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3:35 PM
Q: Why the five tag limit?

LoewianWhy is the limit on tags set as five? Often there seem to be questions of sufficient complexity that the limit necessitates omitting fundamentally connected tags. What is the advantage of setting such a low tag limit on a subject matter as richly complex and nuanced as Judaism? Honestly, at the...

Q: Why no answer tags?

LoewianMore often than not, the key information related to a topic of discussion is in the answers, not in the question. So why is there no option to tag based on the answers, or even separate tagging for the answers themselves? Wouldn't this also make it much easier for a questioner to discover relevan...

@msh210 In view of the overwhelming support for this feature, as expressed by everyone here, I'm implementing it. It can easily be undone.
4:23 PM
@IsaacMoses What were you testing?
@Daniel This idea. I'm not sure if it's still true, but at least in the past, if you'd post a question with a ! at the end of the title, it'd get auto-deleted or auto-replaced with a ?. I wouldn't put it past SE to do the same for emoticons.
@msh210 HOORAY!
@msh210 What's the "bad keyword" in this one? "666"?
... Generally, it looks like it makes good catches
And in this one? "Baba"?
@IsaacMoses Why does your answer appear below mine in that post? Yours has 6 votes and mine has 5
@Daniel How do you have answers sorted?
@IsaacMoses huh. By "oldest". That's weird. I don't remember changing that and I don't know why I would have
Oh yes I do
I saw on the meta homepage that @msh210 added an answer to meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/q/581/1713 and I was trying to find it quickly
4:48 PM
@IsaacMoses The other one you linked to also had "Baba". You can (in its room but not, I think, in Bam if it starts posting here) ask it why (in reply to one of its chat posts catching a SE post), but not for those -- they're too long ago. I don't know why it caught those two.
@msh210 Actually, I was mistaken. I thought it's easily implemented and undone but in fact someone has to change the bot's code to implement and undo it. So strike "easily". But someone's assured me he/she will add this room.
@msh210 apparently, there's something called "baba spam". Who knew? So, that'll generate us some false positives, but no big deal.
@Daniel if, on the questions list, you click on the "answered" or "modified" link next to the name and time, it'll take you directly to the answer. This doesn't help you notice if there were two new (or edited) answers in quick succession, but it gets you the latest one at least. You can also click on the "active" link on the question page (the text that says "active today" or "active 1 month ago" or whatever) to get to it.
@MonicaCellio You learn something new every day
5:03 PM
@IsaacMoses Not I. Rum baba sounds tastier than Spam baba.
@Daniel two things I've learned about SE in general over the years: try hovering over UI things (there's probably a tooltip and it might say more than you expected), and if it's clickable, try clicking it.
5:21 PM
@msh210 Anyone from NY: Am I imagining it, or was there once a Jewish wedding hall, or something, in NY, possibly Queens, called "The Baba"?
5:32 PM
@IsaacMoses Nevah hoid of it.
I edited the question post (just now) and only then noticed that it has upvoted answers answering the question that I edited out of it. I guess I should revert my edit -- but then the question is way too broad. (I'd edit it to restrict to the Tanach, since that's what the answers deal with, but it explicitly mentions later books.) Aargh. — msh210 ♦ 8 secs ago
^ Any advice? @MonicaCellio @IsaacMoses @Daniel who are in the room, or anyone
@msh210 The answers just cite places where snow is mentioned
but don't attempt to answer the rest of it
@Daniel Right.
and edit out the rest
so maybe just leave that part of the question in
not sure why those last two messages posted out of order
I have a bad network connection right now
5:48 PM
@Daniel But that's the part that's too broad. List every single place in Torah that snow is mentioned?? I mean, Chidushe Harim alone mentions it 1000 times. (I made that up. I have no idea, actually. But you get the point.)
@msh210 Well when you limit it to Tana"kh it becomes somewhat limited
and the question could be taken as asking for at least one mention of snow
@Daniel Yeah, but the question explicitly mentions later s'farim.
Didn't you edit that out?
and then put it back for some reason?
@msh210 I'm confused about what the problem is
@Daniel The question was:
> Rain is mentioned commonly in the Torah, G'mara and prayers. And it's viewed as a blessing in judaism. But what about snow (שלג)? Is it even mentioned in the Torah? If it is, what's its meaning?
That's reasonable, but doesn't ask for a list of places that snow's mentioned.
Nonetheless it got 2 upvoted answers that do nothing but list places snow's mentioned.
Those are barely answers (they are technically answers since they demonstrate that in fact snow's mentioned in the Torah), but they have upvotes and no downvotes (except mine).
As a rule, we don't change a Q post in a way that will invalidate existing upvoted answers.
So my edit to the Q post to remove "Is it even mentioned in the Torah?" was incorrect (though I didn't realize that when I edited).
I guess I'll revert, then.
6:35 PM
And now the asker has restored my edits.
Q: What to do with fixable request for psak questions

