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@MonicaCellio @ShmuelBrill- I'm fine leaving it as it is. We can always prune things later on if they get too wordy. No need to edit with a machete just now.
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Q: Please reconcile these chat accounts

Monica CellioToday I learned that I have two chat accounts. This one seems to be the main one, but there's also this one, which IIRC was the result of visiting one chat thread once from English.SE. I don't know what the implications are of having two chat identities, but I gather that I'm only supposed to h...

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Posted by Kevin Montrose on December 26th, 2011

More than a year and a half ago we unveiled the first version of the Stack Exchange API to the wider world.  Since then we’ve had a minor point release, improved app and script listing, and shared some statistics about the consumers of our API.

I’ve been pretty pleased with version 1.1, stackexchange.com and our chat software make extensive use of it, there are a good number of useful applications listed, and a couple of parties are pulling interesting statistics out using it.  It’s been a success, but the shine’s definitely come off; there are some use cases we didn’t support, some missing features, and just some plain-old mistakes. …

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@MonicaCellio Yes, I think we can leave it open as-is, but mine needn't be the final word on the subject. Thanks for the detailed answer.
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@IsaacMoses have you ever noticed how the way SE shows revisions is rather strange? judaism.stackexchange.com/posts/12657/revisions
@HodofHod It uses some sort of diff tool to discern and display what actually changed, so it looks like it's trying to conserve every bit of the original material that it can.
@IsaacMoses I think I've noticed that in other revisions, (but even there its strange). But here, it inserts a brand new phrase into the center of an old paragraph
It looks like it's preserving a single colon from the original post. Quixotic of diff, perhaps, but an admirable effort nonetheless.
@IsaacMoses , yes I think that question is working out now. I was just looking at our Area 51 page (before tomorrow's meeting) and was reminded that we do include "...and those who want to do more", so I'm glad we didn't close it on him.
@IsaacMoses But look here for example, possibly one of the most famous answers on SO. especially revision 5.
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@HodofHod Same phenomenon, no?
@HodofHod laugh yeah, that's some revision!
@IsaacMoses, Is it possible to ping someone from here who's not currently in chat?
@IsaacMoses No, look at this line "cannot be parsed by <strike>regular expressions. Even Jon Skeet cannot parse HTML using </strike>regular expressions. "
@jake If they've been in chat recently, I think your ping will land in their mailbox. If not, no. But mods can, using a method called a "super-ping."
@jake Mods can, I think with a double '@@'
@MonicaCellio Yeah, quite the spoil sport, that guy.
4:30 AM
@HodofHod == "Superping"
@IsaacMoses Sorry, formulated my answer before seeing yours
@HodofHod It's showing that parts of the sentence in the final version can be found in the original ramble.
@IsaacMoses Oh, well. I wanted to ping @joshwaxman to see if he can take a crack at my last couple of questions judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/12646/… and judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/12602/…. I guess this will work if it does.
@HodofHod No problem.
@IsaacMoses No, but look, it ignored the first occurrence of the term "regular expressions" in favor of the next one after that.
@IsaacMoses Also, while that revisionist did ruin the fun of that post, he did at least censor out the Jon Skeet blasphemy! (Is it (real) blasphemy to speak about Jon Skeet blasphemy?)
Also, should we anoint a J.SE equivalent of Jon Skeet?
4:35 AM
@HodofHod I've never written a diff algorithm or attempted to, so I think we've plumbed the absolute depths of insight I can offer on this.
@HodofHod Equivalents of Jon Skeet would have to be self-annointing.
... in the mi.yodeya days, there were two users who could easily share that title. Now, B"H, we have many more superstars any given day.
@IsaacMoses Laughed out loud.
@HodofHod :) (Note that I don't mean that he arrogated a title to himself, but that his glory was self-evident.)
@IsaacMoses Idk, it seems that there are still two users who consistently top the charts (at least in rep).
@IsaacMoses Sounds like a new Jon Skeet fact
@jake His email address is public at parsha.blogspot.com, FWIW.
@IsaacMoses Thanks
4:41 AM
I wonder what brought him to this site
Make that three
@YUASK I emailed him a long time ago, in the mi.yodeya days
@HodofHod Deut. 17:14?
@IsaacMoses ooooooh...... I'm trying to come up with a Jewish Jon Skeet fact without being blasphemous - not working.
Anyone present have design ability and inclination?
Q: Can you design a Community Promotion Ad for the Weekly Topic Challenge?

