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12:17 AM
@AyanoSugiura just make another
1 hour later…
1:39 AM
Time to unbox the laptop. Let's see if I get an unusual.
Box within a box within a box.
1:54 AM
@Mysticial smexy
that wolf cub
wow, there's a lot of shitware on the laptop.
2:31 AM
The thing is actually a bit bigger than I thought it was. That thing under the laptop is my existing 17 in. laptop.
2:44 AM
@JNat I don't have any idea about the subject matter, since I don't watch/read the series. The most I can fix is guessing the meaning and fix the grammar
@Mysticial that's why the first thing i did was reformat
3:02 AM
I just booted into the Win10 install disk. But I forgot to save the product key of the existing installation. lol
I don't see it written anywhere on the laptop or the box or documents.
Good thing I didn't wipe it yet.
@Mysticial that's cuz you don't need it
its saved in the hardware
once its activated once you can wipe it as many times as you want
the product key is a dummy anyway
I haven't even activated it yet.
The existing OS is not going to touch the internet.
@Mysticial its already activated
or it should have
when MSI installs the image it gets activated IIRC
It says "Connect to the internet to activate."
Whatever... I don't care.
just go to the pc manager thingy and see if its activated
@Mysticial oh, well then yea lol
you sure you want to leave all that bloat there though?
3:06 AM
But I do want to record the key though.
I'm still wiping it.
But I'm gonna try activating the reinstallation with the current key.
The keyboard rainbow lights are software controlled right?
So once I reinstall the thing, it'll be one of the things on the driver disc that came with the laptop right?
@Mysticial ehh... i don't know about that
is that a driver disk?
shit.. i went and downloaded everything lol
I browsed it, it has drivers in it.
but yea, i think its called the SCM that you need to install
you need to have that to switch the vid cards so you can install their drivers, btw
3:12 AM
Is that the same SCM as the BIOS UEFI SCM?
@Mysticial i don't think so
I'm turning that off since I'm gonna be dual-booting with Ubuntu.
Doesn't matter, I'll have plenty of time to find out.
@Mysticial lol okay
but yea, if you're stuck on either the GTX or intel its cuz you didn't switch the vid card
it will force you to restart though
hmm.. since you have to restart it might be the same one in the BIOS
hmm... welll now... taimadou gakuen got to the dark shit pretty fast
not nearly as dark as the novel though
3:44 AM
@ton.yeung I didn't even need to enter the key. It picked it up automatically. Even without internet.
@Mysticial must be stored hardware then
I didn't even need to activate the original OS.
@Mysticial that's good to know
make sure to install the chipset driver first, then the scm
> chrome
upgrade to pro
folder options show extensions, hidden, and empty
win exp -> this pc
task bar always show icons
utilities -> install SCM to switch to intel vga (will install registration nag)
1. Chipset Chipset_10.1.1.9_Public_10.1.1.9
2. Intel VGA win64_10.18.15.4256 DO NOT INSTALL THE INTEL AUDIO DRIVER
3. nVidia VGA Win10_x64_HDA(353.96)_10.18.13.5396_0xeedccfe5.zipVGA_Win10_x64_HDA(353.96)_10.18.13.5396_0xeedccfe5 !!DO NOT INSTALL GEFORCE EXPERIENCE/AUDIO
4. Audio 7576_PG433_Win10_Win8.1_Win8_Win7_WHQL_6.0.1.7576 !! DO NOT INSTALL THIS, SEE NAHIMIC UNDER UTILITIES
I was gonna make a blog post some time but i got lazy
IOW, in the order that they're listed in the driver CD.
but that's what you gotta do
ah okay
4:19 AM
Q: What might be the real life inspiration of Oda behind writing One Piece?

botWhat might be the real life inspiration of Oda behind writing One Piece? Does anyone has an idea about Oda's inspiration of writing One Piece?

