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2:31 AM
@GayotFow Sorry man I've got a very long day ahead of me today.
Going to Tallinn.
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3:37 AM
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5:32 AM
@GayotFow it's not my question, so it's up to the OP to accept what he thinks works for him :)
6:15 AM
If you mean the bounty, I find we often get just one answer on bounty questions anyway in the week it runs...but we'll see
9 hours later…
3:04 PM
@MarkMayo I'm heading out tomorrow for a good part of the week. If nobody tries, I'll give it a lash then.
Q: Comparison of foreign exchange services in Germany

PsychonautSometimes it's prudent to get cash in a foreign currency in advance of a trip. (You may be travelling to a place where credit/debit cards or traveller's cheques are not widely accepted, or where ATMs are rare. Alternatively, your bank/credit cards may work but the associated exchange rates or fe...

how to prove a negative?
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4:30 PM
Q: Visitors visa refusal reapply UK

AprilI applied for uk visitor's visa. My friend sent me an invite to spend a month with her with a letter stating she would would pay for my accommodation and food. She provided her salary slip, bank statement and copy of her British passport. My visa was declined for below reasons. The exact word...

Refusal formulae added, please reopen this
@andré-peseur - you're voting to keep almost everything open. I mean, everyone has their opinion, but travel.stackexchange.com/questions/52454/… and travel.stackexchange.com/questions/52452/… are IDENTICAL, and posted by the same user. Why would you vote to keep both open?
@Gayot Another exceptional answer: travel.stackexchange.com/a/52485/4995 (and with very little 'meat' to work with).
@MarkMayo But I'm confused. On some sites (or just SO?) to VTC as a duplicate there has to be an answer. That seems to be the case here (per 'dupe banner'). What should we do here if a duplicate but each (a) unanswered and (b) each on topic?
you can still close as too broad, off topic or unclear - or (as done) flag to the mods to delete one.
I'm more confused that he's voted to leave open (almost) every review he's done the past few months, many of which were duplicates with answers.
4:45 PM
Ta. Flag makes sense but not "too broad, off topic or unclear" when I defined the scenario as "each on topic".
Anyone happen to know if TSE has any questions re document courier. Search turns up 7 that are not what I mean. I'm interested in why these now seem such a rare breed - the internet has been offered as an explanation but I'm not convinced by it.
Q: Two questions, SAME user, identical content, but no answers yet. Allow us to mark as duplicate?

Mark MayoSo we have a few questions on similar scenarios on meta, but generally the answer seems to have been 'mark as dupe'. However, we can't, as neither question has an answer yet. However, it's the same question, same user, posted within hours of each other. Question 1 - http://travel.stackexchange...

upvotes if you're interested, although being meta, I'm sure I'll get smashed anyway
crud, I put it on meta.SO instead of meta.SE. Still applies, but hopefully they won't complain because the questions in question are on travel.
Dodgy, because the rules might be different for different sites (I think there are some differences in the number of votes required across sites). Hopefully it will be migrated.
@MarkMayo My guess is they mostly got closed anyway, so no real harm done (the beauty of democracy!).
5:02 PM
yeah, but it's still a bit of a bug, if we can close it without answers for the same user, that'd be useful
5:19 PM
@MarkMayo He's holding a grudge apparently. He was banned for a while and now he's a contrarian in the voting queue. I do enjoy his posts when he answers.
apparently it's supposed to let us do that
(to @pnuts)
and if it's not it's a bug
but one has been deleted now, so we can't show them again, bah
@pnuts Ironic that the answers that take a long time to compose, like an hour or two get 1 vote and the stuff you do just off the top of your head get lots. Ironic to me :)
@GayotFow Certainly the case but to be expected - the "long time" ones are likely to be rare cases (so 'corner'), the "off the top of your head" ones are likely general interest. Don't see a way around it.
@MarkMayo Shog said he is running multiple accounts
@GayotFow Presently open.
@GayotFow Gayot's First Law.
5:28 PM
@pnuts I am working on the answer to that guy now.
@GayotFow yeah seeing Anna's comments now
I think the guy is a gal.
GREAT pictures.
@Mark There is a bit here that covers dupes without answers - but it's not exactly "high profile" for a TSE user.
6:10 PM
@MarkMayo The shot of Petra looks Photoshopped but hey what do I know
6:37 PM
Q: Reapplying for a UK Standard Visitor visa after a refusal

AprilI applied for a UK visitor's visa. My friend sent me an invite to spend a month with her with a letter stating she would would pay for my accommodation and food. She provided her salary slip, bank statement and a copy of her British passport. The exact wording from the refusal letter: You ...

he added the refusal formulae
please reverse your down votes
1 hour later…
7:38 PM
Documents for Financial Status and First Point of Entry has been answered on TSE so I think proof of lack of research (hence my -1, though I note only one -1 after 13 views). However all the guidance about dupes is to one (or more) questions that are the same.
IMO that does not cover part the same as another (or several) and part the same as yet another (or several), so I have not VTC'd it.
Maybe another case for a flag?
@MarkMayo Good job with the meta post.
1 hour later…
8:42 PM
I just approved that spam edit on the Cuba question,
I hope to see it gets blocked even so. I have flagged and repeatedly rejected the edits on it.
9:02 PM
Makes at least the 10th rejection from me.
9:12 PM
Next time also approve, so we can see whether we can get it really blocked or even removed to get rid of the problem.
9:31 PM
I can't see how approving would help - flagging maybe.
1 hour later…
10:46 PM
@pnuts The cuba vandal what now?
@Ankur Well I've rejected at least ten suggested edits (always to the same answer and probably always from the same anonymous user). eg travel.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/36063 (Willeke has not gone loopy - she has got fed up with seeing them too!) The system identified it as possible spam but it would be nice not to have to keep rejecting them until the end of time.
@pnuts Hmmm it IS from an anonymous IP.
Let me see what i can do
Good enough for me! (Note the link in the comment may be consistent.)
Ok, not the same link, but they all seem to mention football_jersey
11:02 PM
@pnuts About the comment on locking old posts...I wouldn't go around proactively locking old posts unless flagged. Partly because of the volume of questions. If I come across one while browsing that would fall foul of community rules now, I do block it.
But I wouldn't flood the front page with old questions by locking them.
Very reasonable, but I think the volume of candidates is actually quite small - dozens rather than hundreds.
the Ireland I agree with for locking
It doesn't push it to the front page
(locking it, I mean)
11:17 PM
There are only 359 open Q's with 6 or more answers, so hundreds indeed, but many of those are probably on topic without much doubt.
Did you just filter by votes?
No Answers:6 Closed:0
I'd also like to make it less upto the whim of a mod by discussing potential questions through flags or chat
Because then there's a history behind it that others can jump into / evaluate
That comes back to an earlier enquiry of mine (few minutes ago). I am wondering where to (list!) a few candidates for historical lock on meta!
Use the question you have, add those as answers :) Or, maybe one question to evaluate per answer?
that way people can upvote/downvote whether it should be locked
bearing in mind upvotes/downvotes work differently on meta
11:29 PM
I'll have to think about it. Just come across Why would you wrap your luggage in plastic? again. Blatantly a matter of opinion, but an answer that combined the 18 would be useful - except 300+ votes there would complicate any action.
11:53 PM
I think it's one of those questions that sounds broad but can have good canonical/objective answers. Kinda like how to get flight upgrades.

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