andrewmh20A few times I have come across questions like this one, kasher a nonkosher Le Creuset pot?, that are put on hold due to a clear request for psak but if edited could yield a good(?, at least on topic) question about kashering enamel. However when I attempt to overhaul the question I get an error ...

@DanF I already have. See my calendarAleksandr Sigalov 7 mins ago
Does anybody understand that calendar?
What the heck is an "extra Shabbat"?
And why are some of them on real Shabbat?
@DoubleAA You seemed to have some idea of what he was talking about
@Daniel Irrelevant to anyone who adheres to traditional Judaism.
@DoubleAA You seemed to have some idea of what he was talking about
@IsaacMoses I understood that much
@msh210 sorry, I'd just stepped away.
6:42 PM
@Daniel Not worth pursuing therefore, IMO.
@Daniel I think his claim is that the new moon is Shabbat (never mind what day of the week it is), and you count in 7-day chunks from then, following the moon phases (approximately, and he doesn't address the approximation AFAIK). But since new moons are 29 or 30 days apart and you can't go more than 7 days without a Shabbat, you get "extras", like those weeks that show an "extra" followed a couple days later by Shabbat. It's very bizarre. I don't know why he thinks that's correct.
1 min ago, by Isaac Moses
@Daniel Not worth pursuing therefore, IMO.
@IsaacMoses yeah, I decided it wasn't worth engaging him to ask about about it.
@msh210 yes, saw that right after I hit "enter".
2 hours later…
8:37 PM
@DoubleAA thanks for all your help with this answer, which I've now undeleted.
2 hours later…
10:48 PM
@DoubleAA can I speak with you privately?
@DoubleAA when you have a minute
@MonicaCellio I can speak privately with mods, right?
11:07 PM
@BabySeal It's possible for a mod to create a chat room that only (current and future) MY mods and SE employees (and invitees, in this case yourself) can see.
@BabySeal yes, about moderation matters (and we can define that pretty broadly). DoubleAA can create a private chat room and invite you into it when he sees your ping.
@BabySeal There's no way to speak with a mod via the SE interfaces in such a way that other MY mods cannot see. There are, of course, e-mail and the like, but SE frowns severely on mods' using it to contact users in their mod capacity.
Oh, yeah, what msh210 said. If you mean truly private, @BabySeal, then no, but it's possible to have a chat room that only you, mods, and SE employees with diamonds (community managers, mainly) would be able to see.
11:39 PM
@msh210 @MonicaCellio doesn't need to be mod-private, but it isn't what I'd call a "mod-matter"
@BabySeal I don't understand what you mean by "mod-private". Hidden from other mods' eyes (mine and Monica's)? Hidden from non-mods' eyes?
@msh210 I don't care if other mods see it
@msh210 but it isn't a mod-specific thing
@msh210 maybe I'll try email
@BabySeal We've a lot of leeway when it comes to making the chat rooms (precisely because they're not totally private). If it concerns SE in any way and you don't think the world should see it, then I imagine @DoubleAA will make a chat room for you when he's around. If it doesn't concern SE, then perhaps you should contact him via e-mail if you know his address.
@msh210 ok then I'll stick here
@intboolstring hi

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