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12:00 AM
@Werner Oh, not at all. This looks like statistics.
But I think it's conceptually something that I'm missing, so could be a subjective take on demography that I'm not grasping.
@egreg Do you think it's better-suited for Cross Validated?
@Werner Possibly. But I was joking.
...I guess I can wait and see what the responses are. If nothing turns up, I can request migration.
@Werner perhaps they don't consider babies to be real people and start from 1;-)
@DavidCarlisle Thanks for your real-world interpretation of demography. :D
12:09 AM
@Werner The +1 can have something to do with the rounding of the age, however, I would expect +1/2 for that reason (you are 20 when you age technically satisfies $20\leq x <21$) and the mean is therefore 20.5. Inside each interval $[n,n+1)$ you can assume a uniform distribution, so you should get 39.3. IMHO it's better suited for Cross Validated
@yo' Looking at the number of questions on Cross Validated, I've requested migration.
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3:22 AM
The start of expl3 support in AUCTeX: github.com/giordano/auctex/commit/…
2 hours later…
5:05 AM
@AlanMunn Have you heard of the textglos package? I just came across this for the first time. I had been thinking of trying to write something similar, lately, but it's cool that it already exists. It's pretty simple, but looks useful: it provides macros for inline glossing in text (not in examples).
Written by the same person who wrote leipzig, apparently.
1 hour later…
6:23 AM
@AdamLiter No, looks useful. And apparently I contributed code... :)
6:35 AM
@AlanMunn Haha, that's funny. I didn't notice that. A lot of linguistics graduate students do seem to know who you are because of LaTeX. I remember it coming up a few times at the institute two years ago, too.
Unrelated note: I ventured over to linguistics.SE for some reason, and I'm kicking myself for it. So frustrating, but I somehow couldn't make myself leave for the last 30 or 40 minutes.
Hey guys, can you help me with the absolute basics of latex real quick? :) Freaking out here... :( Writing a math project in latex, just want to know the basics, what does documentclass actually mean? I know these are the options
but why does it matter what one you pick :(
@bolbteppa You might find this question helpful:
Q: What are the available "documentclass" types and their uses?

ViviSome of the available classes of documents in LaTeX are well known and widely used, such as the article and beamer classes, while others are not so well known, such as the standalone class. I found this figure which lists the main classes and is a good starting point, but the description is ...

A documentclass basically defines the default layout of a document, and it might also provide certain commands and functionality. For example, memoir is a documentclass that is built on top of the book document class, but the difference is that memoir incorporates a lot of features that you would only be able to get if you were using book by loading a lot of other packages and perhaps writing some of your own code in the preamble.
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10:01 AM
@DavidCarlisle What is this a duplicate of?
Q: Right minipage goes outside of margin

homelessI have two minipages side-by-side. However, the right one goes outside of the right margin even though I specify the correct widths. As a consequence, the text is no longer aligned on the right. Here is my MWE: \documentclass[a4paper,11pt]{article} \usepackage{lipsum} \usepackage{showframe} %% j...

@egreg are you around? A duplicate for chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/20243359#20243359 ?
@karlkoeller Probably one exists.
Q: How to put two minipages side-by-side, which use 100 % of the text width?

user4811In draft-mode a black marker indicates that the reserved space is too low. This also appears in the following example, but it shouldn't. How can I put two minipages exactly side-by-side? \documentclass[draft=on]{scrbook} \usepackage{blindtext} \begin{document} \begin{minipage}{.5\textwidth} % ...

@egreg It seems the right one. Thanks
@egreg Someone's got a very good idea here :D
Q: Including all tex live packages

user3022127Would it be a really bad idea to use ALL of the packages provided by tex full live using \usepackage? Would there be conflicts? Or is the namespace just reaaally cluttered afterwards? Or would it not be that bad of an idea afterall? :)

