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12:23 AM
Q: Alcohol Spherification

kevinI've been trying to make chocolatini (vodka, godiva liqueur, baileys) spheres, but I've had some issues with separation of the alcohols. Also, I've been deciding whether the alginate solution should be placed into the mixture (vs. calcium lactate into the mixture)... and then placed into calcium...

12:53 AM
Q: Why is freshly-chopped garlic sticky?

stevvveWhen chopping garlic the blade of my knife, and any fingers used to handle the garlic, become sticky. What causes this reaction? Is there any way to counteract it?

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2:44 AM
Q: Ideal grind for making espresso

B RI know that there is no "ideal" grind for making espresso (or rather, like most things, it depends on the machine and the tastes of the drinker), but I am looking for guidelines as to how different grinding levels effects the end product, so I know what to look/taste for. In particular, is ther...

3:11 AM
Q: Has anyone tried olive oil (instead of butter/shortening) in pie crust?

TheSpatulaQueenI was making a pie the other day -- a mock apple pie*, to be exact, which is unusual enough. But I came up short on butter and don't keep any shortening stocked in my kitchen. Desperate, I searched online for any substitutes, including olive oil, and found a small number of hits and recipes. I ...

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8:47 AM
Q: Safety of coffee in thermal flask, long periods of time

Mischa ArefievHow long is it safe to hold coffee in a thermal flask? Is coffee (prepared in a cezve, Turkish method, no sugar) carried in a thermal flask for 24 or 48 hours still safe? I'm asking because black tea, for example, goes really bad in just a few hours.

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10:38 AM
Q: Can I make a latticed cream pie (no-bake filling)?

rumtschoI want to experiment with a cream pie with a nonbaked filling (containing whipped cream, thickened with gelatine - basically a flavored diplomat cream). But for aesthetical reasons, as well as a better crust-to-filling ratio, I want to try it with a lattice. But I don't have much experience with ...

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1:07 PM
3 gold stars! Boom!
1:18 PM
@yossarian What are you talking about? :D
3 gold badges! Boom!
@mien, badges, not stars.
baby brain.
Oh. Congrats!
I think I'm the first one to 3 gold stars.
Very possible.
I only have 1 :( 3/4 of a second.
I have zero.
1:22 PM
Hmm no offense but it's a bit weird that you have a golden badge for that question. It's not very popular or something. But enjoy :p
5k views is my most.
@mien, it seems there's a big difference between popular from a SeasonedAdvice and popular from google. the second one is necessary for real views.
Ah yes of course. And googlers can't vote.
That reminds me, do you know why Aaronut doesn't have the Copy Editor badge? He has more than 500 edits.
1 hour later…
2:41 PM
hey @sob
Good morning.
I hope you are well rested.
yup, doing well - he's a pretty easy baby
howdy y'all
how's it going?
2:47 PM
so @elendil - the wife gave me the 'ok' this weekend to throw some money towards really dong part time pro photography
when do we start?
i got to play with the 85mm f/1.4 this weekend, so nice
what are you going to throw the money at specifically?
and how was the lens? nice as all get out I'll bet
@ElendilTheTall equipment - either an 85mm f/1.8 or a 28-75mm f/2.8 + business license + marketing
there's a school of thought that says you need to spend very little on marketing these days
it's all about social media
2:50 PM
@ElendilTheTall it was - here's a shoot with it spottsphoto.com/Other/MartinezMarch2012/22203320_CzFP2d
the ultimate word of mouth advertising
@ElendilTheTall ya, by marketing I mean business cards and maybe a web designer
The quality of a 'proper' lens just shines through doesn't it
just a different order of magnitude
@ElendilTheTall thanks :P
what camera's that on, a D3000?
2:51 PM
obviously the poses and composition are excellent ;)
thanks ;)
but from a purely technical standpoint, it's just amazing
ya, it would definitely be nice to have
gotta send it back today
I'd go for the zoom I think rather than a prime, initially
2:53 PM
@ElendilTheTall ya, i'll rent the one i'm looking at, its a tamron, but lenrentals calls it 'the best lens that nobody knows about'
I'm hoping the SE equipment rental thang will take off in time for my holiday to France this year
in which case I'll rent a decent lens for it
when you going?
@ElendilTheTall SE rental thing?
@rfusca june
@derobert SE will pay for equipment rental provided you write a blog post about it
Q: Call for participants in Photography Gear Lending Library

LauraUpdate: Four users have been selected for the beta round. I have emailed everyone who filled out the Google form expressing interest in the beta program. If you filled out the form and did not receive an email from me a) check your spam folder :) or b) let me know here or via email. Thanks to e...

