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@Memor-X not really. I don't think I know the guy
unless of course you mean Mordred
@Darjeeling yeh
the guy is Mordred's Master who from what i read, despite how he looks is actually a decent guy
@Memor-X he doesn't look like one
2 hours later…
1:57 AM
2:14 AM
@Darjeeling yep, so cute!
1 hour later…
3:27 AM
user image
4:03 AM
think I've seen it before somewhere..
@Darjeeling oh right sorry. it's Aho Girl
> Yoshiko is a genuinely stupid girl (she can even manage to get all 0's on multiple choice tests). She hangs out at school with her childhood friend, who she claims to like, and he has to put up with all her ridiculous behavior!
nope, never seen it
@Darjeeling it's apparently new
ye only 1 episode I think
lol, when your avatar is tiny @Darjeeling it doesn't look like you're eating a crepe, it looks like you're thinking hard and have your fingers on your chin
@Darjeeling next episode is apparently tuesday (tomorrow for me) according to MAL so it's really new
4:13 AM
@Memor-X well, I tend to do that a lot so it's not wrong :p
ye just realize new season is already airing
well time to get the remaining LWA and start watching it
@Darjeeling yeh we didn't get a pinned post from @krazer this time
ye someone need to do that
where did he get that picture anyway
@Darjeeling i've got the link archived somewhere
2 hours later…
6:17 AM
i wonder if that's Rum Raisin
7:18 AM
7:32 AM
@Memor-X You know you don't watch many 90' / 00' s animes when you don't recognize any of them
8:18 AM
@Memor-X probably the same ice cream in first movie
@Memor-X Looks like strawberry or smth like that
@Ikaros I know right
well I know some of them like Shirou or Shiki but can't recognize most of them
@Avery This stuff is so interesting that I decided to get a book about PGP from my library.
@Ikaros ye I think it's strawberry ice cream
@Taisho what
8:48 AM
@Memor-X nope, seemingly the plane smelled funny so they cancelled the flight
i have no chargers cuz they are in my luggage :(
1 hour later…
10:16 AM
@Darjeeling yeh i figure that but would that be rum raisin?
@Ikaros i only recognize a few on them
the anime they are from most i know of
@ToshinouKyouko well has another flight/accommodation been arranged for you
so in a few weeks i might not be so divided between Stack Exchange and work. reason is because my contract isn't being renewed so i'm more than likely going to be out of work for a while
@Memor-X join me the dark side
@Ikaros well i don't even know what kind of flavor rum raisin is anyway. all i know is that in Yuru Yuri Toshino loves it and she would be too young for rum
@Gao is the dark side rich?
@Memor-X no, so we plunder
@Gao i rather not go pirate just because i'm unemployed and if the dark side is poor it's no good as there is still shit i want to buy
hell i need to save up 10K so i can build a new PC
and sell our souls when necessary
10:22 AM
@Gao i already sold my to the Dark Goddess of Love
@Memor-X mine got sucked dry by previous employer
@Gao lol, that would have been the same with my at my last job but i got out and i got my current job which i love
well i did work here before
@Memor-X did you work as a contractor in both jobs?
hey lads o/
if it isn't Saitama-sensei!
Time for dinner
10:28 AM
hello o/, my student...
Need to buy @Darjeeling for dipping
@Gao no. my first job (where i current work now before redundancy) was full-time permanent.
after that i got a job with a web design business but i was making 1 eCommerce website a week and the work was very repetitive and i caught my employer accessing my work pc after work hours and accessing my email and website backend. ontop of that while the job was for full-time employment my 6 month probationary period was me on casual so no annual or sick leave. i left there a month shy of passing probationary but i felt it wasn't worth it.
my current job my employer would have given me full-time employment but even he didn't know what the future of the department was going to be so he could only guarantee me a year
@Saitama yo
@Memor-X nope, that was strawberry. Häagen-Dazs
@Gao D:
@Memor-X 1 eCommerce website a week!? I'm no web professional, but that sounds like a lot of work
6 month probationary period is a bit long here, usually it's just 3 months
@Gao well we were building sites off a template which was slightly modular so all we were doing was altering the CSS and adding/configuring the extra modules. but it wasn't fully responsive (which all sites had to be at this stage) and to do that i had to keep pulling the site's default layout apart
@Gao at where i currently work it was 3 months. one of the jobs i applied for before here said it was 6 months but they said that i would be employed full-time but during this probationary period notice for termination would need to given. ie. they could just fire me on the spot but i could also leave without prior notice
i assume the period for probationary varies but from my understanding if you're to be hired as full-time you probationary is still full-time so you get all the benefits, just that neither party has to give too much notice because the point is for both parties to feel they can work together (i can work for them and they feel i am the right person for the job)
10:34 AM
19 hours ago, by Saitama
also, any anime similar as little witch academia you guys'd recommend?
@Darjeeling ahhh i see
@Saitama if i had seen it i could suggest something. but i get the feeling that while it's a bunch of girls with magic it's not typical Magical Girl
@Memor-X yea, and sometimes they'll increase your salary slightly after probationary period ends
@Memor-X looks pretty typical to me
@Gao where i work now and when i worked here last time that was never the case but i was getting 52k/year and 60k/year
@Memor-X okay... so how about something which'd fit in genres like fantasy, adventure, magic
Madoka, that's typical mahou shoujo. With a little bit qb
10:39 AM
haha, but you forgot to say with typical urobuchi development
@Saitama maybe Negima but i havn't seen that yet. also maybe Soul Eater
mm, ive heard about soul eater... so maybe I'll watch it
10:41 AM
@Gao is it time for another round of BUTCHER BINGO!!!!!!!!!!
*queues game show music*
@Darjeeling no, you're a stuffed toy
@Gao it's lucky to be that. the alternative is being torn to pieces
@Memor-X Toshino's gone bad :P
@Ikaros lol, if that's was the case then she should easily be able to confess to Ayano
@Memor-X you should ask @Tosh
10:45 AM
ofcause she wont remember until the next morning when she wake up nude next to a sleeping naked Ayano
I don't think that would count as confession
@Darjeeling it would to Ayano....and would we even know the difference between a sober and drunk Toshino?
@Memor-X I don't think Tosh is into any of the characters, TBH
11:13 AM
@Ikaros she's into herself
Q: Don't know the name of anime

