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2:51 AM
how do I get rid of a filter on my user preferences?
3 hours later…
6:00 AM
@ShmuelBrill Like favorites or ignored tags? Just click on the 'x', no?
^^^ Actions I'm considering (non-exclusive): 1) Close the question 2) Edit "Are Jews" to "Is Judaism" 3) Delete the most recent answer. Thoughts?
9 hours later…
2:37 PM
Shalom yiladiim
Gut Voch
Q: Why do people feel that there is a NEED to wear tzitzit?

NaftaliThere is a law in the torah (and the meforshiim afterwards) to attach tzitzit to all four cornered garments. Ok. I understand that. But where did it come to pass that some people say one is required to wear tzitzit? If I am not wearing a four corned garment, why should I go out of my way to ac...

2:58 PM
@IsaacMoses hmmmmm that might be good. also maybe deleting that very very low (and flagged) answer.
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4:04 PM
Good morning, @jake. Any feedback regarding chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2757425#2757425 ?
4:16 PM
Good morning, @msh210
... same question to you
Good timezone, y'all.
@msh210 There's only one of me
@IsaacMoses #3 seems inappropriate: it's a valid answer IMO. (Not a good one, and I downvoted it, but it doesn't seem deletionworthy.)
@IsaacMoses It musht be the alcohol: I wazh sheeing double.
@IsaacMoses #2 maybe -- but there are already a buch of answers, some of which (Yimiyahu's (spelling?) and the new one) are answering it based on its wording of "Jews".
@msh210 Here's what annoys me: long, rambling answers (or questions) containing kernels of technically valid information/query mixed together with irrelevancies, some of which is or borders on offensive. The right answer may be "edit carefully to preserve the good," but it seems like a great deal of work for little profit.
@msh210 Yirmeyahu's references that but (properly, IMO) slides past it to answer the question that I think would be more on-topic.
@msh210 In other words, the only really valid answer to the question as written would be to cite polling data or a sociological study.
@IsaacMoses I've edited it. (Deleted with broad strokes.)
@IsaacMoses Right. And, hey, if the questions' edited, then Jim's answer is off-topic so can be deleted. :-P
4:23 PM
@msh210 You're a better man than I
@IsaacMoses 'Twas easy. Delete, delete, delete.
It's still poor.
@IsaacMoses 4) protect the question
@msh210 ... because it's likely to draw trolls?
@IsaacMoses And has apparently drawn one. I don't think #4 is the way to go: I'm merely mentioning it as an option.
@msh210 #4 wouldn't have prevented this user from answering, anyway.
@IsaacMoses Oh, it's only for unregistered? Or under a certain rep benchmark?
4:31 PM
@msh210 "A protected question prevents answers by anonymous and very new users. Questions should be protected when they are garnering lots of views and newbies are adding "me too!", "thanks!" and possibly even spam non-answers." says the tool tip
@msh210 How about #2 plus editing the valuable answers that refer to the "Jews" part of the question so they don't anymore, plus #3 because, as you say, it's no longer an answer (and it's not like we're losing much), plus #4 because this is a natural troll magnet after all, and why not?
@IsaacMoses The #2 and #3 aspects you just mention: fine by me. As to #4: I'm not sure what the SE SOP is. It hasn't actually attracted any answers of that nature (certainly not from new users) despite having been open for a while: are such questions protected?
@IsaacMoses If you edit it, then won't it be the same as judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/7792/… ?
@msh210 "So, in the future, if you see a question that is attracting a lot of drive-by noise answers, please flag it for moderator attention. We’ll turn on protection. " - blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/06/new-protected-question-status ... so eh, leave it out until we see the drive-bys. (But let's keep this in mind if we do see them here or elsewhere.)
@jake Ooh. Good one. Merge?
@IsaacMoses Not sure how merging works.
4:48 PM
@jake Good point.
@IsaacMoses All right.
@jake Close one question and move its answers (and optionally comments) to the other question.
@IsaacMoses The questions are technically different, but the answers sort of apply to both. Merging is probably a good idea. Up to the moderators.
@jake The question are techincally different only because the older one says 'Jews' not 'Judaism'. So maybe we really should leave it like that.....
Truth, is, this is one reason poor questions are poor. They can be read different ways and it's hard to know what the author meant. As in this case: did he mean Jews or Judaism? Had he given some context, explained why he was asking, it would be clear. Close as not a real question? @IsaacMoses, @jake
@msh210 Good point. Are any of the answers good/nonredundant enough to merge over? (or maybe just put a note on the better question saying there's relevant stuff in this closed question)
@IsaacMoses The latter will certainly be easier :-)
@jake @IsaacMoses I've closed it with a comment. Haven't touched the answers or posted a note at the other question (yet).
@IsaacMoses Jinx.
5:06 PM
@msh210 @jake posted a note at the other question months ago. I think we're done here. Yeyasher kochachem.
@msh210 8^P
@msh210 I could have sworn that I effected the closure, but apparently yours took.
@IsaacMoses Same to you (both).
@jake, note that even though I'm not deleting Jim's answer, and Isaac doesn't seem to be doing so, either, you can vote to delete it. Three deletion votes and it's gone IIRC.
Next issue :-P
Q: Origin of lighting the chanukiah

