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12:00 AM
Actually, only a few seconds off.
i still haven't reviewed a lot of this thread. what was your estimate?
I think Starman lost power.
25 seconds to be 1 km away. It was actually 22.
Ahh, so the outer engines didn't lite.
center core confirmed lost
did he say they ran out of TEA-TEB on the outer engines?
That's what it sounds like.
I really wish Gray Dragon (and Red Dragon, for that matter) weren't canceled. as it is...it's hugely impressive technically, it makes me excited for the future, but FH isn't a huge paradigm shift right now in terms of payloads.
admittedly, if NASA starts looking at a lunar architecture with FH as a major component, I'll happily eat my words
12:15 AM
All of these are focusing on Elon, not on the rocket... Sigh.
Hopefully the phone will have a technical question or two.
Like how close will it get to Mars, how long will the battery last.
it's not a technical reporter crowd. they are going for broad appeal. which in some ways, is a positive sign.
oh, there's a good technical question
that's the 2nd reporter to mention national security. that surprises me.
It's not really technical, but at least half-way there.
something i like about elon is he will always talk like a 25 year old hanging out with buddies in his garage.
12:20 AM
Yeah, that's pretty true.
That's a good one.
dude where's my car. heheheheh
12 hour battery. Good, that's another question down.
did he say total investment was probably half a billion? (I'm on a bit of a delay, was interrupted)
yeah, then he said probably more.
Yeah, that's what he guessed.
12:23 AM
oof. not surprised, but that's a significant figure
Short BFR flights next year.
so...two years or so from now, accounting for Elon Time (tm)
Or 3.
Short hopper flights is what he said.
Third burn is a minute long. Hmmm.
huh, surprisingly short. but M1D's got a lot of thrust.
interesting...contemplating ship-to-ship hopper flights.
man, i'd love to see one of those hopper tests
8th power? i'd like to know more about that
he's giving a great answer, and almost everyone is going to summarize it as 3 or 4 years.
12:30 AM
Yeah, no kidding.
That's a great question!
i'll get on it once the press conf is over
if nobody beats me
The space suit is a production one, and there's a manikin there.
wow, they are actually going to directly catch the fairing with the boat. that's crazy.
How many unanswered questions can we answer now on this site...
The only real question I still have is how close will it get to Mars in the first orbit.
1 hour later…
1:41 AM
@PearsonArtPhoto that is still mostly your patrol. i hope i can get more involved again in a few months.
Does anyone know when the transfer burn is expected?
about an hour is what I'm hearing on twitter, haven't heard anything official from SpaceX
Too bad I missed the livestream, but god I was happy to wakeup this morning after checking twitter :D
@Antzi i know, right? so cool...
2:16 AM
"What werre you thinking?" ""How did it feel?" "Talk me through your thought process". What is wrong with these reporters? Ask a real question for petes sake.
Spaceman livestream ended :( Was hoping it would stay live through the burn.
3:00 AM
third burn definitely happened; lots of sightings from california. no word from spacex on how it went
everything working after a few hours is a good sign, though
3:13 AM
Saw a claim that the first production Roadster was delivered to a customer on this date, 10 years ago! I guess that means in a few years they will have to send a Model S to Mars as well. Tis a tradition now!
3:49 AM
third burn successful! and we've got a look at the orbit...headed out well past Mars
Third burn successful. Exceeded Mars orbit and kept going to the Asteroid Belt.
4:27 AM
@DylanSp thanks for the post, I've noted it here space.stackexchange.com/q/24919/12102
5 hours later…
9:19 AM
I've just noticed Starman only has one hand on the steering wheel, with the other on the driver side door!
@Edlothiad such a slacker!
@RoryAlsop All he's missing is a flowery shirt and sunnies with a pair of shorts and flipflops and he'd fit into the stereotypical Malibu beach shot that's been drilled into my head.
1 hour later…
10:46 AM
We briefly went over the 10 question/day with New Horizons. We've actually shattered that record just in the last 2 days...
We now have the highest questions/day since the public beta, and I wouldn't be surprised if we pass that.
And actually, yesterday was the single highest number of questions on the site except for the first two days of private beta.
11:28 AM
Amazing what CAAAARRRRSSSSS IN SPPPPPAAAAAACCCCCCEEEEE does to the public interest!
11:43 AM
LOL, sure is.
And big heavy rockets too.
1 hour later…
1:02 PM
what projects has NASA paid SpaceX for? COTS, CRS-1, CRS-2, CCDev, is that it?
1:25 PM
I should create a website to track Spaceman/ Roadster.
I could probably make a bunch of money from it...
Too bad I didn't think of that last night when I had time to do so.
Well they've got patches for COTS and CRS-1-13 and CCDev is one they've been paid for
@DylanSp CRS-1 and CRS-2 are not quite the same as COTS and CCDev. The latter two were development contracts. The former two were fees for services.
1:44 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto great idea for a new question: where is Spaceman? :-)
The idea came from a question.
Oh - I was actually going to promise to not ask a question like that :-)
Two actually.
I could register a domain name now...
Yay! 2 rep cap days in a row, and @Edlothiad has no points before and now two rep cap days for him/her/it as well.
Registered whereisroadster.com
Now, will take a bit of time to make a site, but...
1:56 PM
@geoffc Them/Us/We/Am I even human?!
I'll drop my game for a few days and work on this.
I had two questions before, but never more than some rep over several days
@Edlothiad To ask it, is to answer it. My dog always said Yes to that question, so if you answer yes, you are a dog. If you answer no, you are not human. Ergo no need to ask, we already know the answer. Don't waste our time. :)
Or more simply? Do you float, if so, you are a witch. (Python reference if you get it).
@geoffc I probably should, but I don't, unfortunately.
@Edlothiad Holy Grail movie, the villagers come to Sir Galahad (? The wise one) who judges her. He asks why do they think she is a witch? She has a witches nose, she takes the carrot off her nose and says they put this on me. Then he has this bizare analogy of wood a duck and a witch. Thus if she floats she is a witch. If she sinks and dies, she is not.
2:03 PM
@geoffc Ah yes of course! Monty Python, not the programming language paha!
And of course the best bit is that she is, actually, a witch :-)
@Edlothiad Perl is better for drowning witches than Python. Or maybe Ruby? A fair question for the Programming site, I would think.
Check out this question. I love the opportunity to use my collection of past photos in a Q/A.
Q: How will they lower the landed side boosters after landing, if there is a nose cone?