MRMguys, i'm looking for some time for an anime i saw a few episodes from when i was a kid, but i have no clue of it's name and have little memories of it. I remember that there was a big hole dug in Earth and people were evacuated to that hole because a planet/asteroid/moon was going to collide wi...

@Darjeeling And ice cream
11:53 AM
@Sakamoto and close votes and downvotes and delete votes
@Gallifreyan huh, nice
12:09 PM
@Avery what is PGP?
12:27 PM
@Memor-X "pretty good privacy", a tool intended for secure communications over public keys. There's also some more complex concepts like web of trust which is basically "I verify you and you verify me and upload the signatures to a hks and everyone does this and we can be sure that the person we're trying to communicate is really them".
1:18 PM
user image
@Memor-X it's like liquer chocolates, it is rum + raisins
i am back in the airport for flight attempt #2
i had a nice little tour of munich this morning
but other than that everything has been terrible
@Memor-X yep, all sorted, but kinda lame
@ToshinouKyouko generally what happens when flights get canceled
i had to queue for 4 hours to get a new flight
@Ikaros i know a certain mother who would be proud of her daughter doing this
her other mother might have some words for her though
1:33 PM
@Memor-X who are you talking about?
@Ikaros ^
Nico taught her siblings. you think she wont teach her's and Maki's daughter?
Don't remember this
Only watched first season of the anime thought
1:55 PM
Oh boy, elections are starting soon :>
@Ikaros it's doujinshin
Ho, this explains a lot
still. Maki x Nico leads to MakiNico wedding which leads to them having a baby
one way or another
I wonder why this is not canon
@Ikaros i'd love it if it was canon
along with any other parings
2:02 PM
@Memor-X I was kidding, haha
I don't remember other pairs
2:25 PM
@Avery It was boring as hell so I took a book about Norse myths instead.
3:10 PM
@Gallifreyan understandable
@Avery To be fair, I didn't even see it. I took a look at other books on the same shelf, but that particular one was in the storage collection.
Anyway, my Keybase website is acting up.
keybase.pub isn't working.
yeah pub is down
it's very rarely down
3:38 PM
I was just updating my super-awesome front page.
Which is also the only page.
Can I add a website title from inside the index.md file by adding <title>Stuff</title>?
@ton.yeung The artist is a Russ who lives in Japan, so I doubt it.
@ton.yeung I have no idea what you're talking about.
@Avery Yay, it's back on!
@Gallifreyan Turns out I can.
3:54 PM
Q: Is it possible for a non japanese anime/manga artist to draw and color anime/manga authentically?