@yo' Duplicate
10:17 AM
@egreg yep, voted
10:30 AM
Bad boys, bad boys, what you are gonna do, what you are gonna do when they come for you?
@PauloCereda kes?
@karlkoeller any question @egreg has managed to answer, probably
@yo' hm? :)
@PauloCereda qu'est ce?
^^ better?
@yo' oooh je ne parle pas Français. :)
10:32 AM
@PauloCereda y/F/f/ :)
@yo' ooh :)
and what am I gonna do? probably hit them by your cricket bat.
^^ is it the correct answer?
11:17 AM
@PauloCereda I could help
11:42 AM
@DavidCarlisle Speaking of languages, can I reply to "Sorry I won't be at work for a week. See you next Wednesday" by "See you then, then"?
@yo' Laterz yo!
@PauloCereda to your supervisor? :D
@yo' nope. :)
@PauloCereda ;)
@yo' Time ago, a professor at my University hung a message to his office door with a phone number he could be reached at. It was a Swiss number. :(
11:52 AM
@yo' you could, although, "OK. See you then." avoids two then:-)
@egreg I don't get the connection to the message above I think...
@DavidCarlisle but it's not a complete mistake to put two "then" in a row ...
@yo' No, but I think I would say it, but not write it.
@DavidCarlisle well, email is almost like "say it", so it's fine :-)
12:34 PM
@yo' He just disappeared after ending his course. This went on for some years, then he was convinced this was not the best behavior for a professor. You could do the same. :)
12:45 PM
@egreg with the problem that I don't have a contract :D
1 hour later…
2:03 PM
How should I fix this spacing:
\left(0,\frac{n}{3}\right) & n\equiv 0 \\
\left(1,\frac{n+1}{3}\right) & n\equiv 2 \\
\left(2,\frac{n+2}{3}\right) & n\equiv 1
\end{cases}\pmod 3
oh, weird
in lmodern in my document the parentheses touch each other vertically
@GBeau Load mathtools and use dcases
Is it reasonable to literally interpret (where all characters are escaped as needed) via macro? I think one could loop through all character codes and set them to letter as needed, storing their old category codes in a property list.
@egreg what is dcases (in brief)?
"display"cases ?
(it looks better, thanks)
@GBeau I do believe :)
@GBeau Yes.
2:42 PM
Today's network specials:
Q: How did "s***" and "the s***" come to mean opposite things?

Owen Your idea is shit Your idea is bad. Your idea is the shit Your idea is good. The same does not apply to "the crap" or "the poop", or other profanity like "the fuck". I can think of examples where adding "the" to a noun makes it descriptive, like "the sux0rs" (bad), "the man" (good). ...

