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12:01 AM
there might be a place thats clearing out netbooks ;p
they advertised one for 60 bucks... rather tempted honestly
@JourneymanGeek Damn thats low :O
but i already have like... 2 other usable systems
Ahh, good point.
and naturally depends on stocks
now, i would be VERY tempted to replace the office systems with them, if i had the budget to ;p
12:50 AM
Seems my MSO post on getting people the /review/close/ page back is going well so far
1:35 AM
@JourneymanGeek What place is that? My kids would love to have laptops, and for $60 it's very tempting to me too.
3 hours later…
4:14 AM
How does the "review" process work? I noticed my stats for reviews shows 0 for everything, yet I've been voting for and editing hundreds of questions and answers in the "review" section for many months now.
I just noticed my "review statistics" today, and I'm wondering if perhaps the recent account mix-ups caused this to be reset?
I'm puzzled though because I did some reviews today as well.
I also can't vote anymore (a pink box appears when I try to vote). Is there a limit on the number of votes and/or reviews one can do?
1 hour later…
5:21 AM
@RandolfRichardson: singapore, and its out of stock when i went there
should have expected that ;p
@RandolfRichardson: you need to use the review options there, as opposed to on the site i believe, if you haven't. else its a glitch
never mind. I downvoted and forgot ;p
2 hours later…
7:53 AM
@JourneymanGeek Do the review options look different than the usually upvote/downvote/edit/close/flag options?
Its on the page itself after you hit review
which is a little annoying since i occasionally review a question and decide nothing is needed
@JourneymanGeek When I click "review" (I see the option along the top), what should I be looking for? I see questions, and options to limit to the current day, quality, etc., and of course the list of questions (in the same format as if I was just looking at questions).
Should there be some other options?
I notice that "/review/" disappears from the URI, but I figured the site is just depending on the HTTP_REFERER environment variable.
...or something else to do with my session.
right at the bottom of the review button, i think
is still getting used to it hisself
when you hit, for example, review answer, it will expand - apparently using the commands there count, but not going to the page by clicking the question link and doing it
After my badge counts there's just "review," then "chat," "meta," and "faq" ...
I don't see anything below "review."
8:00 AM
If I move the mouse there, nothing pops up.
/me is using Opera.
no no
i mean in the specific entries inside the review pages
Okay, so I clicked "review" then "first questions" and "day" to get the more recent entries.
The first entry takes me here: superuser.com/questions/356405/…
say, you click on review, then you click on close. you get an overview of the questions. clicking review question will expand, and increment your reviewed question counter by one. then editing, or commenting there will increment the relevant..
Then I click on upvote and I get a pink/magenta box.
no no
don't you see a 'review question' under the tags?
8:03 AM
I just get the usual options for "close."
The tags for that question are: syntax-highlighting gedit
Below that I see: link|edit|close|flag
ya, using those will work for your review stats
These are the tags at the bottom of the question.
and clicking on the review question option will add to your reviewed
Well, I've actually used "close" on a few questions, but my review stats are just empty.
So I guess there's a problem for now.
I suspect it's related to the recent problems with my account getting mixed up with someone else's.
Perhaps I'll just wait a few days in the hopes that this will get synchronized or straightened out somehow.
My account must still be partly b0rked after the screwed up merge that shouldn't have happened in the first place. Heheh. I just hope this doesn't cascade to other users.
Uh oh, comment upvotes don't work now either. =(
...a blue up-arrow lingers for a while, but the number 1 never shows up.
Yup, I think my account my still be b0rked. =(
I'm sure it'll get sorted though. =)
8:51 AM
hm, out of screen wipes
funny thing is the canisters they come in keep being reused in bizzare ways, so no one seems to mind me going through one every few months
6 hours later…
2:46 PM
Skyrim is a source of a lot of new funny Gaming titles...
Q: Are inter-racial marriages frowned upon?

Doozer BlakeApparently, marriage is allowed in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. For example, as a Human, if I wanted to show my love for an Argonian or Khajit, and they were up for it, would I be shunned or treated differently by NPCs?

Q: How do I cannibalize people?

spugsleyThe BBFC has confirmed the existence of cannibalism in Skyrim. I'm curious as to how this aspect fits into the game: Is it quest related like in Fallout 3? Where does the quest originate? What are the pros (quest rewards, etc) and cons (reputation decrease, etc) of choosing to cannibalize?

2:58 PM
Q: Can I permanently kill important people?