geoffcTo lower/handle landed stages, SpaceX has a rig that connects to the inter stage and they use it as an attach point for the crane to lift/move it. The two cores landed in Florida after the first Falcon Heavy mission have nose cones and no inter stage to plug their current rig into. I could no...

I am already rep-capped today, so no points for me on it, I just really like the pics.
I haven't had this many days of being rep capped in a row since the site launched...
I forget... If you rep cap, you do not get the points. But does the upvote count towards a tag point total, toward tag badges? (Points lives matter folk!)
@geoffc Yes
2:15 PM
Actually, I never had 7 days in a row of being rep capped.
I had to hold off on voting for @Edlothiad yesterday because I was going to hit the spammer counter of more than 5 upvotes for one persona day...
Which is not fair, he/she/it had a good set of things to upvote.
@geoffc *blushes* too thoughtful
I'm a he, if it makes things easier :)
"It" makes things easier.
It it shall be henceforth. :)
(PS: if you had yet to notice I try to joke or pun or Python reference all the time, you have failed at paying attention).
F-H tage went from 55 to 86 Q's in the last day or so.
AH, 80 is the threshold for tag badges, right?
2:21 PM
100 on graduated sites, unsure about beta (this is the first I've committed to)
2:33 PM
I bought a backpac 5 years ago and thought I spent too much, but it has stood the test of time. Biking into work with clothes + two laptops. Travel and so on very ywell.
2:57 PM
There's this infamous bag company here, that produces bag out of truck tarp, seatbelts and some velcro, completely waterproof (obviously) etc. and I had mine throughout secondary school (7 years) and my brother had his that long, and they were in almost new shape.
3:13 PM
Figuring out how to figure out where the Roadster is is starting to hurt my brain...
3:43 PM
Actually, I might be able to do this fairly easily. Hmmm...
3:54 PM
Ugh, I should just stay off sx for a few days.
Maybe, but...
innocent questions from innocent people. the non-answers and chatter is a little annoying...
And you aren't a moderator;-)
Also, a lot of duplicates.
Yeah, I shouldn’t be allowed near innocent people :)
4:01 PM
There has been more flags in the last 24 hours then there was in the week before it.
popularity! yayyy!
@PearsonArtPhoto do we need to add the tag 'starman' and make it a sub-thingy of roadster? or maybe even the other way around?
Given the lack of clarity on what constitutes a nonfunctional/unused/defunct satellite, I'm tempted to close this question as opinion-based:
Q: Is the SpaceX Falcon Heavy payload (a Tesla car) space junk?

CovichYesterday SpaceX succeeded in the first Falcon Heavy launch, but the payload, a Tesla car has no real useful purpose (except for company prestige). Thus, can it be considered as space junk ? How long will the car stay in orbit and has it been designed for an atmospheric disintegration? Is the ca...

