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12:14 AM
@Catija Hahaha! OMG! That video is great!!
12:33 AM
Q: Thief caught in liquid gold

PatrickI'm looking for a movie of a thief, which at the end get caught within re-solidified liquid gold !!! Thanks.

@MovieReel ;-(
1:32 AM
@Catija You will get blessings of this poor man.
@AJ Well... sign me up.
1:44 AM
Well... that was unexpected... Just started watching a movie that I worked on the casting for... and the main character is an actor I know really well... and the opening montage includes him (a portly guy in his late 40s) pretty much naked, having sexytime.
Q: Alien invasion movie where the protagonist is invisible to the aliens

user1803551Details of what I remember, some of it could be off: I saw this movie on TV at around 2009. It's a horror-ish small-scale-alien-invasion movie. I believe abduction was involved (for once they weren't trying to blow up national monuments). It is not an action movie. It's not a found footage film...

1:59 AM
@Catija Which one?
Jack's Apocalypse.
It's creepy when they do scenes you heard a million times in the audition room.
2:14 AM
@Catija you did the casting?
Morning @iandotkelly
Good evening
@AJ I worked on it.
@Catija Like assisted?
@AJ There were a bunch of casting assistants and interns.
Hey @iandotkelly !
@Catija So who was the casting director?
2:21 AM
Vicky Boone
Not CSA.
I think that few non-LA CDs are. It's not required.
Ohh k
Yesterday I saw a vehicle with license plate number 8055 and it was written like BOSS.
3:28 AM
Wall-e question's in HNQ.
I need a clarity which are trivia questions and which are not.
I am not able to post questions because by googling I am finding answers easily. :(
4:14 AM
@SreeCharan Then use that skill to answer questions. :)
@AJ I am finding answers to my questions not other's questions.
Try it.
5 ID questions in this week's newsletter.
4:33 AM
@AJ You subscribed to newsletter too?
I see mods being slacker these days. CC @AnkitSharma, @NapoleonWilson, @iandotkelly
@SreeCharan Yes
DO you understand telugu?
Little bit, but I can't this one.
4:38 AM
It means you are god. No one subscribes to a newsletter
@AJ grrrrr
A: Thief caught in liquid gold

the guest"Danger:Diabolik"(1968)? This is a movie based on an Italian comic strip about a super thief. Here is a paragraph describing the molten gold scene at the end, from Wikipedia: "The steel casket containing the gold had been irradiated allowing the police to trace it. They close in on Diabolik, wh...

I'm tired of explaining this guy why shouldn't we answer the low-quality ID questions, but he says And yet I will somehow go on.
And yet I will somehow go on. — the guest 11 mins ago
This is a one-line ID question.
Close the question and move on
It will be deleted sooner or later
And he is not really breaking any rule so can't be down anything
4:50 AM
Who is posting closevote on iZombie question now
It's Not a trivia
@AnkitSharma You can't see who it is using diamond?
He can see that.
5:15 AM
@AJ Mods here are not slackers AFAIK.
5:52 AM
@SreeCharan I can
6:19 AM
@SreeCharan Aarya 2
6:46 AM
Q: Identify an anime movie with aliens that attack a small colony in a desert(ish) planet

RisJI think this is a movie however it may be a 3-4 episode series with each episode 30-60 minutes long (It was an ANIMATION) The setting is placed in a desert with some stone like buildings (I think) and they had a war going on, or the earth was being attacked or they were the first to be attacked....

6:59 AM
Q: How they shot a scene of zombie head cut of helicopter wings?

Gopi KrishnaSee this scene which is from Dawn of the Dead (1978) How they shot a scene of zombie head cut of helicopter wings?

7:19 AM
Q: 1980 TV movie about a woman stealing alien body in suitcase from a research facility

markI have seen this made for TV movie years ago. It opens with a news reporter, lady in a research facility who steals a small alien body and carries it in a boxy suit case. It becomes a cat and mouse chase until the end when the military corners her in the middle of a large city. She is wearing a ...

