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12:30 AM
How hard it is to make the \section headers smaller?
@Canageek \usepackage[small]{titlesec}
12:50 AM
@AlanMunn Damn, you were right about citations. Lazyness never pays off.
@Canageek I do this stuff for a living. (I'm a professor, as are many of us here, you'll find.)
@AlanMunn Ahhhhh. I'm a science major taking a history course for fun.
@Canageek But the rules are the same in science. And I'm not really in the humanities.
@AlanMunn We use ACS style predominantly, and only cite books once in a new moon in chemistry- I can't remember doing it in a long time, and can only think of one paper citing a book off the top of my head.
@AlanMunn Any idea what Bibliography string 'cbyeditor' undefined(biblatex) at entry 'Burroughs' on input line 83. Means?
@Canageek Sure, that's not surprising, but the fact that you don't cite book chapters doesn't remove the rule for them. :-)
@Canageek Yes, it's because you're loading biblatex-chicago as an option to loading biblatex, I bet. In my example that I made in answering your question, I used \usepackage{biblatex-chicago}, not \usepackage[chicago-notes]{biblatex}. You should use my method.
1:02 AM
\usepackage[notes,natbib,isbn=false,backend=biber,url=false]{biblatex-chicago} is how I am loading it.
@Canageek So I bet wrong. :-). Then I'm not sure.
@AlanMunn I already checked that as it is the first thing to pop up on google. Also: I copied it straight from your example to make sure it worked.
@Canageek Good. (I just thought you might have still had the other version, which someone else had suggested at that time.)
@AlanMunn Time to make a MWE
@Canageek What does the bibentry for Burroughs look like? Is it your edited book?
1:08 AM
@AlanMunn Yeah: @incollection{Burroughs,
author = {Burroughs, Peter},
editor = {Chandler, David and Beckett, Ian},
title = {The Oxford history of the British Army},
publisher = {Oxford University Press},
year = {1996},
address = {Oxford, New York},
isbn = {0192853333}
@AlanMunn Found the problem: Doesn't work with the 'canadian' option set in bable.
@Canageek Good work. It's a bug in the lbx file, I would think. So I guess you'll have to live with using American for the moment.
@AlanMunn british doesn't work either.
@Canageek Right. Because the cbyeditor is defined in cms-american.lbx; there is no ukenglish or canadian version. (And there probably shouldn't be, since all of the terms should be the same.)
You can solve the problem (and use UKenglish or canadian) by adding this line to your preamble:
@AlanMunn So given that I'm a linguistic anglophile, how much is using American English settings going to set my teeth on edge?
@AlanMunn That works. So am I using American settings now or ?
As I think I mentioned before, it mainly affects the style of the spelled out in words date, but in Canada we use the American style anyway for that. (Not the numeric date, which we use the British order). Other than that, it will be differences only in the hyphenation of certain words. See this question: tex.stackexchange.com/q/12775/2693
@Canageek Well you're using whatever is canadian (which I think is american date + british hyphenation, and all of the bib strings defined in cms-american. But it's unlikely there are any differences there, unless there are any words spelled with 'or' that should be 'our'.
1:25 AM
@AlanMunn Thanks for your help. Is there somewhere I can report that bug to?
1:36 AM
It's not really a bug, I see. It's documented on p. 95 of the documentation. (Which also shows that the fix I gave you isn't quite right. You would need to modify the .lbx file itself as well so that it contains the line \InheritBibliographyExtras{british} instead of \InheritBibliographyExtras{american}. You can do this by making a copy of the file, editing it and putting it in your local texmf folder. It should go in tex/latex/biblatex/lbx.
7 hours later…
8:36 AM