Isaac MosesAs reported here, we have, for a limited time, the ability to create Community Promotion Ads to help build awareness for some of our regular site promotions, and how well we utilize this new tool is going to be watched closely. So, I'd like to get a head start on ads for the features that we had...

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I'm not a graphics person, but for the Parshas Hashavua chat, we could put a picture of a shabbos table.
with a caption "Be Prepared"
@ShmuelBrill Feel free to post ideas here. Note, though, that we've already got something up for that one.
With regards to ads, is Hapardes still published?
also does anyone know how much does vinnews or theyeshivaworld charges?
@ShmuelBrill I'd never heard of it. If you can't find a web presence for it, it probably doesn't correlate very well with people who'd come here, even if it is still published.
@ShmuelBrill It seems that they both just have up "contact us" but no public rates, etc.
@IsaacMoses do you know if this site is visitable behind filters like j-net etc?
@ShmuelBrill I don't know.
@ShmuelBrill If you're interested, you could ask on Jewish Life and Learning Meta, and maybe someone who knows will answer.
5:06 AM
If not, it wouldn't pay to advertise in publications (or website) whose readers have filters.
can anybody with hebrew on their computer and patience in their system please create the "melachos" entry in the glossary so I can link to it?
OK, friends, I've gotta move on. Nice chatting with y'all. Chanuka Sameyach!
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8:56 AM
A: Jewish Life & Learning Glossary

msh210מלאכה — melacha — labor, work; especially: acts, collectively, that are forbidden on the sabbath and festivals ("does that count as melachah?") any such act ("is it a m'lacha to tear open a package?") any of the 39 major categories of acts forbidden on the sabbath and festivals ("the melacha of...

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2:45 PM
shalom all
happy chanukah!
@Neal You too!
3:19 PM
Hello, @debianek
hows that for a start?
@IsaacMoses how can i improve it?
(that a ps screenshot btw)
@Neal Thanks! Here are some ideas: 1) All text in English. 2) Add a caption saying what this is. 3) Add some sort of header to the calendar to make it clearer that it's a calendar (SMTWRFSh would be sufficient, I think). 4) Include "Judaism.SE" in the caption or elsewhere to make it clear that this is from within the community.
3:34 PM
@IsaacMoses well the community wiki ads are only shown within the community.
@Neal I know. But they're interspersed with other network ads. I want people here who see it to notice that it's local and possibly pay more attention.
... or maybe configure the week as WRFShSMT to reflect the cycle we do the challenges on
@IsaacMoses thats why the hebrew adds something. dw. twill be interspersed ^_^ that is not the final version At all
3:49 PM
@Neal I agree that having Hebrew somewhere is useful for that purpose. I like how you have it in the background. The calendar header is another possible place.
@IsaacMoses few mins, ill have another screen shot.
@Neal Thanks so much for your help!
Q: Allow editing of site-specific tag wikis in meta

Isaac MosesAs discussed here, it would be quite useful for us to create a meaningful tag wiki for weekly-topic-challenge, but unfortunately, it seems that we actually can't edit tag wikis here on Meta; tag wikis in our Meta are supposed to come exclusively from MSO. This case in particular demonstrates two...

@IsaacMoses can u edit your post here: meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/a/602/719 to use the meta tag and not the real tag? (it wont let me)
@Neal Done. (Actually, it turns out that the meta tag link may not be the most useful one, unless they fix that issue soon.)
3:57 PM
@IsaacMoses still can you edit your post?
@Neal I did.
@IsaacMoses hows that?
idk why those side bars are there, but they wont be in the final one
Posted by Lauren Gundrum on December 27th, 2011

CHAOS is a fast-paced, high-energy team that concentrates on finding new ways to promote Stack Exchange sites. So when the Stack Exchange moderators asked for some help with their grass-roots promotions, we decided to publish a series of posts outlining our most successful efforts. These posts should be helpful to any users who want to promote their own Stack Exchange community.

