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4:33 PM
I've written a comment on this question suggesting that it may be inherently too broad or too localized for our site, and that a discussion forum may be better suited for it. Can you folks let me know if you agree, or if you think there's a way to ask it here that suits our format while giving the asker the answer he wants?
Q: Are any notable Orthodox Christians concerned about the potential impending Apocalypse?

sirdankFor a few months now, I have been receiving unsolicited letters, pamphlets, and bulletins regarding the 'end times', 'coming prophetic storm', 'God's impending judgement', etc. I have family members who are extremely concerned about Jonathan Cahn's bloodmoon judgement literature (he says the fou...

Q: (How) can we welcome more questions about pastoral care practices?

Bear in a StudebakerFrom the outset, let's be clear that I'm not talking about pastoral advice questions. What I am referring to can be found in the question What expertise are we lacking? Mike's answer states: I think we lack pastoral care doctrines. What I mean is there is a whole section of Christian books u...

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5:43 PM
@BearinaStudebaker I think the question is fine. I don't see "localized" as a problem. After all, the StackOverflow site from which all of these other stack things flow is all about highly "localized" issues of programming, many of which come and go very quickly. Why can't the Christianity.SE site deal with localized questions, too? Not everything about Christianity has to be universal and eternal.
@BearinaStudebaker As for "too broad," I seem to have a disagreement with the reigning philosophy of the site on discouraging answers from the perspective of particular theologians, even if they don't represent Christianity as a whole, or even a whole denomination.
I think that asking for views of theologians that may hold certain views is perfectly fine, though perhaps there should be a caveat that such answers don't necessarily represent a broad consensus within Christianity or within a particular denomination.
If Christianity.SE engages in too much homogenization, and discourages answers representing particular theologians and groups of Christians that may not be mainstream, but do address the interests of the askers, we risk becoming generalized and boring, and "encouraging" people to move on to sites that will give more textured and interesting answers to their questions.
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7:19 PM
@BearinaStudebaker It must be a bug.
The review task I'm looking at right now is an answer two months after the question, though both are in 2013.
Q: Why did the late answer queue spike on Sep 29, 2015?

wythagorasThe late answer queue just went to 1.2k on Mathematics. On other sites the same happened (EL&U 850, SO 1.5k, TeX-LaTeX 500). Why did this happen? According to a comment on this post, there are no old late answers left over since begin 2013: No, the "minimum creation date" is being automati...

@BearinaStudebaker: Ah, take a look at this:
A: Can we raise the bar for reputation for late answers to enter the review queue?

Jon EricsonQueue growth Review queues lose effectiveness if posts aren't regularly (and accurately) cleared. A queue such as close votes on Stack Overflow that never seems to get to 0 fails to provide time-sensitive feedback that aids learning. So if we raise the bar for late answers which increases the nu...

7:55 PM
@El'endiaStarman Hmm, interesting.
@BearinaStudebaker From what I can tell, the review queue was supposed to be filled with late answers from the previous month, then the previous two months, and so on, which gives people time to empty the queue. Instead, it got filled with reviews from all time...
We got off easy.
8:44 PM
@El'endiaStarman We still have to work it in shifts! ;-)
@LeeWoofenden Yeah but 125 is nothing compared to 1.2k as some sites got (and more)!
Also, I am not looking forward to handling all the flags that come out of it.
@El'endiaStarman Mea culpa. :-(
@JonEricson Ha, it's okay. It was quite a shock, but I think we'll benefit from it nonetheless. :)
9:40 PM
@El'endiaStarman It will clean up the site a bit--as it was intended to do.

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