@kimholder I can't see there being many "Starman" questions that wouldn't also be about the Roadster.
4:18 PM
@called2voyage yeah, but people may tag with 'starman' not realizing it's the same as 'roadster'. so, i thought they could be paired. (what's the word for that again...)
Yes! :)
yeah, I could make starman a synonym of roadster...it's not exactly true, but the usage makes sense.
Maybe make a meta question on it so people can vote
Yeah for tagging purposes there’s no interesting distinction between the two
4:21 PM
What do you all think of the above question I linked? Is it salvageable?
i've been thinking about it...
I think organizations are unlikely to provide clarity on it.
People like Tristan who work in the field will see it as junk.
But not everyone is going to agree on that, and I don't think anyone is going to officially deem it "defunct".
i have a knee-jerk response to not close a question with 9 votes...
It wouldn't be the first highly upvoted closed question. It wouldn't even be the most highly upvoted one.
I've seen higher upvoted dupes for that matter.
Maybe if the question is changed to "Is the Tesla a navigational hazard?" it would work, but that is less interesting.
it seems to me the interesting thing about the question is if it constitutes a risk
yes, that thing you just said
4:24 PM
right, but the answer to that is simply "No" because it's in a vast field of nothing.
Now, if we were to launch a hundred Teslas a year into the same trajectory, would we have an issue? That question might be slightly more interesting, but speculative.
Also, regarding the popularity, I'm worried that is largely because the question is controversial. It's feeding an argument that IMO can't be resolved.
these things are all true...
It's kind of like asking "Was Jesus divine?" on Skeptics. The site doesn't really have a way to conclusively address the issue, because divinity is outside the scope of scientific skepticism.
yeah, i've scrolled through the answers and the discussion now. it's becoming an argument...
Hello, uhoh
you might want to give the above a read, starting with the link to the space junk question.
but the odd thing is, it isn't really the fault of the question. the question is one lots of people are going to have, the kind of quick-reference answer for the general public SX is so good for.
it may simply be that it is necessary to clarify the issues with the word 'space-junk'.
4:33 PM
yeah, that was my first thought too, but I just don't think that can be satisfactorily resolved. It would require providing a stricter definition for space junk than is actually used in the industry.
@called2voyage hi, and Kim
I don't have anything to add here that I didn't say there. I just stopped by.
Maybe the best answer we can give is "It depends" and explain how from the perspective of navigational hazards -- if it were on a collision course with an active spacecraft, it would definitely be one. But that whether it is "defunct" itself is more subjective.
Hold on, I'm going to do that just now.
Estimated 25 million asteroids larger than 100 meter diameter. A thousand Teslas is nothing.
@uhoh by the way, by my art college definition set, Starman is performance art :D
@RussellBorogove Yeah, I didn't think so, just pointing out that at some point putting junk in solar orbit could theoretically be an issue.
4:36 PM
Ha! Excellent.
@called2voyage that was where i was leaning too
David Bowie was performing in some sense as well.
this is true
Hobbes' answer is pretty well balanced: yes it's junk, but no it's not really problematic
4:41 PM
@kimholder Starman reminds me a lot of Bowie's Blackstar video. At 00:36 for example; youtu.be/kszLwBaC4Sw?t=36
After seeing that, and Lazarus, I've never been quite the same. OK cheers.
cheers, uhoh. yes, leave it to bowie to use his last album to leave a real haunting image...
@uhoh See you, uhoh!
5:09 PM
@called2voyage I didn't know this can happen! i.stack.imgur.com/GIsiS.png It's a very good answer.
@uhoh Wow! You hit your vote cap! You're a generous soul--thanks for the feedback.
By the way, yesterday my brother and I were talking about various technological developments, and he offhandedly mentioned Lithuania as an example of a country without a space program.
I said: I don't know, everybody and their mom has a space program these days.
I looked up and found that Lithuania has a space program that has created (at least) two satellites:
The Lithuanian Space Association or LSA (Lithuanian: Lietuvos kosmoso asociacija or LKA) is a space organisation based in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is one of the partners that created the first two Lithuanian satellites. == History == In 2007 several Lithuanian institutions and enterprises signed a co-operation agreement to establish the National Technology Platform of Space Technologies and after a year the Government of Lithuania assigned the Ministry of Education and Science to start negotiations on co-operation with the European Space Agency. In 2009 the Lithuanian Space Association was officially...
My brother said: Ok, bad example. How about Turkmenistan?
Turns out they also have a space program that has launched (at least) one satellite:
Turkmenistan National Space Agency (TNSA; Turkmen: Türkmenistanyň prezidentiň ýanynda Milli kosmos agentligi), is a governmental body that coordinates all Turkmenistan space research programs with scientific and commercial goals. It was established in 2011. == Space programme == In 2011, Turkmenistan space industry boosted as new agency set up under the state program for development of space industry after President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow's approval. == Satellites == Turkmenistan contracted the Thales Alenia Space group to manufacture its first satellite launched into geosynchronous orbit in...
picking former parts of the Soviet Union was a mistake there...
@kimholder Even Congo has a space program:
They've been launching Troposphere rockets since 2007.
So they're a lot more fledgling than others, but still -- everyone and their mom has a space program.
5:25 PM
yeah, and give it a few years... then everyone and their dog will have one.
your google-fu is strong.
Still not able to find anything for the Vatican though.
Unless the Pope making a call to the space station counts.
5:41 PM
@called2voyage I just saw your Lithuania message. That's interesting! With all of the up and coming launch providers, a country has no need whatsoever for any launch capability or even aspirations for one. It's like "fabless chip manufacturers:
@uhoh Yup
Of course, developing launch capabilities can be useful for other reasons.
Though, those reasons aren't always popular, see North Korea and Iran.
@called2voyage We're typing in two different places now, and I'm getting punchy because it's past my bedtime. Cheers (didn't I say that already)?
@uhoh Lol, yep. Goodnight!
@uhoh Cleaned up the comments.
@uhoh Anyway, with regards to that discussion, I understand your puzzle. That said, I do see a fundamental difference between GOES-13 (for example) and the Falcon Heavy payload. If something was going to crash into GOES-13, we might decide it was worthwhile to try to move it. With the Falcon Heavy payload, is anyone going to care to move it? Would there be any serious protest if it were accidentally destroyed?
6:09 PM
Q: Is it Starman or is it the Roadster?

