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12:45 AM
hey @WilliamHilsum you around?
1:12 AM
was xp sp4 ever released?
Just me, or is the main site down?
so is up
for me at least
lit's up, so is area 51
SU specifically. I can access gaming.
Meta SU seems to be down for me as well
did windows xp sp4 ever get released?
No, only as far as SP3
1:18 AM
just wanted to make sure i wasn't crazy
one of my USB ports on my laptop snapped off
which means sending it for servicing and not being able to use it for a week or so ><
its in that awesome faux art-deco building
Parkview Square is an office building located in the Downtown Core Planning Area, Central Region, Singapore. It is situated along North Bridge Road, and is near the major commercial hub at Marina Centre. It is next to Bugis MRT Station, Bugis Junction, and The Gateway, and straddles the Rochor Road and Ophir Road corridor. Parkview Square is one of the more expensive office buildings in Singapore. The occupancy rate for this building was rather low when it first opened. However, as the economy improved, the occupancy rate for this building grew higher steadily. Besides commercial offi...
2:09 AM
hm, on site warranty, guess not
3:03 AM
@KronoS Yes
2 hours later…
4:57 AM
seems like the user page is due for an overhaul
5:14 AM
apparently the broken usb port is not a known issue, and it dosen't get covered under warranty. they said they will review it if i e mail them a picture
Hello guys!
@Borisyo: the USB port on my laptop snapped off inside a USB plug, called up lenovo service and they were like 'its not covered, but we might reconsider if you send a picture'
@JourneymanGeek Oh so that is why your response delayed?
no, i was having lunch
@JourneymanGeek Go through legal documentation. See if there is statement about USB port. If it is covered - SUE THEM!
5:25 AM
naw, rather deal with it calmly without too much fuss
to which i mean, i will ask if i can escalate it, then go play the social networking game
Class action lawsuit.
With whole SuperUser community.
ok, now you're being absurd
You know what i have noticed? The support especially in electronics are canned reponse people without expertise in technical support.
talked to a level 1 support guy, who asked me to e mail him the picture of the parts
which i have
I understand that companies want to grow and pay less, but they are sacrificing value for money. The balance weakens.
First i noticed people talk badly about HP, then came Lenovo, then DELL...
5:29 AM
thing is, lenovo support here is still IBM
and IBM service used to be awesome
You know, in these times i think everyone should have expertise in computers, otherwise they will pay a lot or pass their computer to unqualified technician.
@Borisyo: its under warranty, the whole idea is to get it fixed for free
Yes IBM support some models, but it worsened?
cause yanno, its 6 months into a 3 year warranty
its a current model.
In my country there is/are laboratories that are certified and work with Lenovo, HP... People send their laptops there and then are sorry about it. I sent my 5 year old HP there and received it with scratched screen.
5:34 AM
our service is by IBM
Certainly there are labs to avoid here... That is why you should be familiar with laptops and order on-site warranty.
i trust em to be expensive, but good. its under warranty so it needs to be free and good
We have IBM taking care of ThinkPads and "certified" labs taking care of IdeaPads.
thinkpad here
i wouldn't get an ideapad
It is for gamers.
5:36 AM
I don't need a gaming system
i need a tough, usable tool, and one that i know can be fixed easily
ThinPads are suited for this?
thinkpads are that. they also, least unless they deny my service request, had the best warranty service in the business
I have Latitude for business.
I am satisfied.
not too bad, but depends on era
5:38 AM
ya, there was one point where they were utter complete... drek
You mean the latest is greatest?
You mean they were best once?
they were decent
they went crap
I remember they recalled laptops because of explosive batteries...
now they are decent again
Speaking about hardware or customer service?
Lenovo outsource their customer service. I hate that. I called someone, they were non-fluent in English and call quality was bad.
I heard they just follow FAQ. Dang!
5:41 AM
Lenovo's support was either local or regional
If you own a laptop, be familiar with it as you are with you car.
Especially if your business depends on it.
When i email'ed Dell's CS i talked with a Greek woman.
@Borisyo: i can change the tire, but i can't do a shock absorber swap
@Sathya Looks interesting... Where did you get that from?