ahh.. looks like kampfer got dropped at some point
oh well
5:10 AM
@ton.yeung it did? aw
@Tyhja yep, only vol 8 for english
not sure how that other guy read vol 10
ohhhh wait i should check the LN
ah.. great.. only vol 1
"12 Volumes (Complete); 15 Volumes if you include the half volumes 8½, 9½, and 10½."
not scanlated though
@Tyhja doen't matter unless you can read japanese
same shit happened to mahouka too
at least i was able to finish vol 14
lotsa shit like that actually
like patlabor
never fully translated
if i switch to the management track i have a chance to transfer to japan
but i want to stay on technical track so i guess i'm screwed
5:16 AM
@ton.yeung you're screwed ;)
@Tyhja my only choice now is to get promoted like crazy so I can go on vacation there :D
@ton.yeung 6 months vacation time outta do it
@Tyhja at 5 years I get like 2 months vacation time
5:18 AM
If i take time off back to back i can make it 4 months
not sure they'd let me though :D
or you know its getting more common to work like mad then take a long break before going back
depending on the industry of course
@Tyhja the company i work for discourages that
if you start looking a bit tired everyone starts telling you to work from home
@ton.yeung wow. at least they are slightly more flexible daily?
@Tyhja i don't know what you mean by that\
but i show up at work around 7-9am and leave about 8 hours later
does that count?
@ton.yeung i mean they allow you to work from home pretty much (if you need it)
5:28 AM
@Tyhja a lot of people only show up at the office once a month
@ton.yeung what.
@Tyhja what
how does your office function if everyone only shows up once a month
work remotely from home
common nowdays
arqade question full of fallout 4
and nobody noticed that one piece not coming out this week
Q: What might be the real life inspiration of Oda behind writing One Piece?

botWhat might be the real life inspiration of Oda behind writing One Piece? Does anyone has an idea about Oda's inspiration of writing One Piece?

what is this "real life inspiration"
5:58 AM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Oh of course, many drinks were drunk
@AyanoSugiura gives back liver
6:49 AM
Q: What is the meaning behind the colors in the episode titles of Kyoukai no Kanata?

Jorge LuqueThe episode titles in Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) are names after a color each. For example "Carmine", "Ultramarine", and "Moonlit Purple". Does anyone know what is the meaning of this?

7:06 AM
@MattshinouMyouko hi matt
Thank you
8:03 AM
@AyanoSugiura i stole it back
1 hour later…
9:24 AM
Q: Why Hiruzen Sarutobi become the third Hokage again?

JTRHiruzen sarutobi is the third Hokage, while Minato is the fourth Hokage. After the death of Minato, Hiruzen become Hokage again and he still called the third. But why still the third? why in that time Hiruzen didn't called the fifth? And why they not to choose new candidate as new Hokage? I'm ...