OrigamiRobotIn Morrowind, it was possible to permanently kill NPCs who were involved in the main story. This would result in a message basically informing you that you had broken the word and to reload a save if you want to make progress. In Oblivion, this was changed so that important NPCs were "knocked o...

@TomWijsman I love gaming question titles :P
2 hours later…
5:06 PM
@WilliamHilsum: Or... G:\L.A. Noire
That's super advanced!
I'm going to try to do that on my next install. P for personal stuff, S for storage, G for games, ...
Hmm... C: for cache folders ought to be a problem :D
Don't! It is a waste of time! I used to partition everything - when you reinstall the OS, you pretty much reinstall all applications anyway - and, it is hard to guess in advance what you need.... then there are loads of apps that you cant change the default to
the only time I would do it is on servers, so that you can have a separate drive for log files and stuff which is quite nice
Not partitioning anything, I believe there was a way to junction point drive letters.
5:13 PM
@TomWijsman Doh, should have known you better! still... sounds hard to manage compared to just using a normal drive!
Anyway... How have things been? I have hardly been around the last week and I feel out of the loop :/
But now I have my second drive like /Personal/Documents and /Storage/Games and that kind of stuff
Glad you came back!
P:\Documents (or even storing them in the root) and a symlinked `G:` for games would be nice to have.
@WilliamHilsum I feel out of the loop often. I've done quite some reviewing on my return but I stopped once I got bored of reviewing.
So shifted my attention more to StarCraft II. Went out to the best party of the year two days ago.
Now I'm hooked up with Skyrim...
298 reputation today on Gaming.SE, it's like a long time ago I had that much on Super User.
My first page is full of Skyrim questions... gaming.stackexchange.com/users/998/tom-wijsman :D
Yeah, I review from time to time, but it gets boring quick
@TomWijsman ... when we talked before, I did try the starter edition - couldn't really get in to it :/
5:18 PM
what's that sky… something everyone's talking about?
Yeah, you have to like that game type.
@TomWijsman I love games! ... but, every time I try to play recently, all I can think about is work, work, work... so, it is hard to get in the mindset
@slhck Well, it managed to get 100k views in 1 - 2 days on Gaming.SE... Does that say enough?
@TomWijsman Why is there such a hype?
5:21 PM
@slhck Because that game is awesome... :)
haha … I haven't even understood why MW2 was hyped so much back then
but it's like comparing apples and oranges I guess
Can someone please add a comment to any of my questions or answers? I think that I may be affected by a bug and am looking for a way to confirm that.
5:26 PM
@slhck Thanks!
Looks like the problem went away.
Haven't you received any notification?
I have received the expected notification.
Yesterday, I think, all notifications I received were detected as one comment on the electrical engineering site. I may have lost couple of notifications that way, but it looks like the problem passed.
The notifications which didn't show in inbox appeared in responses tab on my account page.
Hmm yeah I think I had something like this too, but I can't remember when or what exactly I missed
anyway, I'm off for dinner
5:42 PM
Hi all
Do we have some kind of editing etiquette? What should and shouldn't be done to others' posts?
I mean, other than the list of common reasons to edit in the privilege description
Found something. Anything else?
6:07 PM
@DanielBeck What exactly are you referring to?
I don't think there's a canonical post for that
Because it really depends on the content itself
Hmm, what resulted in the spike back in January?
@slhck Just in general. Saw an edit not too long ago that just added two only somewhat related links to a post and wondered about that.
@DanielBeck Hm, yeah, it's a very subjective thing. I'd prefer having two people to approve suggested edits
@slhck Doesn't help with an almost trusted user ;)
@DanielBeck Ah, I see :P
6:17 PM
@slhck Not you though. I'd have complained already ;)
I don't believe it
The question is upvoted
My own stupid comment on my answer is upvoted
But my actual answer?
@slhck It seems I should stop sifting through source code to answer questions. It's a lot of work that mostly goes unappreciated.
@DanielBeck Well, consider it a learning experience
I mean, there aren't that many OS X questions that go deeper than UI stuff
@DanielBeck Do you have any idea if it's (relatively) easy to edit icns resource forks?
6:30 PM
@slhck Well, it's Metasploit this time. It's even completely Ruby. Difficult to go more mainstream than that...
Except, questions about backing up Windows, maybe.
@slhck You wanted to ask something a day or two ago?
I already left chat by then
@DanielBeck Not that important, I had an assignment discussion for Uni about the IR system, but I managed to survive it :)
But new stuff is coming up, now I'll have to expand it to use the vector space model
@slhck Wasn't that already part of the original assignment?
@DanielBeck Just the calculation (cosine similarity etc.), but not actually using it for queries
@slhck Huh? So for every document, execute a two line function and print the result?
6:46 PM
@DanielBeck You make it sound so easy :P No, to be honest, I haven't looked into it, shouldn't be that hard. But of course, we have to do more … like implementing a Web Spider
@slhck Yeah I know, I used Python back then. So it's maybe twenty lines in Java, but you'll manage anyway...
Yup, I mean, it's good I already have the whole framework, so I can just add it there … otherwise I'd have used Ruby as well
Did you run into any performance issues with Python? You had a quite large index
@slhck Yeah. That made the whole search impractical. At least it was a requirement, otherwise I'd have had a real problem.
I started to wonder when I was searching, and the hard disk was completely idling...
Then I implemented to core of the retrieval and index file decoding algorithm in C and Java in addition to Python
And ran a comparison
Was about 20 to 70 times slower in Python IIRC
It really can't handle millions (billions?) of simple adding/shifting instructions
That's why I changed the whole internals to be compatible with PyPy
6:53 PM
I wrote a small tool to calculate retrieval results in Ruby, like precision/recall, MAP, and it even chokes on dummy data
Then that benchmark was at least half as fast as C and Java
Unfortunately, my whole Web fronted wouldn't work with PyPy, as it lagged behind a few Python versions
So you either had a somewhat fancy UI with Ajax (because loading results was so damn slow I didn't want to wait for 10 at once), or a pretty quick command line interface :-/
@slhck There was a topic on that on SU, sec
A: Finder Sidebar Icons - How do I duplicate?

