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12:41 AM
@user15713 See above
@Paulster2 The double @@ only works for Mods
1:11 AM
@Movemorecommentslinktotop ... oh. well don't I suck :P
20 hours later…
8:50 PM
@BobCross ... You need to read the following meta post:
Q: Should Radio/Audio questions be off-topic?

Paulster2Rory had said he would mark this question as off-topic: Radio stops playing when I change volume There have been questions answered about audio in the past ... I'm not seeing as why this is off topic. I mean, by these standards, tires would be off-topic because they are a mechanical thing on th...

@BobCross ... As Larry clearly points out from the help section, repair of motor vehicle accessories is definitely on-topic. This is in reference to this question which you closed:
Q: How identify transistors on circuit board?

0utf1tHow can I find out what kind of transistors are on circuit board(see picture below) ? This circuit board is from Toyota Yaris 2006 instrument cluster. 4 transistors are burned. Because of that clock doesn't work. If I could find out what kind of transistors they are then I could replace and clock...

@BobCross ... IMHO, this should be opened back up. Even though it is electronics associated, it is definitely a motor vehicle accessory. If you close this, where do you draw the line? With more and more vehicles having more extensive electronics in them (ie: navigation, integrated stereos, etc.), we are going to see more of these types of questions.
I'm wondering if @Movemorecommentslinktotop might want to comment on this?
2 hours later…
10:43 PM
@Paulster2 I would say it's on-topic, this is another example of a repair that we would do at the dealership.
@BobCross Do you still disagree?
11:05 PM
See if this is any better.
Q: Clock inoperative, 2006 Toyota Yaris

0utf1tPictured below is the circuit board of the instrument cluster on my 2006 Toyota Yaris. The clock does not work and an electrician told me that the 4 transistors below were burnt and needed to be replaced. How can I find out what kind of transistors they are? I can't find any information how to id...

I feel strongly that this should be on topic, when digital dashes became common in GM vehicles, we repaired them regularly. Some were sent off to the radio shop for repair, while others were repaired on the workbench.
But hey, I'm just one option, the communities option is more important than mine
11:57 PM
@Movemorecommentslinktotop ... Well. You know I agree with you, lol!

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