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12:42 AM
aruch hashulchan 20.17 brings this bais shmuel hebrewbooks.org/pdfpager.aspx?req=14243&st=&pgnum=152
i am still looking for his source in 178
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4:25 AM
posted on April 25, 2017

Today is fourteen days, which is two weeks of the Omer. Today's attribute: Malchus ShebeGevurah

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9:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: kissing in the yichud room by Newly married on judaism.SE
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1:38 PM
Q: Best answer contest: Second quarter of 5777

Isaac MosesDid you see an answer on Mi Yodeya in the past few months that you thought was really great? Let's have a contest to help you tell everyone about it! Please link to an answer which was created in Tevet - Adar, 5777 (from December 30th, 2016 through March 27th, 2017) and which you think deserves ...

2:06 PM
@Meta-Man @IsaacMoses I wonder if you should start the post for the third quarter now, and people can add as things come up, and then we feature it for a week at the end. I find it hard to think of good answers from the last quarter, and high voting isn't always a good metric for finding the hidden gems.
@DoubleAA I was afraid to do something like that because it could bias the results in favor of answers early in the quarter. Waiting to feature until the end, as you suggest, could help with that. Also, bias doesn't matter that much, since the only consequence is imaginary internet points. Sure, let's give it a try. I'll do it later, beli neder, if someone else doesn't first. (I'm happy to provide the prize, either way.)
... we could even request that people post answers, but refrain from voting on them, until the quarter is over.
@IsaacMoses You could even explicitly discourage voting before the featuring
@DoubleAA Baruch Shekivanti!
@IsaacMoses oh ha got to finish reading before i write things...
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5:11 PM
@Omer the bais shmuel is probably referring to כֵּיצַד הַקִּנּוּי, אוֹמֵר לָהּ בִּפְנֵי שְׁנַיִם: אַל תִּסָתְרִי עִם אִישׁ פְּלוֹנִי, אֲפִלּוּ אִם הוּא אָבִיהָ אוֹ אָחִיהָ אוֹ כּוּתִי אוֹ שָׁחוּף פֵּרוּשׁ, שֶׁאֵינוֹ מִתְקַשֶּׁה (טוּר) but it is still not clear to me
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11:55 PM
(I'll admit that the title is not the greatest. If you have a better suggestion, I'd be glad to hear it as a comment.) ("You" is no one in particular.) — Shokhet 14 mins ago

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