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12:06 AM
The worst
@GodEmperorDune If I'm going to do that I might as well find an illegal streaming site or torrent
Q: How to set separate scoreboard

FyrensI've created a ctf with only commands blocks, and i've corrected all the bugs that were in my map, the only thing that's currently bugging is the scoreboard, let me explain : When red team score a point, it will add +1 at the sidebar scoreboard, but it will show +1 for the blue team too, but it'...

12:21 AM
I'll put the outrage in caps
so today I went shopping. The manager came up to ask me if I needed help finding anything. I said no, but thanks and turned away. When I turned, he said, "Oh neat tattoo! Is it new?" The very top image of my back tattoo is visible in most shirts because it's close to my neck so I am used to people commenting on it. I was about to answer him AND NOW THE OUTRAGE
Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.
unless someone says to you "You want to touch my tattoo" (which is weird anyway, why would you touch someone's tattoo? Why would someone WANT you to touch their tattoo?) THEN YOU SHOULD NOT TOUCH IT
Like holy hell that's so unbelievably unacceptable O_o
12:25 AM
Oh I'm in the process of emailing that store and complaining insanely
because no. That's straight up harassment
you can't just touch on female customers
here @Chippies @GodEmperorDune @AshleyNunn read my rage when you get back
Yeah, it's an unacceptably off-colour comment to begin with, but to reinforce it with physical action is extremely not okay.
he then proceeded to tell me that I have "nice skin" which is "probably why the color still looks so good"
he was gross and made me feel disgusting
I'm sorry that happened to you and I hope he gets what's coming for him :(
yeah, me too. He shouldn't be working around women.
I can't imagine the thoughts that go through people's minds that convince them that doing something like that is okay.
People are terrible.
12:33 AM
> Cormega Copening, of Fayetteville, North Carolina, was prosecuted as an adult under federal child pornography felony laws, for sexually exploiting a minor. The minor was himself.
@spugsley ew
@spugsley you don't just touch customers. period
I'd be weirded out if someone just went and straight out touched me, especially in the neck area and then started pulling on the shirt? I'm sure you could get that person fired without question
@TimStone you can't imagine those thoughts, because I'm pretty sure there's no thoughts in those people minds
anyone with thoughts would figure out it's inappropriate
@Chippies he needs to be. All the other workers in the store were women. It makes me so fucking worried that he's messed with them
12:50 AM
@TimStone I don't think "neat tattoo" is an off-color comment, but everything after that was wrongwrongwrongWRONGWRONGWRONG.
@Yuuki "Is there more" is the off-color comment
it's an inappropriate question
Well, I'm just going to say all your tattoos that I've seen posted here are neat, @spugsley, and I will leave it at that.
@Yuuki well thanks :3
> This is mine. I'll show you yours.
Oh my.
@spugsley that behavior is fuct
Especially the touching
Especially "searching for more"
I think you would be well within your rights to falcon punch him
But yeah you should totally complain/sue/press charges/whatever because that is super not ok
1:12 AM
Kingsman was a good watch.
Anyone who missed it has missed out.
> On 11 June 2015, it was confirmed Vaughn had begun writing the sequel, and he may return to direct it
Oh nice
ANd now it's bedtime.
Yeah, I'll be heading off myself as well.
@Frank I hate you so much right now! You didn't tell me SAO II had ALL the feels. ;-;
I'm not crying. I just have something in both of my eyes. ;-;
1:31 AM
someone just asked me if I was "sure it wasn't harmless?"
our world is so fucked up
1:48 AM
@spugsley It really is. :(
2:05 AM
@Fluttershy I so did.
I knew it was coming, and I still cried.
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2:21 AM
@Lazers2.0 spam!
@Lazers2.0 Spam spam lovely spam
Huh... Why do I have lazers on ignore? :o
Oh! MGS and Until Dawn, probably...
2:34 AM
it's not even game identification dafuq
2:53 AM
That's... Holy crap. How does he make those sounds come from that bass? Mine never sounds like that when I try to play like that. :(
3:24 AM
Q: Can't screenshot (Steam)

BuckySo I've been able to screenshot ever since I got steam but now when I tried to screenshot my game it didn't work. I have Steam overlay enabled and the overlay comes up but when I press Fn+F5 it doesn't worked and I tired Fn with everything still nothing. What can I do to fix this?