Q: Do the Oxygen Torches in the movie Life (2017) exist and how do/would they work?

jldjulYesterday I watched the movie Life where the ISS crew revives a life-threatening organism from Mars. I'm usually thorough about realism of scientific elements in Sci-Fi movies, and thought the movie handled them pretty right, but I couldn’t find any info on the Oxygen Torches they use as one-ti...

1 hour later…
8:19 AM
@MovieReel Done answering
8:35 AM
@AJ Yes. It is Aarya 2
Mornin' all
Gone in 22 seconds XD
@DrRDizzle 'Fternoon
A: How they shot a scene of zombie head cut of helicopter wings?

A JFX Artist Tom Savini did the FX for Dawn of the Dead. He casted the head and molded it into foam latex and fishing line were added. He pumped blood through Jim's clothes to fake part of his forehead. The helicopter blades weren't running at the that time. An optical effect was added later in post...

Q: Was Rachel Zane talking about a poison pill?

BCLCAsked question on Money SE about conversation in suits You do that, it triggers a stock split. His shares double in voting power. Yours don't. My question: I never really got that. If you own 20% of the stock just before the split, you own 20% of the stock just after the split; ...

8:53 AM
I only lost rep since past few weeks, not gained.
Just for downvoting low quality answers and answers to low-quality posts.
9:11 AM
@AJ Not as much as I did :P
9:42 AM
Q: Can we carry a Hattori Hanzo sword onboard a plane?

Amit JokiIn the Kill Bill, everyone seems to know that Hanzo swords are made for killing. They are killing tools. Then, how could the Bride carry one so easily on the plane she boards to reach Tokyo? Also she makes no effort to camouflage it at all, we can see it perched right by the window seat she's se...

@Ankit I didn't completely understand why Junaid is killed in the movie KFN.
Also why is he a singer? coz he plays for a band?
9:55 AM
Ending deaths were bit weird to me
GotG is coming on 5th may here :/
Looks like @DrRDizzle will watch it before rest of us
Or maybe napolean, as it's coming on 27th there
10:21 AM
Q: Movie where someone explains that people only ask unimportant questions to get to know each other

alobeejayUnfortunately I have no idea about this movie other than this single scene. I think it's a popular movie but I really have no clue. In this scene there is a person (could be a young boy? But definitely male) who explains to someone else that if people want to get to know each other they always wa...

10:38 AM
@AnkitSharma Huh, TIL. I thought that the UK usually got these films first.
@DrRDizzle I though about it for India too but same weekend Bahuuballi 2 is coming, so we got it delayed :/
Oh yes, that famous film Bahuuballi 2.
@DrRDizzle Wanna give it a try? This, of course, will be better than GotG2. :P
I've got to admit, Bollywood films don't interest me at all.
Try it sometime.
10:42 AM
Q: Identify this older anime about black-clad children from a dark, suspenseful scene

spikedboardanimeI watched this anime on German TV in the 1990s. I think it was older, from the 70s or 80s, because the animation style was similar to anime from that time period. It looked similar to Cat's Eye and especially to Attack No. 1. Maybe it was produced by the same studio. The main characters were two...

Q: Why Chief elder not allowing people to even see the colors in "The Giver"?

Roshan TharunIn The Giver (2014), It is world-building where people lack feelings etc, Why Chief elder not allowing people to even see the colors in "The Giver" ? Actually people taking injection at every morning.

