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12:21 AM
soooooooo anyone getting God Eater Burst 2?
@Memor-X perhaps? There seems to be cute gurls
@Frosteeze I will when it gets on sale
im considering preordering it but i dont even know what its gonna be like D;
I had it on my wishlist since april 23 lol
@Frosteeze Tell that to the pre-order victims of Duke Nukem.
@Killua dont even have to go that far...No Man's Sky LOL
12:24 AM
Oh man.
Them bugs.
@arda you pre-ordered it or just waiting for discount?
mmm yeah i guess it's better to wait ;_;
4 hours later…
4:18 AM
Q: What is the longest-running manga series that has already ended before september 2016?

MindwinAh! My Goddess manga has run from september 1988 to june 2014, and that is 25 years, 9 months. Of the manga series that have already ended by this posting (before september 2016), what is the longest-running one? Is it Ah! My Goddess? Or is there an even longer one? I'm more interested in the ...

4:29 AM
Q: what's the name of the song at the end of episode 65 A fairy tail

MarcusWhat song is this it's driving me crazy at near the end of episode 65 a fairytale natsu fighting zero and the theme is badass but when I go look for the dam thing I can't find it in the soundtrack help

5:18 AM
Q: zingbox zombie manga name?

dessidoookay so ive never used this before but my friend told me to ask my question here and maybe someone can help... okay so basically one of my other friends told me about this manga she has been reading and im not positive on the name. she said its a zombie horror manga and in the beginning its just ...

@Frosteeze are the cute girls doing cute shoujo ai/yuri things? that's what bumps it up on my list
no lol
i got the first game on PSP but i havn't played it yet so i'm not sure.
speaking on games 2 more Sega Hard girls have been revealed for the new Neptunia games. Sega Saturn and Mega Drive
man Planeptune really is bolstering it's ranks.
while i my choice of nation is determined by the CPU and not the company they represent i would really like some more Nintendo stuff get personified so Lowee isn't left behind
3 hours later…
7:58 AM
shady builder and a yakuza try and shake an orphanage of 5 mil yen when the builder quoted 250k. i say i'll handle and when i tell them they will only get the 250k they try and rough me up.
why is it that yakuza and the like keep failing to see the Muramasa i am holding and the 3 spare ones i'm carrying
2 hours later…
10:27 AM
WTF moment:
user image
@Gao high expectations for one's future
@Dragon morning
@Gao haha
10:44 AM
anyone remember the time i posted a picture of robin from one piece, i need it, can't find it, and forgot to backup
@Dragon when did you post it?
i don't remember, that's the problem
it's sometime this week
thanks so much
how did you do that
10:50 AM
that's handy
@Memor-X makes a good tagline for a (de)motivational poster
Unrelated, did the chat's search engine change? I used to be able to find pictures by searching png or jpg but I can't do so now.
muh workflow is broken
@arda i did .png and got the image of Mega Drive i posted
along with other .png stuff
@Memor-X can i get some recommendations on visual novels please
@Memor-X ahh, not png but .png
11:06 AM
also how does the fate visual novels work, i hear that the heaven's feel and ubw are just patches, or are they seperate novels
@Dragon Fate/Stay Night, Aoishiro, Amaranto, Katahane, Tears to Tiara, Kamidori Alchemy Master, Galaxy Angel, Canvas 2, A Profile, Ein no Aselia, Utawarerumono, Sekien no Inganock ~What a Beautiful People~
and any game which is apart of those series so with Fate/Stay Night look at Tsukihime, with Sekien no Inganock ~What a Beautiful People~ look at Shikkoku no Sharnoth ~What a Beautiful Tomorrow~
@Memor-X thank you, also the question before please
just that with the ~What a Beautiful~ games the writing is a bit different even in english. the translator made a joke with Inganock that you play a drinking game where every time you read "The Revival 10 years ago" or "My Right Arm" you take a shot
11:11 AM
@Memor-X I think that you'd die if you did that much shots
@Dragon depends on the version. what you describe is Realta Nua on PC. all 3 routes are separately games which are patched separately however when installed together the data comes across them so you can unlock -Last Episode- when you get all the endings
the original version all 3 routes was the single game but you needed a seperate patch to add in -Last Episode-
so i can get all three patch and apply them all at the same time
@arda yeh. but then again unless your playing the Fullvoice ReBORN version when you get to the mini game part i think you'd be too drunk to pass it
@Dragon if it's the patch from Beast's Lair (which i would suggest) the patches are 3 separate things (just in one download). you can't use one of the patches if you don't have the game installed
so if you install UBW and try to use the Fate or HW patch they wont work because you don't have them installed
@Dragon my mistake, HF, Hevens Feel
11:18 AM
so confusing
oh, and i almost forgot, Sono Hanabira
last thing, would it be possble for you to leave me a link for the game and the 3 patches?
you don't have to if it's too much trouble
all the Visual Novels i have mentioned i have played myself. there are those which i haven't played which i could recommend like the Scientific Adventure Series (Chaos;Head, Stiens;Gate, Robotic;Notes etc), Kindred Spirits on the Roof but i hold off suggesting them unless i played them
@Dragon one moment
Patch (includes all 3 routes, H/All Ages Scene Switch, PS Vita OST and OPs)
11:28 AM
the game is not included right?
@Dragon no, give me a sec
Game wesbite with link to Amazon to buy the games
WARNING: the link i have posted is ok itself however some places my outright block Type-Moon's website as adult content
@Memor-X would it be ok if i just patched the old version of fsn
@Dragon no. these patches wont work with the original one. you will need Mirror Moon's
ok thanks
problem with Mirror Moon's is that if you want the voices you need the PS2 game to extract the voices from. they wont tell you that the patch file for the voices is built not to be portable (so you can't get it from someone else). also as i said you won't get -Last Episode- unless you get another patch which i can't find anymore
11:36 AM
have you played fate hollow ataraxia
@Dragon i have it but i havn't played it.
it's funny to know that in Hollow Ataracia Shinji and Zouken are now shit scared of Sakura....and for fucken right they should be!
i'll get it just incase
this should last me for about half a year
@Dragon yeh it's been patches by Beast's Lair aswell
there is also Battle Moon Wars which is a tactics game set in the Nasuverse where you have characters from the Fate and Tsukihime series
so you can fight Sakura and an army of Shadows with Tohno Shiki
have you ever played sonicomi
11:52 AM
ermagawd my stomach...
chamomile tea is nasty
with sugar its still nasty
haven't tried it with brown sugar
luckily it goes pretty well with honey
12:34 PM
it's really innovative of interlude to begin and end each episode with a monologue by each character and the title drop in the beginning
it has probably been done before, but it's still refreshing to see this in a low-profile and otherwise average anime
12:51 PM
Q: How do you "anime recommendations"?