3:36 AM
1999 called, and they want your job ad back
The sentence before that scares me too
Email HTML is about 10 years behind time
I'm assuming this is for email marketing or surveys
But then again, if they're targetting Netscape
3:51 AM
Q: Is it always possible to eliminate all Geopanels?

ReafexusFrom what I have seen you need the same number of geoblocks as you have different geopanels. N-1 colored blocks (where N is the number of different color panels) and a Null block. I have seen levels with only N-2 blocks (plus the Null block) though. Is they impossible rooms or is there just an al...

4:05 AM
4:16 AM
Q: How should we treat demo related questions in terms of tagging?

Timelord64I came across a question about a demo that has been released. The question is entirely answerable, but this lead me to look up how many demo related tags we have. I found three matched the search results for "demo": disgaea-5-demo bravely-default-demo lightning-returns-demo I see good reason...

@SepiaLazers that's insanely long winded
Q: How does power sting work for SP3 on Marvel Contest of the Champions?

GabrielOshiroI play a lot with Yellow Jacket and I really like to use power sting. When an enemy has power sting status and he tries to cast a special attack, he gets punished by causing damage to himself. However when he is about to cast a SP3 (level 3 special power, meaning when he has a full special bar) ...

5:19 AM
Q: Strange Dota 2 ping issue

rconp555I recently changed my old router (D-LINK 2544N) to a TP-Link Archer D5. I am playing on Australia servers for Dota 2 and since yesterday about 1pm, I started getting massive ping in the range of about 3000ms and packet loss varying from a manageable 1% to up to 80%. The problem disappears when ...

5:37 AM
Q: how can you use the summon command or setblock command with players cordinates

sheep_flyeri was trying to make a fake skeleton and i came in the problem he coudnt shoot arrows because the player runs away i want to summon them next to the player or make blocks right behind the player so can you help me by saying how to do so

1 hour later…
6:56 AM
@5pike evening
Q: Witcher 3 New Game+ Level Cap

h0ch5tr4355I have a question about the relatively new mod for Witcher 3 New Game+: I read, that there is no level cap, so you can play the complete Game with the story and after that you can farm till Level x, or how is it to understand? I have played about 200 hours now and actually don't want to continue...

Q: the binding of isaac rebirth cheat for 1.0v

Tails X Gamesim trying to find a cheat for my the binding of isaac rebirth for my Challenge run and i dont have the original the binding of isaac rebirth ;-; what i can do im 2 days trying the binding of isaac rebirth ver 1.0

7:16 AM
I just quit my job
@5pike you have something else lined up?
@GodEmperorDune Yarb
Q: Where is the Cheapest virtual Products factory located?

Emma235This is yaphets From www.mmo9.com.We are a group of dedicated Hearthstone powerleveling from all over the world.We can do different kind of power leveling for Hearthstone and gold/coins for other games(Fifa coins ,wow gold ,rs gold and so on)also. Through protracted and unremitting efforts,MMO9 ...

I can tell you, I was very nervous.
@Lazers2.0 spammed ie spam
7:18 AM
But it went better than expected.
@5pike that's good
@5pike grats! no more mrnrormrnrornrirnginegens for a while
also, mronrromrronirornigsingrign
@badp Yeah. I have around 25 vacation days left, so October is 100% vacation time.
@5pike doesn't that mean that they could still ask you to come in at any time?
@5pike very nice
7:21 AM
I'll be taking my unspent vacation time in cash if possible
@badp Let me check. I think that they can't.
Colleague of mine was asked to come back from holidays three days early due to an impending deadline
dunno how much of it was a moral obligation and how much of it was an actual obligation
@badp i think it's different if you give notice
@badp I just checked. Unspent vacation days have to be paid, except there is a mutual agreement. We mutually agreed that I work the next 2 weeks and then I'm off.
@5pike well congrats on new adventures :D
7:35 AM
@badp fairly sure mostly moral, see also: being on holiday in a different country and such =p
Also, grats @5pike!
@KevinvanderVelden Thanks
Shouldn't this be off-topic? I don't know what to flag it as though
Q: is the xbox 360 wireless receiver a low/full speed or a high speed usb 2 device? (compatibility with at90usb1287 host)

Lukas Rieger[This might be a bit off-topic, but I'm not sure where it would be a better fit] I would like to control my uC with a wireless XB360 Gamepad. The at90usb1287 has a usb 2.0 low/full speed host controller (no high speed). Does anyone know which speed the receiver requires? The only mention I coul...