10:07 AM
@Tyhja :(
10:31 AM
@AyanoSugiura >:D
10:58 AM
@ton.yeung Localization takes years to catch up with whatever already released in Japan
I'm not surprised if the publisher deliberately delay the release to squeeze as much sales as possible
Since every time a new book is published, new people who haven't read the series might buy it
It could also be used to gauge the market, and probably drop the series in case the sales is worse than expected
localization seems to take a silly amount of time though
if streams can be simulcasts
oh for books
@AyanoSugiura It's rather fast for recent series
It takes around 1 year for dub version to appear
For books, it can take 4-5 years just to catch up to the latest volume of a long series
By then, except for dedicated fans, everyone would have forgotten about the series and move on to the latest hot series in Japan
that's the biggest problem with english anime sales I think
they're lagging too far behind
Is 1 year too far behind?
I think so
11:11 AM
user image
definetly when there are simulcasts
Most shows are simulcast nowadays
I think it would be interesting to make a list of anime by season + date of dub release
yep, and I think people are going to prefer them to physical releases that are slower once everyone catches up with internet speeds and etc
Ah, I don't know about physical release
I guess those take time
oh I thought we were talking about them
i dunno
I think simulcasts have reclaimed a lot of pirates
and similar moves to faster releases will continue to do so
or providing great value in alternate ways
11:33 AM
@Tyhja I think I was asleep at this point, I was a very drunk man last night :L
11:55 AM
I'm back
welcome back @HakashinouShinonouko
12:42 PM
@MattshinouMyouko use the liver matt ~_~
@Tyhja Do not worry, I have recovered
I'll liver a little longer if you catch my drift
@MattshinouMyouko well I'll not get carried away
give it back o3o
bell com whack!
3 hours later…
3:57 PM
@Taisho what
we got a few irish in here right? apple's adding 1K jobs
^ nid anime wrap
@ton.yeung o really
it's just me
@AyanoSugiura yes
their center is all the way in the middle of the country though
4:00 PM
i guess there are just a bunch of people in the euro area.. or am i getting my chats mixed up...
a few brits
everyone lumps in the irish :(
@AyanoSugiura does that area count as an archipelago?
!!define archipelago
@ton.yeung archipelago A group of islands.
it's rare to see it called that
In standard English usage, the toponym "the British Isles" refers to a European archipelago consisting of Great Britain, Ireland and adjacent islands. However, the word "British" is also an adjective and demonym referring to the United Kingdom. For this reason, the name British Isles is avoided in Irish English as such usage could be construed to imply continued territorial claims or political overlordship of the Republic of Ireland by the United Kingdom. Proposed alternatives to renaming the British Isles to something more neutral include "Britain and Ireland", "Atlantic Archipelago", "Anglo-Celtic...
4:03 PM
@ton.yeung The thing that turns on the keyboard lights is really bloated.
well the point is the brits/scotts/irish are in the same group
Interestingly, if I kill the process after it starts, the keyboard stays lighted.
@Mysticial how is it bloated?
did you kill superfetch?
no we are seperate countries
I wonder if there's a way to turn it on without the process.
4:04 PM
@AyanoSugiura same group of islands
@Mysticial decompile it
oh ok
@ton.yeung It really slows down the boot up.
@Mysticial you can put it on delay
@ton.yeung Not yet, I'm doing that tonight.
@ton.yeung But then it delays the colors. :)
@Mysticial LOL okay
i don't really reboot my machine so it doesn't really bother me :D
it sounds like you're enjoying the NB
4:05 PM
I did that a lot yesterday since I'm still installing stuff.
A lot of fighting with the OS.
@Mysticial i spent like like 16 hours troubleshooting the reinstall ._.
my shit wasn't working
Windows Defender thinks that the Intel hardware emulator is a trojan.
i got a clean image now though
@Mysticial first thing i did was turn defender off
i use trendmicro AV right now
@ton.yeung I haven't gotten to that yet.
But I might not turn it off since I don't plan to install an AV on it.
something is better than nothing i guess
you can install vagrant and just do your net browsing through there i guess
with tinywall installed it should block any outgoing comms anyway
4:08 PM
I didn't find an in OS-tool to tweak the CPU OC settings. But I did find the one for the GPU.
The OC settings in the BIOS are very clunky.
So far, I only bumped the base block enough so that it shows 100 instead of some stupid 99.6-whatever.
@Mysticial dragon?
if you still haven't found it this evening let me know, i'll go look it up
@ton.yeung I installed the one which seemed relevant. But it wasn't it.
Though I'm probably not gonna mess with the turbo multipliers until everything else is settled down.
@Mysticial okay, well check the list i sent yesterday
i think i have the functions of each of the apps written in there
The CPU barely touches 70C when I put it under my load. And the clock levels off at 3.2 GHz.
The max turbo of 3.6 is actually quite common on single-threaded loads. Unlike my old laptop.
4:15 PM
you might not have to mess with the OC settings tbh, there should be an app that puts it into a pre configured OCed state
i'm running it under the "green" mode right now and have not run into any issues, but then again the only "heavy duty" thing i do is FF14
I want to lock the turbo down. So that the processor stays at the same clock under any load regardless of how many cores.
I need it for benchmarking.
Obviously the default setting is more efficient for normal workloads.
I don't think it will be a good idea to lock all 4 cores to 3.6 GHz. But something 3.3 or 3.4 might be doable without causing any problems.
@Mysticial i did not know this
learned something new today
I do want it to clock down when it's idle. But I don't want the whole 4 cores @ 3.2, 2 cores @ 3.4, 1 core @ 3.6 thing. I want all cores @ 3.?.
Otherwise, it fucks up benchmarks.
The only way to do that without an OCable processor is to disable the turbo completely. Which would mean all cores @ 2.7 GHz.
That's dumb.
Why's the 6700HQ same price as the 6820HK when it's inferior in every aspect?
4:35 PM
@Mysticial I hear the HQ has lower power consumption during partial loads
4:52 PM
@Mysticial longer battery life
@Mysticial You were mentioned in the JS room a few minutes ago
Shog lamented on how much he wanted you for mod.
5:07 PM
Q: Where did this meme originate from?