She stopped responding later on.
meta @WilliamHilsum
Q: Feedback wanted: NEW USER PAGE

David FullertonThe user page needs some love. We've been working on a bit of a redesign and now we want your feedback! Our goals were: Improve the UX: reorganize the information in ways that make a bit more sense (instead of the current jam the data in wherever it can fit model of UX) Make it modular, so we...

5:43 AM
Ahh... Thanks
@JourneymanGeek Sorry i do not own a car.
I know that car is a must in USA...
lol. neither do i.
is there some way i can sync a particular folder on my notebook and my desktop whenever they are in the same network
@JourneymanGeek You are from USA and do not own a car?
i can change a tyre better than either person in my family when i drive
@lovesh: yes
@Borisyo: what makes you think i am american?
5:44 AM
@JourneymanGeek i have seen FreeFileSync but that looks like to be used on a single computer
@JourneymanGeek Because you write correctly.
@JourneymanGeek Actually i don't know.
@Borisyo: well, the way i spell colour should give away the fact that i'm not american ;)
@JourneymanGeek Australian? UK?
singaporean ;)
When i visit SuperUser i think everybody is from USA... Weird.
@JourneymanGeek Well yes... And i am?
5:46 AM
@JourneymanGeek can freeFileSync be used to do that?
donno, never heard of it
@Borisyo: i'm assuming Israeli of Russian decent?
@JourneymanGeek then can u suggest some way or point me at a link
@lovesh: have you tried... www.superuser.com ?
@JourneymanGeek Not Israeli. Just russian accented guy.
and perhaps searching for lan sync ?
5:47 AM
Guys may i have your attention please?
@Borisyo: well you mentioned support sucking in israel a few times
geek multitasks, cause geek is *awesome*
@JourneymanGeek I live in Israel, but i am not Israeli.
I live in singapore, i was not necessarily singaporean
@lovesh If it is small, You can use Dropbox with Lan Sync... but, to be honest, I have tried many things over the years for syncing - Microsoft Synctoy works well, but, nothing is perfect... Dropbox is the best I have tried, but, it would be nice for a solution not involving third parties
If anyone cares to dedicate 3 minutes of their time for me, please see this:

5:51 AM
@Boris_yo Well... I use my mouse (a £4 regular usb one with a scroll wheel) on a regular desk, no pad - and it works fine... I just skim read and any sort of mat/textured surface is usually a big no-no... to be honest, you have a nice mouse... unless you are cutting down, enjoy it!
if I had unlimited money, I would buy gaming keyboard/mice... but, I don't and there isn't "many" benefits, so, I go cheap.
@WilliamHilsum: i got a gaming keyboard cause it was the most readily available mechanical keyboard ;p
@JourneymanGeek I really want a mechanical one after reading Jeff's blog post... but... to be honest, my cheap one works... and, I like replacing it every few months... feels so nice to type on a crisp keyboard
maybe a more expensive one will feel good / won't go bad :/
Mind you, I have had this one for about 6 months... it doesn't exactly feel bad...
@WilliamHilsum: my rubber dome keyboards tend to last 4-5 years. mechanicals.. the REALLY good ones could do decades easily.
I love the way the switchy keyboard i got feels compared to anything else tho
Which one did you go for?
A black widow ultimate - backlit, clacky tactile keys
only thing i hate is is that its a fingerprint magnet. the 'silent' version of that keyboard is matt, but half the joy of mechanical keyboards is the clackyness
5:57 AM
~£100 ... Wow! ... If I had the money spare!
I guess I have to feel it to understand!
most are more expensive
and thata a fair bit more than what i paid, unless the pound went right down
the pound went down to 2 sgd?
ok, about what i paid
It wouldn't surprise me if it was more expensive here... everything is a rip off.
eh, not as bad as when i was there
@WilliamHilsum thanks
on average then, UK prices as far as computers went was about three times what i paid here
6:03 AM
@WilliamHilsum William i am not a gamer but my focus is eronomics and i bought Razer since people told me it is best for "palm rest" users.
@WilliamHilsum: there's a cheaper non backlit version as well.. skips the passthrough ports, amazon.co.uk/Razer-RZ03-00390500-R3W1-Gaming-Keyboard-Layout/dp/…
@WilliamHilsum If i lived in USA i would return it, change for Logitech m705 and get monetary difference back. $72 for gaming mouse that you are not going to use for games sounds like mistake.
