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5:43 AM
"should one buy a house or rent it?" seems offtopic to me
@Mr_Green Ok, n.p., you can vote to close :) (see this comment).
As for the original question I wanted to ask, I think it fits under "Academic questions about Hindu philosophical thought." from our guidance on on-topic Q's. But you can vote-to-close, I don't really mind because I was forced to ask that way :) — sv. yesterday
@Abhishekgurjar Is that a smiley? :)
6:01 AM
@iammilind Regarding this comment:
Pandya, "KeshavSrinivasan AnkitSharma is this ok? Just want to make sure my contribution may not harm mistakenly." By asking for approvals of moderators in chatroom, while answering a question which criticises their actions; You are making a joke of this question, by such answer. Can't you rely on yourself? @sv. do you really agree that this kind of "discussing in chat-room may help" "KeshavSrinivasan Feel free to fix/correct my answer if needed"? — iammilind 21 mins ago
come on guys keshav is a nice guy.. we should stop debating with him. just saying. your wish though.
@iammilind I cannot speak for Pandya :)
@sv. I understand he said to post it.. but he didn't forced you right?
anyway, lets not debate you guys contributed well. hope you will continue the same
@Mr_Green Yeah, I have no issues with Keshav re: the below question.
Q: According to Hindu scriptures, should one buy a house or rent it?

sv.A common problem faced in modern society is the question of buying a house vs. renting a house. My questions are: Do Hindu scriptures recommend one to buy and live in their own house instead of renting one, or vice versa? If so, what reasons do they give? Does Hindu scripture discuss whether ...

@Mr_Green "As for the original question I wanted to ask, I think it fits under "Academic questions about Hindu philosophical thought." from our guidance on on-topic Q's." -- This is a policy issue. We state some rules in Help Center but adopt different rules in not allowing certain type of Q's.
6:13 AM
@Mr_Green 3 downvotes on this Qn, not sure why.
Q: Is the moderator justified in deleting this answer?

sv.The following answer to How to start reading Bhagavad Gita? is deleted by one of the moderators here. Is the moderator justified in deleting the entire answer just because it contains a link to one particular book? I don't think so. I actually found the answer very informative although it include...

@Mr_Green Usually I try to ask objective Q's instead of blaming a mod.
@Mr_Green hahaa i am trying to make joining of hands as in namaskar i don't know why another slash didn't appeared :p.
@Mr_Green I didn't like the way the mod handled that post, looked like he got very upset :P We need mods to be more patient.
@Mr_Green Comments welcome on this answer.
I didn't participated in that post. Idk about it
@sv oh man, i don't have hold of this chat program right now. but i am trying
A: Should we change at least one of our current moderators?

sv. Question: Regardless of any other user becoming moderator, do you feel that we need a change in leadership or direction, on how things are done on Hinduism.SE? Yes, I think we need a change; bring in new moderators. Particularly because we currently only have one moderator who's very active....

@Abhishekgurjar Ha Ha! namaskara, to you too!
6:17 AM
maybe they are not happy.. they means community members
community members will downvote when they disagree.. It is not necessary to comment as it is necessary on main site
@Mr_Green Yes, possible. But I suspect it's the other mods downvoting, we can never know :)
haha lol
just assume it might be a community member
I get lot of downvotes everytime on meta post. sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't :)
@Mr_Green I need to understand the Q first to understand your answer .. LOL .. my head is overloaded right now :P
6:33 AM
it is about chat languages. many people agree there that it should be only english. but I was saying it should be that groups native language. which nobody liked :)
@Mr_Green Hello,
> "come on guys keshav is a nice guy.. we should stop debating with him"
You are getting it completely wrong. We also love Keshav, as much as you do. We just have problems with Mod's policies. Especially the "targetting of users" where Mod's own thinking doesn't match.
Like how Gandhiji said, "I don't have problem with Britishers, but with their policies" :-)
Hope you understand
lol ok
I don't know about the targeting part.
Besides, I also see that many people are not participating in meta. If the current problem are not resolved, then someday the user who can check the mods, will diminish.
Then neither there will be justice seeker nor any justice.
6:43 AM
I don't participate either. I just show up when something spicy going on.. like your question :)
And you add more spice by taking sides (either Mod or user)
instead of requesting to remove a mod, it might be better to ask for justification
nah seriously I am fan of keshav :P
I know him from more than 2 years, he helped me alot
^ 2 not 3
@Mr_Green Agree with you.
In any case, we want a new Mod who can counter or put a check on the current actions. If we again have a "Yes Man", then we will be in a cycle.
6:52 AM
Actually I felt that this chat room may not be appropriate for discussing Mod related issues. But if we re-read the name, then it seems fine!!

"What exactly is a [moderator] leela?"
7:04 AM
@Mr_Green I think we should try to keep a users reputation and his good work on main site separate from the mod role. It's difficult to think like that. Which is why some people will not and cannot hate Salman Khan :P
They are wired to love him and his movies .. e.g., if he killed American Bald Eagle also which is a protected species here in the US due to their low population, sorry no more movies :)
you from US?
@Mr_Green Yes.
no comments on his moderation though. Looks good to me as I have seen.
@sv. nice Keshav is from US too :P
@Mr_Green Sure, the 'Salman Khan' effect :)
@Mr_Green I know ...
whatever man..
where exactly in US?
7:10 AM
@Mr_Green Ok, bye for now, we'll ping you when there's again some action on meta :P
@Mr_Green D.C.
ok bye :)
@sv. BTW, from US it reminds me that I have put something related to "American Dream" in my answer. Here is the source of that part.
qr.ae/THeJQE ==> What do economists think about buying vs renting a house?
@iammilind ok, cool, but exactly the kind of answer/references which Keshav didn't want people trying to address :P as now my question and your answer suddenly seem not related to Hinduism in anyway. I may delete that question altogether, BTW, if I don't see good response.
Things are cheaper in US compare to India
planning to buy PS4 pro but it is for 50k here and in US 26k
7:14 AM
@Mr_Green Oh ya? It costed me 50k rs for dental issue in India vs. 10,000 USD here in US .. medical costs are damn high. "Grass is greener on the other side" dude ..
Catch u guys later. Bye.
holy shit
maybe fun part is better in US
ok bye

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