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12:25 AM
I was stuck for a huge amount of time in the hunt because I was subtracting 1666-653 = 1031
could you please suck a bit less in math, ffao?
Alphametic puzzle for anyone who's interested (if you don't know what an alphametic is, look it up):
BTW, alphametics are also known as "cryptarithms".
12:44 AM
Why not post it as a question?
Because I figure it'll be solved quickly enough to not be considered one.
12:59 AM
Q: Seeking puzzle submissions for a literary magazine

Beechwood ReviewWould you want to be a part of a minimalist literary review? My name's Richard Heby. I edit and publish a 100-page Beechwood Review, featuring minimalist writing and art, with poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art, and a lot in between. For the third issue of Beechwood Review, I'd love to include a...

8 hours later…
8:50 AM
I pronounce @Deusovi 's username Dyoo-soe-vee. :P
And strangely I pronounce it Desuvi.
Reminds me of the volcano Vesuvius
2 hours later…
11:12 AM
@MariaDeleva, same here
So I am not the only one :)
And I pronounce it Doy-so-vee, because that's how it would probably be pronounced in german... Maybe a poll should be started? :P
@Deusovi, how do you pronounce your name?
He said earlier he pronounces it different every time
Oh well thats helpful :P
11:24 AM
12 hours ago, by Deusovi
@Randal'Thor That's... pretty much how I pronounce it. There's no "official" pronunciation or anything, and I even 'say' it different ways at different times.
11:36 AM
@MariaDeleva, am I on the right track on the healthy words^TM^? Will has made a comment which has made me unsure...
You are barking under the wrong tree :)
I was just about to write a comment there
But it is a nice idea
aaah okay. I'll leave the answer there in case someone has the same idea without realising I've already thought of it incorrectly...
That's a good idea :)
I was so convinced when it had oranges! :P
That's just a coincidence :)
But as Will pointed out - Acai is also a superfood and happens to be in the unhealthy column
11:42 AM
A few of the others in the unhealthy column are bound to have some superfoods as well
Possibly. :) But the pattern is different
12:22 PM
I had also tried the "contains something healthy to eat" angel and really gotten nowhere. I didn't think about superfoods, though. But I liked that Astronomics contains roast.
I'm still stuck at this one point on diamond 2.... (Which has nothing to do with a diamond. :P)
As long as I can solve it, post it! :P
:P I can't post it if I can't create it...
Sci is being very unhelpful.
Thats probably because you'll get all the rep when you post :P
I'm not preventing him from creating puzzles of his own...
He can create his own HNQ question.
Anyway, he has enough rep on SO - he doesn't need any here :P
What on earth? I have access to a review queue on SO?
I have no rep there.
1:16 PM
@LukasRotter since I started taking German, I've been in the habit of pronouncing "eu" as "oy" where ever I see it
1:37 PM
How do you pronounce 'Deusovi'?
Whatever happened to this:
If the community needs a way to handle spoilers in comments, we'll find a solution :) — Stéphane Apr 6 at 7:40
I guess nobody was persistent enough
Q: An Inside View To One Thing Outside

John You have seen me on the street I am someone you try to meet But I cut things as soon as I see them Forming things before I meet them What am I?