@KevinvanderVelden Mhh... from reading over it, it sounds like something for superUser
dɹɐ@ ƃuᴉuɹoɯ
8:03 AM
@Yuuki No, because we are not a Federation
Q: How to copy Xbox info from USB?

BenI have a USB that I formatted to use with my Xbox. It worked fine, used it for ages, no issue. Now though, I have not used it on my Xbox for quite a while, so I was wondering if I might be capable of copying the data from the USB, onto my PC for temporary storage, then format the USB once more a...

8:57 AM
@5pike Didn't ping
@Arperum Heh, didn't really expect it to.
So the first Black Mirror episode has come true, which one will be next?
@fredley wat?
@KevinvanderVelden he was on holiday in a different country, which is why he only was back three days early as opposed to five
and I covered him for the other two
how much of that is my boss being a reasonable human being I wouldn't know
Apparently iTunes accidentally released October 31's episode of MLP today
r/mylittlepony is going crazy over this
9:09 AM
Q: building normally open floodgates

FennekinIs there any way to create an floodgate that would be open and it will close when it is triggered (by a pressure plate)? i made a image to properly show the position of pressure plate. (assumed) working :- when the block near the river is channeled water will flow through a channel to ramp...

@charltonbrooker, London
9.6k tweets, 978k followers, following 460 users
> Princess Susannah (Lydia Wilson), a much loved member of the Royal Family, is kidnapped and the ransom demand is an unusual one; Prime Minister Michael Callow (Rory Kinnear) must have sexual intercourse with a pig on live national television. As the time starts to run out and public support rapidly disappears, Callow finds he may have no choice but to go through with the obscene act.
So, something like this happened?
It's all over Twitter, but actual news sources seem to be holding back. Possibly an injunction that some papers have chosen to ignore, due to the fact that the cat is fully out of the bag.
@fredley "actual news sources seem to be holding back" Because they are, oh I don't know, actual news sources and not the Daily Mail or the Sun, which are really just pieces recycled paper that happened to have words printed on them
@PrivatePansy To be clear: this is an allegation made in a book published by another MP, not a piece of hearsay.
9:39 AM
Q: Meaning of "No Russian" in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Andrew GrimmWhat was meant by "Remember - No Russian" in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Did it mean "Don't Speak in Russian"? Or "Don't leave any Russians alive"? A Wikipedia article mentioned that a Japanese translation of the game translated it as something like kill them all, they are Russian, and that...

> People from Kenya are black
Obama is black
∴ Obama is from Kenya
Also, people from Kenya are Obama.
@PrivatePansy Also, the sun is a ball of ice, and the whole heat thing is some crazy theory.
@PrivatePansy ∴ Obama is a Muslim
I'd love to take some of the conspiracy theories, then forcing their premises into logically valid structures
The results should be hilarious
9:55 AM
@GodEmperorDune 10/16 is season 2.
10:08 AM
@Arperum probably something stringy
@fredley "non dom" status... that is a sex thing right?
Someone with non-domiciled status, sometimes called a 'non-dom', is a person living in the United Kingdom who has either acquired a foreign domicile from their father, which is known as a 'domicile of origin', or who has abandoned their domicile of origin and can demonstrate the intention to reside outside of the UK indefinitely and actually enacts the intention. UK resident non-doms pay UK income tax and capital gains tax on UK sources of income and gains and on foreign income or gains, but only to the extent that they are remitted to the UK. This is known as the remittance basis. After the non...
10:24 AM
Q: Can trophies be earned in new game +?

