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12:21 AM
@Darjeeling i don't see a hat on you yet
only have one, not sure how I get that, but it doesn't look good an my picture
gotta find another picture or another hat
do we have hat list now?
@Darjeeling i got 2, the Darth Vader one and the bugged First Responded hat which i'm not removing
oh son of a bitch it just dissappeared
@Darjeeling refresh the main page or check your profile for the winterbash links
12:37 AM
user image
Winterbash has begun! if you post a cute or cool relevant image in this chat room within ±12 hours of the UTC New Year’s you will get a star
@Memor-X weird, mine just disappear as well
@Darjeeling the tophat that says 2017? yeh that was bugged
we shouldn't be getting that until the end of the year
maybe, I don't remember which hat lol
1:22 AM
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/aba3004ab3636065081033d7789d6a0d?s=328&d=identicon&r=PG | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/aba3004ab3636065081033d7789d6a0d?s=328&d=identicon&r=PG | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/aba3004ab3636065081033d7789d6a0d?s=328&d=identicon&r=PG | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/aba3004ab3636065081033d7789d6a0d?s=328&d=identicon&r=PG | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/aba3004ab3636065081033d7789d6a0d?s=328&d=identi
@Darjeeling yeh the link is giving me "Error 503 Backend fetch failed"
@Unihedron ^
oh sec
accident ^^"
1:36 AM
@Unihedron what did you do?
@Memor-X forgot to uncheck a gravatar setting box
@Unihedron well fix it so we can download it
try refresh
the picture is from twitter.com/panno_mimi
@Unihedron working now
@Unihedron is the series called panno mimi?
@Memor-X it's the artist
idk if there's a series
1 hour later…
2:55 AM
When you forgot to do all of your homework and school is in 11 hours...
3:14 AM
Q: is it possible for Edward Elric to get his gate back?

actionrandellwhat i mean is that the basic rules of alchemy are equivalent exchange. so could Edward get his gateback by using something as an equivalent exchange for his gate. like lets say Edward got a hold of a philospher's stone could he exchange the power of the stone for a brand new gate? my belief is t...

@KyeIsNotAGuy depends on the kind of homework
i did a 30 page Design Document Assignment for Games Development back in university in about 12 hours. this was the first 12 hours of receiving the assignment which was due in 3 weeks
another classmate did it all in notepad. we gave our teacher a run for his money
2 hours later…
4:54 AM
Q: Questions regarding Goku's special training as shown in Dragon Ball Super Episode 71

user 170039In Dragon Ball Super Epsiode 71 Goku is shown to have some kind of special training. It seems that Whis knows what Goku is doing but doesn't want to tell Vegeta. My questions are, What is the special training that Goku is currently undergoing? Why Whis doesn't tell Vegeta about this? Why Beer...

5:05 AM
Q: Why didn't Edward Elric get his leg back?

BejAt the end of Brotherhood, Edward sacrifices his gate in order to bring back Al with his body. While doing so, the truth guy of Ed says that "take everything you want". So why didn't Ed get his leg back, when he can get everything if he sacrifices his gate?

5:16 AM
Q: 「Bakemonogatari Episodes 1-2」 Is the Crab God a metaphor?

Max LiI'm new to the Monogatari series; got into it because Nisio Isin wrote Medaka Box and also GIFs I found online. Question is, how much of the content in the show can be chalked up to hallucination, etc.? Is the crab god really there? Or is it a metaphor for her not carrying her trauma, thus she is...