To kick off this “promotion seminar” series, here is a summary of previous projects, lessons learned, and links to more information. …

4:12 PM
@Neal Thanks! It looks great! We're not using "Mi.Yodeya" on any internal materials right now; I'd substitute in "Judaism.SE"
@IsaacMoses kk. im going to change that and put it up as a proposal :-)
@Neal Great! Feel free to go straight to meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/567/community-promotion-ads-2012
@Neal Thanks very much! I changed the link to meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/… because it's more self-explanatory, given that we can't edit the tag wiki right now.
@IsaacMoses hmmm okey dokey.
4:20 PM
@Everyone: Five more upvotes, and the ad goes live.
@IsaacMoses i fixed your link, i was fixing the image and accidentally removed the link
I made the background a bit lighter
@Neal ... and now, we have two ads created by different Neals.
@Neal ?
@IsaacMoses well i do go by naftali outside my office
@IsaacMoses read it lol
4:24 PM
@Neal Still, it's a funny coincidence.
@IsaacMoses lol true true ^_^
@Neal Well, thanks again. I gotta go concentrate on other stuff for a while.
1.5 hours to this meeting
@IsaacMoses oook ^_^
1 hour later…
5:40 PM
What's going on here?
@HGabriel 19 minutes to this meeting
5:55 PM
(Not meeting related) Please consider upvoting this Community Promotion Ad for the weekly topic challenge.
@IsaacMoses hmmm did someone just downvote it?
it was @2 before
Welcome to the Site Promotion Planning Meeting I'd like to try to keep this focused on the decisions at hand, at least until we resolve them: 1) Decide how much of the budget to keep in reserve for either Ambassadors or future advertising. 2) Decide which publications to advertise in now, and how much ad to buy in each. 3) Determine a concrete way forward for designing/selecting an ad design/designs. @abbytmiller
@lauren ^^
1) Decide how much of the budget to keep in reserve for either Ambassadors (if we get volunteers) or future advertising.
Hi, @Laura. Do you have any knowledge of how much Ambassador programs tend to cost?
hi all! sorry i'm late!
@IsaacMoses It really depends on how many people are involved and what you want to do
We have a comment here from ArielK indicating that he should be able to do something at YU in February.
6:02 PM
@IsaacMoses it varies... depending on how many people you have in your group and how many events you want to do
Welcome, CHAOS!
Hello :)
how is everyone today?
@Lauren So, what does sponsorship of an event usually consist of? A few pizzas plus beverages?
@IsaacMoses yeah, basically whatever food and drinks you want to order
another thing we've started to sponsor is prizes for rep contests
6:04 PM
Hi all. I take it Katey and Abby are from SE/CHAOS?
@MonicaCellio And Laura and Lauren.
@IsaacMoses I'd try to keep it to about $10 a person per event
@IsaacMoses cool! Hi all.
Hi hi
Hello! :)
6:06 PM
@Lauren OK, so if we set aside ~$200, we can probably fit an event into that, should volunteers pan out.
@IsaacMoses did I ever send you the letter with guidelines for ambassadors?
Let me get this straight...We are trying to publicize J.SE?
I'll send it again... because we reworked it a little bit to include more specific requirements and ideas
we're looking into running ads for J.SE in Jewish print publications, which is something CHAOS hasn't tried on any site before
@Lauren Yes, I beleive so.
6:07 PM
For "event", are we talking "sponsor a light kiddush", "buy pizza for a study session", something like that? These are different scales of cost, potentially.
@HGabriel Yes.
@MonicaCellio More like the latter. See meta.english.stackexchange.com/questions/1962/… Something at which J.SE could be promoted.
What about publicizing it in my Shul?
@HGabriel Great idea! Let's talk about the specifics of how that would work after we get through the decisions at hand.
Anyone object to setting aside roughly $200 of the overall budget (for now) for a potential ambassador event and moving on to the next question?
@HGabriel shuls, schools, community-wide events... not sure how specific vs general we should try to be. A high-value narrow market seems like a win to me; so does breadth if we can identify it.
@IsaacMoses No objection here.
@IsaacMoses just sent you an updated Ambassador Letter
couldn't figure out how to upload it here
6:11 PM
@IsaacMoses sounds reasonable to me - @Lauren and Seth (who is not in here yet) are the experts on the ambassadors program, I'll defer to their word
@IsaacMoses that's fine
do you have plans for what you want to do at the event?
shalom ahi
sounds good to me
also keep in mind you can have multiple events if you want to
@Lauren All we have right now is someone who thinks he should be able to do something in February.
@IsaacMoses oh you're not planning on running the event? it's someone else?
6:13 PM
@Lauren Right. A student at YU. See the last comment on meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/566/…
yeah, it's ArielK (I can't super-ping him :P)
@IsaacMoses got it
are you communicating with him about plans? or should I email him?
@arielk in case you're around ^^^
@Lauren It's just that comment so far.
2) Decide which publications to advertise in now, and how much ad to buy in each.
Why don't folks get in touch with their local or college affiliated hillels and chabad chapters
We had a handful of responses to our poll about publications that community members read.
6:15 PM
they'd probbably promote for free