2:24 PM
Aghhh @BeastlyGerbil how could you? You made it blue.
personalisation :P
2:40 PM
I am still pushing off part of diamond 2. I need more incentive to submit myself to creating math problems :P
3:07 PM
@Mithrandir Yeah, Deus as in Zeus. That was how I began to think it was probably supposed to be pronounced, after having been saying "Day-uss-oh-vee" for a while.
I say Du - Soo - Vi
So ... Healthy and Veteran Words ...
Dammit, I've never been able to solve one of these ™ puzzles!
the tags are important for mine... only hint I'm giving
Yeah, I thought they might be.
> A puzzle that heavily depends on linguistic features; for instance it may concern foreign languages, or only work in some particular language, or be built around a peculiarity of the English language.
But that still leaves a lot of possibilities.
"built around a peculiarity of the English language" - well, aren't they all in a way?
Well English is only a part of 'language' for mine...
3:15 PM
Oh wait, I think I might have it!
If you do you'll understand 'veteran'
First I thought maybe the words on the left were mentioned more often in the good ol' times, but laser obviously instantly crushed that idea.
The graph says it all...
Is no one upvoting my question because I made the table blue? :P
testing part of diamond 2 now. It appears that I made one minor mistake in the last part, debating whether or not I should fix it...
@BeastlyGerbil Blue is my favourite colour. Have a +1.
3:21 PM
Yay, you're very close by the way but not correct
Most of the imes I only upvote questions once they are solved, to see if the solution is ridiculous or not. But sometimes I upvote trusted userbefore.
German, maybe?
Mine too. +2. Eer, +1.
And veteran is because... Anyone?
3:22 PM
@LukasRotter That's what I thought, but "sauce" seems to fail.
It does?
Hang on
@Rand the 'Bingo!' seemed to counter that
Not unbedingt :P
@Randal'Thor, I most have put it into translate incorrectly.
3:25 PM
@BeastlyGerbil No, it's OK. Google Translate gives me Soße as the main translation, but Sauce is also listed as one of the options.
Yes! My mistake turns out to be beneficial!
@Beastly Is there something I'm not getting to the significance of "veteran", or is it just that Britain, France, and Germany are (to a Brit) the best-known countries involved in both World Wars?
I mean, there's Russia and Italy and a bunch of other countries with their own languages that were also involved.
The main 3 were Britain france and germany... some of the other countries wouldn't work as well
@BeastlyGerbil ... the "main 3"??!!
No they weren't.
Who was then?
3:31 PM
You've just offended a large proportion of the population of Europe and the world.
This is specifically WWI
I doubt many countries want the tag of 'main country involved in WWI' :P
More Russians died in WWI than people from any other country.
That was more starvation, not due to other countries
Ditto for WWII.
Maybe for WWI it's not quite so offensive to say it revolved around those three little western European countries.
Well, Russia wouldn't work for the puzzle and I don't think Hungarian would ether :P
I created the puzzle with WWI in mind
The fighting took place in France, Gerany invaded and Britain pushed them out. That was the reasoning. Russia dropped out the war due to a revolution halfway through
3:38 PM
Russia and Germany both had revolutions in 1917.
Germany stayed in the war though. Russia completely pulled out
@Randal'Thor I think if anyone would find it offensive the question would've been downvoted quickly after the solution was posted. It's not like he posted something like a "What's a Twin Word™?" puzzle today. But I get it, it's nice to have a discussion :P
I don't know so much about WWI (although I do know that it started in central Europe and involved countries from all over the world). I was thinking more about WWII when I reacted so strongly.
@LukasRotter I'm sure plenty of people in Russia or Japan who lost their families and friends in the war would be offended by the suggestion that it was all about Britain, France, and Germany. I can't see why they'd downvote the question though - flag the comment, if anything (which I didn't, btw).
Also, Twin Word?? oh, nvm, got it
I doubt many people can remember relatives who died in WWI tbh
Russia and Italy did play a big part, but Russia dropped out, and Italy switched sides.
3:47 PM
Yeah, so again it's not so bad since you were thinking of WWI. I think the last surviving WWI veteran died a couple of years ago?
The main reason I didn't include them was simply its hard to find words the same in German, French, English, Russian, Hungarian, Japanese and Italian which are the same
@Randal'Thor Sorry, I don't see how the puzzle (or the comment under your answer) implies that it only revolved around these three countries. The three languages he found to have similar words just seem to fit into the WWI theme.
Oops meant she above, missed the s
@BeastlyGerbil Of course. There's nothing wrong with the puzzle - on the contrary, it's a good puzzle :-)
I just like a debate :P
3:52 PM
And the fact that "veteran" is the same word in all three languages is certainly convenient.
41 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
Dammit, I've never been able to solve one of these ™ puzzles!
Flagged as obsolete :-D
I've never solved one. I'd swear I had it for this one but unfortunately not
I'm looking at that one too.
You may be on the right lines. When there are some X Words and some Extra X Words, it usually seems to mean that "X Word" = "contains the letters of a something-or-other word" and it's Extra X if there are two something-or-other words hiding in there.
Apparently I missed out on 180 rep by being dumb enough to post a comment instead of an answer because I thought -- is an invalid operation... apparently it isn't.
There are a few Extra Healthy Words which might help
I thought they may contain two superfoods but no
I'd focus on Generous as its the shortest which narrows down possibilities
5 hours ago, by Maria Deleva
You are barking under the wrong tree :)
Seems I wasn't on the right track though...
4:13 PM
@BeastlyGerbil That was my thought too. I see GREENS in there, and also SORE.
It would have been a good answer that...
Monarchist contains CHROMA ... Macaroons contains MAROON ...
Aerodynamics contains CYAN and RED, and it's Extra Healthy.
manshu contains HUMANS
Generous contains Green...
@manshu And humn is missing an A.
Lost my 'a' in a bet to a user named 'rdvark', who's still looking for a nother sucker. Word to the wise, @Mithrandir, you have an 'a' too, watch it closely! — humn Sep 4 at 10:39
4:18 PM
Just realised @RAND is in @mithRANDir
Rand is everywhere
Not in Beastly Gerbil heh heh heh
@manshu There was a running joke on SFF for a while that we were actually the same person, after a couple of times when he joined chat just as I left.
People used to call him Mythical Rand.
It happens in this room too sometimes...
@manshu Only because I brought it up...
4:23 PM
@Mithrandir oh ...so that joke is not really a joke..
Thats just gRAND, sorry I just have to go off to do a RANDom erRAND for gRANDma. I have to fix the veRANDa after it was left in stRANDs. Then I'll read a book about a stRANDed sailor which has been bRANDed and has only bRANDy to drink. Then I'll talk to @mithRANDir or @RANDal'thor. Then i'll write a memoRANDa to my mother to buy a giRANDole.
For the price of my advice to entice lice to the nice rice device and dice mice twice in a trice, thrice a slice of ice with spice in a vice will suffice.
@BeastlyGerbil Don't make RANDom sentences
Its all too punny :P
Maybe I should go and search some Eminem rap in this competition..
4:30 PM
Okay, @Randal'Thor Seems like you got the Healthy Words thing... Gramophone contains ORANGE and Labyrinthdonot contains Blond....
@Sid Yep, I'd found ORANGE. Does BLOND count as a colour though?
@Randal'Thor I'M BACK!
Q: Why does the BFG look so old compared to the rest of the giants?