Nitro.deI've just started the story again in new game + and want to know if I can get the missed trophies. E.g currently I'm level 34,5, will I get the Trophy if I reach level 35 in the new game+?

@badp I meant coming back earlier from being in a different country (and the expenses that entails0
@KevinvanderVelden so did I
10:41 AM
@5pike not an answer, more like poetry
I'd say spambot
11:01 AM
yeah probably is
11:21 AM
@badp wut. Huh, I know that over here I'm under no obligation to cancel any plans (when the days off have been approved)
11:41 AM
Q: Watch won't show time

LittleCaesars808In Terraria, I have a watch in my hotbar. I always keep it there, but the last time I looked, it won't show the time anymore. Is this a glitch, or what's happening with the watch?

Anyone interested in an impromptu TV afternoon with Black Mirror Episode 1? seems quite topical
although I wouldn't be sure how to organize it
@KevinvanderVelden Iunno and I hope I don't have to know any time soon
12:30 PM
Here's an interesting heuristic I noticed today - if you find a story on tor.com, and the title contains a reference to horses, it's best not to read the story if you want to sleep at night
My friends just got engaged! :) And my coffee mug is empty. :(
@MBraedley Yay! Also yay!
@KevinvanderVelden Why are you happy about me being out of coffee?
@MBraedley then you can get tea!
What kind of pagan harlotry is this? drinking tea if you're out of coffee? What is this, 18th century England?
@PrivatePansy What's the title of the story you read?
12:42 PM
@NateKerkhofs Equoid is the first. Ponies is the second.
Like I said, don't read them if you want to sleep tonight
@NateKerkhofs well I assumed someone gave @MBraedley coffee by accident and he felt obligated to drink the vile stuff. So now that it's gone he can get something good to drink!
I am assuming you are assuming incorrectly, coffee is awesome
My tenants leave this evening!
cc @whoever had to listen to my rant earlier.
Did the telling go well? I missed any followup rants =p
Yes, telling went really good.
I had to take one of them to the hospital yesterday because she fell unconcious and didn't wake up in a couple minutes. (unrelated to the telling)
12:50 PM
Telling? I feel like I missed something interesting
@SaintWacko I kicked my tenants out.
@Arperum I was about to say, that must have been quite a telling
@Arperum Link to the rant?
@SaintWacko start here
That hospital visit gave me another facepalm moment. Like major smash face in hard object moment
What did they do?
@Arperum Dang, that's awful
12:53 PM
Let's keep it at: I don't think getting pregnant is a good idea when you have no money or house. Or your relationship is barely 8 months old.
I'm glad they're gone
@Arperum Wow
@SaintWacko Yes.
There are more reasons why I think it's not a good idea, but that is something too confidential.
12:57 PM
She got lucky with when she went KO though, right before she was going up the stairs, so now she just fell on the (stone uncovered) ground with the back of her head, and not down the stairs.
what kind of carrier is that
is that a late-game unit
gib pls
gib gibs?
gi gib gibs?
g gi gib gibs?
@Arperum ... Wait, she passed out because she was pregnant?
1:05 PM
@Yuuki No, she wasn't according to the blood test. But if they are specially asking to check that, and that news causes sudden tears...
@Arperum ... Thank god they've moved out.
WIth the message, "but it's still early, so yea"
@Yuuki Yes. Very much so.
I don't want to imagine having to deal with people like that and a baby.
@Arperum Heh, very good.
11 mins ago, by Arperum
There are more reasons why I think it's not a good idea, but that is something too confidential.
Those reasons are pretty damn important (and have nothing to do with me or them being here). But confidential.
1:08 PM
Yeah, there's also the evidence showing that they're clearly not equipped for raising a child...
@Yuuki Or being tenants.
I think if you're unemployed and expecting, you should be forced to sign over your child to CPS
no way you can take care of a child in that way
Good thing you're not in charge
What not is can be
@NateKerkhofs What if you're expecting and then just got laid off?
1:09 PM
33 secs ago, by GnomeSlice
Good thing you're not in charge
Or if you have a lot of money stored up and are unemployed because you want to care for the child? (And don't need the income anymore)
Correction: expecting, but unemployed or otherwise financially incapable of taking care of yourself, your spouse and your child for a reasonable period