3:11 PM
Little hint, an experienced user will never say »Hey, take this template, it is good.« So far all templates i have seen have been praised like it is a piece of beautiful art. Looking at them with an experienced eye, all of them are crap (sorry). There are quite a few different opinions on templates. I have a very strong one against them. — Johannes_B 23 secs ago
@Johannes_B I don't agree 100%. It depends on your goals. But it applies 111% for classicthesis.
@yo' :-)
(and I hope it won't apply for the template I'm just working on!)
@yo' One could once again discuss about what a template is.
@Johannes_B in this case, it's a "non-mandatory LaTeX class for typesetting theses and similar documents at our university"
3:20 PM
@yo' A class, and i bet well documented too. Maybe even with an example? Great.
@Johannes_B will be. So far the source code is well-documented. I haven't worked on the manual yet.
@yo' It is mostly the stuff on LaTeX-templates and others that creeps me out. You might have read the review by @Nicola in the latest TUGboat.
@Johannes_B not yet I think. The TUGboar is somewhere in my office in Prague (I hope!)
@yo' A few months back, maybe second to last.
@Johannes_B ah ok. Well, the TUGboat is somewhere, that's sure.
3:26 PM
Unfortunately, i never got the free ebook.
3:38 PM
@SeanAllred ?
Our president idiot from the Castle said yesterday: "Death to all abstainers and vegetarians."
@Johannes_B -- "free" doesn't always mean "it's worth the price".
@Johannes_B -- nicola's review was a marvel of restraint.
@barbarabeeton Well said. :-) I was interested because i read the review.
@barbarabeeton I think we discussed once, that this *book* is on the tug.org list of recommended stuff.
3:53 PM
@yo' -- sigh. i wish there were a more well-recognized distinction between class and template. drives me crazy when i try to write documentation.
@barbarabeeton ah. So I should not use the word "template" then?
@yo' I think template is more of a fill in the blanks thingy. :)
@PauloCereda ah ok, so I actually provide a template build over a class made for that purpose?
@yo' I... think so? :)
@PauloCereda -- yes, that's exactly what i think a template is. now, i only need a more "formal" way of expressing that. (one is discouraged from using "thingy" in a document intended for wide public dissemination.)
3:58 PM
I'm a confused duck. :)
@yo' -- i agree with @paulo
oops -- not that he's a confused duck, but that he's got exactly the right idea about what a "template" is.
@barbarabeeton I... am a confused template? :)
@PauloCereda you would deserve something, but first I don't know what and second you're not here
@yo' Oh no!
@PauloCereda or yes, depending on what is "something" ;)
4:09 PM
@PauloCereda -- i don't think you would be a suitable fill-in-the-blanks anything. i certainly wouldn't want you force-fed like a goose destined to become foie gras.
@barbarabeeton ooh! :)
@Johannes_B -- ugh. so it is. at least it says "review available". (you can be sure it isn't on the ams list of tex-related pubs. but nicola's books are.)
@barbarabeeton Nicolas books are great. Seems also the Quack Quack one, though i haven't read it yet.
@barbarabeeton good for her (and good for all the people who read them based on that)
@Johannes_B I agree. The Quack book is lovely :)
@barbarabeeton Great, that really gave me a laugh. :-)
4:13 PM
I also like the "screen version". It has some problems with figure placement tho.
4:29 PM
@Johannes_B ooh I'm so gonna win the book!
@PauloCereda so am I! :)
4:48 PM
@PauloCereda @yo' Well, that makes the three of us. I wonder who the other lucky winner will be? ;-)
@Johannes_B we're only three, there's still one book too much.
@yo' And he/she will be the lucky winner ;-)
5:18 PM
@PauloCereda impressed with my Portuguese?
@DavidCarlisle Patos não falem português!
@AdamLiter s/falem/falam/g. :)
@DavidCarlisle :)
@PauloCereda amateurs.
@PauloCereda Oh yeah. Ooops ... It's been a while. :)
What's the way to know whether there's at least 1cm of space on the current page?
5:30 PM
@yo' usual answer is needspace (but it can be wrong) or full answer is to use \pdfsavepos (or wrappers such as zpos or tikzmark) and check next time
Does anybody know a How do i compile using the CLI? Question? If yes, dupe, if not we should close as OT.
Q: Running latex in interactive mode from texstudio

ApurbaI am using TeXStudio as LaTeX editor. Can I configure TeXStudio such that it can run commands in terminal in interactive mode. I have found some solution from this site: http://sourceforge.net/p/texstudio/feature-requests/393/ but for Windows. I am using TeXStudio 2.6 in Ubuntu 13.04.

@DavidCarlisle ok. Well, I realized that what I wanted is not at all a good idea, so I'll leave it be. (I thought it would be cool to have a "end chapter fancy ornament", but it would badly interact with too many things. I'll then just keep the ornament on teh empty even pages as I do now)
btw, I've never noticed that the dots in lmss are squares!
5:47 PM
Q: Drawing the map of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone together

user28251I would like to ask if some could help me draw the maps of a portion of West Africa i.e. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone using Latex? Thank you.

@barbarabeeton You beat me by 1 minute:
It's a font designer's decision. There is no "rights" and "wrongs" here. There is a nice reading about it in TUGboat 34 (2):168–181. — yo' 42 secs ago
btw, I love how you leave the article's title capitalized while the author's name is in lowercase :-)
@PauloCereda ^^
@DavidCarlisle You sir are a legend.
btw, have we got an agreement on this tag synonym? Should @Joseph merge the tags?
Q: Proposed tag synonym: {profiling} and {performance}

diabonasThe tags profiling and performance seem to be pretty similar: the profiling excerpt says {profiling} is for questions involving the efficiency/speed of a macro, technique or construct. which seems to be a subset of what I would understand as "performance". The current usage seems to draw n...