@JosephWright: Got a quick question about siunitx: I try \si{\m\per\s} and it renders it as ms^{-1}, while \si{\kg\per\m^3} works as expected. Am I doing something wrong, and if not, how can I override it to get m/s?
@MartinTapankov Standard settings use power for \per as well as everything else. You want \sisetup{per-mode = symbol}
@JosephWright: Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
9:27 AM
Does the Necromancer badge make you automatically a TeX wizard? ;-)
Is it morning already? :-s
(5 am on my side)
@BrunoLeFloch Yep! :-) (at least here)
@BrunoLeFloch It's 11:36 here, so I just woke up and had breakfast :-)
Students! I've already given a 2hr lecture this morning.
9:37 AM
@MartinScharrer :-D
@PauloCereda That's no good news. Coffee again. Third night in a week :(. Oh well. At least I did some work for my phd.
@AndrewStacey Poor students :)
@BrunoLeFloch That's good news. :-) Let me guess: 90% l3 stuff, 10% phd. :-)
@BrunoLeFloch mathematicians are sadists. (kidding!)
@PauloCereda No l3 stuff. Lots of nothingness, and I tried my hand at one of Raphink's hard questions.
@PauloCereda I once was one.
@BrunoLeFloch: you're brave :-)
and the result is quite nice :-)
9:41 AM
@PauloCereda No, it's the university schedulers who are responsible for that. I'm just as reluctant to be there as the students! (*looks around and hopes that no-one from this university read that*)
@Raphink Thanks. I definitely don't know enough about the output routine to do things more properly. The LaTeX3 project once had some partially working code for a very powerful output routine, I believe (written, of course, by Frank Mittelbach (Joseph, correct me if I'm wrong)).
We'll revive it at some point.
@AndrewStacey I see. There are some crazy schedules out there. They say it's good to do math in the morning, but we need to fully wake up before. :-)
@PauloCereda I do my best work between 9am and 10am. That hour is worth about 3 at any other time of the day.
Jeff Atwood's 2 yo son has a twitter account!?
@AndrewStacey cool!
9:46 AM
I think @BrunoLeFloch deserves a lot of +1 for his answer tex.stackexchange.com/questions/27998/…
I'd give him +10 if I could
@Raphink Just create some fake accounts - I have 25 of them to vote for my questions and answers, because nobody else does.
(just kidding, of course)
ah, I was wondering how you got this rep
Handling the fake accounts is harder then answering questions, so I should get a badge for it.
@Patrick at least you've got your T-shirt. :-)
@Raphink Thanks again, but I think you're over estimating my solution: it only works with plain text (and I mean "plain text", as in no figures, probably no table, nothing else than lines of words), and given that the document you're showing has many of those, it's not going to help you much. It is a first step, though.
9:51 AM
@Patrick: have you considered hiring indian guys to vote you up all day long?
@PauloCereda As if I had known this in advance
@PauloCereda Patrick should give you his t-shirt.
@Raphink Good idea!
@Patrick Actually there are some automated scripts in place to avoid just that.
@BrunoLeFloch :-P
9:52 AM
The votes would disappear over night.
Oh well, you have exposed(?) me
@BrunoLeFloch Yup, xor works but needs revising
@AndrewStacey I'm reading some random comments on the Cthulu worshipping madman question. Some of them want to have the thing carved in stone. Can you do that in TikZ?
@JosephWright As many other things alas.
@BrunoLeFloch True
@BrunoLeFloch :-D
9:54 AM
I am working on it!
"carved in stone" - epic!
@JosephWright On xor??
@BrunoLeFloch LuaTeX can do that, I am sure.
@BrunoLeFloch Not at present: I meant 'on other things'
I want to see how long it will take until Sesame Street has a Cthulhu sketch.
9:57 AM
@Patrick Should I ask the question? "How do I make my document look like it was carved in stone by an Cthulhu worshipping madman?"
@BrunoLeFloch Surely the carving-in-stone bit is a property of the printer. Apparently we have a 3D printer here so I could have a go at it.
@BrunoLeFloch Sure. I'll post a LuaTeX answer, cause LuaTeX is the new Mac Gyver.