@Borisyo: played with the macro software yet?
least with keyboards, the macro programming software is awesome on razers
I have been trying to work since about midnight (it is now 7AM)... I have probably done less than 45 minutes work - I just can't seem to focus recently :/ Annoying.
@WilliamHilsum And how about Logitech Performance? $177 in my country! Crazy! I would better buy 64GB SSD.
6:06 AM
@Borisyo: hardware is relatively cheap here
i spent less than 900 sgd on my laptop
@JourneymanGeek In Singapore?
@JourneymanGeek Macro does not work for "Windows Key"
@JourneymanGeek Lucky :P I wanted to buy some thing in Malaysia, but, I was shocked at the prices... Could only find latest stuff from Dell as all local shops were just selling old stock at over the top prices :/
I hope to go to Malaysia again soon... Maybe I should try to get down to Singapore!
@WilliamHilsum: for parts, sim lim square is awesome
Bookmarked! ... In Malaysia I went to something similar (I think)... It was a 5 floor (maybe 7, can't remember) shopping centre just full of IT shops... I like the random USB gadgets - finger print readers, graphics tablets and more that were cheap - <£10 e.t.c. .... I wish I bought some! But as I said, laptops and normal stuff were just over priced IMHO
6:38 AM
I need to check if i can browse a windows 7 backup from another windows 7 system
excellent, i can
7:25 AM
morning all
right, they say its chargable, but its apparently a known issue with this model. e mailed a link and pending...
5 hours later…
12:55 PM
Thereifixedit: My computer been locking up all the time randomly. I started to suspect the hardware. But it didn't happen in Ubuntu, nor in Safe Mode. So I went for softwares.
I couldn't determine the culprit until I enabled the "manual BSOD" (r-ctrl + 2*Scrl lck)
After that, I opened up the memory.dmp in windbg and found the .sys file causing the problem
it was the Intel LAN driver...
1:07 PM
i didn't know about that manual BSOD thing. need to try it on the dell ;p
1 hour later…
2:25 PM
meanwhile, on yahoo answers...
user image
@Sathya WOW!
@WilliamHilsum :D
Mind you, if you want a confession, When I was about 4/5 and I got my first CD, I stuck it in my Dad's computer's 5 1/4 inch drive... I figured, if it fits in the hole, it will work (good motto!).... I think it is still in there! That computer is in the attic...
And with that... I need to go for a job! bye!
2 hours later…
5:08 PM
@sathya thats good. Answer, dont get it out, when paying the bills someday you will wish it was still stuck there.
1 hour later…
6:35 PM
@TomWijsman Without reading, I can guess what it will say, and, I think it is a load of $hit.... already heard comments from other FSF people and I can't believe their argument
I could say that many Linux full drive encryption things don't support Windows!
I need to do a blog post... when I have more time :/
@WilliamHilsum Please note the article is not aimed towards Microsoft, but rather to the hardware vendors that should implement it right in their BIOS as in the ability to disable the mechanism if you know the BIOS password or something like that.
These new bioses seem to be like whole mini OSes themselves :-) the more it is poorly coded software, the more it can be hacked?
They just want to watch closely the implementation of hardware vendors such that they haven't interpreted it in a wrong way which would be a pain to run anything else on the computer. It's really easy for a hardware vendor to be lazy and not providing the ability to not use the feature...
well, fair enough if it is a good article, just all the others haven't been
added it to read it later and will read tomorrow on the train!
I also first was like "oh, this is just about Microsoft" after reading the first words but then the person that send it to me wouldn't have send it... so I continued reading.
6:43 PM
I just can't really think of many/any technologies that really have locked other vendors out... with the exception of closed hardware items such as phones/i devices etc... but, truthfully, you know what you are getting when you buy it
the whole DRM thing with Vista was just one example of press rubbish that never really happened
Yeah, haters gonna hate...
It is the progression seen that is what I hate, mabey today its not so bad, but they keep doing more lockouts and controlls and people keep rolling over for it and even paying for it.
The people speaking out dont want to see things head in that direction, if enough people have a fit, the bean counters might decide it is a bad idea. if everyone gives in and even loves it, then we will all get it, even the ones who dont want it.
@Psycogeek Can you name a few of these lockouts and controls?