@yo' -- well, i did edit the article, so i know where to find it quickly. and the first "Oh" is about an uppercase letter. this is a meaningful distinction. (okay -- i'm eccentric about things like this. it's good to confuse people sometimes.) articles by chuck are always fun!
6:07 PM
@DavidCarlisle In the context of a macro that takes arbitrary user input
I wonder how much water has to go down the river, till the first How to draw this photo of our family in TikZ?-Question appears?
@barbarabeeton I was just provoking, since I'm sure you have a system in it.
6:30 PM
A quiz: Do you know what you get by texdoc plain ?
6:56 PM
@yo' Funny
Q: Why XeLaTeX and PDFLaTeX give different outputs for Beamer presentation

MehrdadI have 3 questions: Why does the following code (see below) give different results in XeLaTeX than PDFLaTeX? Which one is incorrect? (My guess is that XeLaTeX's output is incorrect.) How do I make the incorrect output become correct? Here is the comparison (PDFLaTeX first, XeLaTeX second)...

What am I missing there: they look the same
@JosephWright color and font weight. It's a subtle difference, to be sure
But it's there
If you open both in separate tabs and cycle between, you'll see it.
@JosephWright FWIW, I cannot reproduce on an updated TL 2014.
7:15 PM
@PaulGessler I've check font info and colours: no differences here with the burning edge version
@JosephWright yeah, I don't know. The screenshots posted by the OP are different (not sure if that's what you were looking at when you said they look the same). But I cannot produce those differences when compiling the given MWE on my system.
@JosephWright I even tested the colors: no difference.
@egreg I did the same
@JosephWright Ze googles! Zhey do nothing!
@PaulGessler No difference. I'll try with an older TeX Live
@PaulGessler Tried with TL 2012 and 2013: same exact result.
7:27 PM
@egreg you edited away, but I did also notice a slight difference with the bottom. I thought it was just my PDF viewer slightly shifting position when the new file loaded, but maybe not.
@PaulGessler No, I realized it was an artifact; after changing magnification it disappeared.
Train arriving, at last! See you later.
@egreg Yay! Have a safe return back home. :)
Hey everyone! :)
7:58 PM
Hello again. A small question: shouldn't \big, \bigg, etc. be defined with \mathpalette?
8:09 PM
@percusse I'm not understanding you here: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/229739/…
Anyone know why part of the UI just became Portugese? :-)
@PaulGessler Paulo Cereda hacked the system?
@Manuel this was my first thought... @PauloCereda have you been naughty?!
8:29 PM
@Manuel compare amsmath to latex format version:-)
@PaulGessler If it has braces it doesn't mean there is parentheses in it. If there is math in it you need parentheses. Hence it is not if and only if. Stupid nerd comment. Discard it as you wish :)
@DavidCarlisle Could I ask you about github.com/plk/biblatex/issues/303#issuecomment-76048413? My feeling is that this is more a semantics thing than anything else: there are lots of things that are preamble-only as they help define a doc rather than for technical reasons.
@JosephWright I don't know biblatex internals, I gather from your question it doesn't actually do anything to set this up at begin{document} ?
@DavidCarlisle I've not yet checked the code, but as it's only a question of writing to an auxiliary file I don't think the issue is technical
@DavidCarlisle Will have a quick look
@DavidCarlisle On another matter, I'll probably revise some case changing stuff for 'strings' later on (after some marking)
mostly \@onlypreamble was a desperate attempt to save space rather than anything too structural, but it does help force some kind of order don't know really I suppose I'd be tempted to allow it especially if the user can simply use it any way by using \let\zz\addbibresource in the preamble and then using \zz, different if it's using some big internal machinary and its all been disabled
@JosephWright I was wondering about sending a "current state same as January" message:-)
8:37 PM
@DavidCarlisle Indeed
@DavidCarlisle I see that but for example the fact that packages have to be loaded in the preamble and thus define what is available to a document does seem sensible
@JosephWright yes there are some where it makes sense some less so, \maketitle discarding all information about authors and title which has a similar pedigree is less defendable