Reasonable period meaning either until you got a job, or until the child's 18th birthday
Also, handing kids off to CPS is not a good solution. Have you seen CPS recently?
Define "financially incapable", "reasonable period" (sure, my tenants fall into it either way, but that's unrelated)
What is CPS?
@NateKerkhofs Hah. So undefined time. "Until you get a job." That's a perfectly defined time.
Financially incapable meaning that you cannot provide the child with food, a roof and bed, school & school materials and entertainment
@Arperum Child Protective Services.
1:12 PM
Clue: they're a government agency. Which means they're under-funded, over-burdened, and there's at minimum one special interest group that's trying to get rid of them.
@KevinvanderVelden HA! FEEL the inb4!
CPS should not be considered anything more than a last resort.
Yea, forcing kids into foster care/other things is not the way to go.
1:14 PM
Would you rather the child starved to death or was sold to an infertile couple because the parents can't support it?
About that financially capable. I might be able to raise a kid with half the money someone else needs, or double the amount some third person needs.
@NateKerkhofs "Sold to an infertile couple"?
Hell. humans are not for sale.
It might be illegal to sell children, sure. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen
@NateKerkhofs Sending a child to CPS does not prevent the former from happening.
1:16 PM
I get that my views on parenting might be controversial
divisive, even
I don't like the way you try to solve things. Not this time, not earlier. Way to extreme viewpoint. It also shows a lack of knowledge of what is going on (if the lack of knowledge is deliberate or just be being too young, I don't know)
Let me be clear though, CPS is not a bad government agency. They're good people doing good work. The issue is that, like most government agencies, they are way understaffed and the workload is simply too big for them to handle at this moment.
@NateKerkhofs Not only parenting. I remember earlier discussion with you about stuff.
My opinions tend to be controversial, yes
And invariably, in that situation, things fall through the cracks. And with CPS, replace "things" with "children".
1:18 PM
Also: hauling a kid away from his parents with a blaring police alarm is kinda traumatising for the kid.
@Arperum Could you remind me what that was about? I have so many divisive discussions
Doing it without the blaring alarm still is.
If it's done early enough, the child won't remember
@NateKerkhofs Nope, can't remember, I just know that I remember you having opinions that I don't agree with.
Was it perhaps on my opinions on having a independent UN subsidiary organ govern the internet, instead of every country making their own rules about it?
1:20 PM
I'm out of this discussion, sorry. I don't want to continue this.
Serious Business is off-topic in this chat room
@NateKerkhofs There are a number of things wrong with this. One, you're advocating taking a child away from his/her parents as early as possible, which doesn't square well with your "take an undefined amount of time to determine whether parents are capable". Two, just because you can't remember something happening doesn't mean you can't be traumatized by it.
Let's just drop it. I have rather controversial opinions on many subjects, and I doubt I'll have any supporters in that regard
So, Hameron/Piggate/Bae of Pigs.
a lighter subject
@NateKerkhofs Dear god, another "-gate"?
@Yuuki Watergategate.
1:24 PM
@NateKerkhofs Snoutrage
@Yuuki Yep. Basically, according to a book written by Lord Ashford, David Cameron once had oral sex with a chopped-off dead pig's head
27 mins ago, by fredley
@NateKerkhofs This feels like something done on a dare.
Yeah, it was an initiation rite for a prestigious college group
1:26 PM
@NateKerkhofs Was just about to say "or frathouse hazing".
@fredley What's the syntax for linking something like that? I found a fitting image on Twitter, but it's NSFW, so I want it linked
1:29 PM
@NateKerkhofs [Link Text](URL)
@Yuuki Last week's news this week, with @Yuuki
@Yuuki So, anyone have a better free virus scanner for me?
@KevinvanderVelden Microsoft Security Essentials?
@fredley virus scanner, not a thing that asks permission after the deed is done
(To be fair, that's mostly their firewall)
Malware bytes antimalware?
1:30 PM
@KevinvanderVelden eh? I thought that's what MSE was
Q: Why is Snake covered in blood even after a shower?

