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4:35 AM
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I like your question.
@QPaysTaxes ^^ ??
Oh. Sorry to hear. :(
Ah. Okay.
@QPaysTaxes I deleted it
Urp. Those pretzels and that root beer I had are starting to get to me...
There are a number of rooms on SE where talking just to fill the void is common, there's also IRC, and more.
This room, though, is losing it's SNR ratio to just a few people who can easily converse elsewhere
@rolfl I thought you said if there's no official business going on, that's okay.
@EthanBierlein It also has to be a welcoming room for anyone to enter at any time and not feel out of place.
You guys flood the void with chummy mush that is not relevant, and you are welcome to do that elsewhere

 The Cactus Game Engine

General discussion about Cactus: (
You already have it, use it. ^^^

 The Nth Monitor

Conversations that don't quite fit in The 2nd Monitor
4:43 AM
Thankx you
Fourth? Third?
@rolfl ^^
room topic changed to The Nth Monitor: General discussion about anythingChummy discussion between chums (and anyone else who joins) (no tags)
Isn't Cactus enough?
room topic changed to The Nth Monitor: Chummy discussion between chums (and anyone else who joins) (no tags)
There we go
@Quill Nah. That's more for dev talk.
Great... and I'll move stuff in here if I think it belongs.
Note that the rules of stack exchange still apply in here.
room topic changed to The Nth Monitor: Chummy discussion between chums (and anyone else who joins) [chums] [friends] [fun] [ponies]
@rolfl Yup.
Q: The NEW new "Be Nice" Policy ("Code of Conduct") — Updated with your feedback

JaydlesUpdate: Thanks for all the additional feedback below. We incorporated a lot of your suggestions, and this is going live (as We're also looking at ways to get this in front of more new users when they sign up, to help them start off on the right foot...

