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3:32 AM
@DoubleAA was this comment meant leafukei mine?
3:45 AM
@l @Vram not at all. I wasn't arguing against the value of formalized prayer texts; just showing how his point (that any prayer is heard) was not relevant to the question at hand.
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@DoubleAA thanks for clearing that up, I just wasn't sure. (If you were coming leafukei me I'd tell you to take a look in the Yabia Omer (and gemara, although thats left a bit more to interpretation) and gently point out that you're wrong and specificity is important in tefila. But since you weren't my point is moot; no more than dead leaves on a dirty ground.)
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4:58 AM
Q: Are Elie Wiesel and Lazar Wiesel the same person?

Ron MaimonThis question is on a sensitive topic, and I would like to say up front that I am not looking for holocaust denial. My grandfather was a Nazi slave, my family on my mother's side was all but wiped out, and the denials are a stain on humanity. Elie Wiesel presents an account of Auschwitz in his b...

Anyone unfamiliar with the Skeptics site: The site's purpose is to either debunk or support notable claims. Both questions (the claims) and answers must be cited, or they will be downvoted or (I think), in extreme cases, removed.
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1:57 PM
What does "checking the parshios" mean in the question Is checking the parshios a hefsek? Is that a commonly used phrase for opening up the tefillin and checking the parshiot inside? Is that a practical thing to do? Wouldn't you need to be a professional and to stitch it back together? Can that really be done within a matter of a few minutes? Or am I misunderstanding that phrase?
(I'd leave this as a comment but the question and the asker are both pretty inactive.)
2:48 PM
@NeilFein It's an interesting question.
@l I think that that action is what he meant, yes. Yes, AFAICT you'd need to be a professional, or at least someone who knows what he's doing -- or have someone else nearby who is.
@l By all means comment on the question seeking clarification; maybe the asker will return. It can't hurt, even if it probably won't help.
3:29 PM
@NeilFein hi
@msh210 - hello!
4:08 PM
@Jin hi
@msh210 greeting. good news, we're starting the design for judaism.se very soon
wait, will this summon @IsaacMoses? :) I know he searches the word "judaism" in chats
@Jin The @ did, but he hasn't access to chat during the day, so I suppose you can expect him to see it tomorrow night U.S. time.
@Jin That is good news. Thanks for letting us know.
Q: Design for Judaism.SE

Isaac MosesI occasionally search for "Judaism" across all SE chat sites, and I just discovered this comment from Jin Yang, SE's resident designer: yeah i'm designing the music and judaism sites now i know 0 about either one.. This is a bit of a surprise to me. I didn't realize that we were anywh...

^ that post has been helpful. but we'll make another official thread for gathering design ideas too.
@Jin I'm looking forward to it. Perhaps link to the above-linked one in it, so as not to duplicate ideas? (Or do you want to duplicate ideas, so that you can ignore the older question? Whatever you prefer, of course.)
4:17 PM
@msh210 in the new post, we'll link to that old. but i'd like to get a fresh post, since that one was a bit dated.
it was good though, regardless.
Sean, our new designer and myself will be working on the design together.
I think it's a good way for him to learn about our sites and our communities.
@Jin Hm, I didn't see a "welcome valued associate" blog post about him, did I?
Jin Yang on September 27, 2011

I’m very thrilled to announce that Sean Gallagher is joining us as an Art Director. He will be working out of our New York HQ.

OK, that’s not Sean. This is Sean.

The process of finding Sean did remind me of ┬áthe movie┬áSeven Samurai, where the villagers were looking for aids. I’ve been looking for design help for a while. Besides excellent web design skills, Sean also has great experience in strategy, conceptual and communications design ranging all media from one-offs to brand campaigns. I believe he’ll be a great asset, especially since we’ve started creating a lot more design materials to promote our Stack Exchange 2.0 sites. …

Guess I did, then. :-)
4:32 PM
Well this is exciting!
6 hours later…
10:57 PM
@Jin Since I lost access to chat during the day, I do that search less frequently now. I do tend to check in on this chat room every evening, though. ... and My RSS reader tells me, with some lag, about starred posts in here :)
11:22 PM
@IsaacMoses hey Isaac
how did you use chat access? Worked blocked it?

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