2:55 PM
or at least they are trialling it
@ElendilTheTall two posts, or a post + questions, or a crap load of just questions
@rfusca Hmmm, that does look like a nice lens, at least on paper.
Perhaps I'll just sweet talk the beautiful, funny, intelligent @laura into extending the trial for me :)
@ElendilTheTall hahaha
@derobert ya, its only like 20 bucks to rent for a weekend too
so I'll rent it and if I like it, then it will be on the short list
Wonder if there is a faster ~25-75mm zoom... that'd be nice... (well, except for the weight)
2:59 PM
@derobert faster than 2.8? not that i'm aware
@derobert - this is the lens SE is covering the rental cost on though, amazon.com/Nikon-85mm-1-4G-Nikkor-Digital/dp/B003ZSHNE0
@rfusca well, I'm just wondering, as a hypothetical 25-75 at say f/1.8 would be a nice lens to take to AUSA or Katsucon next year...
... at least if it came with a magical anti-grav mount
which I suspect would be doable, considering the price of that lens
but regardless, there's no such lens
i don't know if I've seen any zoom lens below 2.8 constant
@rfusca yeah, neither do I. I suspect there must be a good reason for that
@derobert boy, pros would certainly pay for a 28-75mm f/2 though
@rfusca hah, yeah, but even if you want to pay for Canon L glass, they don't have one...
3:05 PM
I need $5 more on my Amazon order to get free shipping. Anything worthwhile come to mind?
@derobert yup, it's got to be crazy hard to do
@rfusca No good. It doesn't count towards Amazon's free shipping.
Otherwise I'd totally do it.
I am happy today because A) Amazon let you cancel Amazon Prime if you forget you had a free trial on it, and give you a refund and B) the MOT test on my car showed nothing wrong but a few bulbs needed replacing
@Sobachatina that's what I found that I've ordered <$10 in the last six months (out of five pages of orders...)
@Sobachatina well, and some random cables and such
3:08 PM
I am also happy because I have seen this video
@rfusca We need a similar program on Cooking.Se
@derobert What would they rent to us?
well actually, with the prices they're paying, they could just buy it for us
3:10 PM
@Sobachatina well, instead of renting us something, they'd just have send interesting ingredients
@derobert That would be very interesting.
@Sobachatina the lens is about 100 to rent for the weekend
@rfusca Good grief.
could also do pans, knives, other gear
And they're willing to spend up to $400 or so on rental + shipping, you could get some very interesting ingredients for less than that...
3:12 PM
This is true. This would make it worth writing detailed blog posts.
Wagyu beef anyone?
I'm up for making a $400 burger
flour milled by French virgins
(if you can find one)
vanilla beans from different places around the world - taste testing Madagascar vanilla vs Tahitian
@ElendilTheTall the trick is, to hire 4-yr-olds to mill your flour.
eggs laid by hens from the royal coop at Balmoral
3:13 PM
@ElendilTheTall You probably can but then you run into child labor laws.
@Sobachatina even in Texas?
@ElendilTheTall I don't know how many French woman live here at all. I'm sure there are some.
Good morning.
@hobodave morning
3:14 PM
We had almost 20 chicks hatch this weekend.
Half of them are being given to the neighbor that we borrowed the incubator from.
wow that's awesome
Still that's about 50% hatch rate which is really good for a first try.
are they going to be food or egg producers?
Males will probably be food. We will use some of them to replace aging layers and the rest will be food.
We want to have 10-15 layers, 2-3 roosters, and 30 being cycled through for meat.
3:16 PM
beef is to veal as chicken is to... what? what do you call young chickens to eat
Chicken. All commercial chicken is very young.
About 7 weeks old.
@Sobachatina the chickens will probably protest against being stacked like that. I suggest one layer of chickens ;)
I wish I could have chickens
I donno. The chickens may actually prefer a two-high stack. So long as the male/female ratio in said stack is correct.
3:18 PM
I don't think the city would appreciate me chicken farming on the roof of my condo
It's fun and it's great for pest control and fertilizer for the garden.
Q: Cooking.SE version of Photo.SE's blog incentive

derobertAs long as the unicorn bucks are flying out the door, from a discussion in #TheFryingPan, a suggestion on how to drive blog posts and interesting questions: StackExchange could purchase and send interesting ingredients and/or equipment to people who agree to ask questions and write blog entries ...