soandosWhen did people start to light oil, and what was it for? According to the Or Zaruah on the gemara in masechet shabbat, the oil was not used for the menorah, but for the altar. Since there is a machloket in the gemara about why the holiday is celebrated, it would seem that if at that time they l...

What is he getting at, and is it (as Shmuel L says) a duplicate of
Q: When did the practice of lighting flames for Chanuka begin?

WAFIt seems clear from the G'mara that the institution of Chanuka as a holiday began the year immediately following the seminal story - with praising of God and commemorating miracles, but there is no mention in that historical retelling of m'nora-lighting as part of the commemorative practice. Are ...

@msh210 The whole question seems to be based on his understanding of the Or Zarua.
@msh210 Maybe just add "according to the Or Zarua" to the title and upvote Alex's answer?
@IsaacMoses If so, and if the OZ says (as he quotes him as saying) that "the oil" was used not for the m'nora but for the mizbeach, and IF that is referring to the found sealed oil and the m'nora in the bes hamikdash, THEN he's referring to the m'nora in the bes hamikdash, so why does hsi title say "chanukia"?
So I honestly don't know what he's getting at.
5:29 PM
@msh210 I think he's suggesting that the subsequent practice of chanuka lights ("chanukia") was a result of a miracle involving oil that was for the mizbeach and not for the Temple menora.
@msh210 It's definitely hard to parse.
@msh210 Closed with a list of demands. Feel free to edit my comment.
5:49 PM
@IsaacMoses Looks good, but I think it should be reopened if sufficiently many of those demands are met or obviated that the question is sensible, even if not all the demands are met.
@msh210 Edited to "Closed pending (something resembling) the following improvements:"
@IsaacMoses Looks good. Y'yasher kochacha.
@msh210 baruch tihyeh
2 hours later…
8:25 PM
If anyone's wondering why they're not getting upvotes from me, it's because I went on a voting spree last night and ran out of votes.
8:41 PM
Hi all
@Neal Good day, sir.
@Neal Hiya.
@msh210 ?
@IsaacMoses Inspecting hanging chads.
@IsaacMoses The real reason for our not receiving your votes.
@msh210 Oh. Haha :)
8:45 PM
Anone know anything abt kashrus?
@Neal Yes.
@msh210 What do u think of OKS certification?
related ^^^
@Neal (a) I don't recognize the name. If you show me a picture I might recognize the symbol. (b) What do you care what I think of it? My opinion si worthless. Ask your rabbi.
my wife's family eats there.
8:48 PM
@Neal Ah. Yes, I do recognize the symbol. No idea whether it's good, or who thinks so or not.
all my rabbi said is "OKS is not considered a reliable hechsher" but that does not mean that he is not reliable always
and i know people in my community that eat there...
@Neal So ask for clarification.
@msh210 how do I do that?
what do I ask?
@Neal Perhaps "This symbol [OKS], do you know if there's some class of foods I can trust it on?".
@msh210 well he already responded abt OKS as seen above
@IsaacMoses ???? what?
8:51 PM
@Neal I asked my rabbi about a certain agency. He responded that it has certain leniencies and b'ne Tora don't use it on most food. I asked specifically about the food I was interested in, and he said it's fine.
@msh210 Well I asked specifically abt that store and the above was his response.
that was it
@Neal Then don't eat there. Or, if your rabbi only knows generalities and you want to ask an expert, find a rabbi who's an expert in kosher supervision agencies and ask him. (Your rabbi might be able to suggest such a rabbi.)
@msh210 I thought to ask the rabbi I did ask due to the fact that he works in a kosher supervision agency ^_^
He works for a Vaad in Long Island
sorry Queens*
@Neal Contact Your Rabbi! @msh210's 100% right that if the Rabbi you asked said "no," there's no heter you can get in online chat that'll reverse that for you.
@Neal, Now, if you're looking to go back to him on appeal with some specific new data, it can't hurt to ask a detailed informational question on Jewish Life and Learning
@IsaacMoses what do u mean?
9:09 PM
@Neal e.g. "Rabbi, when I asked you about eating at Shlemeil's, and you said no, I'm wondering if you were aware that while the OKS is meikil on washing meat in transit, they keep all of the chumras related to milk that your Vaad does, and Shlemeil's is a dairy place. Is it possible that based on this information, I could eat there?"
@IsaacMoses How do I know that that is true?
(enabled by asking a detailed question on Jewish Life and Learning about the standards of the OKS and hopefully getting detailed, sourced information)
@Neal It's an example. I made it up.
@IsaacMoses yes, but that type of question I dont think is allowed on this site.
is it?
@Neal I think the question 9728 was worded very well.
@Neal And I think question 11694 was worded pretty well.
@Neal Question 5435 not so much.
Q: Reliability of the OKS