DarkDestryI have been seeing this meme all over the internet. Guessing from most of the Q&As I have found, this seem to be edited in. If so, what was the original verse and why did it get twisted in this way?

@MadaraUchiha to be clear, I completely understand and agree with his reasoning. But in a different time... An epic battle between Madara and Mysticial.
@Shog9 I am amazed by your ping sensing abilities.
@Shog9 Well, there are 3 open spots.
Why can't we all get along? ;)
@Shog9 I don't mind having powers and all. But that isn't really the point of being mod. I work 11 hour days and I rest whenever I can. So I don't really have much left to be mod.
5:41 PM
Mod Café
welcome back
@Mysticial Ya, i've been there. Someday...

Video Game List #1

2 days ago, 51 minutes total – 143 messages, 5 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 2 days ago by Hakashinou Shinonouko

some games for y'all
how are we doin with this idea?
Q: Let's help id-request users help themselves with a floating checklist guide for request details!

ʞɹɐzǝɹA certain Hakase-type Tomato had a good idea of a floating checklist for identification request questions. I believe that this is a good idea, as many of the new users who use this site for id-requests seem to struggle with details to give. I'd like to open suggestions to the community for a che...

does anyone have any opinions, like yes or no?
it just got silent fast there, more input would be nice
5:59 PM
@HakashinouShinonouko I think we should consider using simpler language in outlining our site general policies. A log of our users are probably not from English speaking countries or are of younger age groups so their level of reading might not be on par with other SEs
I was very focused on doing everything from scratch but simplifying the existing texts should be the first move
given that out site is essentially about Japanese comic and cartoons, we need to closer assess what who our target audience is and make any changes to accomidate them
so can I help?
@Eric's 2 answers to the post is a step in the right direction
in other word, dem b stupid
6:02 PM
should we make a review meta post for all existing texts that are visible to the users
@HakashinouShinonouko we should look out our current policies and see what parts might be confusing to ESL users and youngers folks in general
then we should take some time to consider what the minimum reading level should be
having this as a base will give us a better idea of how we can, in general, QC the content that comes in
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ K
wait.. 13yo min.. umm... 8th grade
6:11 PM
15th is coming up soon
gotta think of a new avatar theme
@HakashinouShinonouko ditch id-requests :P
best input possible
@ton.yeung DMV texts in the US have a 9th grade reading lvl as a standard afair
(at this moment I experienced a short panic attack out of fear for new "you can't just ban IDs" talk)
@HakashinouShinonouko Oh, I didn't mean to spark that. Hopefully it won't
@JNat too late this can of worms has been opened~
now we have to go fishing~
@HakashinouShinonouko ?
did you know there's a live action PARASAITO movie?
and in two parts
I just wanna see how they made Migi look
i had no idea
@HakashinouShinonouko is that the professor lady>
@HakashinouShinonouko ._.
6:21 PM
oh man
@HakashinouShinonouko kinda interested in this
the ratings are pretty bad
@HakashinouShinonouko that sucks
what about parasyte?
6.3 for part 2
7.1 for part 1
6:24 PM
on the lower range of "watchable"
@HakashinouShinonouko best live action is kimi ni todoke
@HakashinouShinonouko that's it?
AoT and DN?
those are news articles only