@DavidCarlisle Indeed
@DavidCarlisle I'll have to trace what PL did when he first wrote biblatex: there is something more than space saving going on
@JosephWright you got mail:-) did you have any thoughts on syntax other than the contextness of not using environment syntax:-)
@DavidCarlisle I think that it's probably a good plan to avoid catcode or other issues and am happy with either ConTeXt-like or environment-like. I guess at the level of 'code' we are probably better with something similar to \begingroup/\endgroup than a LaTeX (document) env.
@JosephWright yes the single token end is fine by me as well, I just want to get it in as it has knock on effects in ltnews etc..
8:50 PM
@DavidCarlisle Don't think so
@DavidCarlisle I don't entirely understand amsmath version, it all comes down to \bBigg@ but I don't understand where the \••••style appears (so that the correct delimiters are taken).
@Manuel Possibly.
@JosephWright there are includeinrelease examples in ltnews22 that would be wrong if we change the syntax
@DavidCarlisle Ah
@Manuel "correct" isn't necessarily the word I'd use as it implies the plain tex definition is incorrect. they are documented as giving fixed size delimiters and that's what they do. Like many things in tex the design could have been different but that's not quite the same thing.
@Manuel the ams ones get bigger with \large but they don't change in scripts
9:04 PM
@DavidCarlisle Just saw \FloatBarrier inside a cls file.
@Johannes_B Argh
@Johannes_B I would have seen it except of course I don't look at links on external sites:-)
@Johannes_B well you don't want the floats floating to the end of your class file do you?
@DavidCarlisle :-)
9:18 PM
@DavidCarlisle What I mean is that A_{\left(x\right)} is “correct”. Now, if we use \bigl it's like A_{\textstyle\left(\scriptstyle x\textstyle\right)} . Shouldn't be (in that case) a \scriptstyle inside the \hbox where \left( happen inside \big commands?
@Manuel it could have been that way but it isn't. That is the definitions of \big and friends might not be what you'd expect but they are as documented, for example texbook says...
 Displayed formulas
most often use delimiters that are even taller (twice the size of\/ |\big|);
such delimiters are constructed by ^|\biggl| and ^|\biggr|, and they
look like this:
@Manuel where it is implicit that as the displaysize operators are bigger you need to use a bigger \bggg command. Note it doesn't say that as things are bigger in displaysize that the bracket you get from \big is bigger.
@DavidCarlisle Note also that Plain TeX uses a fixed math extension font.
@Manuel If you need “real” \big and friends in subscripts (which you shouldn't), use $x_{\text{$\bigl(a+b\bigr)$}}$
@egreg I can't reproduce what's in my memory, but I rember that some time ago, I wanted to use \Bigr for a parenthesis in a subscript, instead of \left\right, and the result was clearly with the \textstyle size and font. It was much better with \left\right. And now that I know of \mathpalette I thought that was the problem.
@Manuel \Bigr in a subscript? Oh, dear! ;-)
@egreg It wasn't top notch mathematics.
Got it
\[ x_{x_{\left((a^2+b)\right)}} \]
The thing is that that size of \left\right is not obtainable with \big not only because of the “fixed size”, but also because of the font used. And that's the idea behind “shouldn't \bggg be defined with \mathpalette”.
9:32 PM
@Manuel someone fetch @egreg a glass of water quickly!
@DavidCarlisle I don't exactly know if he prefers \box\glassofwater or \unwbox\glassofwater.
@Manuel \glassofwine might be required
I just got typographically trolled by a coworker
@DavidCarlisle That's much better. Or maybe a glass of brandy.
That's just a perfect answer. Your code will now permeate spacetime and remain long after the Sun burns out. — Love Learning 11 mins ago
9:53 PM
@egreg he didn't mean it:-)
10:45 PM
@PaulGessler I don't get it.
@egreg gnocchs it out of the park:
Q: On the pronunciation of gnocco and gnocchi

WrzlprmftI do not speak a word Italian but I wanted to solve the obligatory dispute amongst ignorants about the pronunciation of gnocco and gnocchi by looking up the IPA pronunciation on the Internet. Unfortunately my results were non-satisfactory (for reasons I list below), so I ask you: What is the pr...

