-odd-extensions

Martin SleziakI consider the tag even-and-odd-extensions too specific to be really useful. (Having too specific tags applicable only to very narrow class of questions can cause problem since there are only five spots available for tags.) My suggestion is to create a new tag even-and-odd-functions. This tag is...

An alternative suggestion was posted only as a comment - this comment currently has 2 upvotes:
I've upvoted, but I would just delete the tag and not replace it with anything. This isn't an active tag, and (functions) or (number theory) would be a better tag than something this specific. Most of the time when these topics come up, they're contained within some larger context. — Michael Burr Jan 22 at 21:02
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9:41 AM
@MartinSleziak @MartinSleziak I think you have a valid suggestion but I would appreciate if you could create a meta thread on this, due to reasons I can explain over email.
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6:15 PM
@MartinSleziak the name is changed. I did not write a usage guideline or clean it up though.
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11:49 PM
Q: What happened to the [support] tag on meta?

Asaf KaragilaThe support used to be given in boldface, indicating that it was one of the primary tags. But now it is not boldface anymore, meaning that there was some change in the functionality of meta-sites. Does anyone knows what exactly happened and why? And as it seems not to be one of the core meta ta...


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