KaspersdfHow do you "anime recommendations"? Thanks in advance.

@PlanetExpressDelivery s i g h
1:03 PM
@PlanetExpressDelivery this is better before the edit. its like saying "how do you cheese?" or "how to you @ToshinouKyouko tomato"
How do you anime?
How do you H?
How do you loli?
How do you do??
@Gao no that doesn't really work as well as the others
it's like a proper sentence
@Memor-X okay, how about..
How do you "identification request"?
@Gao yeh i thought about that one but i avoided it. i'm starting to fear that identification requests are like saying Blood Mary 3 times in a mirror
i wonder how long it would take to visit every shrine in japan that have an offering box or accepts donations and how much it would cost you in the end using the minimum offering/donation
1:19 PM
user image
@Yuuki shouldn't the person in the middle be the guy who dies the most?
2:19 PM
looking at those amazon links i posted for Fate/Stay Night, after translation i've learned their unavailable again. also there's a box which translated to "Out of stock This product is temporarily out of stock."
these are digital products mind you so the question is how are they unavailable? or out of stock?
2:44 PM
Uploaded (UTC): 19.03.2016 12:00:28 by (38771) JNat, tag: Ao no Exorcist Movie, background
3:39 PM
A: Why is "I won't forgive you" a commonly used threat?

Khalina KingMy interpretation of the phrase "I'll never forgive you" isn't nearly as analytical as the others. As you know a lot of Japanese phases are said differently in English(can't think of an example). Anyway even after the more precise translation I still didn't get it until I read a fanmade Manga the...

4:21 PM
Q: what is a 15 hit kiss?

m04merlinIn Assassination Classroom Season 2 episode 15 we see Nagisa Shiota preform a 15 hit kiss to Kaede Kayano (aka Akari Yukimura) to help save her life. After every one is amazed that Nagisa prefomed a 15 hit kiss, but what is a # hit kiss and what does the number symbolize ?

5:20 PM
@Taisho I can't see why that needed unboxing but whatever
I can totally see that getting flagged though
maybe if there was some activity that would have moved it way up, it wouldn't be a problem
but just sitting here for all visitors to see immediately… I don't think it's safe
5:38 PM
@Hakase meh, I'm bad at understanding nsfw levels sometimes
I rather prefer to look out for not safe if left immediately visible when there is no activity
6:06 PM
@arda sexually suggestive
@ton.yeung ok
@Hakase @Memor-X @Quill @Tyhja how about making @arda RO?
I wouldn't say no if you wanted to make me a RO, but tbh that's more of your decision.
@arda yea, just letting you know i'm considering it
i like to get another two votes before making anyone RO
considering you're pretty regular here, and you host hoi hoi now
4 hours later…
9:52 PM
@arda if that is what ye wishes, then thy wish shall be granted
Oh hey
The deed is done.
Use it wisely.
@кяαzєя Will do, кяαzєя senpai.
For future notice, recomnendation from 1 RO is sufficient enough to be granted the privilege
1 hour later…
11:19 PM
@Torisuda @AyaseEri @TomoeMami I've expressed my concerns about your nominations to provide an equal criticism level to everyone. Please don't take my comments personally or let them affect your mood. No questions there are asked there to be sarcastic or passive aggressive. They are just passive. The answers to them are whatever you want to say and I will believe them and as per be nice policy, I'll assume good intent.

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