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7:46 AM
By the voting it seems that the tag should be removed.
A: Tags for lines and planes?

Arthur FischerI really don't think that such tags are focused enough to be of any real use to the site. They are highly unlikely to be uniformly applied, and so their value as search aids would be negligible, at best.

At the moment it contains 9 questions:
Q: What is the line of greatest slope on a plane?

user209531Let $P$ be a plane in $\mathbb{R}^3$ that is inclined (neither horizontal nor vertical). When considering lines lying on $P$, it is sometimes said "$L$ is a line of greatest slope of $P$". What is the meaning of the term "line of greatest slope"?

Q: Compute position of next point on a line

HyperZI'm writing a program in which it is possible to draw a horizontal, vertical or an oblique line. So the line can be described as follows : $f(x) = y = mx + q$ But my problem is that given the first point, the last point and a point on the line I have to compute the next point. With "next point...

Q: Express a Line as a Circle with infinite radius

SotoI have see a few proofs that, in some systems, a circle with infinite radius is a straight line. A nice example of this is stereographic projection in the complex plane. I have also see simple proofs where people make a circle converge to a vertical line. However this is slightly unsatisfying to ...

Q: Line with predefined length tangent to circle

GregaI have one math problem which I'm trying to solve. I know it could be done but I'm a little bit "rusty" with my algebra. I'm kindly asking for help. Problem and procedure of my solution are shown in attached image. I'm trying to find general solution for line equation (points $1$ and $2$ lie on ...

Q: Height of point on line in space

Theo ZI have the coordinate $X$ and $Z$ of a point $M$. I need the $Y$ coordinate of this point knowing that the point is on a line defined in space by $A(X_1,Y_1,Z_1)$ and $B(X_2,Y_2,Z_2)$. Thank you

Q: Point to Line Distance

Turing PlanckCompute the distance between the point $ X(t) = (1 + \cos(t), \sin(t), 2\sin(\frac t2)) $ and the line passing through the points $(1, 0, 0)$ and $(1, 0, 1)$.

Q: Equation for Tangent Line that passes through $(0,1)$ on the curve $y = \ln x$

user3055880I'm totally lost. I've been trying to figure this out. This is what I've figured out: $dy/dx = 1/x$ $y$-intercept $= 1$ So I try to do $y-y_1 = m(x-x_1)+b,$ which I get as $y-1 = 1/x(x-0)+1,$ simplified to $y = 3.$ But I feel like that is totally wrong and well, obviously it isn't even an equ...

Q: Quantifying the similarity of two line segments with a third line segment

BytestreamIn the program I'm developing, there are a large number of lines, and one point. One of the lines will split into two lines, the first line beginning with the original's first point and ending with the loose point, and the second beginning with the loose point and ending with the original's secon...

Q: The x-intercept of a straight line through points on the unit circle

mathguySuppose $u$ and $v$ are points on the unit circle such that the line through $u$ and $v$ intersect the real axis. Show that if $z$ is the point where this line intersect the real axis, then $$z=\frac{u+v}{uv+1}.$$

I will go through them and remove the tag.
When retagging this question I was surprised to find out that we do not have a tag for .
8:50 AM
The tag is empty now.
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Q: Elliptic PDE or index theory tag

Ali TaghaviI ask this question in MO. then a user suggested me to ask it at MSE. But I could not find Elliptic PDE tag or index theory tag. Is it a good idea to suggest to MSE to produce such tags?


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