Dupree3So I have been playing MGS 5 for a while now and understand the mechanic of being covered in blood after a battle where you get hit or close combat kill an enemy. This can be removed by changing the uniform or taking a shower.....however I have just come across the point where I cannot remove the...

@KevinvanderVelden You can turn off the real time protection component if you want
@fredley It is not good at detecting or removing virusses
@KevinvanderVelden Brain.exe?
@PrivatePansy I specifically asked for something that does not do that! =p
1:31 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Panda?
@KevinvanderVelden Which is why I said you can tun it off
@PrivatePansy yes, does doing that even more
Scroll down for free edition
@KevinvanderVelden What exactly ARE you looking for? Something that scans your computer for viruses?
Realtime virus scanner is indeed what I'm looking for
1:33 PM
And what should it do when it finds something?
@KevinvanderVelden Panda
What I was complaining about was the ms firewall that showed a popup asking for permission for something to go online and in the mean while allowed that program to go online
A case of "Hey this program might be uploadin... oh in the time it took you to read it everything was already uploaded, better luck next time!"
Glasswire firewall, with permissions set to paranoid
1:34 PM
I've seriously had cases where I stopped playing a game after 2 hours on a LAN, to see a popup of the firewall asking if it was alright if the game had access -,-
Avast, AVG, Avira, Comodo, Lavasoft,...
That mode has to be paid for though
I don't need a firewall
@NateKerkhofs We just mentioned how AVG is no longer an option.
Yes, that is in fact how this conversation started
1:35 PM
a firewall is exactly what you need though. You need something that stops outgoing connections until you give permissions for it
which is basically what an outbound firewall can do
@NateKerkhofs no, I need something that prevents virusses and doesn't sell my information
I bet jQuery has antivirus capabilities
@KevinvanderVelden I'm confused, so you want a realtime virus scanner, which also has to stop any unauthorized uploads?
@NateKerkhofs no?
The firewall tangent was because people were saying microsoft security essentials
And I replied "not a thing that asks permission after the deed is done
(To be fair, that's mostly their firewall)"
sorry, got confused
1:42 PM
So the head of the UN panel on human rights just sentenced a teenager to death by crucifixion.
Here's the thing: no virus scanner is perfect, and over half of all viruses in the wild are undetected by them
And now I'm imagining a NatGeo bit on viruses.
@Yuuki wat
Richard Attenborough: "Here we see the Stuxnet virus in it's natural habitat, an Iranian nuclear powerplant. In a few moments, we'll see the marvel that is an exploding uranian centrifuge"
@Unionhawk The head of the UN panel on human rights is... drumroll... Saudi Arabia.
No, this is not the Onion, this is reality.
1:45 PM
To be fair, if your virusscanner does not stop Stuxnet, you might as well not bother using it
Stuxnet is so old by now that you probably have people who can find it by hand
@Yuuki yeah
@Yuuki And as those who are caught in this landslide know, there is no escape from reality
Wasn't that one of the countries that rejected the declaration of human rights as not compatible with islam?
@KevinvanderVelden But everyone knows they're a champion of oil human rights.
There's also this from last year(and a half) independent.co.uk/news/… where they complained that norway wasn't doing enough to protect mohammed from the meanies saying mean things behind his back
1:49 PM
I'll keep my opinions on global politics to myself...
@NateKerkhofs Richard David
Kill everyone! People suck anyway
@fredley Also, power plant* and uranium*
@KevinvanderVelden Depending on the orientation of his body in his grave (was he buried? I don't know the relevant history and/or religious texts) and the position of his grave relative to Norway, isn't it possible that anything mean in that country would be said behind his back?
@Unionhawk No need. Just get rid of the need for oil and watch the middle-east crumble.
1:51 PM
@NateKerkhofs we need some better batteries plz
@Yuuki quite possible!
@NateKerkhofs I said everyone
Tangent: if I'm not cremated, I should get buried face-down so everyone talking about me at my funeral would be "talking behind my back".
@Yuuki or get buried at sea. Or in space.
@Unionhawk For the latter, I'd have to worry about making sure my space casket doesn't rotate so my back is always facing Earth.
No that's a stupid joke
I reject your joke and substitute something else

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