@Sakamoto yes, because Meme Oshino is just a huge pervert who keeps a loli as a pet and feeds her doughnuts
1 hour later…
6:46 AM
@Sakamoto wtf actual qn and answer :000
1 hour later…
8:06 AM
8:32 AM
@кяαzєя Nice, ill be joining the discord tonight then
2 hours later…
10:06 AM
yo yo yo
morning whatsup
winterbash has started
oh lord
Guess this year I will go harvest hats for a change
10:10 AM
ho ho ho
user image
@Dimitrimx great
@AnkitSharma hey
long time no see
@Dimitrimx hehe
@ColdFire I mostly stay in neighboring site. Considering this site for my 3-site hat hunt ;)
@AnkitSharma so common name ankit
10:19 AM
@ColdFire Are you provoking me to blame my parents for being lazy in picking name O.o
@AnkitSharma lol no my name is ankit too
ohhh okay, I can feel ur pain :p
when his avatar looks small @AnkitSharma's looks like an anime girl with that hat on
lol true
10:25 AM
lol i thought it was an anime girl
@Memor-X holy moly, I look like a anime girl O.o
@AnkitSharma celebrate!
@ToshinouKyouko you can tell when you see his un-hatted avatar on the right
Or better change my hat to look like a guy
unless your using a script to hide that section
10:26 AM
uff chat profile taking time in changing hat
thank you cacheing
uhuuun evil cacheing. Even chat profile refresh not working
@AnkitSharma now it is. i see your taco
but mini anime girl Ankit has be preserved for the ages
10:34 AM
yeah preserved
@AnkitSharma i love the mods
lol mods get all the hate
@ColdFire i love tosh and krazer especially
10:40 AM
10:51 AM
@Memor-X lol
@Tyhja awwww
@ColdFire not here or on movies.se ;)
some modaboose here
11:10 AM
1 hour later…
12:19 PM
@AnkitSharma does not compute ~_~
@Tyhja 0101 0011 0101 1110
5 hats
12:36 PM
1 hat \\o//
@ColdFire doesn't count unless you get them on Anime and Manga
@Memor-X well i am a Active So member not here
i am only active here in chat
1:03 PM
@ColdFire Time to bring a change into that ;)
@Dimitrimx i have 1 hat here too \o/
@Dimitrimx well i have answered one question atleast
@ColdFire Thats like me on So ~~
@Dimitrimx haha
all though, maybe a bit more
considering I am in the top 5% of unity :p
yeah 1.2k rep is good
1:10 PM
i have almost 6.5k rep on SO now
waiting to get 10k
nice. I should answer some popular tag questions. Unity questions are very undervisited / voted/
i see
well now it is the same for all tags
rep is pretty hard nowadays
although c++ still booms
Good thing I know c++
runs of to the c++ section
1:44 PM
@ColdFire 7 :P
@AnkitSharma wow nice
@Memor-X then 2 :(
Is suggested order on topic here ???
suggested order?
@AnkitSharma i mean what do you mean by ontopic here?
1:49 PM
@ColdFire I am not so regular here and want to ask a question which si suggested order one and want to see if it have scope here
i see
Blame Polymath and Running Ragged hats
2:05 PM
1 hour later…
3:13 PM
A serious code review about code written in a joke language? And asking about the idiomaticity of said code? Sometimes I wonder about this place. — fluffy Aug 30 '14 at 3:17
I am so happy that is not an actual language. If I would have to make games in that, I would switch careers asap :|
i got a secret hat
@ColdFire What did you break ;o
3:40 PM
Q: Which organs produce chakra? Can we make a mathematical model for the calculation of chakra?

Haziq rohail![ this ia an image of chakra system. My question is how can we foem a mathematical equation for total chakra... rellating it to persona body mass or muscle mass etc... (https://i.stack.imgur.com/zTjWX.gif)

4 hours later…
7:11 PM
Q: Highschool DxD multiple questions

Mahesvara So when humans die, I'm assuming they either go through the whole reincarnation cycle or heaven if it's the christian god like the church believes in the anime/novel/manga. So what happens when Devils die? or Fallen Angels? or even just Angels? My assumption was that when Angels died they would ...

2 hours later…
8:57 PM
@AnkitSharma asking production or chronological order is. asking "what order do you think is best" asking for opinions isn't
though we don't have a separate tag for it since you can really only ask it once or twice for a series
@ColdFire yo
1 hour later…
10:18 PM
Q: Is Obu in love with Shiraiyuki?

MindwinObu the former thief former hired thug now the prince's messenger charged with guarding the beautiful red-haired herbalist, at times seem out of his game when gazing at the damsel. It is hinted in the anime, i was wondering if more solid evidence is available from the printed story. Is Obu in l...

10:31 PM
Q: My Neighbor Totoro copyright and its holder

FlasH from RuThis may be a strange question but I'm still curious :) So it all started with noticing my bank's offer for a custom-design credit cards. And I decided to create a fancy Totoro card from an image like that - it fits perfectly and will definitely make my life a little brighter ^_^ But it's not t...

dam it i'm getting hats from everywhere but Anime and Manga
oh wait i'm forgetting i got that yeti hat on anime too
11:20 PM
Visuals in anime are certainly better than in manga.
@Abyx more money and colour
more frames
@Abyx that's what the more money is used on
i take it your talking about Knights of Sidonia?
it's really sad that many dialogs and minor plot elements didn't get into the anime, while action scenes look really pretty
11:36 PM
@Abyx people like action more

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