MithrandirI went to see the movie adaption of The BFG by Roald Dahl. One thing I noticed was that the Big Friendly Giant (or, as they called him in the dubbed version, the EEG,) looked like an old man. All of the rest of the giants were big, strong, bald, and young-looking. Not our BFG - he has gray hair, ...

I'm just trying to complete the list before posting my answer.
It's related to hair, maybe it's a color
4:33 PM
Why would it be Healthy though?
@Mithrandir Woohoo! :-D
Apparently, colors can be soothing to someone and relieve them of worries or something like that
ohk...now Rand is using two browsers to run two user profiles..
i am my own person.
GTG now - supper.
See ya.
see ya
4:35 PM
(closes the open browser and moves to the other one)
@Rand hungry ?
@Randal'Thor Aerodynamics also contains Crimson
@Sid Aerodynamics also contains sid
Thats the answer!
@manshu Now, how did I not notice that..
4:38 PM
how sid you not notice that?
@Sid Yep, already got that one. The only one I'm still stuck on is Labyrinthodont.
@Randal'Thor Perhaps you should post the answer.
A: What is a Healthy Word™?

rand al'thorOK, let's give this a go. A Healthy Word™ is a word which This fits because And the Extra Healthy Words™:

But why would it be healthy?
Glamoured also contains Gold.. But Are we allowed to use the same letter twice??
@BeastlyGerbil Perhaps that would be best answered by the OP...
There we go, done.
Labyrinthodont contains bloody too
@manshu Oh hey, nice tool!
@manshu Labyrinthodont contains too bloody many words.
yeah...if you look closely in that link. You will find 'tool' under 'tint'
(atleast on my browser)
idk how that link sorts different words.
How now brown cow.
@Randal'Thor I'd say so. If it's good enough for hair... And there's blonde beer and blonde ale.
5:07 PM
Q: Weird messages from a friend

Lukas RotterI'm really worried about my friend Friedrich, until today I haven't heard anything from him for the last few weeks. I decided to message him and ask if anything is wrong, and he responded with some weird messages. Now I'm even more concerned! I screenshotted the messages for you to see (I also in...