Trusted installer , basic same thing, protect the system from virus, lock the user out of it too. worst case, the virus is the trusted installer and the user is just a loozer :-)
first 2 certificates that were hacked , microsofts :-) Dutch company that issues certs got Hacked , etc etc. round and round they put 18 layers of garbage in to protect us, and i can still show thousands of users with viruses
I actually have had a system that the audio stuff was screwed up because of the DRM filter, on my own machine.
7:02 PM
@Psycogeek Nothing is enforced with trusted installer in the slightest... I didn't see/know about MS certificates being hacked :/ ... and, all code signing, even for drivers is for the good of the entire ecosystem - BSODs off of drivers are MUCH MUCH lower now than Windows 95 days because of it... and, getting a certificate doesn't exactly cost that much... but, you can easily disable it all anyway.
@Psycogeek What DRM filter? Are you talking about loopback? in which case, find a different audio driver/card that allows it.
the DRM filter that came in via some update to XP, way more complex than i am, but it really screwed my system up royal, I didnt even know or care what it was , untill i attempted to track down what had happened.
I am not alone, there have been small program developers who have indicated that things are getting harder for them, some thinking about giving up completly. it is a progression, first it was certs, then signing, making simple things more complex for the pepole who were just working for free for the community
Q: How do count strings repeated multiple tables?

laur content_field_l1_lista | | vid | nid | content_field_l1_lista_value | | 1 | 1 | Los Fabulosos Cadilacs | | 2 | 2 | caifanes | | 3 | 3 | the ramones | | 4 | 4 | null | | 5 | 5 | maria bonit...

@Psycogeek AFAIK, this isn't a Windows restriction, some companies distribute driver updates through Windws update, and many added these restrictions - but, the updates are optional and you can always hunt down old versions.
@Psycogeek Signing makes it no harder - same as it has always been... you just type one command when you are finished to sign the driver/program and you are done!
I just think that this negativity is unjustified! sorry!
7:17 PM
it was not the driver this time, it was in a service pack, it somehow got into my sound card drivers.
@Psycogeek How can you be sure!? I manage one recording studio, and, they haven't had any problems - it must of been something relating to your card
it got between the drivers, I know what i saw, and later figured what happend, and did fix it, at the time i was seriously ticked off, and wrote it up in a rage , you know one of those unreadable posts :-)
@Psycogeek If it was Microsoft disabling it, how did you fix it?
it was not a disable? it broke stuff when it got in there, when the driver loaded it would crash the whole computer. It was worth whining about at the time. I retracted back to the previous Service pack, and avoided it for a long time. Eventually i went into the DRM mode anyways, with different drivers??
@Psycogeek Sorry, I don't mean to sound so bad - I just highly doubt that was DRM, it sounds more like your driver was either using undocumented APIs which happens all the time, or, it was just written bad... There is always a chance microsoft changed things, but, they hardly ever make (breaking) changes in service packs.
7:34 PM
how do people know what breaks what anymore? it is almost like they all own a new windows Apple. ya microsoft can do no harm, i get it :-)
@Psycogeek Not at all, I have been very critical at MS over some things, but, the DDK is clearly documented, MSDN exists with millions of examples and more... I can still run some programs that worked in Windows 95... Microsoft are very careful with backwards compatibility.... but, you get a lot of people, especially driver manufacturers who do funky things such as undocumented APIs, backdoor macros and more
speaking of DRM there was also Macrovision, want to look up how many people who were doing 100% legal and Legit DRm who got stuck by that?
I remember my old Epson printer driver had a macro in the installer that automatically accepted the unsigned driver and more - it is just bad practice/drivers...
@Psycogeek I have always been against that and serious DRM like starforce... there isn't really a defence... but, that is different to a driver not working after an update!
wow you bring up all the memories :-) there are 2 Game lock drivers that installed when i put some games on, after removing the games the lock drivers stayed
Epson drivers :-) ohh what another mess , i had 165Megs of them on my system. i needed 35megs after trimming for the 3 printers to work still.
Plus i have 2 printers that i tried to hack with cart resetters , that are permenentally ruined, they will not work with original epson carts now :-(
8:07 PM
in XP any standard person could Remove the entire existance of a program off thier computer, and had to have the CD to even think of installing it. I would always remove all the "server" stuff off the "pro" took minutes. Now with the grand secure system, a virus can install servers that i know nothing about :-) and turn my system into thier playground. was that a security feature?
