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Hatsune Miku: Bad∞End∞Night Volume 2
> First-time actress Miku is trapped in the mysterious world of the play and can’t get out! As she and her quirky companions continue their search for the script’s missing page, it becomes harder and harder to tell who’s a friend and who’s a foe! The never-ending Crazy Night holds the mansion and its occupants in its thrall, while Miku gropes her way toward the truth. Secrets are revealed at last in this high drama manga based on the hit Hatsune Miku song!
@Darjeeling ^
oh. manga?
@Darjeeling not sure. Seven Seas Entertainment just says it's a book on sale this month and they do both Manga and Light Novels
oh wait it is manga
> Release Date: 2017/07/25
Price: $13.99
Format: Manga
Trim: 5 x 7.125in
Page Count: 180
ISBN: 978-1-626925-26-7
$14 USD for 180 pages is not bad
a 180 pages manga?
@Darjeeling it's Volume 2 so i assume multiple chapters
ooh.. it's two volume
12:53 AM
@Darjeeling no i mean it's the second volume which means there was a first which means there's got to be multiple chapters. it's doesn't seem like a one shot doujin
I see
isn't 180 pages manga too much?
@Darjeeling not for a Tankōbon or Omnibus
never have one so I don't know
i have xxxHolic Omnibusses which are thicker than my Strawberry Panic Light Novel which is ~680 pages and has all 3 books in it
and yhe, there's multiple volumes of those
oh wait, this is odd. penguin random house says they are only 560 pages which is odd because they look much thicker
well anyways 180 isn't too much for a multi-chapter volume
Q: What's the name of this Macross song?

PabloWhat's the name of the background song in this Macross movie at the time pointed by the link? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xayXfRq6iik#t=72m56s

1:00 AM
if there was like 5 chapters then that could be an average of 36 pages per chapter
which is close to what you see with doujin anyway which vary between 20-50 pages
Ouran High Host Club and Vampire Knight was 4 chapters per volume + some of the off-shoots like in Vampire Knight there was like a mini chapter of little Yuuki doing things that made Kaname laugh (like when she tried to dress herself)
and near the end on Ouran High Host Club there were pages on what would happen to the characters after the series
well, all of my manga has only like.. 90 pages, probably
@Darjeeling yeh it depends on title
@Taisho who
1:40 AM
@Gallifreyan i suppose you would know the answer to this question. if you used the usal method Kira used to kill with the Death Note (Heart Attack) could you kill a Time Lord if you knew their real name
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Q: I Really Need Help Figuring Out The Name of This Anime

BrookeI watched this anime back in 2014 or 2015. I remember very little but I'll do my best to describe it. I remember this man (he could be small but I can't remember) living with females or potentially training them. The girls could potentially be magical; the man was kinda pervy. I really wish I co...