@FaheemMitha look at the font used :-)
@AlanMunn Are you able to correctly pronounce gnocco?
@egreg Sì
@PaulGessler Ok, I have. Still don't get it.
10:47 PM
@FaheemMitha Hmm. Proof needed. ;-)
@FaheemMitha Comic Sans
@PaulGessler Ok. So?
Isn't Comic Sans that thing they use for posters?
@FaheemMitha Unfortunately many people do.
@egreg Well, that is indeed unfortunate.
And hello, everyone.
@egreg some people even use it for blog interview image lettering.
10:51 PM
@DavidCarlisle Some duck holding a cricket bat?
What do people here think of new century schoolbook? I like it. And is fouriernc the only free implementation of that?
@egreg something like that
@FaheemMitha There is also TeX Gyre Schola Math for unicode-math.
@egreg Never used that. Is that general font, or just for math?
"by Talbot Nicola L C (Author), Talbot Nicola L. C. (Author)"
Hmm. There are now two @Nicolas.
10:55 PM
@egreg indeed. A bit surprising.
@FaheemMitha It's accompanying TeX Gyre Schola, that is a clone of New Century Schoolbook. Note that fouriernc is mainly for math fonts, although it sets the text font to NCS.
@egreg Oh. What do you recommend, TeX Gyre Schola or fouriernc? What is best practice here? I'm been using fouriernc for a while. It looks quite good.
@FaheemMitha Probably \usepackage{fouriernc,tgschola}
@FaheemMitha So math uses fouriernc and text uses TG Schola.
@DavidCarlisle Well, you could set up an Amazon wishlist (if you use Amazon). Then link it from your profile.
@egreg So, what does fouriernc use by default then?
And would \usepackage{fouriernc,tgschola} cause that to happen automatically?
@FaheemMitha It uses the old clone by URW.
10:59 PM
@egreg URW?
@FaheemMitha doesn't work for the kind of cash that "cash for questions" implies. Secret deals and vast sums of money to change hands "under the counter" is probably difficult to set up on amazon:-)
@FaheemMitha texdoc psfonts
@egreg ok
@DavidCarlisle Kidding aside, if you want stuff from Amazon, people would probably send it to you.
@FaheemMitha The psfonts metapackage provides access to various clones of the famous 35 Adobe fonts. Most of them were provided for free by the URW font foundry.
But if you want "secret deals and vast sums of money", you've missed your vocation as a career criminal. You need to join the Oxford mafia.
Or maybe a Bank.
11:02 PM
@FaheemMitha or a politician:-)
@egreg Ok, taking a look now. So fouriernc doesn't provide new century schoolbook by default for text fonts? So, I've been using something else the whole time?
@DavidCarlisle Yes, actually straight criminal activity is not so profitable these days. You need to either (a) work on Wall Street (b) be an arms dealer (think the Pentagon) (c) be an ex-politician who rakes in the big bucks on the talk circuit (like that creep Blair).
@FaheemMitha For text fouriernc accesses the same fonts as \usepackage{newcent} would, but scaled down by 7%
If anyone here is actually insane enough to admire Blair, I apologise unreservedly. Your ex-Prime Minister is a fine, upstanding embodiment of Christian manly virtues.
@egreg oh
Should I use \usepackage{newcent} then? I'm confused.
@FaheemMitha No. It's somewhat implicit in \usepackage{fouriernc}
@egreg Ok. So \usepackage{fouriernc,tgschola} then?
11:08 PM
@FaheemMitha After looking better at fouriernc, probably \usepackage{fouriernc}\usepackage[scale=0.93]{tgschola}
11:19 PM
@PaulGessler are you working on control engineering field ?
@percusse yup, for building HVAC systems.
@egreg Ok, I'll try that.
@PaulGessler Haha, I'm an old colleague then. I used to do that a lot for big supermarkets, chillers etc.
Then I said how can I screw up this very nice life and got into PhD on control theory :)
@percusse really?! I had no idea! My first project as an intern was a chiller control app. Since I finished my masters in May I've been working on airside systems. Chillers are way cooler. :-)
@PaulGessler True. They are really fun. I worked for a couple years for Carrier group.
11:28 PM
@percusse I'm at Johnson Controls. A contractor now, but fingers crossed I'll be converted to permanent very soon (interviewed just over a week ago).
@PaulGessler Very nice!! Good luck!
@PaulGessler And never use pure integrators like that :P
@percusse no integration (we're in discrete z-domain), just a unit delay :p
@percusse thank you!

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