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7:09 AM
Q: Visual Studio clean/build/rebuild solution not working

benekastahThis seems to affect only when I'm trying to perform this action on either the root solution that contains all the others, or a subfolder with multiple solutions in it. I right click on the node I want to clean/rebuild in Solution Explorer and click on the action I want, but nothing happens. Any ...

I think this desperately needs to be sent to SO.
3 hours later…
10:16 AM
Wrong chatroom @surfasb :P Got my vote though
Q: Are "Hackintosh" questions allowed?

MosheI've seen questions about pirating software down voted and closed. I'm wondering if Hackintosh questions are also disallowed? If so, why?

It would be great if a mod could leave an official comment here. There's no diamond sign on this page and it doesn't look official in any way.

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