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2:14 AM
in Math Mods' Office, 5 hours ago, by Asaf Karagila
Ugh. I hate arguing with people about tags. Specifically about logic and set theory tags.
There is a new tag called . Could it be useful? Should it be removed?
Q: Prove that $\frac{\frac{1}{11}+\frac{1}{12}+\dots+\frac{1}{200}}{\frac{1}{10*11}+\frac{1}{11*12}+\dots+\frac{1}{19*20}}>19$

Taha AkbariProve that $$\dfrac{\dfrac{1}{11}+\dfrac{1}{12}+\dots+\dfrac{1}{200}}{\dfrac{1}{10\cdot11}+\dfrac{1}{11\cdot12}+\dots+\dfrac{1}{19\cdot20}}>19$$ My attempt:The denominator is $\frac{1}{20}$ using telescopic series. $\frac{1}{10*11}+\frac{1}{11*12}+\dots+\frac{1}{19*20}=\frac{1}{10}-\frac{1}{11}...

Is it the correct name for this notion?
In mathematics, a telescoping series is a series whose partial sums eventually only have a fixed number of terms after cancellation. The cancellation technique, with part of each term cancelling with part of the next term, is known as the method of differences. For example, the series ∑ n = 1 ∞ 1 n ( n + 1 ) ...
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3:00 PM
A: Tag management 2016

Martin SleziakA synonym binomial-theorem $\to$ binomial-coeffiecents has been suggested. I think that the two tags are different enough to stay separate. (So upvotes on this post means that you are against the synonym and downvotes mean that you are for the synonym.) The main reason I brought it up is that...

I have brought up on meta the two binomial tags which have already been mentioned here in chat.
I see that you have suggested a synonym between (binomial-theorem) and (binomial-coefficients) tag. I wanted to let you know that there is a post on meta about this synonym. In general, I think that it is better to discuss synonyms first on meta. (As I tried to tell you before, but it is possible that my previous messages did not reach you.) — Martin Sleziak 52 secs ago
I have also notified the user who suggested the tag synonym, — Martin Sleziak 14 secs ago
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7:10 PM
@MartinSleziak It seems that I was not the only one to notice that.
I'll ping you here, since I have no other way to reach you. I have noticed a flurry of tag edits from you recently. Some of them are useful, but a significant number of them are not, and I have seen myself forced to reject them. What's happening, how come you've got fixated on tags? It looks like you are after the "Research Assistent" badge; now imagine - what if we all began editing the same tag descriptions in order to get this badge? It would be total chaos, no edit would live more than a few days, being superseded by another one... — Alex M. Oct 15 at 12:27

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