Daniel BeckIt's not possible to do this yourself. These special sidebar icons are hard-coded to use files whose names start with Toolbar in /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/, such as ToolbarDownloadsFolderIcon.icns for the Downloads folder. If placed in the sidebar, this file...

Bottom half
Rosetta only, and I haven't found anything else...
Simply add user:22317 to whatever you're searching for on SU to get only high quality results!
thanks, looks interesting!
Thanks for the up vote!
7:11 PM
Afternoon everyone
evenin' @Simon!
How's it going @slhck?
@DanielBeck Sure, always learning something new :)
@SimonSheehan Pretty good, spending a lazy Saturday evening at home
what about you?
@slhck Same idea :P Couldn't get a ride to the football game so I'm trying DC Universe Online out.
ah, those gamers again!
7:16 PM
@slhck Haha, the people in Gaming.SE have gotten me in the mood after yesterday :P
@slhck It's even a revival badge now... the third this week!
@SimonSheehan I'm still waiting for Skyrim :(
@DanielBeck i want it :p
At least it was cheap:
Price on order date: £27.89
Price charged at dispatch: £27.87
Lowest price up to and including release date: £27.87
Quantity: 1
Total Savings: £0.02
not bad!
friend of mine recently wanted to buy a 3D movie … until he saw the price
Haha wow
7:23 PM
@slhck When I was still a Deutsche Telekom customer, I always got charged 34.94€ instead of 34.95€. Don't databases have proper precision datatypes for this?
@DanielBeck Haha. Imagine how much money they lose over that!
@slhck They still have a few more customers, exactly.
Not a fan of 3D yet :/
They probably even did a cost/benefit analysis and determined that fixing their SAP system was too expensivee.
They probably didn't even do the analysis and were lazy.
I still want to work for their labs in Berlin though.
Why are some people unaware of the fact that there's something called punctuation?
7:31 PM
Because all they write all day long is Facebook and some MSN/ICQ/Skype chat window, where punctuation is (depending on the audience) either optional or discouraged.
Didn't you know the actual reason all those scripting languages don't require semicolons to end a statement?
and parantheses
@slhck Exactly.
Don't you love it when you can write foo.bar baz lulz and it's actually three functions depending on each other?
The users list finally updated
Anyone want to test my stream?
7:36 PM
@DanielBeck I forgot </irony>, sorry :)
@TomWijsman Sure, how?
Just answer here, I don't have much space left for two chat windows.
Still need to get myself a second screen
@slhck I need my irony more obvious than that. I even got a reaction by a diamond moderator this week ;)
I need to know if you can hear me talking, hear the game sound and if the quality is fine.
@TomWijsman I HATE YOU
In all caps
stupid Amazon, stupid DHL
7:38 PM
@TomWijsman Press the continue button already!
@DanielBeck Saw that – ah, I thought it was funny
Skyrim doesn't seem to like being casted...
Ah, it loaded.
@slhck I know, we discussed it on chat the evening
@TomWijsman :2416492 Big time echo
My voice, or?
The game?
@TomWijsman Talk some more
7:40 PM
I don't know if my audio settings are right.
And I can't hear it myself
I don't hear you talking at all
Was the echo of the game?
@TomWijsman No
@TomWijsman Could have been wrong there. But you're muted.
Skyrim hides my mouse while in game, I need to go to the main menu to actually be able to do things in Windows. Annoying game to cast...
No echo while you were in the menu -- just ignore that for now. But I can't hear you at all.
7:43 PM
But did you hear the game?
Ah, Stereo Mix was still on echo. lol.
Yes, I heard you running and a few greeting by the people you passed.
@TomWijsman I thought it sounded somewhat metallic, but wasn't sure at the end.
Now it's all off.
Yeah, needed to check a setting.
I hear you, but with echo
Are you back on the stream?
Never was gone
7:46 PM
You heard me during the game, but with echo?
I don't understand a thing, sorry.
So, you managed to hear both the game and me?
DCUO is awesome so far
No, I think echo was the game. Or you just didn't talk all that much. I thought I saw your mouth moving...
Anyone with a PS3 must get it... free too!
7:47 PM
@TomWijsman Now background sound is rather good.
Do you hear this?
@TomWijsman Yes. Unfortunately.
@SimonSheehan Hmm I could try
Just clicked something random. :D
@TomWijsman It's YouTube. We were still pretty lucky.
7:49 PM
@slhck Didnt know you had a ps3! do you play a lot?
But you also hear me talking, right?
Veeeeery low volume
Didn't understand anything
@SimonSheehan No, not really, I only used to play a lot of MW2 and BFBC2 when it came out, but I haven't used it since the PSN went down earlier this year
Daniel, it's on +10 dB
+20 dB causes background noise I think.
@slhck ah seems a lot of people do that too
7:50 PM
I can't hear myself
@TomWijsman Aaah nice
now that's weird, I think it's something with the cable.
Back to +10 please