What if we use stone image, a semi-transparent font and an outline to make the emboss effect?
@Patrick LOL
@AndrewStacey oO I was just thinking of getting a pdf output which looked like something carved in stone
What about producing a new engine: stoneTeX?
@AndrewStacey please please please please do it!
10:01 AM
@BrunoLeFloch Oh, I see! Well, I'll have a think about it. What would be sufficient as a proof-of-concept? How about a line style that looks like a carved line? Hmm, have to go out into the forest and see if I can find some of the old troll documents - those were carved in stone.
Not sure what question I should ask. The Cthulhu part is completely irrelevant. Something like "Can I use TeX to control a 3d printer?"
@AndrewStacey Well, if you can do it on a 3d printer, I'm definitely asking for that :).
I wonder if there is a color profile for "stone".
3d documents? Of course we need to use iTeX*.
@BrunoLeFloch Depends on whether you want a serious answer or not! That, I think, will just get silly. If you ask, "Can I make my lines look as though carved in stone" then we might get some serious answers (as well as the silly ones).
10:05 AM
@Patrick I guess there should be various colour profiles, depending on the type of stone. Then someone can implement a map of the world and you'd do \setstone{origin=France, type=granite, embedded-fossils=true}.
@Patrick o.O
I forgot \setstone{footsteps={dinosaurs, humans, gnu}}.
@Patrick Where does that image come from?
@Andrew How do you usually talk to your 3d printer?
@BrunoLeFloch From Uwe Ziegenhagen, a TeX German enthusiast (posted on google+)
When looking for Stone pictures, Sharon just owned my results.
@BrunoLeFloch In words of one syllable or less. Seriously, I've no idea. I just know that there is a 3D printer hereabouts. I've never used it, and I imagine that the people in charge are very particular about the input format. But I've no idea what that should be.
10:09 AM
@AndrewStacey So I guess the first step would be to find out what is the standard input format for 3d printers
It seems that the file format is such that it could be written by TeX... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STL_%28file_format%29
@Patrick ah thanks! :-)
I'll think about what to ask on 3d printing. Expect a question soon. In the meantime, phd.
10:28 AM
Friends, my user area will be down for some time while they change the infrastructure. The TeX.sx world map will be temporary unavailable, but I'll manage to host it somewhere.
Indeed! I just learned about gh-pages yesterday.
Yes, very useful.
Do they support markdown? I read somewhere you need to set up something.
github supports Markdown in general
10:30 AM
It's probably easier to drop the html files.
but for gh-pages, it's just HTML
you create an index.html, and then you do whatever you want
ah I see.
just noticed my README is not up-to-date :S
Good idea!
the tex + PDF are in the master branch, and the page is in the gh-pages branch
and the index.html links to the raw exports in the master branch for the PDF files
10:34 AM
nice! So it's always updated!
10:52 AM
Now, a TeX related question: is it ok if I post a question on how to add white microdots inside font glyphs? It's like an emulation of EcoFont: ecofont.com
@PauloCereda Sure you can if you can live with downvoting :)
I can't see a reason why not to post it? It's slightly off topic IMO, but still OK to ask here.
@Patrick hehe :-)
@Patrick I need to figure out a better way to ask it. :-)
11:18 AM
@AndrewStacey There's a pending edit of one of your answers you should probably take a look at.
@AlanMunn Thanks. That would be a useful feature: if there's a pending edit on one of my questions/answers then I should get a notification. (The edit was fine, by the way.)
@AndrewStacey I figured it was, but thought it would be better if you approved it. (And I suspect most of the rest of us who saw it thought the same.)
Q: How about a notification if there's a pending edit on one of my contributions?

