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Then you could apply a different benefit. Like the actor works with a lower DC, or that an untrained person would have disadvantage. My point is only that while advantage is a useful benefit, it is not the only way to offer improvements.
@Adam ah, i definitely agree with that sentiment.
but i may houserule at my table it works for mimicing creatures, too.
More power to you :)
@Adam POWER!!!!!!!!!
i just like the flavor of Michael Winslow. Not that I've ever eaten Michael Winslow. Nossir.
Neil is always related. ALWAYS.
except in the case of quality television. I did not enjoy his version of Cosmos.
I did! Also I am concerned the game is suffering from potential feature creep from the get-go, but it could do OK if they focus.
I am concerned it will be another Star Citizen though, or another No Man's Sky -- they're marketing to the same dreams.
@NautArch there is one option that almost certainly will get you the ability to cast wish again RAW if you have lost it. The Fates card from the Deck of Many Things. You can rewrite time so that you never cast the original wish. If wish wasn't cast, then you never suffered the stress, so you can cast wish again. Although technically you aren't restoring the ability to cast wish, but rather changing the timeline so that you never lost that ability to begin with.
They are also focusing on "look at these cool names nerds love we've got involved" rather than "here's how we will make a realistically achieveable game"
@doppelgreener On the upside, it does seem to eschew combat (or at least I hope it does) so that's one less complex system to deal with.
7:16 PM
@Yuuki yes good
I really really hope there's no combat in this.
@Adam That's a great addition (and answer!) I'm fairly sold on Divine Intervention, but not sure yet on the Wish by another caster, although I don't really see a reason why not. But evil me says "sure, but because that other caster took the stress for themselves)
That would make it unique among Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous, and No Man's Sky.
@doppelgreener and that makes me think it may be another Cosmos. Good effort, but falls short. Just hope I don't feel like i'm being talked down to.
@NautArch I've hit my rep limit for today, so I'll just let that question simmer for now. If nobody else approaches it by tomorrow, I'll take a crack at it. In the meantime, anybody else should feel free to steal the Fates card for use in their own answers.
7:40 PM
@Adam I don't mind taking the rep - but an answer is still a good answer. Don't need to earn rep for it :)
although I'm still not comfy cozy answer it. I think the reasoning is sound, but there really isn't a RAW behind it.
There's a rep-limit?
@godskook 200/day, not counting accept-s
and bounty
@NautArch True. But I see no reason to be greedy. If somebody can get rep out of it and also help out, then I'm willing to give up a spot so somebody else has a chance to get some. At least until everything resets in the morning
Plus, The DoMT doesn't really even answer the question, since the question specifies Divine Intervention, or another wish. Really, it was just a thought on a way that you can definitely RAW get your powers back (from a certain point of view)
@Adam yeah, it was the "from a certain point of view" that I think isn't RAW. I think it's legit...just not raw.
7:56 PM
@NautArch I don't know how much more RAW you could have it than the card literally saying "Reality's fabric unravels and spins anew, allowing you to avoid or erase one event as if it never happened." The "from a certain point of view" isn't a comment on the RAWness of the solution, it's a comment on the fact that you technically aren't restoring any abilities, but are instead erasing the conditions that caused you to lose them in the first place; You never lost the power to cast wish at all.
@Adam that's a good point. I think that's the ONLY RAW answer. I'm putting it in (and yes, I'm giving you credit.)
@doppelgreener I concur
@NautArch Joke's on you, I never even wanted your credit! ;) Thank you though. Just keep in mind that the question in its current form seems bound only to either be concerned with Divine Intervention or another Wish spell. So that answer may not be in scope depending on how you tackle those two options
@Adam I'm hoping he's okay with that and adjust his question.
@NautArch I put in a little edit that includes a permalink to the original message about that solution. Hope you don't mind.
Oh, I also found this upvote in my desk drawer. You should probably take it.
8:13 PM
@trogdor <- boop @nwp
thanks for confirming troggy :D
I didn't know you were waiting for it so enthusiastically
@Adam MINDFLAYER! I mean. Yes, that was very nice. Thankyouverymuch.
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my big fingers always mistype "hooray" as "hoorat" so here is the hoorat, he wants you to have a happy day https://t.co/UXECoSqnpJ
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