@DrRDizzle Bahuuballi is not really bollywood :P
10:57 AM
That just proves how little I know about Bollywood lol
@FranciscoV. hello o/
Baahubali is originally made in telugu. But all claim it as an Indian Film.
@SreeCharan It was made in tamil and telgu simultaneously and dubbed in Hindi and malyalam
So calling it Indian film seems better
I don't think I've ever seen an Indian film. I've seen British films and Irish films and French films and Korean films and Japanese films and Chinese films and Hong Kong films and Australian films and Swedish films and Brazillian films and Mexican films, but never Indian films.
@DrRDizzle that's disappointing
11:11 AM
yes pretty much
Obviously, I've also seen American films lol
I have seen american, Japaneses, french, South African, Chinese, British, Korean , Brazilian, Mexican, Argentine and ofcourse Indian
I have seen american, Japaneses,Chinese, British, Korean, spanish, and of course Indian.
I think Canadian too but not sure
Can I count The Others as spanish?
11:20 AM
I have Russian film in my pending list too
@AJ No British?
Oh wait lol, you did say British
But to be frank I have no British film in my good list
@AnkitSharma :O
James Bond and HP
@DrRDizzle Is Johny English also British?
@DrRDizzle In my defense, I can say I watch way less British films due to accents
11:23 AM
Some of the best films ever made are British films.
@AJ I don't like HP much and not into spy-fi
@DrRDizzle name??
I watch english movies. Dunno if they are canadian, british, American. Only language is what I see.
And I say that as a film fan, not as a British person.
@SreeCharan lol
@AnkitSharma So, so many dude. Far too many to actually name. Hell, some of the best directors are British.
11:25 AM
@DrRDizzle Like Sam Mendes?
Next message from @DrRDizzle: "Man, Some of the best singers are British." He says it is as a film fan. Not as a British person. :P
Alfred Hitchcock, Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan etc
Edgar Wright, Matthew Vaughn, Danny Boyle, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, Guy Ritchie, Steve McQueen, Terry Gilliam, Ben Wheatley, Gareth Evans...
Hell, Charlie Chaplin himself was British.
Nolan is half american
@SreeCharan To be fair, some of the best rock bands that have ever rocked are British.
11:28 AM
@DrRDizzle bleh
See ^^ I said so.
@DrRDizzle Is it not Stanley Kubrick american?
@AnkitSharma Original one is in Telugu. Songs and dialogues are written by tamil writers. But original one is in telugu. But I think it is an Indian film whose original is telugu.
@SreeCharan original one was made Tamil and Telugu simultaneously
@DrRDizzle and Danny Boyle is good but not that good
@AnkitSharma Don't bleh me. The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Muse, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Fleetwood Mac, Motorhead, AC/DC...
11:33 AM
@DrRDizzle I bleh rock genre, so not interested :P
@AnkitSharma Hmmmm, TIL.
@DrRDizzle wikipeida say Steve McQueen is american actor
@AnkitSharma The actor is. The director isn't.
@DrRDizzle ohhh
Steven Rodney "Steve" McQueen CBE (born 9 October 1969) is an English film director, producer, screenwriter, and video artist. For his 2013 film, 12 Years a Slave, a historical drama adaptation of an 1853 slave narrative memoir, he won an Academy Award, BAFTA Award for Best Film, and Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama, as a producer, and he also received the award for Best Director from the New York Film Critics Circle. McQueen is the first black filmmaker to win an Academy Award for Best Picture. McQueen is known for his collaborations with actor Michael Fassbender, who has starred...
11:35 AM
Terry Gilliam is not fully british either
Never heard about Ben Wheatley and Gareth Evans is welish and not that big name either
Terry Gilliam was a Python. That makes him the most British.
@DrRDizzle ohhh
@DrRDizzle bleh whatever
@AnkitSharma Wales is part of Britain. Ben Wheatley directed High Rise and Free Fire and Sightseers and Kill List.
@DrRDizzle yeah I know it's part of UK but I refer British to England only
@AnkitSharma Also, some not being a big name doesn't mean that they aren't great. He's one of, maybe even the, best action director working today.
11:39 AM
@DrRDizzle then you can list 100 more director who made 2-3 good film according to you, I though you was listing top ones only
@AnkitSharma Well, you're wrong. Great Britain is England, Wales and Scotland.
And I count Nolan American, he came out of american womb
@AnkitSharma But he was born in London lol
@DrRDizzle His mom is american and he make american films, how much more american he can get
@AnkitSharma Considering that he has dual nationality and was born in London, he could be a lot more American.
He's even married to a Brit.
11:42 AM
@DrRDizzle then I will count his children 3/4 british
@AnkitSharma lol
But he is 1/2 British
Yes, but I'm still counting him as British for this. I would also class him as one of the best American directors, if that helps.
It's too easy for me, I am born in India to Indian parents and grand parents and grand grand parents and I don't have passport :p
@AnkitSharma lol
11:45 AM
@DrRDizzle If you count nolan as one of the best director then I can forgive half of your sins
@AnkitSharma Well he is one of the best directors working today, so....
@AnkitSharma Does that mean you've never been abroad?
12:01 PM
Q: martial arts movie Chinese couple vs. Japanese enemies

