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6:53 AM
Org-mode and Stack Overflow has unicorns in common. I wonder which was first to embrace the unicorn.
7:36 AM
@GonzaloMedina: I have a souped-up version of your code for tex.stackexchange.com/a/51590/86 with the new-and-improved tikzmark. I also put in overlay-aware styles as per tex.stackexchange.com/a/6155/86 for the two changing nodes. Is it alright if I add this to your answer? I don't feel that it's a big enough change to warrant a new answer - though I could post it as a separate answer if you'd rather I did that.
1 hour later…
8:42 AM
@BrentLongborough The syntax for making a custom export class is not that complex. It is just that it includes lots of information if you want a big preamble.
8:57 AM
Anyone who uses Hunspell with Emacs?
9:16 AM
I really have to finish the math option for the standalone class:
A: What document class should I use for a variable size image generator

WernerThe standalone document class does this out-of-the-box, creating a cropped version of the document content. Here's a small example: \documentclass{standalone}% http://ctan.org/pkg/standalone \begin{document} $E=mc^2$ \end{document} Setting a border (of whitespace) around the cropped output i...

@MartinScharrer What would the math option do?
@NN Allow for easier use of math, especially displaymath, inside standalone documents. For example, to turn them into images.
ATM, using equation or displaymath without the preview or varwidth option will lead to an error.
My current test file:
\usepackage{amsmath}% always a good idea when using math
% Redefine math related macros and environments:



a = \sum_{k=0}^{N} k^2


a = \sum_{k=0}^{N} k^2

9:32 AM
@MartinScharrer Since you have to code it anyways, wouldn't be useful if gather and align environments could be used?
@tohecz Yes, I was going to collect a list of to-be-supported environments.
However, I actually don't use this much math myself.
@MartinScharrer Support eqnarray! ;)
It needs more love, for sure.
A problem is the equation number and the centering in displaystyle.
Usually I would drop the number and make the box as tight as possible.
@MartinScharrer What is the preview package doing about this?
9:38 AM
@StephanLehmke Good point. I have to check that.
@MartinScharrer I think that numbering is not neccessary, but alignment would be nice. Maybe implementation using aligned and gathered?
@tohecz There isn't really any reason to use standalone for single equations only. If I want to produce a larger align construct with several equations and \intertext, why should I get no equation numbers with standalone?
@StephanLehmke Well larger stuff can be done by using the varwidth option and the normal code you would use otherwise.
@MartinScharrer Ah, Ok. Sorry for causing confusion. I'm not a regular user of standalone.
@StephanLehmke Ah, I understand. It's not a "normal" class, but really just for compiling "smaller" things by themselves. See e.g. tex.stackexchange.com/questions/11866/…
9:46 AM
@MartinScharrer Yes, I knew that much. I just don't know all the options. Not a good basis for entering the discussion, eh ;-)
@StephanLehmke I entered the discussion with almost total ignorance of how standalone works!
10:42 AM
@MartinScharrer rather than faking individual environments can't you just redefine the primitive display math to do inline displaystyle math instead, might break a few things but would catch more environments automatically
@DavidCarlisle You mean $$? It might be hard to redefine that. I can only think about making $ active and make it check for second $.
and clearly you'd need to support the brqalign environment which is tremendously useful
@MartinScharrer That or I seem to remember once defining \everydisplay to end the display and start an inline list and aftergroup something to sort out the other end
10:57 AM
Like this plain TeX



@DavidCarlisle bralign? Some sort of brazilian align? :P /ducks
@PauloCereda ask @StephanLehmke, he liked it:-)
A: Automatic line break in alignat

David CarlisleYou can use a vertical alignment to get the measuring done and then re-flow them in a horizontal layout: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[leqno]{amsmath} \renewcommand\theequation{\alph{equation}} \newenvironment{brqalign}{% % START CODE %%%%%%%%%%%% % Do everything an a box, as you can n...