Andrew StaceyI'm not a great one for checking the "pending edit" queue, as I find myself rarely able to decide so leave it for someone more knowledgeable. But if the edit is on one of my contributions, I'd probably be able to decide on it so would take a look. So, as a feature request, how about a notificat...

11:56 AM
@AndrewStacey Duplicate of:
Q: Notify users about edit suggestion on their own posts

Martin ScharrerAt the moment normal users do not get notified if someone suggests an edit on their own question or answer. I'm not even sure if they can see these suggestions if the do not have the corresponding privilege. I think users should get notified about pending suggested edits on their own posts and a...

What do people think of my potential dupe for
Q: Fit given text on a user specified number of pages

pmav99Is it possible to make a given text fit on n pages, where n is a number chosen by the user? Preferably by diminishing the margins first (up to a certain point). Changing the fontsize is acceptable too but only after the margins have their minimum values. The document is plain text. There are no...

@MartinScharrer Evidently a good idea! Now, was it "Great minds think alike" or "Fools seldom differ"? (I've added a comment to mine to link it to yours)
@AndrewStacey Nice saying! I didn't know them before
@JosephWright Looks good to me.
@JosephWright It's not exactly the same, but the question has really no answer different from "no, you can't do it with one run of TeX unless the document has very simple structure".
12:08 PM
@egreg That's why I asked: the answer is the same but I'm not sure the question is a dupe
Just rather similar
12:33 PM
@egreg: rep cap? :-)
@PauloCereda Today's slow (I'm at 7 upvotes), but the day is long. :) I've lectured all morning to the future elementary school teachers; tomorrow I'll talk about "Romeo and Juliet", Piero della Francesca and Giotto. :) Do they pertain to math?
@egreg Piero della Francesca I remember! When he began losing his vision, he dedicated himself to math, I think geometry. I was good in the Renaissance subject at school. :)
12:51 PM
@PauloCereda Yes, he wrote a math treatise about perspective. It's a strange coincidence that another mathematician, Luca Pacioli, was born in the same small town (Sansepolcro). It's easy to remember Piero's day of death: October 12, 1492. In Monterchi, near Arezzo, there's perhaps the smallest museum in the world: it contains only a painting by Piero, the "Madonna del Parto" artleo.it/alarte/imgdb/piero_madonnaparto.jpg
1:07 PM
@egreg How nice!
1:49 PM
There's like 4 pages of users with 1 reputation
About 75 pages of users under 101
And only 16 pages (out of 173) of users above 200
2:31 PM
@Raphink Discovering the joys of the Gaussian distribution? ;-)
Is it me or the swag package effect had an effect on our users? It seems people are returning from their fortresses of solitude and beginning to contribute again.
@PauloCereda The information has been here and on meta, and I suppose not many people frequent these places, nor do I think that this might have such great effect.
@PauloCereda: Sorry, its' too late
@AndreyVihrov I see. Good point.
@Raphink :-P
There's no beer pint anyway, like @MartinScharrer pointed out ;-)
(I don't really care, I don't drink beer)
3:06 PM
UbuntuOne now on multiple platforms.
@Raphink You can. It' s called a retroactive bounty. ;-)
4:02 PM
@PauloCereda: Any chance you could write that iPad app for me! I am getting lost in a sea of apps that do half of what I need, but none that appear to do it all.
Q: Destroy a hard drive without proper equipment

Konrad RudolphI need to make two hard drives unreadable. Unfortunately, I have some constraints which make this harder than usual (in particular, they rule out the answers to other questions): I don’t have a computer to mount the drives and erase them (weird, right?) I don’t have a strong magnet I don’t have...

@AndrewStacey UbuntuOne?
@PauloCereda Huh? What has UbuntuOne to do with an iPad?
@PauloCereda Years ago, I saw a website with a series of images where someone had used a tank to destroy a hard drive. Just tried to find it again, but to no avail.
@AndrewStacey I don't know! I thought you were quoting my last message. :-)
@AndrewStacey haha thats epic!
@PauloCereda No! Earlier today you said something about writing an iPad app. If you were serious, I can tell you what app to write.
@AndrewStacey I've been waiting for some time to write Android and iOS apps. It would be a nice "homework" to see how things go. I might give it a try. I have a platform to develop in, but unfortunately no actual device to deploy an app.
@AndrewStacey: I found apple.stackexchange.com/questions/26651/… . Is this app?
4:29 PM
@PauloCereda That's it! If you're serious, I can give you a more detailed list of what I'd like it to do, but you can get the basic idea if you think about it being an app for displaying beamer presentations with the ability to write on and highlight bits of pages.
@AndrewStacey Cool! I need to take a look on the documentation first and see how the stuff works. It's been quite a while since I played with ObjectiveC. I'll see what I can do and then I'll tell you: :-)
1 hour later…
6:00 PM
@PauloCereda See? Now I got it.
@egreg Congrats! :)
Legendary badge here you go. :)
Fedora 15 was supposed to carry my name suggestion. It was awesome.
Ah, just found this interesting post about badges:
Q: List of all badges with full descriptions