Želimir Profa VeinovićI honestly hope you can help me with this one. I remember just two scenes. First: husband and wife (i think) are Chinese and they are having conversation/demonstration with Japanese (kind of enemies). One old guy shoots a bunch of arrows AT ONCE with the bow and "catches" a huge "bead necklace" t...

12:15 PM
@AnkitSharma @NapoleonWilson I raised a comment flag on this one. Though that comment is deleted, but my flag was declined.
Well, I flag the stuff to get it deleted and you guys delete it too, but yet my flag gets declined.
cc @iandotkelly
12:43 PM
Evening @iandotkelly
@AJ .. looking at the history, when the post is deleted, the "Community" user clears the comment flags. I presume this is essentially the same as the 'dismiss' result.
So if a post itself has flags on it - those are accepted as helpful. Comment flags are dismissed at the same time.
@iandotkelly by dismissal you mean decline?
Comment flags have 2 results presented to reviewers ..... delete / dismiss
But the comment was deleted.
The post was deleted - the comment isn't separately deleted
And the timeline shows the flag is 'cleared'
As a separate event.
12:51 PM
4th flag.
It says declined.
One comment was explicitly deleted by a mod - hence the helpful
And another?
One comment was cleared when the post was deleted - hence the (unfortunate) unhelpful
I don't get this.
Why was that comment deleted by the way?
The one that was deleted by a mod?
12:55 PM
@iandotkelly The one my flag was declined for.
The comment wasn't deleted - the entire post was deleted
And the system clears any outstanding flags so (presumably) they don't appear in review queues
The developers seem to have chosen to err on the side of declining/dismissing the flags
Actually, I flagged Madmada's comment that answered the ID question.
You can see that who/how it was deleted.
That doesn't matter. The question was deleted.
i'm just trying to interpret the timeline data
it just shows your flag being 'cleared' by Community
Community is the system, not a human
12:59 PM
I know
That's all confusing for me. So, I am leaving it here.
I (briefly) tried to find a meta-stackexchange post that might explain why they do it this way - but couldn't
no problem
Q: What is it that makes some cinematography feel different from the other?(Lists for comparison)

LetTheWritersWriteFor the longest, I've really wanted to list down specific details on what makes some lighting/cinematography feel and look different over the other. Dramatic might be subject to opinion but at least compare and contrast between these two styles. There's something that I know is different between ...

You might wanna clear some comments.
I don't feel that is my place, since it was me having a disagreement with the OP
ohh k
@AJ closed post with lots of DV. Whole post will auto deleted
1:05 PM
Wouldn't want to be accused of abusing my power now would I? :)
Ah no worries
You and Catija handled it nicely without showing any disrespect or being rude to OP.
@AnkitSharma hi ankit, sorry i was idling
@FranciscoV. no worries
@AJ agreed
I see that trump comment is removed.
1:21 PM
That comment crossed the line
Actually, that's the comment I wanted to ask him to remove.
evening @Catija
1 hour later…
2:30 PM
3:12 PM
Is some part of movie in Giver B/W?
3:27 PM
@SreeCharan most of it is
for story reasons
@DForck42 You mean grey scale?
@SreeCharan did you mean B/W as in black and white?
same name for grey scale as far as I am aware
I meant the picture in the frame turns totally b/w or is it only people who can't see it?
Inspite of presence of colors @DForck42
@SreeCharan I'm not quite sure what you're asking. the movie starts out in black and white, but as the main character progresses, he starts to see more and more things in color. at the end of the movie I believe everything is in color
when the main character sees something in color, we as the audience also see it in color
am I answering your question at all?
@DForck42 okay i understand now. Thanks
BRB after sometime
3:37 PM
@SreeCharan :-D
3:50 PM
Yeah, it's like Pleasantville... we see hints of color and eventually full color.
Hey Walt! :D
4:09 PM
Walt is like a thunderbolt. He came, talked and disappeared before you say "Hey" .
Do I need to watch the film to answer plot explanation questions?
Q: Who are the mansons?

