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12:03 AM
@PaulVargas It probably is more of a "Roy" but at the same time the "be" is not separate from the R either. I'm not so much dividing syllables with the dashes as the sounds. "Beh-roy-eye-ahs" but there are not accent marks to inform emphasis. I suspect its on the "eye" since its the middle of three vowel sounds.
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2:40 AM
@Joshua Unfortunately I don't have time now to discuss... perhaps in the morning I'll have more thoughts. But I tend to think that questions directed at "Catholicism" that don't have an "official" answer can be treated like questions asked of Protestant traditions – it should be made clear that it's not the view of the Church, per se, but that it's the view of prominent Catholic theologians.
so quoting Aquinas, Calmet, and Ott can make a good answer if the Catechism simply doesn't deal with the issue.
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3:45 AM
What Christianity says about other religions?
4:27 AM
@Ramanujan There a range of different beliefs within Christianity about other religions: from believing that they all (or mostly) include similar laudable objectives to believing that they involve the worship of demons and are leading people astray.
5:07 AM
@PaulVargas that depends on what pronunciation you're using: Erasmian, modern, or some form of reconstructed classical/koine
@Joshua it's actually more about ecclesiology and authority
@Joshua papal, conciliar, presbyterian, congregational, etc.
5:39 AM
@PaulVargas BibleHub says ber-oy-ah'-yos.
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1:34 PM
@Joshua Okay, but Calvin isn't in any sense "official" if the question is asking about "Reformed theology." There are of course differences between Calvin, Westminster, Dort, and Jonathan Edwards, not to mention Karl Barth. On a point where there isn't general agreement in "Reformed theology," then the best we can do is provide an overview of the different views, and that's exactly what I'd expect to see in the case of a question asked about Catholicisim where there is no official position.
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3:29 PM
@Dan Erasmian. :)
3:57 PM
@PaulVargas then Βεροιαῖος would sound like this (click the little speaker and hear it for yourself). The rolled 'r' in the recording is a little flair and isn't required for Erasmian (but isn't wrong, either - Erasmian is a purely pedagogical pronunciation)
@PaulVargas If you want to know how it may have sounded to a native Koine speaker, check out this paper
@Dan I've heard that before. :) I want to build a tool that generates text and that this text is recognized by a TTS.
I have a friend with visual weakness.
@Dan Thank you for that link.
4:41 PM
Q: How to ask, "Does anyone address this 'Why does God allow...' question"

GreatBigBoreI would like to know whether there are any scholars, or philosophers, or doctrines -- or really, anyone at all -- in any sect or denomination of Christianity, who address the question, "Why does God allow millions of people who earnestly seek him to be so wrong that they would go to Hell?" (I'm t...

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6:41 PM
Q: Not believing in the esoteric Nittelnacht

Mark A.Is there any problem with a person believing that the esoteric reasons given for not learning on "Nittelnacht" (forces of impurity becoming strengthened from the limud ha'torah) are stupidity and false ideas? I happen to think that these ideas are beyond stupid but those around me tell me that if...

7:07 PM
Hi @GreatBigBore.
Hi @LeeWoofenden, thanks for the invite
@GreatBigBore You're welcome. Since your question was deleted, maybe you could briefly rephrase exactly what the question is?
@LeeWoofenden My ultimate question is, why would God allow people who really want to find him not find him.
I realize that's not an SE question, so I asked, does anyone address this particular question, in the hope of finding someone who does address it
I also realize that many people address the broader "how can a god of love be reconciled with hell" question, but I was hoping for something more specific
@GreatBigBore The general answer, from a Swedenborgian perspective, is that God doesn't allow this. And not because "everybody has a chance to be a Christian," but because "everybody has some knowledge of God, or at least some higher good, and if they follow that, they will ultimately find God."
Perhaps I was also guilty of "asking for external resources" -- I'm just now realizing that
@LeeWoofenden Ah, yes, the best answer
7:11 PM
@GreatBigBore I have many articles that address this in various ways. Here are a couple to start with: If there’s One God, Why All the Different Religions? and: Is Jesus Christ the Only Way to Heaven?
@GreatBigBore And to get right to the far end of things: Do Atheists Go to Heaven?
I've heard that one from many, although I don't hear it from "true" Christians, by which I mean, Christians who go around telling others that they're not true Christians. Suspiciously, "true" Christians are the ones who also think all Muslims are going to Hell.
@LeeWoofenden Thank you very much. I will read those, and probably others
@GreatBigBore I don't think they're "true" Christians. Of course, that puts me in a Catch-22, doesn't it? ;-)
Ha! I didn't think of that one
Oh, but wait, you don't go around telling others they're not true
That's the key distinction
@GreatBigBore But joking aside, I think that mainstream Christianity has long since gone far off the rails doctrinally. However, anyone who actually lives by what Jesus taught is still a "true Christian," regardless of the particular doctrinal fallacies that may be banging around in his or her head.
You are making me realize that I am coming from a very emotional perspective
And that is perhaps the real reason that my questions can't fly on SE
7:16 PM
@GreatBigBore I do go around telling people that their doctrines are not truly Christian. But as to whether the person is truly Christian, that, in my view depends not primarily on what the believe but on how they live pursuant to what they believe. Specifically, do they have "love one to another," which Jesus himself said was how we'll be able to tell if someone is his follower.
Yes, behavior rather than fire insurance. I wish I had met your god and/or your Jesus when I was a terrified child
@GreatBigBore Speaking of emotions, I get both very upset and very angry when I really think about the awful things people get told while growing up and as adults by their so-called "Christian" leaders.
That makes two of us
I'll go read your blog posts. I appreciate your help. I wish you peace, luck, and all the blessings of your very kind deity
Really, I think that mainstream Christianity has gone so far off the rails from what Jesus, and the Bible generally, teach that they do not qualify as "Christian." But once again, that is from a doctrinal perspective. What is taught as "Christianity" in most of institutional Christianity simply is not taught in the Bible.
I express that also in a number of articles on my blog, one of the most recent and extensive being: "Today’s Christianity: Vastly Void of Truth‌​."
@GreatBigBore But the ones I linked for you earlier will be more positive and will better address the particular question you asked. I hope you find them helpful. Many blessings to you and yours in the new year!
Ah, I was already reading "...Void of Truth". Thank you. Be well.
8:03 PM
@GreatBigBore If you find the "Vastly Void of Truth" article interesting, and want more on the doctrinal side of things, here is another article that I was also thinking of when I referred you to that one (I got the two a bit mixed up in my mind): Does Doctrine Matter? Why is it Important to Believe the Right Thing?
I have now added mutual links back and forth on those two articles.

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