Popular Demand What are badge name's requirements? Why didn't I get badge name? Which badges can I earn multiple times? Jump to: Regular badges A-L and M-Z Tag badges Badge families Area 51 badges Note: Some badges are awarded based on score. The term score means the total number of upvotes minus the t...

1 hour later…
7:22 PM
I wonder if
Q: slashbox alternative

Is there a better way to label both axes of a table at the same time rather than using slashbox? It looks kind of ugly.

Q: Inclined line between two cells in a table

Flávio MarchesiniHow can I put an inclined line between two cells in a table? I know that \cline{i-j} put a partial horizontal line, but I want that this line is inclined... Can somebody help me?

should be made dupes of
Q: Diagonal lines in table cell

LiNI need this table: (each row and column should have the same height and length, last cell should be divided by diagonal line). I tried the following code: \documentclass[11pt]{article} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage{array} \usepackage{makecell} \newcolumntype{x}[1]{>{\centering\let\n...

7:35 PM
@JosephWright Apparently they look the same, for me.
@PauloCereda That's what I thought. I'll wait to see if there are other opinions before acting
Q: Using external tables in TikZ

Regis da SilvaHow do I use tabela.xls as a data source to a LaTeX table or even a table made with TikZ with the following command? Note: I wanted to use tabela.xls as a data source for multiple files. Tex and that it is synchronized when I change the tabela.xls. \documentclass[a4paper]{article} \usepackage{ti...