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@ToshinouKyouko tomatoes has sekretz? unpossiburu
@Memor-X Timelords have two hearts, so they're somewhat resistant to heart attacks, but I suppose the deathnote could make it so that both hearts fail simultaneously. The only caveat is that timelord tech. allows them to regenerate after they die, so you'd have to kill them twelve times.
@Tonepoet 13, they have 12 regeneration so you need a 13th kill to finish them the final form
but yeh i suppose the 2 hearts does protect against a heart attack
in that case, would a Timelord them be immune from the Death Note?
also, you watch Doctor Who @Tonepoet?
Usually, they are mortal, and like I already said, both hearts could hypothetically fail at once, so I would say no. Maybe if somebody had the Ring of Rassilon from The Five Doctors they would be immune, since that bestows functional immortality, but the side-effects of that are can be considered fate worse than death.
@Memor-X I used to watch reruns of the old series, yes.
I gave up on the new series before the 9th doctor was even written out of it though.
@Tonepoet i was more thinking that since you need to use the Timelords real name and they still die for a regen do you think that count to the Death Note as a death and thus you can't kill someone twice?
@Tonepoet why?
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@Memor-X I didn't like it as much. The old series actually took itself a little more seriously, and while the low production value made it mock-able at times, the new series was more like a parody of the old one in my opinion.
@Memor-X Does the death note have limits on how often it can kill somebody?
@Tonepoet i don't know. how often would someone who is killed by a Death Note still live?
@Memor-X I don't know. What happens to shinigami after they die?
I suppose part of the issue is that Death Note has no afterlife and no resurrection mechanics.
@Tonepoet it's very very rare a shinigami is that lazy to not take a life (quite sure it's actually said that despite being lazy they're death rate is very low) but i assume the same as when they break the rules of the death note like Gelus and Rem
@Tonepoet well it is implied that there is. remember one of the rules do state that by using the Death Note you can't go to heaven or hell
@Memor-X I'm pretty sure that Ryuk said it has happened though, mostly because they forget that they need to do it after a few centuries.
they become ash
@Memor-X I don't think there are heaven or hell in death note
4:05 AM
@Memor-X Regarding the name problem, I suppose Kira probably wouldn't know how to write down The Doctor's name into the Death Note, because the time lords have their own special language and I'm not even sure if humans would be able to replicate it. However, if the death note fell into the hands of a time lord like The Master, who was once good friends with The Doctor and may actually know his real name, I don't suppose there would be much stopping him from using it.
The main problem is that it might be too easy for The Master to win using a tool like that.
@Tonepoet actually that's a good point about Gallifreyan names, i forgot that the TARDIS doesn't translate that
@Tonepoet yeh, i get the feeling he wouldn't use it because he likes the challenge
I feel as if the death note would be of significant interest to him though. He's always looking for ways to extend his lifespan, and by golly he'll at least try to find a way to make it work even if he's not a shingami.
@Tonepoet well the 11th Doctor lived for a few hundred years so you don't need a Death Note for that
just don't be a prick on earth
4:24 AM
@Memor-X So I have a question about the Death Note. How does it handle in the case of legal name changes?
A: What name will Shinigami Eyes show above the head of a person who changed their name?

Jon LinWhy would Gods of Death be concerned about a human institution of name registry? Within the TV series and manga, people go by aliases and those are never good enough. And there's 2 good reasons for this: If simply changing your name changes the name that Shinigami eyes would see above you, then...

@Memor-X As logical as that speculation sounds, the answer below it actually seems to be better proofed in my opinion in the absence of any express statement in the main series.
If I may say something else regarding the matter though, you also have to visualize the face of the victim.
So even if we assume you could write the applicable name, it's not as if you can normally just kill off a Time Lord in a single sitting because their appearance changes randomly with each regeneration.
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@Tonepoet well it's no so much random, or atleast with the current series. the 12th doctor was purposely chosen
during the 10th Doctor's time there was a situation were he was about to abandon people he could save because he found out that he was the one to cause a disaster in earth's history. his companion, Donna Nobel begged him to save them since they was just outside the TARDIS
at the start of Season 8 the 12 Doctor saw his new face and was wondering why he took that form and in season 9 he recalled it was to remind him of what Donna said, not not leave people behind if he can save them
ofcause this exclude those who are apart of fixed points which the universe tends to kill off anyway
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user image
I just discovered that this guy has a DeviantArt.
@Memor-X I wouldn't know, I'm just a Gallifreyan.
@Gallifreyan which is a Time Lord
@ToshinouKyouko so will it be single player.....and english?
cc @Darjeeling
has anyone here played The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2?
@Yuuki ealier you was asking about Fate/Extella, were you planning on getting it for the Switch?
11:21 AM
@Memor-X No, Time Lords are a separate group. Gallifreyans are the inhabitants of the planet Gallifrey. Time Lords are an elite cast of Gallifreyans, possessing powers unavailable to ordinary Gallifreyans.
Q: "Time Lords" and "Galifreyans". What's the difference?

giacomo casanovaAll people from Galifrey are considered Galifreyans; but what differences, if any, are there between Time Lords and common Galifreyan citizens other than having a TARDIS?