@DavidCarlisle Thanks! Good hint. I have to check that out.
@DavidCarlisle Wow!!!!!
11:23 AM
@MartinScharrer well it doesn't quite work at present as it leaves an empty math display before the actual math but that still forces the full original width, you could \lastbox it away except you are on the main vertical list so you can't but probably you could do something (you could trigger a custom output routine to remove it but that may be going too far) back to the day job 9and to prepare for my grilling later...
Yay, we are going to interview David today! :)
@PauloCereda unless @egreg remembers any more football matches
@DavidCarlisle Don't worry, we don't have any matches for today. :P
11:38 AM
@PauloCereda Is the interview about grilling?
@NN We plan to ask David about everything. :P
@PauloCereda Cool. So it will be more of an interrogation than an interview?
@DavidCarlisle The brqalign environment works fine if flushleft is replaced by varwidth.
@NN Yes, I guess I'm just too impatient...
@NN shhh he can hear us. :P
11:53 AM
@PauloCereda What time will it start?
@egreg Around 18GMT I guess.
@PauloCereda OK; I'll be a bit late because of dinner. :)
@egreg Don't worry, we will wait for you. :)
mod FTW. :)
One vote away from another necromancer badge! How many do I need to get a Sauron badge? (According to the data explorer, Martin Scharrer has the most necromancer badges so I guess he's closest.)
@AndrewStacey Thank you. Of course, it is alright; feel free to add it to my answer.
12:18 PM
@GonzaloMedina Done. I hope it's okay.
(Finally, I got a comment in the starred list. It's all very well posting silly pictures, but the pictures themselves don't get in the list so it's not such a great exposition of my stunning wit.)
@PauloCereda See the edited answer to the Fibonacci question. :)
A: fibonacci numbers

egregAn implementation in LaTeX3: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{xparse} \ExplSyntaxOn \cs_new:Npn \fibo #1 { \fibo_recurrence:nnnn{0}{1}{0}{#1} } \cs_new:Npn \fibo_recurrence:nnnn #1 #2 #3 #4 { \int_compare:nTF { #1 = #4 } { #3 } { #3 ~ \fibo_recurrence:ffnn { \int_eval:n {#1+1}...

@egreg Wow! I want to upvote it again!
@PauloCereda Just for completeness. :)
12:35 PM
@egreg Fantastic!
@PauloCereda I've voted for it for you. I'll see if any of my sockpuppets are awake to get them to vote as well. I love the look of the fountain!
  every node/.prefix style={
    increase insanity,
@AndrewStacey Thanks Andrew! :)
@AndrewStacey You should try the combination of the fountain with insanity.
3 hours later…
3:49 PM
boo! oneboxing does not work for simple.wikipedia.org
@NN Oh no!
@PauloCereda That is a serious bug. It was supposed to be my best chat message ever. Reporting it!
Q: Oneboxing does not work for simple.wikipedia.org

N.N.In the chat I tried to onebox http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Question but it did not work. The progress meter flashed for some second and then the link was shown like a truncated inline link. Then I tried with http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Question_mark and it neither worked. Thus, it seems ...

4:13 PM
@NN Love your comment to the question. :)
4:37 PM
@NN I think the word question in the URL is confusing the mechanism. It's probably parsing the question and then looking for a number to link to but apparently goes to la-la land.
Nope, I'm wrong
4:58 PM
I got a downvote for:
-1 should have phrased this Q in simple english — Ben Brocka 27 mins ago
5:18 PM
@NN Was that an actual downvote?! If so, that's really mean.
Bounty question: If I add a bounty to one's question with questions no one is yet marked as accepted, who determines the bounty winner?
@NN wut? I don't get at all in what way this might not be simple english, and I'm not a native speaker.
@StephanLehmke I suspect it's a joke, as the Wikipedia page in question is in 'simple English'
@PauloCereda You
@MarcoDaniel Thanks!
5:34 PM
@PauloCereda It got a downvote 3 min after that comment so my guess is that it is the same person as the commenter.
@StephanLehmke It is a joke. simple.wikipedia.org is indeed Wikipedia in simple English. Here is the first sentence from simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Question: "A question is what someone asks, usually when there is something that he or she does not know. In writing, a question mark ("?") comes at the end of a question."
People might think it is only for the simple-minded but it is effective if you want to general information fast about something. Sometimes normal Wikipedia articles may be huge and informative but not that accessible for newcomers to a subject. Thus, I think there is no reason to have a onebox feature for Wikipedia but not for its simple version.
Q: fibonacci numbers

AndyHi I am trying to do Fibonacci below is the code but I am getting some error \newcount\n \newcount\np \newcount\npp \newcount\m \newcount\f \def\fibonacci#1{{\ifnum #1<3 1\else \np=1\npp=1\m=3 \loop\ifnum\m<#1\f=\npp\npp=\np\advance\np by\f\advance\m by 1\repeat \f=0\advance\f by\np\advanc...

Bounty added. :)
@PauloCereda Your support will @egreg to 100k before Christmas!
@Werner :P
5:50 PM
Any suggestion to how I can improve the following feature request? I plan to put a bounty on it to get more attention.
Q: Show inbox updates in page title

N.N.Recently the following was implemented New Feature: real time updates to questions, answers, and inbox. With this feature the amount of questions with new activity is shown in parenthesis at the beginning of the page title, e.g. "(2) Meta Stack Overflow" means that MSO has two questions with new ...