When I read this question, it reminded me of a nice library I used in the past: Apache POI. POI stands for "Poor Obfuscation Implementation". :-)
@PauloCereda Post your comment as an answer, I think. .xls is a binary format, so direct use is out. (Depending on the context, pdfplotstable might help with displaying the data)
@JosephWright Aye Captain!
8:01 PM
@JosephWright Done. :-)
@PauloCereda I saw that. Note that xlsx is not the same as the Open Office format, although both are ZIP containers for XML data. (As they are ZIPs, direct TeX processing is still out)
Argh, only two votes left today
@JosephWright I think that the use of slashed boxes (and possibly also of vertical rules in tables) should be banned by law. Those are very much alike, a merge can be done, I believe.
@egreg Okay, we have agreement - done
@JosephWright Ah thanks. I'll update that.
@JosephWright Ah, we are talking ODT x OOXML!
I understood xlsx was not OOXML.
@PauloCereda A quick check on WikiPedia is in order!
}} Office Open XML (also informally known as OOXML or OpenXML) is a zipped, XML-based file format developed by Microsoft for representing spreadsheets, charts, presentations and word processing documents. The Office Open XML specification was initially standardised by Ecma (as ECMA-376) and later by ISO and IEC (as ISO/IEC 29500). Starting with Microsoft Office 2007, the Office Open XML file formats have become the default target file format of Microsoft Office, although the Strict variant of the standard is not yet fully supported.{{cite web |url=http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/news...
8:13 PM
@JosephWright Doesn't LuaTeX have a library for zip files?
@JosephWright Ah! :-)
@egreg Quite possibly. I'm thinking of processing from within the TeX environment of primitives and macros. Lua-based work is different
@egreg Lua has one. As Patrick said, LuaTeX seem to be the new MacGyver.
Well Lua is a quite generalist language, it's not limited to TeX. So when you integrate it into LuaTeX, you gain all the dev done in other fields with it.
Trivia: Lua is the Portuguese word for "moon".
8:22 PM
@PauloCereda Now the Lua logo makes sense!
@AndreyVihrov It's also the reason for all of the 'Howling at the moon' business
@AndreyVihrov :-)
@JosephWright Of course in pure TeX it's impossible (at least one has to unzip the file); AFAIK ConTeXt has also some XML processing module.
@egreg I suspect it's still easier in most cases to convert the data with an external tool to CSV or tab-separated. That's certainly what I do.
A nice brazilian countryside song about moon, "In the track of the full moon": youtube.com/watch?v=5mtkq5Ai6xc (the sound is from a viola caipira)
8:55 PM
@AlanMunn: Have you heard Bachianas Brasileiras No. 2? It's from Villa-Lobos. I love "Trenzinho caipira", which is the subtitle for the toccata movement that concludes that suite. It's fantastic, the idea is to resemble a train in movement. There's an "unplugged" version played in a viola caipira here. I already played with the violeiro in the right, it was a piano/viola duet. :-)
@JosephWright What's really missing is a live link between the TeX table and the worksheet. One might conceive a shell script run via shell-escape that converts the worksheet file to CSV and input this one.
@egreg It depends on the ultimate source of the tabular data. Systems I'm familiar with don't spit out Excel worksheets
@JosephWright I used Apache POI in the past to convert xls to a csv file, but I had to know beforehand what I was doing. It's funny because they call it HSSF: Horrible Spreadsheet Format. :-)
My point being that in my experience one has to convert from <original format> to Excel by hand anyway
9:16 PM
datatool is funnier than I thought. :-)
9:37 PM
@AlanMunn Hey, if you are around I have a question for you.
@Canageek Yes?
@AlanMunn After that stuff we did to BibLaTeX-Chicago yesterday Ibid has been changed to Ibidem in my document. Any idea why?
@PauloCereda Yes, I know it. I have all of Villa Lobos' guitar works played by Turibio Santos on CD.
@AlanMunn Really? How nice! Turíbio is a genius.
@Canageek No, but it could be a difference between InheritBibliographyExtras{british} vs. {american}. Ibid. is an abbreviation; the full form is ibidem, so maybe British usage is to spell out the whole word.
9:42 PM
@AndrewStacey If you show me how to render 3d Cthulhu documents in LaTeX I'm going to start saving to buy a 3d printer.
I forgot that this is still on my ToDo list for svn-multi :-(
A: Customize displayed time zone with svn-multi and \svnfiledate

Martin ScharrerI'm the author of svn-multi. There is currently no feature for this included in the package. I was planning to add something like this for a while and asked the question Handling different time zones here to get some help for the conversation. The code I posted there in my self-answer could be a...

@AlanMunn Huh, interesting. I wonder if my TA will take Ibidum or if I should use American settings?
@Canageek That I have no idea. I've never written a paper using ibid. ever, so I have no clue what's accepted practice anywhere. But my guess would be that despite our Canadian penchant for not being American, we tend to pattern most often with American practice in these matters. Sadly, many of you younger people are even abandoning 'zed'. Luckily you seem to recover as you get older. Warning: sunglasses required for this link: zee and zed
@AlanMunn You were certainly not kidding about the sunglasses. o.O
@Canageek It depresses me to think that your TA should actually care about such matters.
9:56 PM
Always these people with their old installations:
Q: Compile a file when images are missing/not available

pukI don't have access to my image files so I want to only compile with the text. I figured using draft mode would solve this problem but I still get a "cannot find image file" error. How can I compile without having to copy some random picture I do have. Here is my header \newcommand{\rootFolder...