Daniel RiggIf a westerner or other foreigners draws anime/manga art in their style the drawing,coloring,etc style will not resemble that of a japanese because it is not 100% authentic japanese style However would it help if they went to japanese schools to tutored by japanese teachers(as it is happening in...

4:04 PM
@ton.yeung mei is bae <3
may we dicuss my question please?
probably, I wouldn't know
like if a foreigner draws,inks and colors they will not be exactly like the japanese do
> anatomy
her breasts are too big, her [areabelowit] is too thin, and the angle is just off
phone is too flat
its like asking is japanese food outside japan authentic
authentic:of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine
but if they go to japanese schools would it help to do it authentically?
4:12 PM
user image
did you show that to me? >Taisho
in case you didnt know foreigners are in japanese school learning to do manga or anime being taught by japanese teachers(although you have to learn japanese first)
so are you saying even if japanese yeachers taught you when you are foreigner you'II never get it authentic?
(Hi @ton.yeung, long time no see)
@ton.yeung que tal? :P
@ton.yeung What's wrong?
Q: What would you use to translate-learn to read the Dragon Ball books in japanese?

Hugo PabloWhat software or application would you use to learn japanese while translating and reading the Dragon Ball books in japanese?

Sorry, but my basic comprehension of Spanish ends after 'que tal' :P
look at the manga Kurokami manga for example it was all done by koreans and got published in japan then got anime adaptation
I know but like I said it was published in japan and got an anime adaptation
4:28 PM
I only know 'hola amigos' as Spanish..
you must be anti-authentic to be saying stuff like that like its not worth it
they some expensive shoes
Relevant question: would a manga drawn by a person of Caucasian ethnicity born in Japan (like a military brat) and then later moved to America and also published by an American publisher be considered "authentic"?
Depends what your definition of 'speak' is
i can't hold a conversation but i could maybe like, ask for directions
What about someone of Japanese descent but born in Chile?
4:43 PM
dunno, okami is wolf
@ton.yeung You have a 3DS right? I think I remember you getting one.
There's this game I've been playing called Ever Oasis. I think you might like it.
It's a 2.5D adventure RPG with a focus on town building.
4:45 PM
You basically run and develop a merchant town and through your adventuring, you recruit residents (some of which can be shopkeepers) and supply the shops in your town.
i am proud owner of weeab.eu
unfortunately no time to post :'(
check this out:

 Anime & Manga

General discussion for anime.stackexchange.com
one problem with personal blogs: why spend time posting at all?
It's been awhile, I barely remember that.
And I didn't play the second game.
@ton.yeung I'm still traumatized from the looping in the first one.
Eh, just the whole inability to improve rarity/stars.
In the Fire Emblem mobile game, I think you can spend some more rare materials to upgrade the rarity of your characters.
But then again, rarity in that game also represents base stats in that you can have a 2-star Nino and a 5-star Nino.
And the 5-star Nino just has better stats than the 2-star.
So rarity is just rarity in Fate GO?
5:39 PM
Q: Was Soichiro Yagami that much close to his natural lifespan?