NaftaliI dont know if this type of question is allowed but I was asked to ask it here The symbol is on some restaurants in the NY tri-state area (like Crumbs Bake Shop for example) and I have heard of quite a few people that eat establishments that are under the OKS What are the issues with OKS? Of...

I decided that the wording of that 1st one was good
9:16 PM
@msh210 Nice roundup!
@IsaacMoses see my Q now
@IsaacMoses Thanks.
Q: What are the kashrut standards of the various nationwide (and regional) kashrut agencies?

ChaimKutI'd like to see a resource developed which transparently compares the standards of the various kashrut agencies. Just like I can retrieve an incredibly in-depth comparison chart from Wikipedia regarding my choice of word processing programs, I would love to have a similar comparison of kashrut ag...

Halevai someday.^^
@Neal The only thing I might add is why you're asking about "issues" - that you've spoken to authorities who don't recommend it
@IsaacMoses added
@msh210 dont think you need that comment
there is no copyright issues here
@Neal at the bottom-right of the question page you adapted from: creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0
9:22 PM
@Neal Yeah, what Isaac just said.
@IsaacMoses oy... its talking abt the stackexchange, not the question.
@Neal I believe it's the posts.
@msh210 u could ask on meta, but I do not believe so.
@IsaacMoses nothing there abt the question content.
9:26 PM
@Neal What do you think Subscriber Content means?
@IsaacMoses stackexchange!
read it.
you are reading it wrong...
Q: Is it legal to copy Stack Overflow questions and answers?

Stefan SteineggerI just found http://programmingfaq.w3ec.com/faq/4761/whats-the-hi-lo-algorithm which has an exact copy of this Stack Overflow question, What's the Hi/Lo Algorithm, with all its answers and no difference in a single character. There is no reference to Stack Overflow. Is this legal, or at least to...

Q: Do I have to worry about copyright issues for code posted on StackOverflow?

user134553I was wondering about the copyright of code snippets from answers. Lets say you ask a question and the solution consists of ten lines of code, which are given in an answer. Are there any restrictions about the use of that code? As mentioned in one answer it seems that the content of this page i...

A: Who owns the copyright to S[OFU] content?

Jeff AtwoodThe footer says: site design and logo is © 2009 stackoverflow.com LLC user contributed content licensed under cc-wiki with attribution required Honestly, you should consult a lawyer if you really, really need this answered in some highly legal definitive way. I suggest starting with the Creat...

@Neal, The poskim are pretty clear on how to darshen these particular sugyos
9:43 PM
10:09 PM
@msh210 Sounds like fun

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