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12:11 AM
Mmmm... Pepper...
So i was googling programmers to get back to p.se on my ipad, and discovered that you can hire programmers for $5 an hour. Who woulda thought?
In other news, this Ipad I would still be a perfectly good device, if people would stop writing software (and web pages) that won't run on it.
Bla, metro last light is awesome.
@Ampt ? you mean the java or Atom?
it did nail the atmosphere
I just beat the first one after playing it a little bit every few months for like 4 years
started last light this weekend
@MichaelT She does in the third movie
but I second @RobertHarvey: mmmm... Pepper...
12:34 AM
@JimmyHoffa I'm pretty sure I told you how awesome those games were
also, getting them to work together is going to be the trick
Work together?
atom relies on you being able to use the native command prompt to do stuff. want to launch a java process? give us the command line format of what you want to do
oh that
so if you want to launch a debugger, or compile code, or whatever
working on windows is going to be a bitch and a half
pah I don't care about that part so much
12:35 AM
because dos is shite.
otherwise the code completion and syntax highlighting seem very nice
plus it's super lightweight
Being able to navigate my code is 90% of it for me; my code usually compiles fine and outside of .NET I never bother trying to attach debuggers because visual studio's debugger spoiled me
Honestly one of my favorite things about emacs is how easy it is to from a keyboard display multiple files, change how they're displayed, and navigate them
eh, you might like it, you might not
give it a shot
You been using it already?
for compiling in java, I just open a command prompt and execute ant so far...
yeah, for C
So apparently the rules for the newest edition of Warhammer Fantasy are free
Who are you and what have you done with Games Workshop?
Is that an RPG?
the trope codifier as it were
@Ampt tabletop wargame
so it's the traditional tabletop warhammer
12:46 AM
FFG published the RPGs
1:08 AM
@Ampt Warhamer Fantasy was my preferred game back in high school. It wasn't D&D (late 80s - we're not talking 3.5 here) and had some "you can't get super powerful" mechanics that kept it interesting.
what good is a campaign if you can't get so powerful that the DM spite kills you?
Thank you to whoever put the payment / pricing / cost-estimation questions in the queue
@Ampt Oh, it was deadly... had rules for critical hits that actually did things like "you have an eye poked out" and lasting damage.
@WorldEngineer Here are the rules... now buy the models that cost $$$.
1:13 AM
I hear the new Star Wars RPGs are good
@MichaelT $$,$$$
I really should see about investing in that star wars space combat game they make so that I can play it with my brother and have my nephew "help"
@MichaelT there's also the Armada one
My brother and I did some WWI and WWII airplane games awhile back that have similar mechanics. They were fun games.
1:18 AM
that's fleet battles
I'm told Aeronautica Imperialis was fun
@Ampt did that dwarf with the ear necklace ever get spite killed? He seemed the spiteful sort himself..
@JimmyHoffa it started getting less and less convenient
1:20 AM
What you did is put a card down arrow to end of the thing so and then check to see if the opponent is in the target area or not.
so we eventually gave up
Really quite a good game.
They've got some game mechanics down like the Sopwith Camel can do a hard turn in one direction - but not the other.
> The Camel turned rather slowly to the left, which resulted in a nose-up attitude due to the torque of the rotary engine. But the engine torque also resulted in the ability to turn to the right in half the time of other fighters,[4] although that resulted in more of a tendency towards a nose-down attitude from the turn. Because of the faster turning capability to the right, to change heading 90° to the left, many pilots preferred to do it by turning 270° to the right.
Wings of War, by Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia, is a modular boardgame collection published by Nexus Editrice and dedicated to air combat. A new edition is published by Ares Games as Wings of Glory. The games mix card game, board game, and miniature wargaming mechanics to simulate air combat in the 20th century. The first collection is dedicated to the First World War, while a second collection is about the Second World War. The air images and cover scenes are by Vincenzo Auletta, and the landscapes on the cards are by Dario Calì. The graphic design is by Fabio Maiorana. The illustrations...
1:23 AM
Anyways, thats a good game. I believe the star wars one follows the same mechanics (with improvements over the years) and so we should have some fun.
(somewhere I have/had boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/3152/… )
1:41 AM
@durron597 I'll apologize now for that retagging to part of the 'don't use' set... but it was for removing an even less appropriate tag that I hope will go away now.
3:25 AM
@MichaelT What about ?
3:38 AM
Q: Is questioning a warning on Meta a Bannable offense

cdeIs there any guidelines on if Meta questions should lead to banning? In this situation, a user [me] posted on Meta to question a warning received, which the user disagreed with. There was no vandalism, no spamming, no insulting, no harrasment, nothing typically ban worthy. What reasons would norm...

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7:03 AM
Since the question does not bear any source code, shouldn't it be asked on programmers.stackexchange.com instead of here? — Basile Starynkevitch 48 secs ago
7:27 AM
Q: Which SO site suitable for asking about optimize the mobile application?

Udan PirappuBelow quoted text is my problem i want to post in SO suitable site. But, am don't know which is suitable. Problem: "In my office there is one iOS app which having 60 mb app size in store. Now, am going to handle that project. Am believe that I can reduce the size of the app by some optimizing. ...