@derobert do we have a blog?
@rfusca Ummm, I think not. I guess no one has really committed to writing anything for it.
@rfusca but we have questions!
@rfusca on photo.SE it is questions or blog, so...
its like 8 or 10 questions or something though, near impossible to just do the questions bit
@derobert in fairness, we have the weekly contest, photo doesnt (it crashed and burned there)
3:26 PM
@rfusca The goal is obviously to claim as many of the Unicorn Bucks that keep flying out the door :-P
@rfusca It would be nice to get that blog going. I say this, of course, having not written any posts for it.
... just like everyone else.
if somebody just commits to being the admin that they could at least open it up
@rfusca what do they need from a blog admin?
@derobert managing authors, 'pushing' people along, proofing posts, publishing finished posts, etc
@rfusca odd, that's what we're waiting on? Why has no one mentioned that on meta?
there's been talk of a blog on meta, but has anybody just said 'we want one, what needs to happen'?
3:36 PM
@rfusca Well, if thats it, I could do that. I mean, I guess I should write up at least one post myself to convince myself I'm dedicated enough to the "job", but...
@rfusca Well, I'd assumed that what needs to happen, is several folks need to show up with blog posts.
@derobert kind of hard to 'show up with a post' when there's no place to take it. You need the blog available first, then get people to write a few and then publish once you're convinced you've got authors
@rfusca Well, if I ever write one, I was just going to show up with it on meta...
@rfusca post a question "Can this be a blog post?" with the post below it
@derobert that seems silly
or maybe, I guess, "Do you have a blog post?" with the post in an answer
@rfusca Not really. If people start showing up in meta with blog posts ready to go, its clear we could start a blog.
Right now, its a lot of hypothetical someone-could-write-this posts
@derobert ya but its just totally not the right place for it imo
3:44 PM
@rfusca shrug, not like its going to overwhelm meta. And once the blog proper is opened, just move it and delete it. Key thing is, actually writing and posting it makes it clear that the content isn't vaporware.
@derobert easy enough to do with a actual blog open - you just hold the content unpublished till you have 'enough'
@rfusca sure, but then no one can see it, comment on it, be inspired by it, etc.
Be inspired by it lol
You have a high opinion of your writing skills ;)
'if I don't post it, I can't change anyone's life' :)
@ElendilTheTall LOL. Not in that meaning... in the meaning of "wow, everyone else has managed to write a #!@*# blog post, why haven't I‽"
@Elendil btw, that family from the photo shoot I posted earlier, called me in tears that she liked the pics so much. Offered to contract me out every 3 months to take pictures for them.
3:52 PM
wow good job @rfusca
@ElendilTheTall Well, I could sprinkle some psychedelic mushroom powder on it.
@hobodave ya, it was nice
@rfusca nice one.
'rfusca photography: we make you cry or your money back!'
@ElendilTheTall lol, not quite the slogan I was going for
@rfusca Yes, but now @Jay needs to get everyone to star it.
3:54 PM
I assume you made her sign a contract there and then
@ElendilTheTall we've got a meeting to discuss it this week - I wasn't prepared and didn't have any idea of prices for that
still not sure I do
I would charge whatever you'd normally charge less a small discount for the guaranteed business
ya, i just don't have any regular fees yet
$50 an hour plus expenses
And build in a lot of expenses
@ElendilTheTall lol
3:56 PM
@ElendilTheTall Wow, is that all a photographer charges?
no, thats extremely cheap around here
I had to turn the light on to find my camera -$100
@ElendilTheTall Oooh! You must work for a bank.
parttimephoto.com suggests a pricing structure of no sitting fee, no minimum order, and just charge for prints and digital rights
especially when starting out
trying to build a client base
that way there's no risk to the customer and if you produce good stuff, you get paid