OK ,you are officially making me laugh. I love you. :)
@Randal'Thor Astronomics and Macaroons are the only correct ones.
And the definition of Healthy is not accurate.
5:30 PM
@MariaDeleva So I am on the right track then? Or what do you mean by 'correct'?
If the inclusion of MAROON and CRIMSON is important, then ... maybe it's just words for red, and not words for any colour, which are needed.
so MAROON is the reason for ASTRONOMIC and MACAROONS being Healthy even though Rand's proposed answer is wrong? That's ... surprising. MAROON means (1) a reddish-brownish colour, (2) to abandon in an isolated place, (3) a chestnut (=MARRON), and (4) a member of a particular group of former slaves and their descendants. (Plus a few obscure variations on those themes.) Presumably #1 isn't it. Maybe #3, something to do with fruits and nuts?
or indeed maybe it's just reds, but there were some words containing RED that Maria didn't approve of your answers for.
@GarethMcCaughan But not only RED. Presumably I got Glamoured and Aerodynamics only half right.
oh, I didn't notice that.
so yeah, maybe it's only reds. Healthy ruddy complexion and all that.
but didn't we already have Ruddy Words (tm) with essentially the same rule, quite recently?
@GarethMcCaughan So you're saying Healthy Word is a ruddy dup?
Only if that's what it means, which is by no means confirmed.
5:34 PM
@GarethMcCaughan No, Ruddy turned out to be something different.
Masts and rudders, remember?
I'd forgotten
anyway, I have to go and do food-related things now...
@Maria How does it look now?
Out of curiosity, @Randal'Thor , why did you capitalize your name for SFF but nowhere else?
@Mithrandir Mainly because I wanted it to stay the same here, so that I'd still be recognisable even while I wasn't active here.
Now I'm considering capitalising it everywhere.
...It's still kinda obvious even if you capitalize it.
It looks so strange to see all 6 review queues open now :P
5:48 PM
@Mithrandir Probably, but I wanted to be sure. It looked weird to me for quite a while to see people saying @Randal'Thor.
in Mos Eisley, Mar 28 at 17:30, by Praxis
Who's this @Randal'Thor? What happened to @randal'thor? :-(
@Mithrandir Wait, which site?
@Randal'Thor looks much better now :)
@Randal'Thor SFF, or course :)
@Mithrandir What, you earned over 1000 rep in drive-bys during your absence/exile/whatever?
@Randal'Thor No, I left when I had 3.7k. I have over 4k now :P
And I posted none at all in my absence.
Hello, you beastly gerbil.
Oh, so you could already see all 6 review queues when you were there before.
5:58 PM
Yeah, but it's been 6 months, so...
Did you vote to close/reopen anything? :-)
:P Not right now.
I reviewed a suggested edit and a first post.
I'm so close to getting the proofreader badge
Wait richard changed his name?
@Mithrandir No, he gave 200k rep in bounties to this Valorum guy.
6:00 PM
I finally accepted that answer :P
Q: Why did Valorum change his name from Richard?

KyloRenAny canonical reason to Valorum changed his name from Richard? Or was it just a spontaneous decision that only he can answer? I am specifically looking for a scifi.stackexchange.com canonical reason to this. However, out of universe reasons will also be accepted.

As an ex-mod, Valorum (the user, not the Senator) seems to have taken this name to express his displeasure with either the way that the site is being run, or the people who removed his mod status. - didn't he step down voluntarily?
This answer waited six months to get an accept:
A: If there are students of other religions at Hogwarts, why are only the Christian holidays celebrated?

ibidOut of universe J. K. Rowling is a Christian and as thus she wrote the books about Christianity. To me the religious parallels have always been obvious, but I never wanted to talk too openly about it because I thought it might show people who just wanted the story where we were going. Harr...