deostrollSupernatural season 12. The winchester's mother says she needed time-off. Finally (in another episode) Dean is not all that okay with this fact. Sam tries to convince Dean by saying families do better if they do some time apart. To which Dean sarcastically asks - "yeah like who...the Mansons?" S...

Today is alien day. Anyone's gonna watch live?
@SreeCharan Not really, though it can certainly help.
4:29 PM
Q: Late 90’s Gross-out Comedy Sport Movie

Paulie_DI’m looking for the name of a US comedy movie of the “Gross-out” variety. It was produced around the end of the 1990s and the basis was a couple of friends who invent their own version of a sport which then takes off in a big way. The premise was that although they were good at one particular a...

4:56 PM
@MovieReel @Paulie_D heh, find a movie you couldn't find?
@MovieReel Self answer for an id question ? I am surprised.
Q: What's this animated Titanic movie?

user67715I vaguely remember an animated film about the Titanic where a woman meets her true love on board. It was released around the start of the 2000's and was dubbed into English. I don't know what language it was originally but it was very clearly dubbed. I seem to recall it being not very good and w...

5:13 PM
@MovieReel Two answers to the question within 1 minute.
Q: Help identifying British cop

JillThere's a modern drama on the BBC or a British television series and I can't figure out his name or which show he's on. Something along the lines of Broadchurch or Luther. He's a middle-aged man with curly/wavy dark brown hair. He is about average height and build. Had eyes that droop and alw...

See comments under this question.
Should I flag them?
5:37 PM
@SreeCharan I did
@DForck42 all of them?
@SreeCharan the ones that were answers, yes
I flagged two of them.
If one more user does flag, they will be deleted automatically
6:19 PM
@SreeCharan All part of my cunning plan. If you know the answer to a bad ID question then rather than answering in the comments (which is a no-no) ask a good version of the question and answer it yourself. The site quality is improved and it allows the asker of the bad question to find his answer.
1 hour later…
7:49 PM
@Paulie_D I have mixed feelings about that
might be a good meta discussion
Q: How many dogs can talk in Family Guy

user00001Brian in Family Guy is an anthropomorphic dog, meaning he is able to speak. Until the episode "Life of Brian", I assumed that he was the only animal who could speak consistently (other animals speak on one off occasions for comedy). So that got me thinking, "How many dogs can talk?" and "If Vi...

8:17 PM
@DForck42 I don't see a downside. The site gains (hopefully) a good Q & A, the bad question can be deleted and everyone is a winner.
Anyway, it's already part of the original Meta discussion as part of my answer.
1 hour later…
9:41 PM
I'm getting really, really tired of seeing so many questions VTC as "trivia".
10:33 PM
I'm more confused about what the actual policy is regarding answering in comments and the whole googling thing. I know that there are meta posts about both of them at the moment, but does this automatically make it policy now just because of the meta post? Like...are we supposed to be flagging every comment now that answers a question and that suggests google for more research?
10:48 PM
Q: Identify this Awesome movie

Sh4doI watched a movie a couple of years back, it was a bout a man and his bestfriend they went out for a swim in like a local lake and one of the drowns, he was the sherifs son. a few years later he is put in an over night cell, he continues to escape to "prank" the town and then returnes to the cell...

11:12 PM
@steelersquirrel No.
Someone asking a question about it and it getting votes doesn't make it site policy until it's officially adopted... and, to be honest, I don't think we'll ever "officially" adopt something like that.
Particularly in the case of answer comments... there's no consensus... the question is sitting at 4, -4, the top answer is explaining why someone does it and asking "what should I do"... there's no policy change there.

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