was not me who pinned.
4:47 AM
There we go
@QPaysTaxes That was really unnecessary.
39 messages moved from The 2nd Monitor
Hello @Hosch250!
4:50 AM
Hello, @rolfl.
Was my SNR too low?
Nope, just part of the dragnet
Oh, OK.
I hope this room gains some traction. It'd be cool. :D
I have a tendency to get a bit silly sometimes.
@EthanBierlein You and Q can keep it active easily.
No, it is unbecoming.
@QPaysTaxes Not for a potential mod, guys
4:54 AM
Oi. I don't feel good. I'm gonna go to bed @all. Night.
Good Night
No, I don't think so.
They might not get as many votes, though.
Dead serious.
Just don't overdo it, because people might not appreciate it.
5:15 AM
Hmm, I might write down a guess on how this election ends up
sounds fun, guessing the results
5:26 AM
Jamal for 1.
Mat and Simon and Janos are the rest of my guesses.
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10:38 AM
@QPaysTaxes Scala, really?
4 hours later…
2:38 PM
What do you all code in?
What do you code in @SirPython
CodeX, do you have something specific to ask?
Um.. :/
@rolfl I think he's just trying to get a general feel of the kinda coders we are
I just wanted to know what language you code in..
@rolfl a little twitchy today, eh?
2:41 PM
Yeah, and you can check profiles
@CodeX Mostly C#, Java, VB and Python here, but also a few PHP developers
Very broad though
@Quill how come Java isn't in that list?
@CodeX drop it...
@CodeX At the moment, yes
@CodeX C#, VB, SQL, JavaScript, ...
Thankyou @Malachi
Thankyou @Quill
2:45 PM
16 messages moved from The 2nd Monitor
I have some language tags, right?
Oh yeah.
iphone is a sweet language.
and , that's a fun language.
6 messages moved from The 2nd Monitor
2:49 PM
Night, all
@rolfl Suggest a name change ►► CR Watercooler
Hey Everyone!
3:09 PM
Rolfl Froze 2nd monitor
WHy @rolfl
@rolfl please give a time-estimate when you will unfreeze the room
because it was needed
No, I suggest we get a different chat. Note who the room owners are of this room...
@nhgrif meh. we can ask a mod to make this into something more official.
3:13 PM
I don't want anything official.
and in that respect change the owners, too.
ermph.. I think rolfl made it an official thing...
I unquestionably do not want that.
@nhgrif neither do I actually, but it seems to be the new status quo
Only if we let it be. :/
It's absurd what is going on right now.
And of course, if I start chatting about how absurd it is here, what's to stop rolfl from doing something about it here too?
true, but that's how mods work as of now
if you want to complain about it somewhere different than here write an email to the team, write a meta post flag something for CM attention, go to a different chat..
you got tons of options
3:16 PM
I don't want to complain about it.
@nhgrif the meta option would be my preference
I want a room where none of the room owners are also moderators.
I don't care, @rolfl
I really don't.
For the first time in an extraordinarily long time I just left The 2nd Monitor.
@nhgrif IRC?
Just think about the fact that you're not entitled to anything on the SE network
I'm not part of that crowd any more.
It's absurd, but do whatever you want there.
3:17 PM
Well, that's odd.
certainly not my intention
@nhgrif - you just got kicked?
I don't care what your intentions where. I expressed my concerns about it for about an hour now and I've wasted enough time.
@Jamal, can I be a room owner?
You just don't get it.
There's nothing worse than inconsistently moderator rules.
@nhgrif I do get it, but I don't want to dicuss it in chat.
This is not me ignoring you, or anyone in particular, this is me trying to restore the usefulness of one of the sites most valuable tools
@rolfl point is, you went, smashed everyones nice party where you could talk about the site in peace when needed and about other things when nothing was wrong on site
3:22 PM
Yes, I smashed the party. That was my intention
it should not have been a party, and it was a mistake to let it go for that long
fixing it will not be easy, sure, and there's stuff to undo, but it needs to be done.
@rolfl did you get told off or something..?
I honestly think this was an over-reaction
But should still apply
It escalated as the discussion got more and more heated.
I started off trying to be nice about it, but got resistance.
I'll take a timeout here.
and I think you might too want to do that
Woah. This room actually gained some traction!
3:24 PM
@rolfl Wait.. There were arguments ?
@Ethan / @Quill / @QPaysTaxes - yes, the room got traction, and you're no longer going to be owners either.
@rolfl I completely understand where your coming from if there were arguments / insults taking place. That CANNOT be tolerated.
Is someone pinging me?
Ahh, ignores carry over.
@CodeX Are you telling me something I should know that you think I don't know?
3:28 PM
@rolfl can we have a non-moderator owner as well? I don't know what usefulness it would have because I don't know how all the tools work yet.
@rolfl Oh, you ignored me.. thats mature..
Great moderator doesnt even want to listen to his room members..
You were interrupting me with questions I felt were irrrelevant....
Thats the problem
Yup, and you were going off-topic.
that's the problem./
@CodeX Feel free to nominate yourself if you think you can do better
"You were interrupting me with questions "I" felt were irrrelevant...." - Rolfl..
3:29 PM
This is getting childish
If you want others to act mature, then act mature yourself
I was actually trying to tell you i agree with your decision
@rolfl I completely understand where your coming from if there were arguments / insults taking place. That CANNOT be tolerated.
@rolfl I'm sorry if I was being off topic but my questions were to ascertain boundaries
Did.. I miss something?
If you make rules you have to actually let the people know what they are
@CodeX I'll explain like I would to a 5 year old, but once only: General discussion about Code Review site ->
That's the rules
They have been plain to see for a long time.
Idle chatter has been allowed as long as it has not interfered with the main topic.
idle chatter started interfereing, so I am reacting to that
Wow @rolfl I know but when i joined i was made to feel like i was wrong for being there..
I asked one question..
3:33 PM
This room is essentially for idle chatter. Right @rolfl? Or am I wrong?
I respect you as a mod @rolfl and i apologise if i offended you in any way, i just wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on
@rolfl It seemed to have changed that's all
@CodeX You arrived at just the wrong time today....
I did!
Lets just leave it at that and move on
3:36 PM
which is a good example of why the room has become unwelcoming to new people
I would make suggestions but i can see you know what your doing
Is this room more random
@CodeX Yeah
Thanks @EthanBierlein
I want to be productive with my coding and learning a new langauge is always fun
@CodeX Think idle chatter about anything, making sure it's within the rules.
Going back to my initial question "what does everyone code" i am thinking of taking up C#
3:38 PM
@CodeX You should try it. It's a really cool language.
I have coded some in the past but never really got in to it
I didnt even know it could be used for web based projects
C# can be used for almost anything.
Is there an article i can read explaining how that works?
I used to make little applications for windows
@CodeX java + libGDX is pretty nice
If you want to do web dev with C#, try
I haven't used ASP.NET, but I've heard it's pretty cool.
3:40 PM
C# is awesome. I love it
I hate having to code in VB, mostly because it doesn't have Semi-colons
VB is, blurgh
I remember making the transition from C++ to C# and being like "What!.. I can build a GUI with a click??"
I used to use C++ for memory hooks (Simple game hacks)
Very interesting stuff when you start to understand it
C# is super easy for GUI.
I'd like to do C++ at some point though.
C++ is awesome but you have to code the GUI..
Not much fun
Maybe you could make the GUI in C# and dump it into your project
Probably. I'm sure a little tinkering would allow it.
3:43 PM
one of those links I posted wasn't even about chat, it was about
Oh man. I'm only 5 rep from 4K
@Malachi How do i nominate someone?
just a second
Q: 2015 Community Moderator Election - Nomination Requests

Vogel612In the light of the currently running nomination phase of the 2015 Community Moderator Election, I want to add this question as a place for the community to nudge candidates on the edge into actually nominating themselves. This seems to be customary around the network: Some sites like to hos...

should have asked that one in…
but it's all good
3:50 PM
@Malachi Are you already a candidate?
yes I am :)
How do i vote for you?
@CodeX It's only nominations right now
@CodeX you have to wait for the election now
3:50 PM
Ok ;)
SO's LQ queue must be quite large right now. There are still some flags pending for un-accepted link-only answers. There are at least a week old.
@Jamal I don't think I have access to that queue yet
I do!
Are there any free C# programs for windows?
3:56 PM
@Jamal That's a little suspicious. It's the same user linking the same link on different questions.
I used to have VS2011
I have VS2015
VS 15 is free in the community edition
Yup ^^
I have the community edition
Wow thanks!
Looks like someones farming points @Jamal
@CodeX I think he was just under the impression that link-only answers are preferred. When I checked for similar answers on his profile, I've found about 90 similar ones. I'm serious.
Oh.. wow.. I guess it does answer the question but very loosely..

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