@SethRogers Worth a shot. We can put up a meta post later asking people to do that.
It's always better to offer the Q&A resource as a great community resource and people may support for free
then, if that fails, try for paid ads.
but Id save that for a very last resort
@SethRogers is right, it's worth looking into seeing if anyone will run something for us for free - especially if they would like to use our content. Content syndication is something we're looking into on other sites - getting print publications who are in need of content to run interesting Qs and As from us
it's the beauty of our Creative Commons arrangement - they get free high-quality content, and we get free publicity
that's the theory at least. nobody has taken us up on it quite yet.
@AbbyTMiller That's a very interesting idea.
There's probably not a lot on the site right now that relgious organizations would want to syndicate
6:18 PM
@AbbyTMiller Have any SE sites tried to get wikipedia links? e.g. if an SE question contains good answers on a topic covered there, link to it?
Maybe a survey like: "how did you find this site?" would be helpful. It would tell us which way of advertising in the best.
but, they would certainly want to provuide an outlet for their conrgeattions and communties
@MonicaCellio not that I've heard of, but that's a great idea
maybe I'll spend an hour tomorrow sprinkling SE links into relevant wikipedia articles :)
@SethRogers Right, especially given that we're aggressively non-authoritative.
@AbbyTMiller I'm thinking online pubs w/links may pay off better than paper pubs with URLs to be typed in...
Not that I'm knocking paper; just thinking about online options too if we can find good ones.
6:20 PM
@MonicaCellio That's our guess as well, in general
@MonicaCellio Paper ads are harder to ignore.
@MonicaCellio for sure. @SethRogers has had good results with getting sites to 'review' one of our sites for free
@IsaacMoses true, my newspaper doesn't support AdBlock :-)
Banner ads are not something we're particularly interested in, though
@AbbyTMiller yeah, I meant links -- Wikipedia, reviews, that sort of thing.
6:21 PM
@AbbyTMiller ... by establishing relationships with bloggers, etc.?
Buying ads in general is not good bang for your buck, that I've seen.
Sponsoring discussions, dinners, events is a better choice.
@SethRogers But you haven't yet tried print ads in targeted publications
Try everything on a low level budget and see which one works best. No?
@HGabriel All we've got is a low level budget
(By major print publication standards)
it isn't something we've tried before, but @IsaacMoses believes that for Judaism specifically, print publications could be targeted and focused enough to have a good effect - right?
6:24 PM
Does this budget have an expiration date? Any reason not to try the free stuff right away and defer print pubs for a little while?
I see. But in the past, what worked best?
@MonicaCellio that'd be fine if that's what the community decides to do - there's no expiration date
@MonicaCellio One advantage of buying an ad is that it's much more straightforward. No negotiating, relationship building, etc. Just fork over cash for guaranteed placement.
@HGabriel there's no Canonical Right Thing To Do at this point, but so far we've found that with online publications, a post from the site's authors describing and linking to our site (generally including links to a few interesting questions) tends to give people a good impression of what we are
@IsaacMoses Good point.
6:26 PM
If users are affiliated with any organizations or congregations- asking them to represent SE and explain what the site is may be a good starting point.
I see
Print publications have, compared to the interwebs, low levels of readership.
@SethRogers but I would imagine that the engagement of each reader is relatively high
And the connection to the SE community is quite far removed.
It will take significant community effort and momentum to design an ad. It will take a great deal more to persuade various people on the net to pitch our site for free.
6:27 PM
@SethRogers but there are some print publications that target just the audience for the site
@SethRogers How so?
(Hi, all, BTW)
Howya doin?
...e.g. something at the Yeshiva University undergrad schools (mentioned above) -- that's j.se target audience ("site for those who...") and they're all heavily online
@AbbyTMiller The behavior I tend to see with the quarterly Jewish Action, for example, tends to be people reading it cover to cover. People don't usually do that with websites.
6:29 PM
@IsaacMoses Yes, precisely. There's also the Observer (at Stern College for Women of YU).
Looks good!
@IsaacMoses seconded
@msh210 Much lower readership, I suspect.
@IsaacMoses Can you explain that first sentence? Do you mean print ads? Why would it take more than a coupla people at a drawing board?
I've been told by local business people who've advertised in both our Jewish paper and the secular one that they get better returns from the former. I don't mean Jewish-specific ads; I mean things like electricians.
6:32 PM
@MonicaCellio More replies? Or more replies per dollar advertising?
@issacmoses I don't think so. There won't be a difference.
sorry, more per dollar spent. This is anecdotal, heard from members of my congregation. I could inquire.
That comment was meant to support the one about people reading Jewish pubs cover-to-cover more.
@msh210 Getting anything creative done takes getting people moving. The more that needs to be done, the more people need to help.