Makes sense
3:58 PM
like 10 bucks for a 4x6, 15 for 5x7, 20 for 8x10 etc
Hmmm. I wonder how much that must annoy customers. I mean, they know that printing a 4x6 costs nowhere near $10.
I buy the rights. I'm not going to pay for overpriced prints anymore- and I want the digital copies more anyway.
@derobert right, but you can sell them a digital copy
@Sobachatina its very, very, very dependent on the crowd - some people still just aren't very 'digital'
I'll take your word for it.
@derobert photography is never about the cost to print....you're dragging thousands of dollars of gear around, you're doing something 'creative', you've not only spent time with them on the shoot, but you've also spent time editing the pictures.....good photography costs for a reason
4:01 PM
I guess, were I to be hiring a photographer, I'd just want to pay them for the shoot, or per-photo, or whatever, and buy the copyright, or at least a license. Then I can have Costco or whoever print them for next to nothing.
@derobert That's what I expect now as well.
many people, myself included, are as such....but my inlaws want to buy prints
@rfusca I realize that—I'm just not sure how one $10 4x6 print can pay for that, and I suspect that after a few $10 prints, people ask "WTF... a 4x6 print costs 30¢ (or whatever) at Walmart!"
and i don't print from cheap photo places like costco or walmart anymore - there's a difference between them and a 'real' photo lab
@rfusca All the stuff I've had Costco print has come out OK. Given, that's for personal use, not professional. And I haven't ordered from more expensive places to compare.
4:04 PM
@derobert shrug again...you can always buy the digital copy like i'm saying
@derobert ya, thats the difference...i thought the same till I did order from a nicer place
even my parents and inlaws will order online from a real place now that they've seen the difference
anyway, i need to head to lunch
@rfusca Hmmm, got any recommendations? I'll have to order a print from a nicer place
@derobert bayphoto.com
@rfusca Which product there are you talking about, their standard prints?
Well, that's my pate fermentee in the fridge
I'm planning way ahead
@ElendilTheTall I donno. I started cooking Tuesday's dinner on Saturday.
4:07 PM
Make PF today for baguettes tomorrow for stale baguettes on Wednesday for baguette dumplings to go with bourgignon
And now I'm going to whip up a stir fry in 30 minutes.
@ElendilTheTall hmmm, for most everything you want stale bread for, its better if you dry it in a very low oven instead.
Well, I'll see how it goes. Lean bread goes stale easily
Or a bazooka.
Rocket stage?
MASSIVE thermos?
15.7kg ... almost 35lb
4:15 PM
very phallic shaped
That's why it has the shoulder strap mount points.
@Jay Go see a doctor.
cant got classes
Somehow, thats only a 72mm filter size
"It excels at tracking fast moving objects it is a great surveillance lens." ... actual product description
Tracking fast moving objects? The angular momentum on that thing must be massive if you swing it around.
Of course- there is no sense of scale. The whole thing might be 2 inches long.
@Sobachatina ah, but remember how far away you are with a 500mm zoom. So you don't turn it much...
@Sobachatina 28.6in on the specs
4:19 PM
Too small for a bazooka then. :(
@Jay at 9.3×28.6", how do you get your pants on? And do people run in terror?
@derobert im quite positive it is not always hard and that long... but then again you are a mushroom so you couldn't have possibly known that
@Jay Yes, that's quite true. And I'm glad. There are some things best not known.
@derobert mushrooms are quite strange
@Jay Well, its best not to know. I mean, that sounds like it'd make a whale jealous.
4:28 PM
its strange. teachers usually email out the syllabus before clases start but i didnt get any syllabi yet
lol after six months of dresssshirt/dresspants and ties, I dont know how to dress like a normal person anymore
decided to meet myself half way
wow thats blurry
Q: Can I use tapioca pearls for thickening?