@AlanMunn Yeah, I give it 90% chance he doesn't care.
@Canageek Well that's good, because he shouldn't. What really matters is the content of your work, not silly details about formatting citations.
@AlanMunn I'm just cautious as I've been told humanities people are crazy about such things. Normally I'd only be this careful when submitting a paper, as they do care.
@MartinScharrer This sounds like a "Update your install or GTFO!" ultimatum. :-)
@PauloCereda Not all of us are on systems with nice apt-get update/upgrade commands.
10:00 PM
@Canageek True, and also depending on where in the world the OP is, bandwidth may be at a premium. The linux packagers don't help matters either.
@Canageek I know. That's why we insist on people installing the official TeXLive instead of relying in the one package with their distros.
That's not a distro issue per se, though some package managers are greedy on taking care of every single bit in a distro, including LaTeX packages.
(Ewww apt-get!) :-P
@PauloCereda Which works really well as long as those are updated, as I always remember to run that update. The problem happens when it takes years to get a new version of TeXLive into the system.
@Canageek Yes, that's why I found it depressing. There shouldn't be this fetishization of citation practice, but there is, and it's ridiculous, IMO. I think it's a bit of power trip on the part of such people. I'm happy that my students actually read and cite stuff at all; formatting their citations is irrelevant icing on the cake.
@AlanMunn I kind of get it for publications, who want everything to look the same, so my eye always knows where to go in the citation box to find something. I am more annoyed by how slowly they change: No use of DOI numbers for example.
@Canageek True. Unfortunately, sometimes you face an issue caused by an outdated or even obsolete package. :-(
10:05 PM
@PauloCereda Like the fact that TeXLive is well out of date on ubuntu right now?
@Canageek Beats me, I'm not a Ubuntu guy. :-) But I think the "current" one is probably dated 2009, I guess. :-)
@PauloCereda As I recall, yes.
Here is a question: How fast is LuaTeX being updated? Should I be holding my breath for it getting mircotype support soon?
@Canageek I have no idea, but I'm also interested. :-)
@AlanMunn Out of curiosity: in general, do humanities people use LaTeX?
I just finally got the joke on the right side by Jin, since I never pronounce it like the polymer.
@Canageek Yes, for actual publications including theses, it's important (although it's clear that there are more or less sane systems around.) But for term papers, it's really quite silly to be so finicky. Although to be fair, the humanities generally, the range of sources being cited is massively more complicated than in the sciences. As you we mentioning last night, in Chemistry, you rarely even cite books, much less anything as weird as newspaper article or some old document.
10:11 PM
@AlanMunn Yeah, I cite papers, papers...I think I cited a report once. In my personal reports I've cited textbooks and lab manuals, though not according to the proper style guidelines, just a 'close enough' kinda thing.
@Canageek: In which area are you working on? (sorry, English fail)
@AlanMunn I actually talked to the editor-in-chief of Nature Chemistry once, he agreed that adding DOIs to citations would be a great idea, but said getting authors to obey the formatting guidelines was like pulling teeth.
@PauloCereda Chemistry. I'm on the last year of my B.Sc.(Honours Chem.)
@Canageek Ah! How nice. :-)
And to answer anyones question: People have heard of LaTeX in chem, but very few use it that I've seen.
@PauloCereda In general no. In specific areas, somewhat. It's fairly popular in linguistics (although that's a science that just so happens to be though of by the outside world as part of the humanities). In the humanities proper, I know that there are a fair number of XeLaTeX users who are working on ancient languages.
10:17 PM
@AlanMunn Also the reason I'm being so careful is that if I can raise my cumulative average by 0.04 points out of 12 I qualify for WAY more scholarships when I get to grad school next year, so every mark counts.
@Canageek Well you'd be surprised at how many people still do bibliographies by hand. So typing all that info is not anyone's idea of fun.
@Canageek Really? I thought it was the other way around.
@Canageek Are you sure of that? Although GPA matters in grad school, it's not nearly as important as letters of recommendation (and in some cases GRE scores.)
My comment here reminds me about the quote from "Spaceballs": "That's amazing. I've got the same combination on my luggage."
Q: What is the best symbol for vector/matrix transpose?

ChangWhat is the best or most popular symbol for vector/matrix transpose? I have used simply ^T, for example $c^T x$. I thought it is ugly, but I was too lazy to think about alternatives. Can you suggest a better one?