MindwinShoichiro dies from wounds inflicted by Mello soon after making the Shinigami Eyes deal. Since he didn't even use the Death Note (nor was any DN used on the people involved in the incident) prior to his death, it can be assumed that the DN did not change the lifespans of anyone indirectly involve...

widowhunter, heh
I have that skin for Nova in HotS
@Avery So how do we cross-sign our keys?
@Gallifreyan you on linux?
huh, nice
which distro?
6:06 PM
Ubuntu 16.04
well, you first need to keybase pgp pull ardao
and then gpg --send-keys mailaddress
or gpg --export --armor mailaddress > something
and copy the contents of something to a hks, like pgp.mit.edu
@Avery Already did that.
@Gallifreyan nah, to update.
on the asciinema
I did 1. On normal stuff, you'd do 3, 4 or 5. On healthy stuff, comparing name with the one on said person's ID to give 5 is the way to do thingy.
So how do I trust your key?
You can message me in Keybase, you know
@Avery Ok, done that.
6:41 PM
Now what?
7:04 PM
@Avery left to watch some anime.
basically with cross-signing you usually meet and verify
But I'm interested in the process mainly. I assume I need to know one's e-mail to sign, yes?
This looks like a simple guidance for signing (repeats what you said, basically).
7:46 PM
Ur prayers and human sacrifices worked. I am at my destination at last
Though of course my flight was delayed again...
@Avery Yay o/
2 hours later…
10:15 PM
@Ikaros it's even funnier when i read that last frame as "ooooo, i really hope it's panties"
@ton.yeung just from my understanding of the naming for the game Okami can be written as Wolf (狼) or as Great God/Deity (大神). can't look up Ginro as google-sempai keeps saying i want Jinro which is a Korean distilled drink
@ToshinouKyouko what was the cause this time
10:40 PM
> He's such an efficient programmer
> needHiding
> needShowing
pick one
Well... I guess I could see a reason.
At least it's no isHidden and isShown.
@Yuuki kinda. he uses the exact same if statement so i might have been better to put both = true in the same block
Yeah, I retract my "I guess I could see a reason".
if (!comp.isNonOpaqueKurataMixing()){
    	needHiding = true;
    	needShowing = true;
^ should be that
Hmm... what if comp.mixingCutoutRegion is involved in the comp.isNonOpaqueKurataMixing() computation?
Although here's the real kicker.
> He's such an efficient programmer!
> Java.
pick one
@Yuuki possible because the line between them is assigning region so there could be a magic _set method that is altering something every time a member is assigned a value
though i question why you do that every time in a _set rather than just code a seperate setRegionTo_____ kind of function
10:49 PM
@Memor-X Not necessarily.
function isNonOpaqueKurataMixing() {
   if(region.intersectsWith(otherregion)) return true;
   return false;
Doesn't need a magic _set method and can return differently if region is changed.
@Yuuki hmmmm, good point
11:04 PM
that looks like terrible code
like it can be needHiding = !comp.isNonOpaqueKurataMixing();
@Avery oh yeh i didn't think of that
why even have both a needhiding needshowing thing
oh and it might also be C#
@Avery boolean
I think C# uses bool.
I believe boolean still works in C#
11:18 PM
Does C# have synchronized?
11:34 PM
Q: Don't know the name

VeinsSo acctualy I try to find an anime. I seen it 1 time on a site about some news but the clues i have are this : So the plot is something about treaveling in time or through space and time and the protagonist wich are a boy and a girl(also the girl have brunete hair) find themself cloned or travel ...

11:49 PM
Q: I watched an anime, but i cant remember what the name was

Agent 69The main character was a girl with pink hair, she was an assassin. And she had a partner who was male, I think he had brown hair. They were not in a romantic relationship I cannot remember much, story wise, other than that the two people had to go out and kill people in exchange for money, or som...

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