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12:47 AM
Q: How durable is MCU Cap's bodysuit?

Destiny DarrenWhat are it's durability feats shown, and how is it possible that it's like that? Anything works, as long as it's canon. It would help explain many misconceptions about Civil War as well...

2 hours later…
3:13 AM
Q: How durable is the MCU Captain America's bodysuit?

Destiny DarrenIn the comics it seems to be little more than cloth, but in the movies it doesn't look like it's cloth. It looks tactical and practical, almost like modern day military gear. Is there any evidence of how durable it is?

7 hours later…
10:09 AM
Q: Who is black panther's bodyguard?

Ocean KnightNatasha Romanoff comes face to face with one of Black Panther's bodyguards/ security. IMDb lists the actress Florence Kasumba as the Security Chief. Is there any information on who this is in the Black Panther marvel universe?

9 hours later…
Q: Is Obama part of MCU or not?

styksDuring episode 11 of the new Marvel/Netflix Series Luke Cage the main antagonist Diamondback tells a goon in reference to councilman Boone to Take Diet Obama upstairs (03:24). So, I've seen this answer about President Ellis, and am now wondering: Luke Cage definitely seems like a part of t...


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