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5:21 AM
I assume the question is going to be deleted (or autodeleted), so I'll copy the comments here.
It seems that several instances (and variations) of this question can be found at math.SE. You can try this search or this search in Approach0. — Martin Sleziak 3 mins ago
A: Requests for reopen and undelete votes for on-hold, closed, and deleted questions

Jeremy RickardQuite possibly I'm missing something obvious, but this question on sequences of real numbers has been rapidly downvoted and closed, and I'm not quite sure why. I've only thought about it for five minutes, and it's far from my area, but I thought it seemed quite an interesting and non-trivial ques...

Maybe one of the reasons why the users voted to close this question is that several duplicates (or nearly duplicates) can be found on math.SE, see here: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/10243/2017/7/19Martin Sleziak 21 secs ago
@MartinSleziak OK, fair enough. — Jeremy Rickard 24 secs ago
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6:52 AM
The tag has been recently created in this question:
Q: What did Zermelo say he was hoping for on the consistency of set theory?

Peter HeinigQuestion. What precise things are known about what Zermelo is hinting at in the below citation? What are scholarly references on Zermelo's own attempts at proving consistency of his axioms? What did Zermelo hope for? Most concretely: are there other publications of Zermelo's on consistency of s...

Is it better to simply replace it by or to make a synonym $\to$ ?
Another recently created tag is .
Q: What Turing degree would allow you to "compute" the axioms of ZFC in some countable model of ZFC?

PyRulezIt is established in this post that you there is no computable model of ZFC, yet it can be computed in by a PA-degree oracle machine. Note that when we see "compute a model", we just mean that membership is decidable. My question is what Turing degree do you need if you want more than that? In p...


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