> History doesn't record whether only the Time Lords were allowed to wear silly hats in Gallifreyan society;
11:43 AM
@Memor-X dunno
12:05 PM
@Gallifreyan Was this established in the original series? Because I don't recall seeing a Gallifreyan as such in it, and my impression was that the principle difference between the two is that Time Lords had the advantages of Rassilon's improvements to the whole of Gallifreyan society. What is particularly odd about this proposed rule is that it strongly suggests that The Doctor is not a Time Lord, because he turns down positions of leadership within the society because he prefers the freedom.
I mean, I mentioned The Ring of Rassilon from The Five Doctors earlier, so I would be remiss to mention that once the council offered him the position of president, he refused to take the position.
@Tonepoet spoilers
@Memor-X The original televised series only ran up to the seventh Doctor anyway.
@Tonepoet i thought 8th because you have to exclude the 12th Doctor because he is outside the original regen cycle. the 10th Doctor regened twice and one time he kept his form and The War Doctor is a regen but because of what he did in the Time War "was not in the name of The Doctor" he's not an nth doctor
but maybe the 8th was revealed when the War Doctor was revealed in a mini special somewhere
@Memor-X I'm going by the order of actual actors who played the role, which is how it always used to be done to my recollection. You didn't have the eighth person who did that until after the television show had its final episode, in that movie nobody ever really seemed to like.
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@Tonepoet that's it. Paul McGann was the guy who regend to John Hurt in the mini-episode The Night of the Doctor which showed the transition to The Doctor who ends up righting in the Time War
but i didn't know he was in a previous movie
@Memor-X So the ordering system hasn't changed yet, it would seem.
@Tonepoet kinda. Paul is the 8th, John isn't counted because of the genocide he caused and Christopher is the 9th
if you watch the new series and get to Matt Smith you'd find it strange with him saying he can't regen despite being the 11th Doctor when with 12 regens there should be 13
@Memor-X That's really rather strange to be honest, and something I think The Master would probably contest since he made mention of The Valeyard being a future incarnation of the Doctor.
@Tonepoet Doctor is very much a Time Lord because [s]he can regenerate. It looks like ordinary Gallifreyans can't.
@Tonepoet i read that The Valeyard wasn't liked as a villain and not even Steven Moffat wanted to bring him back
it's still possible since the 11th Doctor was given an unknown number of regens
so the 12 regen rule for The Doctor is gone which is possibly the best thing Steven Moffat did for the entire series
12:32 PM
@Memor-X Sigh, discontinuity is more or less the bane of any long running series I suppose.
@Tonepoet you mean how The Valeyard might never appear?
I mean I suppose I can't complain too much. Even within the original series, the backstory was frequently in flux.
@Memor-X It's much more than just that, and even the original series often lacked internal consistency.
@Gallifreyan Then it seems to me that being a member of the ruling class is not requisite. For one thing, you can't have a ruling class for a dead society, and for another, my impression is that the High/Supreme Council of Time Lords was the governing class, which implies that the time lords themselves are a bigger group than just the rulers.
@Memor-X The 12 regen. rule was a largely artificial limit anyway. Regeneration cycles could be revoked or reinstated. I don't suppose it would've been to hard for the Doctor to just give himself infinite regeneration if he really wanted them, in the absence of any other Time Lords to stop him from doing so.
12:49 PM
@Tonepoet well it was a hard limit in the new series before Day of the Doctor as aside from The Master all the other Timelords were dead
Day of the Doctor brought them back and now there's a bit of inconsistency in how accessible to the universe they are
in Day of the Doctor the Time Lords were saved but locked away in an alternate universe inaccessible to anyone, reinfroced in the following Christmas Special where every race in the Galaxy learned that they were trying to return to the universe though a crack in time and space and waged a war with The Doctor to prevent him answering a question that would mean it's ok for them to return
but then while the crack closed the 12th Doctor ended up getting there and both him and The Master could just leave with a TARDIS
also if a Time Lord could give himself regens wouldn't The Master have already done it
@Memor-X Well it was restricted. I imagine that some device on Gallifrey was responsible for regeneration, or at least the administration thereof, so while the government existed I presume they would have done everything in their power to enforce the rule, if not only for the sake of bureaucracy.
@Tonepoet when you say responsible for regeneration you mean actually regenerating or giving/taking regenerations