@Psycogeek No, but, that isn't just Microsoft - it is undocumented, or in some cases documented APIs to go under the kernel, it has existed in every version of Windows (was only abused in xp) and it is also in Linux and OSX, just, under reported when those systems get infected.
Of course i wasnt only uninstalling most of that stuff and turning off services to "be Secure" i just wanted it GONE and it was more secure without it.
anyway... I am going to take my dogs out then go to bed... im shattered! talk to you later!
@Psycogeek well... you realise that is the whole point of secure boot and stuff - the kernel will know when it has been effected!?
but, every time MS try to be more secure, free AV or more, companies start complaiing and spreading BS
yes another layer like DEP
im falling asleep at my keyboard! Ill talk later! sorry :(
8:10 PM
have fun
8:26 PM
Who feels up to finding the duplicate for the following question. I know there is one.
Q: How can I evaluate how much power (from power supply) is needed based on PC configuration?

Marcelo de AssisIt seems to be a common question here, but I want to know, based on a configuration (processor, used memory modules, video chip, number of fans, etc), which is the better power supply to fulfill an specific need. Is there any calculation I can do for knowing that? The popular knowledge just says...

I definitely know there is one.... I thought it was in a blog post we wrote, but apparently not..
@Diago Are moderators able to turn a flag into a VTC now?
@SimonSheehan no, that's automatic - if you have enough rep to VTC
@studiohack Oh, heh...new feature?
It's a bit annoying for some cases...oh well. Pile on those votes 3k+ users! chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/117/…
9:28 PM
@SimonSheehan lol haha
10:06 PM
4 of the last 5 answers i've done were accepted.. im on a roll
10:37 PM
@SimonSheehan good for you! :D
haha thanks @studiohack :P I'm quite proud of it
@SimonSheehan I never get rep. I don't know enough. I just moderate :P you know more than me in most tech areas, I'm sure lol.
@studiohack Only reason I post answers is so I can get access to more stuff :P I'm more interested in helping out than answering :P
Oh I don't know about that ;) I'm still young.
haha, we're only several years apart, if that :P @SimonSheehan - looks like you just crossed 3K - how is VTCing? you like it? :P (power!)
@studiohack oh wow, just saw your age :P We are VERY close.
VTC is awesome! Although my ultimate goal was 750 flag weight, its awesome to see my name all the over the place :P
10:44 PM
yes, it is awesome having your name everywhere... a secret if you want to get elected for mod someday: help run the site with your current powers... VTC, edit, etc, and it will put your name out there and people will see it and vote for you if they like what you are doing... @SimonSheehan
Not in the sense of just having it out there, but more of a "I'm helping out and you can see it!" Type way.
@studiohack Indeed... I would like to get involved the next time elections roll around.
@SimonSheehan curious, did you vote in the elections? (you don't have to say if you don't want to :P)
@studiohack I was not around the last time there were elections :P
@SimonSheehan That's what I thought... ;P
check out the 2011 elections here: superuser.com/election
This is now my 164th day here. I've been 164 days consecutive also :P
10:46 PM
mine here if you're interested haha: superuser.com/election/1#post-234921
@studiohack I've actually read over them MANY times... Wanted to get a good look at what others had written previously :P. I like Joe's!
224 days consecutive, 621 days here :P
nice! I'm impressed that you would read it...
I have more than once :P I thought it'd be good to get a look at what the users of this site really believe in.
@SimonSheehan :P Joe got downvoted into oblivion. for everyone that @Sathya got up, Joe lost one down lol - not a single upvote
Haha, yikes... but definitely within reason
10:49 PM
@SimonSheehan oh yeah.
@studiohack I enjoy reading your speech though...very similar mindset to me.
I like how the nomination's show meta activity also. I think thats important.
@SimonSheehan thank you sir :)
@studiohack No problem :) Definitely something i've been considering doing next time it rolls around though... If i'm going to be on the site as much as i am, may as well try to involve myself to the fullest :P.
Thanks for pointing those things out to me more.
