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9:48 AM
in Math Mods' Office, 3 mins ago, by Arthur Fischer
@MartinSleziak Drop this back to 14 days, perhaps. Your efforts in keeping virtually dead rooms alive is commendable, though perhaps misplaced.
It seems that some users appreciate effort to keep rooms alive:
Mar 13 at 9:12, by Committing to a challenge
Thanks for your constant efforts to keep the rooms active. I hope soon they will start being used properly :)
Some users are against it:

About keeping chatrooms alive

Feb 2 at 17:27, 1 day total – 22 messages, 2 users, 5 stars

Bookmarked Feb 8 at 19:11 by Martin Sleziak

I have tried to explain why I am doing it here: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/19138/2015/1/15
10:11 AM
I really wish there was some activity in the specialized rooms for general topology, functional analysis and set theory, but it is probably not going to happen. (I should try to contribute there more if I want see there some discussions.)
But I do not think that keeping alive at least rooms for two most frequent topics (calculus and linear algebra) will do much harm.

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