It's echoing pretty bad
That makes sense, moment.
Seriously I can record you talking you won't understand a thing
7:51 PM
@SimonSheehan It just kills all the fun. Plus, EA has got very lousy servers, and they lost my BF stats twice a week
which means you start at lv1
maybe a bit low, but depends on how loud you're making the game
@slhck Ah yeah... I like this though, its very different for an MMO. Quite enjoyable so far, lots of people
Only thing i hate is the login queue
well, better than playing BF on a huge map with 2vs2 players >_>
7:53 PM
Not by much, so if it's more than birds it's going to be hard to understand you.
@slhck Damn... BC2 hasn't been bad lately, BF3 is nice
@SimonSheehan You have BC2?
We should play some time until I get BF3 :P
@slhck Indeed I do! Just got BF3 too
@TomWijsman "Gettin"?
Why is that text so big, lol...
"Getting my stream right. Nothing to see here, sorry!"
Can't seem to find out how to resize ti.
Can you check if the video plays smooth?
7:56 PM
THe little of it I can see :P
Mostly good, two times it jumped. No idea if it's my connection though.
I saw it jump too... xD
I think the settings are near my connections limits
COME ON nobody wants to hear you talk! Just star playing the damn game! ;D
Is this fluent?
Have you not noticed the popularity of games without commentary on YouTube?
It isn't fluent for me, damn...
7:59 PM
I think my connection can hold simultaneously casting and playing a video.
You could, IDK, PLAY THE GAME and I'll tell you whether it's fluent :-)
Hmm, I also seem to have spikes during chatting, something's up with my pc...
@TomWijsman Are you still on Windows 8 Preview?
@DanielBeck: Yes.
@DanielBeck: Streaming is annoying, no mouse outside Skyrim, I can't type @ here in chat. :D
The second one there is actually a Gaming.SE question about if I remember right.
The other one is because I still have to change the hotkeys so that Alt Gr + 2 doesn't change the pre-configured view.
8:02 PM
@TomWijsman By the way, how are the Windows keyboard controls? Pretty console-optimized again?
@DanielBeck: Something's wrong though with my computer, gonna do a reboot soon.
@TomWijsman That's why I use an international keyboard layout.
@DanielBeck Want to do that too, but then again, I have to use so many different computers during the course of a week, it wouldn't be easy to switch
@DanielBeck: Using Dvorak myself, but I customized it to include Azerty punctation / special keys / numbers.
Should've rather took Qwerty / Dvorak. But I decided to only learn the letter placement and not the rest... :D
@DanielBeck: I think I should put my channel private and just record my stream, then play it back afterwards.
I forgot to disable all those "listen to this device" settings and such, that was causing the echo.
@slhck I'm currently working at a client's site and the keyboard is the first thing I brought with me. Good thing their IT didn't care :-)
8:05 PM
Still annoying that the microphone doesn't sound loud enough.
Argh! What is that intermittent freeze occuring every X seconds, so annoying...
@TomWijsman That's why you always should use a production quality OS ;-P
@DanielBeck: Probably would happen there too. Taking a xperf trace to see if it's something I can fix.
Come on! Freeze on me one more time... So I can end this trace! I'll just type a long sentence and hope for it to freeze...
We should probably close this as off topic. If my iPad is not a computer, this isn't either!
Hmm... Interesting.
@TomWijsman ?
What did you find?
8:10 PM
I'm not running gaming/broadcasting anymore. Nor watching my stream. Pretty weird... Let's see.
@TomWijsman Browsing away. My YouTube attention span just isn't up for all this waiting. Let me know once you continue.
@DanielBeck: I don't think I will continue today.
@DanielBeck Done so.
Got to set it up right, also get myself a second screen (not only for casting purposes) so I can play it full screen.
IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe totals up for 11%, Firefox.exe for 4%.
Oh, I think I have an idea why... :D
I assigned the standard Windows driver back to my SATA controller using the Device Manager to get my eSATA working again!
So now a scheduled task or something timed has started and is now incorrectly communicating with that driver, which probably gets it into a loop that times out.
Installed those drivers some days ago to see if they enabled a certain feature in Intel SSD Toolbox, but they did not.
The only effect it had was disabling my eSATA port just like it did on my Windows 7. o_O
Be back later, thanks for helping out @DanielBeck.
@TomWijsman You're welcome.
8:18 PM
I'll call you again in a few days (after two important deadlines) when I've tested the stream myself by recording and playing it back...
I actually think this question is quite interesting and would make a good blog post. The answers are all over the place, so it'd be interesting to see someone clear it up.
Q: How much faster is a 64bit CPU than 32bit CPU?