@NN Not that this is of much value, but what about (1/2) for 1 inbox and 2 messages.
@Werner Thanks, I will add that to the alternatives
@NN: I think the messages/questions are the one that is mostly updated rather than the inbox messages. So it shouldn't be that you it displays (0/2) for no inbox messages... or should it? I guess that's what's good about such a meta question.
@PauloCereda whenever you're ready:-)
@DavidCarlisle Can we wait a few minutes? :)
6:02 PM
I'd be quite happy to wait forever!
@Werner I'm planning to get there before summer holidays. ;-)
@DavidCarlisle: Let's go! :)
Friends, an interview with David Carlisle is about to begin!

 TeXtalk - Interviews

Interviews for our community blog.
@egreg What's your ETA on the 100k? That rhymes!
David Carlisie on The TeXbook: I accidentally read to the end :-)
All welcome in the interview room!
6:22 PM
David Carlisle on reading The TeX book: "if you read for 24hours a day it doesn't take long".
@DavidCarlisle We are going to have a stack of great quotes in the interview!
@JosephWright Or rather, there will be a star overflow and the chat will crash!
@NN Ah, you've not seen the star list in the mod room. There are lots of stars there!
@JosephWright Screenshot! Or are they secret?
@NN I only visit when I have to: as @AndrewStacey points out, it's not necessarily a place I'd choose to 'hang out'. I also have to pick a moment when nothing important is around :-)
6:29 PM
@JosephWright haha, take your time
6:39 PM
one vote needed ;-)
Q: Listings remove single quotes after I made it look good

user972616So I've used this code for my listings. However it seems to ignore single and double quotes and everything inside them and does not print it. Anybody have any idea why? Here is the copy of the code if your too lazy to click :) \usepackage{listings} \usepackage{courier} \lstset{ basi...

@MarcoDaniel Voted. :)
@PauloCereda Thanks. Only 3 unanswered listings questions ;-)
Interesting question. Unfortunately no feedback by the op:
Q: Listing with different highlighting within comments

SyRo83I have a question on how to syntax highlight comments within a specification line/block. A specification block or line is a special comments line. So I have comments in comments. The specification has also a grammar with keywords, so maybe there is another way to do this better. But until now it...

@PauloCereda: Why do you add a bounty? I think the question is well answered.
@MarcoDaniel the Fibonacci fountain is epic. :)
@PauloCereda ;-)
@MarcoDaniel The bounty text includes a reason.
6:47 PM
@NN Thanks I didn't read this.
Quick, David Carlisle is occupied. Take your chance and answer these tex.stackexchange.com/search?q=[longtable]+answers%3A0!
@NN ...rather, here's the unanswered {longtable} questions.
@Werner Doh. Well, at least there is one.
@Werner Not really unanswered. David wrote a comment ;-)
@Werner I have one unanswered question: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/mdframed
@NN I see you
6:54 PM
@NN He's on to us... delete the evidence!
@Werner Too late. He will haunt us forever!
7:21 PM
@Werner With the current average, less than 100 days. :) So by the end of July. :)
@egreg Okay, I'll put down 50 rep on July 26... don't think betting is allowed here... is it? It's low since you don't need it...
1 hour later…
8:35 PM
@JasperLoy its possible. I couldn't troubleshoot any further because I was running out of time and had to complete the analyses.
@Ariel I just realized I was in the wrong room just now. :-)
8:51 PM
@MartinScharrer With regard to the "a" vs "an" question you asked, you may wish to read this excellent blog post. english.blogoverflow.com/2011/11/articles-a-vs-an
@JasperLoy Thanks
1 hour later…
10:01 PM
@DavidCarlisle If you vote for closing a question as duplicate, the comment about it will automatically appear.
oh yes I think I knew that once i should probably vote (I was going to check that the answer I gave last time actually did work for his case,before voting, but I'm tired for some reason:-)
10:13 PM
@egreg, hmph it's almost a duplicate but I need to modify the space correction a bit for amsthm, it seems
10:44 PM
@egreg And it will automatically disappear too when the question is closed!
What's the answer to this question?
Q: Which stack exchange is proper for asking microsoft word related questions

MonsterMMORPGI would like to ask a question about microsoft word. It is the software itself based not coding related. The question is about table shapes. Which one is most proper ?

Anyone, as long as it isn't TeX.SX. :)
11:12 PM
@JosephWright or @MartinScharrer are you still around?
@egreg Thankfully no one mentioned TeX.sx. :)

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