@MonicaCellio that makes sense to me. any hyper-targeted publication will be a more effective means of advertising than a more generic one
@MonicaCellio Could be partly because many readers aren't on the Net 1/7 of the week.
6:34 PM
@IsaacMoses and msh210 A print publication may defintiely have a targeted audience, no doubt about it. My concern with that is there is no real endorsement, it looks like a pure ad, which is what it is, and we are a FREE site so we shouldnt be paying for eye balls. A better use of budget at a first pass is to sponsor events with congregation or student groups and speaking to people about judiasm.SE This oftentimes, will cost little or no money- and after several rounds of this-
Then you can look into a pure ad. Ads, even in targeted pubs, don't get the traction as event sponsorship or genuine endorsements.
@IsaacMoses how did you get the crowd here in the beginning of M.Y?
@SethRogers "and we are a FREE site so we shouldnt be paying for eye balls" Is that a moral statement? A business statement?
@ShmuelBrill A large number were from paying $36 for a paid announcement on torahmusings.com
@SethRogers The only reason I like print ads -- especially at YU, where people are young and go online a lot -- is that it will get the name out. It won't endorse, I agree. But just having the name in people's consciousness I suspect will help. That's why I once suggested that an ad simply have big bold "mi.yodeya.com" in the middle with nothing else. [See mi.yodeya.com .] However I'm no marketing expert, so what do I know
@IsaacMoses it's the philosophy behind not buying banner ads for the sake of buying banner ads. my opinion though is that print ads for the Jewish community specifically might be a useful exception to the rule because of the uniqueness of the circumstances
How about this: Run one ad in the Commentator and see what pans out, and meanwhile work on developing as many Ambassador-type situations or reviews by bloggers as possible. Then, look at results and decide how to spend any remaining budget.
6:39 PM
@SethRogers, I gather you disagree with that last sentence ("...might be a useful exception...") of Abby's?
(I specify the Commentator because, as @msh210 points out, the correlation with potential high-quality community members is high, and it's relatively inexpensive.)
Sounds good @IsaacMoses
@IsaacMoses that sounds like a great place to start
@AbbyTMiller I agree with that plan
good plan, mazel tov
6:41 PM
how much would one ad in Commentator cost?
How big? They run from $200 for 1/16 to $750 for full page (newspaper)
Anyone know whether it's broadsheet or tabloid?
@IsaacMoses how big is really up to you guys
@msh210 Not sure, but here's a PDF of the latest issue.
They don't seem to have many ads, so one of any decent size would probably stand out.
@msh210 I don't see any ad dimensions on their site, just an email address for inquiries.
6:45 PM
If it's a broadsheet, 1/8 is a very nice size. If it's a tabloid, 1/4 is a very nice size, but is $400!
(That's not a factorial.)
@msh210 Do we know what their weekly readership is? Is there a particularly good week to aim for?
The only ad I see in the current issue is on the last page, and looks like 1/3.
@IsaacMoses that explains why their ads are so expensive...if they don't have many advertisers, they need them to be expensive in order to make any money.
how often does this newspaper get published?
@IsaacMoses 1/4 I think
@msh210 Much less than Mishpacha charges. Of course, the readership is probably significantly lower.
6:47 PM
@Laura I assume they get funding from the univrsity
@msh210 If they're a student newspaper, absolutely.
@Laura I think it's weekly, when school is in session, but I'm not sure.
@Laura They are.
Hey why don't we just ask them to write an article about us.
"The Commentator is the official newspaper representing the student body of Yeshiva University. It is an independent student publication, self-funded and published throughout the academic year."
Student journalists always need new stories.
The current issue has a specific date, not just a month, which suggests weekly, but it is issue #5 in the volume. Dunno what that means.
Asking for an article would be good too.
@MonicaCellio Yeah, I noticed that too, which was why I asked :)
@MonicaCellio Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec would be five. Maybe it is monthly
I think approaching one of their student writers about writing an article is a good move. The ads seem kind of expensive
Just judging from font sizes, that looks like a tabloid.
6:51 PM
@MonicaCellio I agree.
Anyone know anyone on the masthead?
Ariel K is our contact at YU, right? maybe he knows someone?
@IsaacMoses It's not the same as the masthead in the current issue, which I'd guess is current
@msh210 Right.
CommieChief@yu.edu is their generic contact email
6:53 PM
Ariel Krakowski, staff writer. I wonder if that's ArielK...
@IsaacMoses that would be remarkable
@AbbyTMiller Not in the world of Jewish Geography :)
369@judaism.stackexchange.com Could you please check out the above discussion? Are you on the Commentator staff, or do you know someone who is? Is it possible to get an article (feature) on J.SE in the paper?
Even if nobody knows someone at the staff, you can always just email or call anyway...or even write a letter to the editor
let's make a note to ask Ariel next time he's around the site
I think we may have hit on something excellent here
@AbbyTMiller see my last post here, just above