Well, TBH in my dept. there were only 3 or 4 that actually used it.
10:20 PM
@PauloCereda Right, and you were in CS, which should be more aware of it.
@AlanMunn Indeed! But it was quite a shock.
@egreg And we know that you are a bastion of good taste, given your comment here: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/30432/styling-the-part-page/…
@egreg "one, two, three, four, five"?
That answer was in the "I was only following orders" category.
@AlanMunn or "an older kid just told me to do that way". :-)
10:25 PM
To any PC users: do you have any suggestions for good netbooks?
@PauloCereda Which, coincidentally, is the combination in my luggage!
@AlanMunn I find the chapter styles of fncychap preposterously horrible. Is there a stronger adjective?
@egreg absolutely f*cking awful?
@AlanMunn I'm happy to see that I'm not left alone in the battle.
@egreg No, as I said, "I was only following orders". But it didn't seem nice to answer the question and then stomp all over the OPs sense of aesthetics. That's what the comments are for. :-)
@AlanMunn My dad has an Acer Aspire One 751h. It's quite good. Small and "honest" performance.
10:38 PM
@AlanMunn On the GuIT forum I always say not to use fncychap. Once a student wanted some hint about a passage in a proof and handed me the lecture notes written by a colleague: the first thing I told the student was "Never use such an awful style", pointing at the chapter title. :)
This is one of the hazards of being LaTeX users: we feel entitled to point out all manner of misadventures in formatting, to everyone. Every so often I get students who seem to like bold underlining (or even just underlining.)
I actually had to fight with my university thesis office when I deposited my dissertation to be able to use italics. They tried to make me use underlining. Barbaridade.
@egreg And the student probably followed your train of thought. :-) Per un buon intendidore, basta mezza parola. :-)
@AlanMunn I can't emphasize barbaridade enough. :-(
@PauloCereda Unfortunately you and I are probably the only ones who know what it means. (Although others' guesses are probably more or less correct.) I just couldn't resist. It's such a satisfying word to use.
@AlanMunn So true! I use it a lot. And it's one of the most used words in the South region (followed by tchê ?) :-)
@PauloCereda You must be right on the edge of where people don't really use it, no?
10:49 PM
@AlanMunn :-)
@egreg: speaking of the GuIT forum, I once saw a post in there about TeXPrinter. I was so happy. :-)
@AlanMunn Here we stress the R in every single word. So imagine me saying barbaridade like baRRRRbaridade. :-)
@PauloCereda I should use it more frequently. Good night!
@egreg Night! :-) (wow, 1am, I guess?!)
11:36 PM
I take it that biber only works with BibLaTeX?
Crud, whomever told me that achemso would work with biber was wrong
I don't know. (But I want to try BibLaTeX in the future).
@Canageek Yes. But there is a biblatex-chem. It's also written by @JosephWright so I'm sure it does what achemso does (except for use with actual submissions to the journals, I suspect.)
@PauloCereda Currently not, since you can't use it with BibTeX files. There is a chem-BibLaTeX package, but the dev blog says it is currently broken.
@Canageek Oh. That's too bad. But it's only a single change in your editor to switch between the two, no? In fact, you could probably write a script that would check for the presence of a bcf file and if so, run biber, and if not, run bibtex, and have that be the script that your editor links to bibtexing.
@AlanMunn Sadly I work in TeXStudio (Fork of TeXMaker) which just has a command line. It wouldn't be too bad if I wasn't switching between the two on a regular basis, as it only has one quick compile button that I can set with multiple commands.
11:53 PM
Time for me to go to bed. :-)
See ya, friends!
@Canageek You could try latexmk as the quick command. On my system, provided the aux files are properly deleted, it will automatically choose biber for bcf files and bibtex for the others.
@Canageek If it is the same as TeXmaker (as I believe), you can set up five "User commands", with keyboard shortcuts Alt + Shift + n. See User --> User commands. That looks to work the same way as the quick build.

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