@SimonSheehan if you're already involved in editing, VTCing, etc, and you get elected, its not that much of a change when you get a diamond... you just get a few more tools and look at a lot more junk :P
@SimonSheehan not sure what you mean, but you're welcome :P
@studiohack Haha. I actually ENJOY looking at those things, funny enough :P
Also, 1TB laptop SSD is here computerworld.com/s/article/9221040/…
10:55 PM
@SimonSheehan same here lol
@SimonSheehan sick... with all the space explosions
instant on boot! awesome!
working on my first computer build @SimonSheehan - gonna do a 1TB between 2 500's hdds
@studiohack I've moderated at a few other places also... its just something I like to do :P Usually because I suck at the game, topic, or anything else I was involved.
@studiohack haha, awesome! I've been putting out applications this week so I can get money...to build a computer :P
@SimonSheehan nice! I take it that you like moderating in general though?
@studiohack I do, I enjoy helping people and communities beyond just that of an average user. I also like being able to answer questions and interact with a greater number of people.
@SimonSheehan and get things like free business cards ;P
@studiohack Totally forgot about those - very fancy!
11:01 PM
@SimonSheehan haha lol. still waiting for them
@studiohack heh. Well once you get it, that'd be cool to be able to show people :P They look nice in the picture.
You'll definitely have to take a picture once you get it :P
@SimonSheehan they do... I'm wondering how nice they'll actually look in person. SE employees have clear plastic ones (which are rad!)
@studiohack you'd assume you're getting the same ones :P SE don't seem like people who are mailing you a printed piece of paper ;)
@SimonSheehan chat tip: if you ever have to edit something in chat, just press the up arrow key in Windows
@SimonSheehan I don't know if they'd give me plastic ones :P
@studiohack Oh? Why not?
Also, I did know that one :P Handy thing to use.
11:04 PM
@SimonSheehan $$$ too much $$$ lol
@studiohack really? How much would you expect they cost?
@SimonSheehan plastic costs money x 200ish mods? idk, we'll see lol
@studiohack 200 mods... oh dear. Never truly realized just how many mods we had out there :P
@SimonSheehan somewhere between 150 to 200 SE moderators, yes... lol
They should make a full list somewhere, would be cool to see
11:06 PM
it would... do you want to raise that on MSO?
@studiohack I'd love to
Wouldn't mind heading over to MSO a bit more.
okay, you post here, I'll upvote :) you could probably use some rep there :D (its your idea anyhow haha)
Haha, thanks
Feel free to suggest edits
I can edit now and VTC (finally!) on MSO now :P
Oh yeah! I remember I helped you get up to 3k :P
11:11 PM
you did! :P thanks btw lol
No problem :P
excellent idea about posting the mod list on SE.com - that was exactly my thought as well
perhaps put a hyperlink behind StackExchange.com? you already have two upvotes! way to go!
Indeed, gonna add a few hyperlinks... I enjoy fancy posts :P
add tags: [moderators] and [stackexchange.com] @SimonSheehan
@studiohack done and done :P
11:14 PM
I like bolding and italicizing my main phrase/point sometimes, but that's just me... I think it gets me more votes, since people don't like reading everything sometimes
your post lenght is perfect, btw, its not too long
@studiohack refresh!
@SimonSheehan awesome, I like! you did it better than I could have! +1!
@studiohack thanks :D
morning people
evening @JourneymanGeek :P
11:17 PM
@studiohack Best part of 2k+ rep... getting to make other's posts look good too!
Heya @JourneymanGeek, how's it going?
@SimonSheehan yup!
Half way-ish to Copy Editor now!
well, still on the line with lenovo support about a snapped off USB port
Ah. What have they said so far?
they claim its 'physical' damage and its not covered. Its obviously a flawed part that broke off under normal use, and lenovo elsewhere replaces it
i've sent them a photo, and a thinkpads.com thread that shows that this has happened to other x220 systems
11:19 PM
Ouch... :/
Unfortunate too - the x220 is a LOVELY machine
Got a better desk lamp now.. Can actually move it to read my work pages here.
I have one of those ikea luxo lookalikes ;p
gonna get some editing done, need to catch up to Gareth. storm coming!
@studiohack Just looked at the top editors... He's done a LOT more from when I last looked :P
11:24 PM
I know, right? @SimonSheehan
@studiohack Although you're right up there!