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9:12 AM
IMHO, there should be an easy way to migrate a question to programmers. (e.g. Close => Off-topic => Migrate to programmers) — Basile Starynkevitch 40 secs ago
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11:11 AM
I thought /r/programmers was supposed to be a busy place? last post like 11 days ago..
Does anyone know of any code shops that don't follow the standard 5on2off business week? I've always wondering if something like 4on2off would be better for devs. I imagine it would make it easy to work in short intense bursts because they can only really last 4 days.
It seems like staying aligned to the 7 day week is kind of a silly and arbitrary restriction we impose on ourselved.
11:38 AM
I think programmers.stackexchange is a better place to ask this question. — khalafnt 42 secs ago
... In the name of the down-vote, the flag, and the vote to close.Tim Post ♦ 2 days ago
@MetaFight like the 24 hour day,
are you talking about the unit of hour?
@gnat Good. Thank you. The problem is OP's question is good. But look, it's downvoted. And the downvoters are not mistaken either. It's somewhat not a real question. It's more about best practices. Programmers.SE has a best-practice tag while StackOverflow doesn't. — khalafnt just now
2:35 PM
@JimmyHoffa Maybe it's part of the whole reddit rebellion that's going on right now
2:55 PM
@MichaelT and how many pieces do you need to have a well rounded army?
@Ampt depends on the army
estimation is the basis for good project war planning, no?
I think I worked it out to about $200-$300
but if you are smart, you buy off Ebay
2:59 PM
@Ampt This is the most expensive Eldar model out there
with guns, it's $760
Most expensive single model I'm aware of is the Warlord Titan:
at just shy of $2000
If you want to do miniature wargaming, there are much cheaper options out there
3:11 PM
so do those come painted?
I'm guessing no
@Ampt nope
there are a number of solid painting services
and there are some wargames that have painted minis
Honestly, I enjoyed the painting part as much as the playing
@WorldEngineer Holy shit.
3:17 PM
@Ampt she's fully aware of my past hobbies
that is why we play D&D and the like now
plus I find most of that sort of thing kind of boring to play now
@Ampt I'd still see it, silly sock! I am a blue after all :P
@Ampt There is some really good work out there as far as the painting goes too
3:20 PM
I dont know how people have the patience for tiny things like that. I love tiny things, but i am a hamfisted oaf when it comes to trying to paint anything, let alone a tiny detailed miniature.
3:35 PM
I showed those to my girlfriend. She said "Maybe if there were the sizes of houses and I could put them on my front lawn to scare people, maybe it would be worth it."
@durron597 Oh my gosh I would love some of these at lawn gnome size or bigger
There was at one point a game called "Inquisitor" that used 54mm miniatures
those were pretty big
but yeah as far as size goes, I've only seen a few huge things
3:37 PM
the to scale space hulk was amazing
6:01 PM
^^^ wow. Just... wow
6 hours ago, by gnat
... In the name of the down-vote, the flag, and the vote to close.Tim Post ♦ 2 days ago
@gnat I....what.
I can't stop laughing
presumably he was trying to learn how markdown works and didn't realize it was still part of the post, but...yeah
That's my guess, but it is cracking me up regardless of reasoning.
@gnat Well, that answers that!
6:14 PM
here's a thought: when you type "i wanna become a programmer need help" into the Ask Question title box, most of the results are closed questions...maybe SE should use that information to show the user a "you'll probably get closehammered for reason X" message?
can't find anything like that on meta meta
6:34 PM
Q: Should we advise people to avoid wording that sounds like a bad post?

SuperBiasedManWe've all seen bad answers that started with "try this" and then tossed out an idea without any explanation or reasoning behind why it would work. Likewise, I'm sure plenty of you have seen posts that seemed like that at first but then turned out to be perfectly good answers that happened to use ...

...that said, I tested dropping question title and text here and at SO. Here, I've got no warnings at all. At SO, system tried to block word "help" in the title, but after I changed it to "halp", things went smooth
that sounds like it's more about what the advice should be rather than suggesting an automated system to provide advice, maybe I'll go to the trouble of posting on MSE later
it'll probably turn out to be a duplicate anyway but can't hurt to try
does PSE have any question warnings? I thought those were all SO-only features
@Ixrec at SO I bet system pushes questions like that straight into Triage queue, where these die without polluting site / tag pages. A great thing about triage compared to automatic blocks / warnings is that system doesn't need to be very careful about "suspected" posts - false alarms if any are going to be corrected by human reviewers. So, your MSE post (or a dupe of it) has no chances to lead to any progress. As soon as the issue is solved for main site, who cares about the rest
getting an official "no one but SO gets enough traffic to need this" answer rather than a dupehammer would at least be a small accomplishment
@Ixrec you're unlikely to get even this. Stuff like that tends to be silently ignored
I am aware that 99% of MSE gets ignored by everyone who matters
I'm still naive enough to think it's worth making a tiny effort once in a long while rather than assuming there will never be any hope of genuine systemic improvements
(emphasis on "tiny", I definitely won't bother with SEDE queries or anything)
7:10 PM
ok, apparently holding right alt while pressing the arrow keys is a really, really bad idea
7:25 PM
@Ixrec it's also when you press ctrl+alt+arrow key
too bad $ man windows doesn't mention these things
I think that's a part of the video card actually
does anyone know what a "table driven formula system" is? I can't tell if that question is perfectly decent or needs more details to be answerable
I think it's like excel/spreadsheet formulas
I was leaning toward that, but then his example has "inputBoxA"
7:41 PM
Q: What is tabular programming?

YannisThe Falcon programming language advertises itself as supporting tabular programming: Falcon provides six integrated programming paradigms: procedural, object oriented, prototype oriented, functional, tabular and message oriented. And you don't have to master all of them; you just need to pic...

3 hours later…
@durron597 went with "unclear" personally, I'm still not sure what he's trying to do

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