I love how people are posting questions from the scifi site in the puzzling chat room :P
in Mos Eisley, Oct 2 '15 at 7:51, by Richard
@DrRDizzle - I received an email from @Ana this morning headed "I'm asking you to step down as a moderator on Scifi Stack Exchange"
That said, let's not gossip too much about that particular event.
Yes, this might be better in Mos.
I just want to say this: looks at @Randal'Thor 's top three sites SFF, Puzzling, and ELU. looks at mine SFF, Puzzling, and... ELU.
6:09 PM
You are the same person!
I have to say the sci-fi site seems pretty dead at the moment. A question posted half an hour ago has 2 views
@BeastlyGerbil Nah, it's way more active than Puzzling :-) Which question?
That story-id one.
Q: Looking for a story about a giant lost ecological ship, and the quirky guy who became its captain

nijinekoI recall reading a book where the nondescript quirky captain of an independent starship was hired to take a group to a possible list starship. The ship was a giant ecological repository and contained tech which had since been lost. Everyone tried to board, running afoul of various creatures and d...

Joined the community just out of interest. Suppose thats the point.
A question asked one minute ago has three views..
@BeastlyGerbil Meh, story-ID questions often end up unanswered, uncommented, or even unvoted.
That would never happen with a question about Harry Potter or Star Wars or Star Trek.
6:15 PM
@Randal'Thor, I hope there never is a day when that does happen
I just feel like mentioning that my first question on SFF was closed as a duplicate of a question that wasn't the same...(Community deleted it. :P)
@BeastlyGerbil I improved your edit. :P
@Mithrandir The answer to the older question does sort of answer yours too. I have a feeling there might be a better dupe target though ...
First rep which isn't association bonus :P
Really, @BeastlyGerbil, fix everything that's wrong with the post...
6:27 PM
@Mithrandir thanks
I missed that bit. My own grammar needs brushing up :P
Yay now I can actually understand what you and randalthor talk about
Hi Deusovi
6:29 PM
We can talk in Mos Eisley about SFF now, instead of cluttering up here.
I'll ask the naive question here so I don't look naive there, why the name?
Mos Eisley? It's from Star Wars.
Q: Why is the name of main chat room "Mos Eisley"?

GhostbustersThe most active chat room of SciFi.SE is Mos Eisley which has a tagline General discussion for http://scifi.stackexchange.com. Googling the words returns that Mos Eisley is a spaceport on the planet Tatooine (Star Wars universe). Why is the chat room named after it? Any specific reason?

Totally knew that... :P
6:42 PM
Since this room seems to have turned into Mos Eisley now: In which order do you prefer to watch the star wars movies? I prefer IV, V, (I, II, III,) VI, VII. I know there's already a post regarding this on scifi, but I'd like to hear it from some people on puzzling :P
I'm... not actually a fan of Star Wars.
Mithrandir and I consider it a matter of honour to not watch Star Wars.
Hm, really? Why?
I have never watched star wars
As you can probably tell
My solution: don't watch them at all. — Rand al'Thor ♦ Jan 18 at 12:28
6:47 PM
It was awful.
The first one. I broke my oath. :/
Probably not watching the others, though.
@Deusovi Because it's crap :-)
that is a big number
Sep 8 at 18:40, by Rand al'Thor
@Mithrandir Because crap sells?
What question?
@Deusovi Yeah!
6:48 PM
And only 220 upvotes...
Oh that one.
I have not watched Star Wars either. :)
@Randal'Thor Hm, really? I'm curious about why you think that. I've never watched it myself (well, I tried watching one for about half an hour, but couldn't get into it - that was years ago though)
I was going to watch TFA, but a sick family prevented that. In fact, that's why I asked this question:
Q: Can I watch The Force Awakens without having previously watched the earlier films or read any novelizations?

