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11:37 AM
@jakebeal @Alexandros @Corvus Could you please explain your reasons to leave this question opened in the related meta question?
Q: Asking "shopping" questions, such as journal recommendations

KimballI just happened to come across this question asking for journal recommendations. I was surprised about the large number of upvotes, considering the specificity and these instructions However, please do not ask questions about ... Suggestions or recommendations for a university, jou...

12:30 PM
Thanks for poking me on it @EnthusiasticStudent: I had voted to leave open before reading the related meta question, but your answer changed my mind and I have now voted to close.
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2:17 PM
hi all
bye all
2:27 PM
guys, can any of you give me some advice on fixing "too generalized" question, please?
3:06 PM
Q: Choosing Engineering Msc program: Broader field or more specific field? Also does Uni rank really matter?

Arya S.I plan to pursue my master degree in EU and currently still mulling over which program is the best for me: TU Delft (Netherlands) Msc. Mech. Eng, Control Eng Track RWTH Aachen (Germany) Msc. Computer-aided Conception and Production in M.E. My undergrad major was Mechanical Engineering (M.E.)...

4 hours later…
6:52 PM
We typically don't answer "shopping questions" here, which are essentially saying: "Here is my full history and situation, which [university/journal/whatever] should I pick?" They tend to be very subjective and person-dependent in what the "right" answer is, and it's hard to figure out how strangers on the internet can help you make such a decision.

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