W.N.I just need the result in theory. I'm not an expert in computer architecture, just a software developer. Most of my friends think 64bit-CPU is 2 times faster than 32bit-CPU. But I think 64-CPU is 2 ^ 2 = 4 times faster than 32bit-CPU (in theory). Which is the right answer to this question? And,...

I voted to close that when the answers were quite … weak … at that point
how would someone clear that up though?
I see now what you mean with the edits @DanielBeck
And I really think it's a major flaw in the Stack system that it takes five downvotes to compensate one upvote in terms of reputation.
8:39 PM
@DanielBeck Oh, in-game. No, they work just right. :)
Stupid that I did most of the thing with "hear this device" enabled on both the Stereo Mix and Microphone. Given that the broadcasting program itself actually has its own Stereo Mix. So my background gets duplicated 2x and my microphone gets duplicates 4x...
The sound and video are quite fluent, only need to figure out how I can get the microphone loud enough without introducing background noise.
I somehow need to get it to be on +15 dB or something instead of +10 dB or +20 dB, but no idea how I could do that... :/
1 hour later…
9:52 PM
Q: Dual monitor setup using onboard VGA and PCI VGA

Jef NullI recently added a video card to my computer using a PCI slot, I was hoping to be able to use a dual monitor setup using my built in VGA and my new card, but my motherboard seems to have disabled the onboard one. I was able to figure out how to switch between the two in the BIOS but not how to ru...

@DanielBeck: Best quality so far, just skip the loading screen parts: twitch.tv/tomwij/b/299843950
Seems it automatically records as I stream, which makes it handy to check and correct my stream right after I'm done testing.
Gonna do some more testing in a week, got some school project(s) to finish first... ):
@TomWijsman That quality is really nice actually
@slhck: 720p, 2000kbps, 30fps is supposed to be the same quality as YouTube 720p. But I guess that in the case of YouTube the audio is excluded and in my case the audio is included in that 2000kbps.
I'm not near the limits of those settings yet, I'm just increasing it gradually to find the lowest setting that's nice enough to view without actually killing my bandwidth.
That definitely takes some tweaking yeah :/
10:07 PM
I'm hoping to get the quality slightly better and the choppiness gone. Because more detailed games suffer under the current quality. I'm actually planning on streaming some StarCraft II in the future, just gonna stream some Skyrim in the near future to get the casting set up and get used to it.
Well that was a highly entertaining two hours
1 hour later…
11:32 PM
@TomWijsman Do you plan on doing anything with it? Or just share your stuff? :)
@SimonSheehan How so?

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