MithrandirIf I have not seen any of the previous Star Wars movies, would it be possible to watch The Force Awakens and fully understand it? Does it provide enough of the background for me to know what is going on?

With 19k views.
@Mithrandir Again, I'd forgotten you were the one who asked that.
6:50 PM
Also, to whoever flagged my message as offensive - I didn't mean to offend! AFAIK there are no rules against cursing in chat, but I've edited it anyway.
@Randal'Thor ...And the Slughorn one, and the Hrung one, etc...
And you weren't cursing at anyone just generaly cursing
@Deusovi Huh, I didn't even notice that got flagged. Weird.
It was dismissed fairly quickly.
Sep 7 at 18:59, by ArtOfCode
it's because I sit in my lair all day with a flag-hammer and wait for something to get flagged
6:52 PM
Well, I can agree that I, II and III are a total waste of time, but I can't see the same with the original trilogy. But maybe that's just me, a guy who doesn't watch many movies at all and has no idea what makes a good one.
Yeah, I don't watch many movies either. I'm more into video games, and occasionally cartoons and anime.
I'm into... books.
It's actually very rare for me to watch a movie. Well, not that rare. But fairly rare.
@LukasRotter Well, I haven't watched any of them, but from what I can tell it's basically a lot of people shooting each other in space, and I hate action films. Also a screwed-up family and some really annoying characters, but I'm not sure how much of that is exaggerated for meme value.
@Mithrandir Good for you! :-D
What's the first book of WoT called again?
Eye of the world?
6:57 PM
goes to bug grandmother
I've heard the Discworld books are really good.
Q: The Grand Monarch's challenge

jmb.mageLater on, when Alice was still wondering about in the rabbit hole, she happened upon a grand monarch butterfly. The butterfly mentioned to Alice that he had a wonderful treasure to share with her, but he would not give it to her lightly. He held it up inside a small golden box. He said, "One t...

The first letters spell out 'NO LAST FIRST'
yeah, saw that
tried extracting other letters (first letters of last words, last letters of first words...) but no luck
Is there a way to really ignore tags, so that they not even show up in your feed rather than just graying them out?
Not that I know of.
7:02 PM
New hint added to @jmb.mage's cipher puzzle. I now suspect it's something to do with the points of the compass (north, east, south, west).
Go to your settings.
@LukasRotter Yes. Go to your preferences tab and change to "hide" rather than "grey out".
At the bottom of 'Preferences'.
@Mithrandir @Randal'Thor Thanks, I feel like I just called an IT help desk :P I already tried to reboot, btw
7:03 PM
Oh, huh! Didn't know that was there.
@LukasRotter Is it plugged in?
@Deusovi Which cable?
Wow, I knew something that a mod didn't! :D
@LukasRotter All of them. Make sure you plug the power strip into itself for infinite power.
in Mos Eisley, Jul 26 at 10:43, by Rand al'Thor
@Bellerephon A physicist, a chemist, and a programmer were stuck in a car which wouldn't go. The physicist checked the spark plugs and mechanical parts of the engine. The chemist analysed the chemical makeup of the fuel and the oil. The programmer said, "let's all get out of the car and get back in again".
Sep 7 at 17:57, by Rosie F
AFK (Am famished. Kitchen.)
7:30 PM
BRB. (Burgers rather burnt. :( )
I just said that because i was heading to the kitchen..
2 hours later…
9:52 PM
@Randal'Thor For the spies cipher, I am glad you got the part about the date from "Nones" and that is intended to be a clue for solving the rest of the puzzle.
@jmb.mage Perhaps 10-7-16 is a key of some kind to the numbers ciphertext?
no, but Nones is
I'm not sure exactly what a cornerstone pillar is. I'm thinking of it like a signpost or milepost of some kind ...
... which makes me think of compass directions.
Maybe each of the four lines of the numbers ciphertext corresponds to one of N, E, S, W, or something like that.
10:09 PM
that's a minor clue... where is the city with pillars
Athens? Rome?
It's not a Caesar cipher, but perhaps there are other ciphers named after ancient Romans.
10:38 PM
I shall say no more as to not spoil it

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