This is a list of films based on manga. It includes films that are adaptations of manga, and those films whose characters originated in those comics. == See alsoEdit == List of films based on English-language comics List of films based on French-language comics Also related: List of fiction works made into feature films, the other popular source for Japanese films List of films based on comic strips List of films based on television programs, features anime that appeared as TV series List of manga == ReferencesEdit... ==
sort by last column
@HakashinouShinonouko i was about to say
i don't remember that many
wow live action naruto and bleach scheduled?
i might consider ao haru ride
wtf.. life action chihaya, i want more anime damn it!!!
spend the money on more anime!!!!
6:29 PM
is there enough source material yet?
@ton.yeung live action reaches broader audiences
lovely complex as well
nodame is good
> Big Tits Zombie − Kyonyū Dragon
and there are lots of h-manga live action adaptations
wow.. all the live actions i'd want to watch are romcoms
or straight out roms
i might consider chihaya if the girl is cute
they got the guy down pretty well
but the girl.. ugh..
what's up with the square face
OMG this is so true
@HakashinouShinonouko the the twin tails is good
i'd watch the movie for her
who is she?
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ halp
@ton.yeung k
coz she looks more european than asian
> Mone Kamishiraishi as Kanade Ōe (top row, second from right)
looks like it's her first appearance
@HakashinouShinonouko she looks asian to me
6:37 PM
I mean… you know what I mean
there are a lot of vietamese girls from north vietnam that look like that
bonus, huge boobs
but she doesn't have huge boobs
they'd have to be faked on set
@HakashinouShinonouko that's unfortunate
waaaa why so different?
how is it her first appearance if there are so many google pics
ye coz it's not
6:40 PM
probably some kind of idol
@HakashinouShinonouko what?
only related to anime it is
otherwise she's been in a few movies
most of the pics are from Lady Maiko
!!google chihayafuru movie
okay no, not interested
dem guhs no cute by my standards
maaaybe I should play some Falout 4 >.>
6:46 PM
@HakashinouShinonouko if you do, invest in pickpocketing and sneaking
this is what I always do in games that have those skills
and I mean like the first thing
I stole everything in Gothic
not like this, much more subtly
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ i have that almost maxed out in skyrim
2 hours later…
8:37 PM
Cassie Stone on November 11, 2015
Talking is hard. Talking about diversity is harder.
This is pretty applicable:
in short, folks talked about personal stuff in multiple rooms each dedicated to a specific topic
Q: Our words are too complicated. Let's make them simpler!

Undo TL;DR: Our wording is complex, and hard for people from other languages to read. Let's make it simpler. Seriously, though, at least read my example at the bottom. For a long time, I've noticed a trend: People from certain countries (which I will refer to, collectively, as Elbonia) seem ...

wow how did that happen just about after we talked about this in here?
I blame @HakashinouShinonouko he started it here
8:41 PM
idk if he deserves praise or reprimanding
This one focuses on language, we talked about both language and age
I'd say he deserves all of the above
ok how about… we make a meta post and a chat room dedicated to finding overly complicated (important) posts and texts, and try to simplify them there?
@HakashinouShinonouko I agree that we should make a meta, but I'm don't think a chatroom would be all the much more helpful... remember the the meta room?
8:58 PM
I can't start that meta post, you know how I describe things
gotta be written in official tone n such
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