looks like a potential match to me
OK, so I/we will try to get ArielK to either write an article or find someone else to do so.
@IsaacMoses and if that plan crashes, we'll go back to testing out a print ad run
6:57 PM
Do newspapers ever run press releases? When I was editor of a student newspaper we got these all the time from various organizations and we ran 'em if we had extra space. Should we write a press-ready article about J.SE and try to shop it around?
... and set up the promised Ambassador event. (Journalistic impartiality doesn't tend to hold up so much in small college papers.)
@IsaacMoses yeah, in the absence of impartiality, disclosure suffices.
@MonicaCellio I tried that with m.y. Not much traction. You need to know someone, or do more work that I had time to, such as making lots of phone calls.
I have to run out to a meeting, but @Laura and @Lauren are still around to field questions if needed. I'm excited about these possibilities, folks!
@AbbyTMiller thanks for helping us out!
6:59 PM
Well, we've been at this an hour, and we have some immediate steps forward. I move to adjourn. Any objections?
thanks @all
@IsaacMoses ok, that's rather more work than I was envisioning... not worth it then.
@AbbyTMiller Thanks!
@MonicaCellio I second.
@IsaacMoses I second.
@msh210 agreed
7:01 PM
End of Site Promotion Planning Meeting Thanks, everyone, very much for your lively and creative participation!
That need not end the discussion, but I, for one, do need to turn my attention to other tasks.
Thanks guys! Keep up the good work :)
You, too! Thanks very much for your attention to J.SE and for all your insight and guidance, @AbbyTMiller, @Laura, @Lauren, @SethRogers, @Katey.
no problem, let us know if we can help any more
PS: meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/a/612/2 will go live if it gets four more upvotes.
7:30 PM
Anyone want to write an unsolicited site review for Jewish Action?
... or a pitch for Mishpacha?
what abt five towns jewish times?
its ditributed in ft, brooklyn and queens
@IsaacMoses ^^^
@Neal I don't see a public solicitation for articles or pitches from the public. Their staff is listed here. Know anyone on it?
@IsaacMoses lol yes, my mom
@Neal Seriously? What does she do there?
@IsaacMoses she writes an article every week
7:37 PM
@Neal Any particular topic she usually writes about?
thats one of them
@IsaacMoses her family
@Neal Is she interested in online stuff at all? Any chance she'd try J.SE for a while and then write about it? If not, any chance she could pitch it to someone on staff who generally covers online stuff?
@IsaacMoses i think they have info in their paper
@IsaacMoses I could prob get you larry's phone number
@Neal If Larry knows you, and you can pitch J.SE to him, that'd be more valuable, probably.
@IsaacMoses He knows my mom. not me
and larry writes alot of the articles
hmmm not sure what to write
7:42 PM
@Neal Working the connection somehow would be a lot more likely to get a response than a cold contact from the public.
@Neal Whether she'd write or not, any chance you could get her to try the site? It could be quite valuable to a journalist - free research department!
@Neal her family uses StackExchange. There's the tie-in!
@IsaacMoses lol
@IsaacMoses hmmm im not sure how to get into it though lol
@Neal "Dear Mom, Check out this site. I hang out there, now, and I've learned a great deal. I think you may enjoy it, too. Happy Chanuka! Love, Naftali"
@IsaacMoses lol
haha how do i get her to write abt it though?
and do i tell her mi.yodeya.com?
@Neal One step at a time.
@IsaacMoses :-P
hehe well i told my parents abt it at my aufruf
thats how i came up with some of my speech
that was more than a month ago lol
7:48 PM
@Neal If you want. Judaism.SE is canonical these days.
"Dear Mom, Remember that site that helped me with ideas for my Aufruf speech? judaism.stackexchange.com They need publicity. One of the mods there suggested that I get you to try it out, then consider writing about it or pitching it to Larry. Could you please take a look? I'll bet you'll find some interesting material there, regardless. Plus, you can keep tabs on one of my online hangouts! etc."
@Neal Awesome, by the way.
This holiday season, share the joy of Judaism.SE with your family.
Or, "Dear Mrs. Lubin, I'm a moderator on Judaism.StackExchange.com, an online community for Q&A about Jewish life and learning. Your son, Naftali, is active on the site, and he mentioned to me that you write for the 5TJT. We'd love to have you come and check out the site. I'll bet that you'll find material that interests you generally, plus you could always post a question and take advantage of what amounts to a free, fast research department. ...
... " then, if you find the site as interesting and useful as we do, perhaps you'd consider writing something about it in your column. Whether you do or not, like I said, we'd love to have you in our community. Sincerely, Isaac Moses, Mod, J.SE"
@IsaacMoses oy. lol I asked her.
@Neal I knew the veiled threat to contact your mom directly would spur you to action. hehehe
@IsaacMoses ^_^
8:00 PM
@Neal Thanks! If she gives you any feedback, I'd love to hear about it.
@IsaacMoses will do ^_^
@SethRogers, ^^^ progress!
@Neal You know you were asking for it. :) Really, thanks very much. Talk to you later.
@IsaacMoses tty
9:05 PM
@IsaacMoses hehe
9:45 PM
@IsaacMoses my mom responded (after some back and forth)
I still do not understand who they are.  Why don’t you have Isaac e-mail me directly and I can inquire.