I was the first to 5K edits lol
Yep! Although he might be the first to 10k :P
he will @SimonSheehan :P
@studiohack Although you have BOTH obliterated quack's numbers :P
11:26 PM
yeah, we have, I waited for so long to pass quack
I'm hoping to be the 15th user with Copy Editor :P
I had the privilege of communicating with quack via email one time, when i was newer to the site... he helped me understand tagging, I did a lot of retagging after I reached 500 rep.
@studiohack I might have to catch up on that topic one day :P
@SimonSheehan haha
@studiohack I honestly ignore tags half the time... definitely something to improve on
11:32 PM
@SimonSheehan I've been guilty of the same...
@studiohack What was there to understand about tagging though?
miss my binding votes and diamond powers on other sites... I'm spoiled so its harder to be involved on other SE stacks
I don't suppose any expert video streaming people are about? ... I have probably already missed her, I forgot about it... but, my mum is singing in a competition... sweetadswebcast.com I don't suppose you know of an easy way to record the stream? ... Last time there was something like this, I did it, but it took me about an hour... don't fancy doing it again! Just hoping someone knows a good way!
@SimonSheehan I was experimenting on a poor user's question, experimenting with different tags and how they were made...how they worked (on the technical side of things anyhow)
@studiohack Ah I see
11:35 PM
@WilliamHilsum VLC? stream it thru VLC and record perhaps? idk
That could work
@SimonSheehan and he emailed me and explained what kind of tags should be used different topics and such...that kind of thing
never had much luck with VLC for anything though
@WilliamHilsum Other option is using Hypercam or fraps... albeit the huge sizes and you might need to get it from...alternative sources.
@SimonSheehan don't really fancy dodgy software here! Thanks though... I think I have fraps from years ago - can always try in a VM...
@studiohack That is what I used last time, just remember having so many problems with it though... quality/size e.t.c. ... will try it now
@WilliamHilsum are you on windows?
11:38 PM
Oh bugger, doesn't matter! I missed her... she was the performance before the ones that are on now! damn...
Oh well, when was the last time she watched me program/take an interest... at least I tried!
I wish my parents were less technologically challenged :P Would love to show them stuff
@SimonSheehan you should see my mom, she really struggles with tech
@studiohack "Simon, how do I add a new contact to my phone?" "Mom, you've had that phone for 4 years now..."
@SimonSheehan yikes!
@studiohack Indeed... I do a lot more tech work at school though, i get some appreciation there :P
11:42 PM
my mom has never texted before and uses an clamshell tracfone, and barely knows how to see her contacts...
I'm the tech support guy for a family of 7 :P (and 8 PCs lol)
If she gets through to the final, I will try to record it then!
@studiohack I support everything here.. 4 people, 2 PC's, 3 iPods, and a television :P
... I found the stream link in the source code, but, no idea how to get it in VLC...
At school its a bit of a mess though
I support my class of 20 kids, with PC's, differentiating Mac's, and a lot of cameras :P
@SimonSheehan well I support all that as well, that's what I meant with tech support lol
I'm jealous, I want to do more of that kind of thing - maybe I would be more popular haha
11:44 PM
@studiohack Popular, pfft. I've only just started making friends and its my 3rd year here :P
@SimonSheehan haha, you have a point. I only have 1 friend that I regard as close, and many aquantances :P
@studiohack In just about the same boat here :P all the things im finding out about you today somehow relate to me! Interesting coincidences.
@studiohack Are you in college/university?
@SimonSheehan no, final semester of high school
@studiohack ah okay, very cool.
hopefully college starting in January
@SimonSheehan if I remember, you're in 3rd year of high school, right? (we call that a 'junior' in the US)
11:55 PM
@studiohack Yep, grade 11. I am a senior student now :P
@SimonSheehan :D
@SimonSheehan we should meet up sometime! :D
@studiohack indeed! Where are you in this big wide world?
@SimonSheehan the US :P
@studiohack figured that much :P There's a lot of states though! Which one might you be in? (If your willing to disclose such information anyway)
@SimonSheehan I keep my actual state very secret, though there is a very obvious hint on my profile... lol
but where I live, it gets very cold in the winter, rural, and high elevations with some serious mountains :P
so feel free to guess if you like :P
11:59 PM
@studiohack Would you prefer it via a more private chat channel? :P
Since theres only so many states within the EST time zone ;)

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