@Memor-X I'm not entirely sure. That's why I revised my statement. At least giving/taking though.
1:04 PM
theverge.com/2017/7/20/16002682/… the thing i have been working on is out :)
@Tonepoet if that's the case then before Day of the Doctor it was impossible. when i say the Time Lords were dead i mean that The War Doctor had destroyed Gallifrey killing everyone, man, woman, child, lord, whatever. any device or power on Gallifrey for giving/taking regenerations was gone
also by that extent the Darleks were supposed to have been killed along with Davros but one Dalek crashed on earth, later killed itself when it began to feel and felt loneliness in being the last Darlek. the Darlek Emperor who escaped somehow and went insane and though himself a God. and the Cult of Scaro who hid in a Void Ship
@Memor-X Ah, that would make sense. You can't very well take the ol' sonic screwdriver to something that was destroyed. All I knew about the matter was that the species were killed off.
@ToshinouKyouko cool. and only $79
@Tonepoet well they aren't now thanks to Day of the Doctor so that's why before then i think it was a hard limit
@Memor-X I can't imagine a Dalek commuting suicide. They are the incarnation of hatred and haughtiness.
but yeh can you imagine that. The Doctor and the TARDIS floating where Gallifrey was and buzzing the sonic trying to fix it
ofcause there's wood involve and the sonic doesn't work on wood so if it did fix Gallifrey there'd be no trees
@Tonepoet yeh, this one got feelings and The Doctor acted more like a Darlek
1:11 PM
infact in the new series more and more one had to question who is the REAL Darlek, the species of The Doctor
@Gallifreyan awwww, it's also Moemura
i get the feeling that if Madoka and Homura settled down Homura would look more like Moemura and maybe not be so cold/distant
@Gallifreyan I am having some difficulty imagining how they got into such a position.The most convenient excuse is that there's some lewd reason for it, but it just looks far too casually innocent for that to be very credible.
@Tonepoet Madoka was originally leaning back on Homura but Homura wanted to use the 3D aswell
or it was too distracting for Madoka to playing her DS while Homura's was sitting on Madoka's lap.....close to where Homura could be lewd
1:26 PM
@Memor-X I was just coming up with a hypothesis that she was sitting on Homura's lap in the bed and they both fell off.
@Tonepoet looks like a couch back there
*nose starts to bleed*
@Memor-X It could be a couch, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility that it's a bed with sheets on it. It seems especially likely that they are in the bedroom because A: Homura does have a pillow underneath her and B: They're playing with handhelds rather than consoles.
@Tonepoet i play my hand held in my lounge
Then again, I suppose the coffee table suggests it's a living room.
@ToshinouKyouko wait, where can i buy these?
i don't see a link to a store page
1:35 PM
At what point do our computers cease to be inanimate objects and start to become slaves anyway?
2:31 PM
@Tonepoet When they start to write religious songs with hidden clues on how to escape north along the Underground USB Cable.
@Gallifreyan 1) that's cute
2) oucuh her legs will start hurting very soon
both madoka's and homura's
I don't see that as a comfortable position tbh. I can recommend a more comfortable one~
(which is "lie down on a bed like normal people")
2:50 PM
K, since you people know so much, why don't you post your arts :D
good night, everyone! https://t.co/BOT5Ni8aKe
lol :P
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@Gallifreyan I don't draw very well, and even if I could I wouldn't post anything here because of the S.E. enforced CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.
Q: anime Character like satellizer el bridget?

Kévin StridarI search a anime character like satellizer who is sexually molested or have a dark background past.

4:20 PM
@Tonepoet you can host them elsewhere and just link it
i.stack enforces CCBYSA-3.
@Morwenn heya
@Avery Chat does too, so if I onebox it, I'd take it as an implicit CC-BY-SA 3.0 license too. But yeah, I figured posting a link to an external website would probably suffice, although its been a while since I read the exact terms of service. I just wouldn't post the image here. XP
I mean
just upload it to tumblr or 500px or whatever and just link it
@Avery Right now I like postimg 'cause you get a deletion link without even needing to create an account. XP
4:31 PM
@Memor-X I'm not really thinking about getting it, but if I did it would be for the Switch.
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Had I linked this one before?
6:46 PM
In anticipation of Rachel's birthday tomorrow, today's #FanArtFriday comes from HappyMeals69 on DeviantArt! Source… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/888435913629384704
Partly because of the stunning @stjepansejic interiors. So buy Aquaman today and then jump over to SS next week. https://t.co/EUYCh8Jzrg
^ For important conversations.
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^ By one Ross Tran.

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