Chag Sameach!
@IsaacMoses u there?
@Neal Thanks! Please send me her email address at info@yodeya.com.
@IsaacMoses I sent u an email, and i let her know your email
@IsaacMoses let me know if you got it
@Neal Got it. Many thanks.
@IsaacMoses no prob bob ^_^
@IsaacMoses I just sent a follow up email.
Hope u got it ^_^
@Neal I did, thanks.
9:56 PM
@IsaacMoses k good, cuz she had just sent that follow up after i had already emailed you, so im glad u got the update ^_^
@Neal I'll contact her tonight and cc you
@IsaacMoses kk
@IsaacMoses why cant u see imgur?
the ad looks fine on the site.
"Content blocked by your organization


This Websense category is filtered: Personal Network Storage and Backup. "
@IsaacMoses hmmm so u cant see any imgur?
even those which are here in chat?
@Neal Nothing hosted at that domain
10:00 PM
@IsaacMoses looks fine:
can you see that?
@Neal OK, great. Thanks very much for checking.
@Neal Yup. blipit.net is not yet blocked here
@IsaacMoses lol thats bc that is my personal domain ^_^
1 hour later…
11:19 PM
Isaac Moses has been automatically appointed as owner of this room. (What does this mean?)
@Neal Are you any relation to Lashers?
@Neal Mazal tov!
heh, I like the congruity:
1 hour ago, by Neal
@IsaacMoses lol thats bc that is my personal domain ^_^
10 mins ago, by Stack Exchange
Isaac Moses has been automatically appointed as owner of this room. (What does this mean?)
of possible interest (but not of any relevance to anything discussed above): nytimes.com/2011/12/28/nyregion/…

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