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10:00 PM
@Sam Closed as off-topic if it's "OMG DO MY HW". If it's well-researched and applicable to the community as written, I might edit out the part where the OP says it's homework.
@Gilles Comment that he appears to be asking about circumventing security policy which is off-topic, unethical and probably illegal. And close. (close with kind words, not harsh)
Homework questions with applicability in the professional environment may stay.
"Do my homework for me" questions must go.

For me this isn't a server fault thing, it's an academic honesty one. The point of homework is to learn the material. If all you learned is "Ask on ServerFault and some kind sysadmin will spoon feed it to me!" you're not preparing yourself for the real world.
As much as I like saying you don't have to know everything if you know where to look/ask, there really is some core knowledge you need to internalize.
@Holocryptic There is a reopen vote for a reason. I don't think that there is such a thing as "closed too quickly". If the OP had read the faq and asked a good question, it wouldn't have been closed at all. If they see the error in their ways and make good edits, I'd have no problem reopening it, though.
@Holocryptic Sometimes we do. If I see one of those I do try and edit it, and I've had questions re-opened by community vote before after I've done some editing on it. I'd edit the question for clarity and drop a comment saying this is a reasonable question, it just needed a bit of love. Stop hating.
@Sam If they are obviously homework questions they don't belong
10:01 PM
Holy crap, I feel like I got way behind there.
I hope I didn't miss any.
Who's your favourite Pony?
@Ward @RobMoir He did change his name to DJ Pon3, after all.
@Ward You, of course.
Derpy, of course, because my daughter loves Derpy.
I have no questions, just good luck to all the candidates.
10:02 PM
@Ward A dead pony
Sometimes yes. I usually don't vote to close such questions: I leave a comment asking for it to be reworded.
(Also sometimes I see close votes or downvotes I can't understand on questions, with no comments saying why -- I believe if we're downvoting/voting to close we owe it to the asker to say why, and I usually leave a comment to the effect of "Why with the downvoting?")
@Sam Homework questions are by definition not coming from "people who manage or maintain computers in a professional capacity", making them already borderline off-topic. But if it's an on-topic question, it's fine. Preferably making it clear that it's homework.
@Ward You.
Alright folks we're about out of time...
10:03 PM
user image
^ that
Final thoughts from the candidates please?
(I had that ready 3 hours ago...)
@MarkHenderson No, definitely not.
@RebeccaChernoff my hands hurt :P
10:03 PM
@Holocryptic Can we: yes. Should we: no. Promoting minimal effort from the Questioner isn't helping, not them and not the community. Answers for answers sake is not reason enough (though Greg House would disagree).
@Holocryptic Questions can always be edited and re-opened. Commenting on a question suggesting how to fix it when closing can go a long way.
@RebeccaChernoff Um, vote for me?! :D
Oh, and as mod, I will legalize pots.
My final thought is that you're a great community manager Rebecca, no matter what size of the ... endian. Thank you for arranging this!
@RebeccaChernoff Nothing other than thanks for the opportunity to run alongside these fine other gentlemen.
10:04 PM
Vote for Iain first, then almost any of the rest would make a good mod. Sam, Eriks, Wesley, sorry, I can't do it all from memory.
@pauska ಠ_ಠ
@Ward Applejack, since it's named after booze.
@RebeccaChernoff Apart from good luck to everyone, everyone should feel free to drop into the comms room if they have further questions for the candidates - most of us frequent it
@Ward Heh, Sam already has a diamond. Don't vote for him!
10:05 PM
I must say, it's been nice to be here not as a candidate, and I've learnt a lot about everyone, and have a clearer idea of who I'm going to vote for (and sadly, who I'm not, but that's life)
@Ward sniffle you forgot me, and I said you was my favoritiest pony! :'(
@Ward You could have mentioned me :<
Lots of questions. I think I caught up. yikes.
/me hands @ward a brown envelope
A transcript will be posted on meta within a day or so.
10:05 PM
I did, that was Eriks - multiple people named Erik.
Wait, @Sam is a sock monkey. How will that pan out if @pauska is elected?
then I luve you!!
@ward whilst I would enjoy your admiration, I don't need the votes :)
yes most of the candidates are/will be in The Comms Room for continued discussion :)
@WesleyDavid Oh.No.
10:05 PM
thanks to everyone for answering the questions with such patience
Lets go back to abusing Wesley for the "endian" comment...
Yes please, let's do that
Thanks guys, good stuff! Thanks for volunteering!
@Ward there are so many OTHER reasons to abuse him...
and @RebeccaChernoff for running this show and putting up with SF's crap ;-)
10:06 PM
If you missed any questions, just go ahead an respond now/later...it will be included in the digest.
@RebeccaChernoff Feel free to edit any obvious typos on my part :) Still getting used to this MacBook Air keyboard.
@RebeccaChernoff I like ServerFault. I want to be a mod because I think I would be good at it. Vote for me. Other then that. My top 3 is made. :). A lot of strong candidates. Even if I don't win: it's all in good fun. Good luck to all of you!
I feel no shame?
Is that a bad sign?
I didn't mean it like that at all.
You hooligans.
@Ward in the other room, not in here. q:
@WesleyDavid You say you didn't mean it that way, but we know better.
10:06 PM
If you vote for me, I will probably close half of your questions.
Okay, later..
OK, I'm outa here. I can't use this as an excuse to not help with laundry or cleaning any more :(
It was a good excuse while it lasted!
@WesleyDavid half my questions are about circumventing a firewall, in some fashion, so I believe you
yeah I'm wandering out before I pollute the transcript with more randomness...
Thanks everyone for participating and good luck to the candidates!
10:26 PM
@squillman We don't have enough active users. We need to find ways to gather them in and keep them. I think that more voting would definitely help as early on gaining rep is a good draw.
@Holocryptic I'm expecting to be much the same but to shift focus to actioning things rather than finding them. I promote SF whenever I can but try not to be preachy about it.
10:43 PM
I'm sorry I missed this. I had a cat emergency to take care of.
Am now reading the backlog.
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