kim holderAfter the test flight of the Falcon Heavy, we've gotten a flood of questions related to its wonderfully quirky payload. Before the launch, this payload was known as 'the Roadster', and we created a roadster tag. On launch day, it was officially named Starman by SpaceX. It has generated so much in...

The payload is space junk, but it doesn't matter as it is beyond Earth. It's no different then one of the millions of asteroids out there.
According to Space-Track- "TESLA ROADSTER/FALCON 9H"
7:23 PM
Some good memes.
I like the Bowie and tesla one. That is pretty good.
1 hour later…
8:45 PM
So i've become curious, how much has our traffic spiked in the last day or so?
Roadster is not transmitting any more images right?
It stopped live feed after four hours, and that's it for the images, correct?
there are at least 2 'live' feeds on YouTube, but a quick look makes it obvious it is a loop of earlier stuff, and they're milking it.
so no more new images, right? live or not
i don't quite want to commit to definitely no - but elon estimated the battery would die after 12 hours. i think it's almost certain.
that's what I thought
9:00 PM
that was in the press conference. i'm not sure of when. i see there is a question where that reference would be a big help.
2 hours later…
11:29 PM
Some of these questions seem like they should be closed.
Also most of the answers on all of the FH questions in the past 3 days are uncited.
The answer quality on non-SpaceX questions definitely seems higher if I'm honest. Which is a shame.
Now, if I can only get the orbit right for the Roadster.
Not a lot to go off of, but...
I'm actually tempted to fly the mission in KSP, but I don't think that would quite work...
Would there be any interest in a meta-post about SpaceX question answer quality?
I have a feeling my thoughts would just get downvoted though; so I'm not sure it's worth bothering.
Might not be a bad idea.
It's almost as if the enthusiasm for SpaceX (which is 100% fair, I'm just as enthusiastic as anyone) gets in the way of people actually taking the time and care to answer such questions appropriately.
Honestly, I can use all of the help I can get from those of you who frequent chat to help keep the site running.
11:42 PM
I often find the review queues totally empty; you seem really on top of it as it is :P
I've been handling flags, and a few other things, but...
Right now I'm going to try and make whereisroadster.com actually work.
Clever idea!
I'm considering hosting it on something with a bit of power, but the first step is to actually figure out where the Roadster is...
$5 digitalocean instance should do it.
Do you have a set of empherides?
No, but I think I can get a set.
11:48 PM
based on? The JSPoC/AF data?
What I do have is the JSPoC data, which is the coasting orbit.
I didn't think they published TLE's etc for non-Earth bodies
Given that, and the graphic Elon posted, and the approximate burn time/ duration, I'm hoping I can get an ephemeris that is close enough.
Maybe I'll even ask SpaceX nicely for a better one.
What I'm going to try to do tonight is to show how far away it is from Earth.
And maybe a point on the solar system map similar to Elon's map.
If that works, I'm going to start adding in views of Earth and Mars.

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