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6:03 PM
Wait, I made some errors repl.it/FeQo/3
@ZachGershkoff syntax error
@ZachGershkoff v needs two inputs
And still relatively small
I see
At most, your number is smaller than G2, the second number in the process to create Graham 's number
@ZachGershkoff you know you can use the code snippet I showed you right?
Thought I would try something different.
I don't really understand your code snippet. Why is f(3,3,2) 7.6 trillion? It looks like it sees z=2 and stops there.
@ZachGershkoff good luck. You don't have to submit by Saturday btw
I just had to choose a date
I probably meant f(3,3,3)
6:17 PM
@SimplyBeautifulArt Lmao!! That's hilarious! On one of my WA whimsical searches three days ago, I was invited to contribute a "human perspective" to the question it asked. I can't remember the question, but it returned something to the effect that "it doesn't compute", then invited me to enter the "human humor and emotion" because it was asked at that point in time when it is working on further sophistication.
@amWhy I was too! =D
7:07 PM
@SimplyBeautifulArt Maybe we should go into business together, and do contract work for WA, Siri, Cortana, etc! hehehehe
7:29 PM
1 hour later…
8:34 PM
XD it's so much fun trying to explain how large the numbers in my contest are to layman
They look at me and ask "is it smaller than the amount of leaves on earth? The amount of grains of sand that could fit in the entire universe?!"
@SimplyBeautifulArt they are all smaller than aleph_0
and aleph_0 isn't even that big
And then it's my turn to explain how big the numbers really are and you just see their faces melt
@Starfall :-/ but infinite numbers don't count
1 hour later…
10:02 PM
@AkivaWeinberger Could you make a Ruby program that is equal to Knuth's up-arrow notation for me?
Never mind, I'm fine
10:28 PM
@BarryCipra Hello. Are you here for the event?
10:50 PM
Anyone have a good reference on combinatorics? Probably not the right chat at all, but meh. I can access this one most easily in mobile because I've been tagged in it multiple times :P
Either or in print
@BrevanEllefsen Lol
I have no idea mate
Q: Could someone tell me how large this number is?

Simply Beautiful ArtContext: If you guys didn't know, I'm running a nice little contest to see who can program the largest number. More specific rules if you are interested may be found in my chat room. If you are entering, do note that I am accepting entries for quite a while (ignore all the deadlines :-) Now,...

But I do have that for you to look at
@BrevanEllefsen Perhaps here? quora.com/…
I assume a whole bunch of people are going to take a peek at this room...
Well, before you all start questioning me about the contest...
Code the largest number you can in any language in the given link, using at most 256 characters (not including spaces, as judged by Microsoft Word), without calling in any large constants (like the current time) or importing functions from outside sources. You are given infinite running time and infinite memory, and judgement and which number is largest will be placed on my shoulders, unless I cannot decide, then we will take the matter to MSE. Thank you and enjoy
Oh yeah, and submissions are to be here
You have a week or so (or whatever) to finish your code
:-| So that's how you advertise a contest... @amWhy
11:25 PM
@SimplyBeautifulArt Nice question.
11:36 PM
@projectilemotion I guess. But I couldn't figure out how to explain my number in terms of size!
@SimplyBeautifulArt Yes, it seems quite difficult to answer. But I think someone will know.
Summon the googologists
11:58 PM
@BrevanEllefsen @S.C.B. @s.harp @AkivaWeinberger @Randal'Thor @TheGreatDuck @YuriyS @user21820 @user400188 @DHMO @Maks @MartinSleziak @Mahmoud @Nisman @ZachGershkoff @xihocipi
Sorry for the crazy pings, but my number is now on display. Pinged everyone I thought might take interest in looking at my number, regardless of whether or not you are in the competition.
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