rumtschoA friend of mine went shopping in an Asian market. I asked them to bring me tapioca starch. They brought me a package of small tapioca pearls. Is there any way to use the pearls as I would use the starch? For example, can I grind them with mortar and pestle? If I can't use them for thickening...

4:49 PM
I had never heard of bubble tea!
Nor tapioca pudding.
@Jay Cute!
That outfit is fine.
@Mien It's so good. I'm going to have to make some tonight.
@Sobachatina We have tapioca :)
But I'm not sure how it pairs with pudding.
We use it in soup;
and only in soup, I think.
@mien by "tapioca", we don't mean the whole plant, but the starch only
As such, it is flavorless
@derobert i actually saw somebody using that lens at the brownsville, tx zoo a year or so ago...it was nutz. He had cones and tape and the area cordoned off
@derobert ya, just the standard prints
5:02 PM
@rfusca why, afraid of thieves?
Or of walking into a gaffer while pacing backwards to get something at all in the range?
@rumtscho probably more afraid of somebody bumping into it and causing a 5 digit repair bill
@rumtscho Well, the only form you see tapioca here are 'pearls' I think.
@Mien I am sure it is sold as a powder too
Like potato starch or maize starch, only it is tapioca starch
Possibly, haven't looked for it.
But my friend picked the wrong pack. Now the shop is too far to return, even if I wanted to ask for the receipt - which I don't, because she will feel bad if I point out her mistake
5:07 PM
I don't think there will be a problem if you grind it.
@Sobachatina how is tapioca pudding made, then?
How big is your package?
250 or 300 g, I think.
dinner time, bbl.
5:20 PM
@Mien That's not something you ask people in polite conversation!
@Cerberus #thefryingpan is not a polite place
5:37 PM
@rumtscho Hmm is that so?
@jay is that a bunkbed? Does it he transformers sheets?
@ElendilTheTall Are you aware of the fact that you can edit previous lines?
Not on an iPhone you can't.
Are you aware you're talking to someone who's on here pretty much every day and so might know the basic mechanics of the room?
Are you aware that some people are just stupid?
But not here of course!
5:55 PM
@rumtscho Soak tapioca in milk and then form a starch/custard pudding around it.
It's similar to a cornstarch based pudding but the texture is very different because of the pearls.
@ElendilTheTall no the top is my bed and the bottom is my desk and computers and stuff
6:14 PM
@jay so where's your toy box?
6:46 PM
@ElendilTheTall You want to play with it?
7:00 PM
Q: Romano vs Parmesan in Cacio e Pepe?

KensterI've tried making Cacio e Pepe a few times, using a recipe from America's Test Kitchen. In Cacio e Pepe, you boil pasta in a limited amount of water, then mix some of the hot starchy water with grated pecorino Romano cheese. The cheese melts/dissolves in the water to form a cheesy liquid which is...

7:19 PM
@rfusca Well, that and anyone walking within 10ft of it would surely blur the picture. Camera shake is pretty insane at 500mm, I'd guess
@derobert true
7:48 PM
@rfusca wow, Photo.SE gets voters
@derobert ya, we've got a much more active crowd generally...but we lack more questions...we've just already covered so much
Apparently, if you have a hundred grand lying around, you can have a F/2 zoom
@derobert indeed
i'm not quite sure I believe the cost reasons, but certainly the weight seems true
Though, I think, were I an eccentric billionaire with money to blow, I'd take advantage of VA's new road naming program
@rfusca Cost probably has to do with production quantity 1
@derobert indeed thats certainly a factor, but you even see that massive lens earlier is produced...even if there is one or two sold a year
7:52 PM
@rfusca Yeah, they can't sell many of those $20k lenses...
Though, honestly, sometimes I think I'd prefer some insanely fast lenses, but make them cheap by not worrying so much about the distortion.
ya...i don't know about that
@rfusca Well, it'd be nice for shooting indoors with low light... Given, switching from an APS-C to full-frame camera would help somewhat, but fast moving + no light = not even f/1.8 and ISO1600 does justice :-(
@derobert :/
well, i'm off
8:30 PM
@ElendilTheTall stop being mean to me :(
@Jay If he's mean to you, he likes you.
Or he really dislikes you.
so i still dont know any better which way
What does your gut tell you?
@Mien that its hungry. Im gonna go eat something
8:58 PM
UGH. Just got a temperature warning alarm about the server room. Apparently, the auxiliary AC has decided it doesn't want to work anymore.
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